Lunchtime Nap Scout…

Happy Muthafuckin Wednesday….that definitely does not work. It doesn’t have the same ring to it as Friday. I thought I’d give it a try. I’m a little a behind this week and I apologize. This post is usually already up but the delay of my  Podcast (The Toke Talking Podcast) along with some needed sleep, derailed everything else. Never the less here it is a day late but from here on out all is back to as normal as normal can be. I actually was planning on posting this yesterday around noon but I ended up having to go the care of some business. I’m mostly off this and next week as there are several shows going on hiatus for the Thanksgiving holiday right now. I will happily welcome the time off as I always do. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

Today I wanted to talk about napping on set because let’s be honest when you work 70 plus hours a week sleep is going to have to happen somewhere. I think everyone in this business at some point or another has takes a little snooze at lunchtime. It can really be refreshing. It can also be terrible and put you in an even more tired state which sucks but always worth the risk. Sleep is awesome! I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say they don’t enjoy sleeping. I mean I’m sure there’s some folks out there that maybe have nightmares all the time that hate sleep but for the most part I believe the love and enjoyment of sleep is universal.

Now crew doesn’t have the a trailer like the actors and actresses where they can go rest during lunch where most naps take place. We also don’t have offices like the producers or writers that usually come complete with a comfy couch to crash on for an hour. The crew has to get creative and look for a place to catch a couple of Z’s. Most crew people head to their cars but those that don’t go on what I call Lunchtime Scout Nap at some point early in the day. During this scout this person will look around all the sets, every hidden dark corner and any open doors that may lead to rooms no one is using on stage so they know where to go at lunchtime.

While one may think that sleeping on sets makes perfect sense, especially when your working on a show that has a house full of beds…that’s a big no-no. It’s the equivalent of sleeping on someones desk if you were in an office environment. The sets were constructed and decorated by other fellow employees and one should never just jump in a bed and make themselves at home. This may sound like everyone in the business would know not to ever do this but you would be surprised. I had to wake up someone who was sleeping in a set bed a few weeks ago and after I told them that they (Higher ups) were requesting them to not sleep there their response was “But I don’t understand why.” We work with some special people my friends.

Sure one should never sleep on the beds, couches or any furniture but they do make perfect spots to sleep behind and get a little privacy during nap time and people do just that. If you walk on any set at lunchtime it usually will look like a sleep over or like the night after a crazy party with people passed out on floors all over the place. As you look around the dark set you’ll see feet extending out from behind furniture all over the place. It’s a really quite amusing site to see.

The last place to go for most crew people especially if we’re out on location is the truck to which your department reports to. This is also an interesting place to nap because people get very creative in the truck. I’ve seen trucks hooked up with 5-6 hammocks and soft easy music playing in it before. I’ve known crew peeps that have their own cot that they bring to set everyday. I’ve seen crew make beds on the shelves hanging on the side of the truck. These fucking people get creative as hell and it comes as no surprise, they make crazy creative shit every day at work.

Although I must say one of the perks of working in the production department is that we always know of any empty rooms in the honey wagon, at basecamp or on stage because we assign those rooms. This is awesome because nothing beats a nice quite room to yourself to take a little power nap mid way through your day. I have definitely taken advantage of this perk PLENTY of times. Unfortunately we tend to be there longer than most so being comfortable for those 30-45 minutes really can mean the world during a 14 hour day. Although I will say that there have been a few times that I have dosed off on set just sitting or leaning somewhere. It’s the worse because when you wake up you have no idea how long you’ve been out, whether or not you were called on the radio…were you snoring? Did anyone see you? All these thoughts race through your head every time and it’s always just as confusing as the time before it. It’s terrible!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I hope you all have a great week and don’t forget to check out our newest section here on the site called Wednesday’s at The Corner. I’ll be back to bring you another post on Friday but till then I bid you a fond farewell. Be good to one another everyone.


Looking Up At The Sky

looking up at the sky,

standing on the pyramid of Khufu

blowin smoke in the wind,

soaring like the gods who flew

trying to find sleep,

without letting the monsters in

reading The 12th Planet,

studying the origin of consciousness

we are infinite beings of light,

inside the flesh; they locked us in

mentally boxed us in,

a prison for the mind

look around you and recognize,

the enslavement of mankind

corruption and lies spread,

like a virus without a remedy

I’m trying to get in your brain,

like the bullet that shot Kennedy

from the gun of Agent Greer,

Zapruder video shows it clear

but the powers that be,

will always use fear to steer

the direction of the nation,

and that’s how we ended up here

illumination symbols on our currency,

prove who the real gods are

Vatican protecting pedophiles,

prove who the real frauds are

lift the veil from your eyes,

question everything you’ve been taught

time for a paradigm shift,

rearrange everything you’ve ever thought

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 54

It’s a day late and I explain why on the show but nevertheless here’s Episode 54 of The Toke Talking Podcast. Come listen to me go on about Week 10 in the NFL, The Walking Dead, Mr. Robot and I go off on the problems of this current state of male masculinity, Louis CK and Roy Moore stories. I try and keep it light and funny on here with my rambles but this one topic is never easy but one that I needed to address and will revisit. Thanks for listening and if you like the show please don’t forget to subscribe.


I’m Not Doing That…

Friday everyone. It’s finally Friday. Another week of film making in the books that most likely ran about 10 hours over because we’re stubborn and won’t settle for less than 12 hours of work. That’s the normality we choose to continue to embrace. Why? Because sadly to most, money is more important to them than their wellbeing. Even though we could work 10 hour days, add some days to the over all schedule and have normal lives we chose not to. I know it would cost the studio a little more but I also know they are doing ok money wise. Sorry, I just can’t help going on about the hours lately. The longer I run this particular rat race the more I want to run a shorter race. You know like most people. Alright enough whining from me! The weekend is approaching, let’s get into this shall we?

The longer one works in this business the longer one learns how to make the job easier for themselves. I think that’s across the board with any task that you repeat daily. We also learn lots and lots of things NOT to do because they are either dumb, dangerous or just a waste of fucking time. I’ve seen, been a part of or heard of many people doing many things that they should never do on film gigs over the years and thought I would share some. You know because I’m all about teaching and shit. That’s a joke. You should never take anything I say as a lesson because this industry is crazy and what worked for me may not work for you. Laughs folks, that’s all I’m here for…well every now and then I get a little serious on here but in the end I just hope to bring you a laugh during your long…too long day.

The first one is one that I see way too often and that is that if you are not a cop, you have no right to direct or do anything with traffic. I see this shit all the time. I’ve seen Transpo, A.D’s, P.A’s and Location people all jump out in the street and hold lanes of traffic. Are you guys out of your fucking minds? Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? I’ll admit when I started in this circus I remember holding traffic on quite a few music videos. I remember on one job in particular the production company even rented those signs that read STOP on one side and DRIVE on the other that you’ll see road workers with. We underestimate traffic because we drive in it everyday but all it takes is one person to get hit by a driver not paying attention and that’s it. I’ll also note that I know a lot of P.A’s at times will be asked to do this and fear that they won’t work again if they say no but trust me your life is more important that working for that person again. They will either understand and respect your decision or won’t in which case you don’t want to work with them anyway, move on.

Next is one of my favorites, people who ask to get them breakfast and then complain about it not being correct. Look unless that food is brought to you by the caterer that made it your only response should be “Thank You”. We are not servers, we are not cooks and contrary to what you may believe, it’s not our fucking job to get your food. Don’t you find that strange? I mean in all seriousness I don’t  understand how a grown adult lives with themselves ordering food when it is within walking distance of where they are located. Is it a problem that stems from their upbringing? Maybe they had parents that did everything for them and that’s why they can’t get their own food now. I do get that at times it is a bit tough to get over to the caterer and I’m by no means saying that one should NEVER ask if someone can get them their food. I’m talking about those people who have others do it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Get your shit together, mange your time and go get your own food like the big boys and girls that you all are.

This next one is one I haven’t seen in a while but I know there’s some over achieving Production Assistants and Assistant Directors  out there still trying to be heroes and trying to silence a crazy or drunk person on the street. I saw this happen quite a few times in downtown L.A. The streets of downtown are filled with all types of people and some of those people are batshit crazy and it’s dumb to walk up on them when they are yelling biblical verses and twitching to try to have them be quiet because the camera is rolling. They have no idea what “Rolling” means and for all you know they don’t even see you. Some of these people have severe mental issues. They can be looking at you but really seeing a zombie. I’ve worked on gigs where homeless people yelling craziness will start to take a shit in the street in front of the crew. I’ve filmed outside or close to several bars and clubs at times and witnessed production peeps trying to keep drunk people quiet. Which is always a bad idea because when you tell someone that’s drunk not to do something, more often than not that’s exactly what they are going to do. These are not people who you will be able to control so be smart and don’t risk your life for this business, it’s just film making.

Thanks for stopping and checking out another post. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I’ll see you all back here Monday for The Toke Talking Podcast, New Blog Post on Tuesday/Friday and don’t miss the latest addition to We’re Not Rolling Wednesday’s At The Corner.

Escaping From A Dream

Escaping from a dream,

that the brain believes is real

physical functions react,

to the stress and pain your mind feels

stuck in the unconscious realm,

emotions break the surface

moon gazing in solitude,

lost in the maze of purpose

I’m seeing behind the design,

and it’s an uncontrolled circus

psychological warfare,

your thoughts are no longer your own

and there’s no way to really know,

if you’re the original or the clone

uncut fear; unable to scream,

memories of sleep paralysis

inside my icy cave I slide,

into the depths of my psychoanalysis

and I come out of it,

more fucked up than I was before

opening brain doors,

walking through just to explore

you can alter the physical,

but you can’t change the inner core

I am the grotesque mental gore,

that i just vomited on your floor

Rhyme tissue and syllable matter,

analyze the ink splatter

reaching new heights,

one last rung on the ladder

I’m the nastiest roach in your house,

light don’t make me scatter.

Little Boxes…

Happy Tuesday friends old and new. How are you? Did you have a good weekend? I watched Thor: Ragnorok, AMAZING! I went to a wrap party. It was ok, food was great but my plus one vanished for a while so a bit lame. I did get a fare amount of sleep which is always nice. Did you rest up for another fun filled week of film making? Or I guess it’s more like are you ready for another week of moments of rushed insanity mixed with a ton of standing around, eating and wondering what we will eat next? That’s a somewhat accurate description of this business right? I did work today (Monday) but the amazing people on the show I was on sent me packing early today so I could enjoy the football game. Unfortunately we lost but it was still an awesome gesture. There’s many terrible people in this industry but they only stay employed because people work for them. Everyone has control of their work circle so always make sure to fill yours with people that treat you well and let you get out in time to watch your favorite team play, HA! Let’s get into this shall we?

It’s been a while since I shared a story on here and so I thought I’d do just that today. I’ve noticed that over the years I’ve worked on more stuff than I watch. There is so many shows that I’ve day played on that I have never even seen an episode of that I couldn’t even count if I tried and I watch A LOT of shows. I watch about 20-30 shows throughout the year. They aren’t all on at the same time of course. So to say that it’s rare to work on stuff that you watch is an understatement. Although those times do come around every now and then and a few years back I had the pleasure of work on the last season of one of my favorite shows “Weeds”. If you’ve never heard of it you should do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s from the same creator of “Orange is the New Black”. I didn’t work on the show full-time. I worked on the show several days throughout the season but did get the chance to jump in for my friend that was already working on the show but had to take off the last 2 weeks of the gig.

I had already been a big fan of the show so I immediately accepted when he offered me the job. It was amazing to watch Mary-Louise Parker and Jenji Kohan at work. I had watched all of these characters create this amazing world for 7 years and here I was to watch it all end. It was a bit strange in that aspect because even though I had never worked on the prior seasons I knew so much about the show that it almost felt like I had. I had also worked with the crew on other gigs and so it was a very welcoming atmosphere. I’ve spoken before about the overall feeling of relief and accomplishment that wash over a crew in the last days of production. I always tell everyone that it just feels like at that point we are all just going through the motions. If you work on a show that eventually finds its groove those last days before wrap till the next season are occasionally very smooth and lots of fun. However on this felt different because it was the last season of the show. They weren’t cancelled, the show had just reached it’s end. The crazy insane story of Nancy Botwin had to come to come to a conclusion and this was it. While the entire crew hadn’t been there for all 8 seasons there were plenty of people who called “Weeds” home for several seasons and it was great to hear their may tales during those last couple of days.

My fondest memory of working on this job came on the day that they filmed the very last scene of the show. I won’t go into details because I’d hate to ruin it for anyone that hasn’t watched the show. Although you really should have already watched this one. You can’t expect people to never talk about this as to save you from any spoilers. Anyhow so the last scene was a stable shot of the main characters. Before we rolled camera on the scene they invited the entire crew to come to stage to watch the last scene be shot. I had never seen this happen before. There must have been about 200 people all crammed on a stage trying to hold back their tears as they watched the scene play out and that little red rec word on the top of video playback monitors go from red to green for the last time when the director yelled CUT! As soon as he did and they called a wrap everyone broke out into tears of joy. Everyone started hugging and champagne glasses started to pour in from nowhere. It was truly one of the most memorable moments that I’ve had in this business. Those connections and stories that you make while working on a show for that long are truly special and sort of exclusive to this business. I’m guessing the music industry might also be similar but being that the film industry is all I know that’s the only one I can really speak honestly about.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. Please if you have any stories, rants, tips or anything that you would like to share on here get in contact with me. Have a great week and make sure to stop by tomorrow for another Wednesdays at The Corner post and then again on Friday to close out your week with my usual Friday Post.




The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 53

Another Monday another Podcast. Come have a listen to me go on about November, Movie Theater Etiquette, NFL fighting, Office Open Bar Party Rules and many more stories to bring you plenty of laughs. Please Subscribe and Share if you enjoy the show. Thanks!


The Current Situation…

Happy Muthafucking Friday!! The weekend is finally here and don’t you dare think about setting an alarm clock tomorrow. You worked your ass off and deserve the rest. SLEEP IN!! Unless you have kids in which case I think you may have voluntarily surrendered your mornings for a few years. I’m not quite sure I could ever make such a commitment and so I commend all you parents out there that also work these torturous NOT NECESSARY hours and still put in the time for a family. Let’s get into this shall we?

Alright, so I wish I could say that this is going to be a funny post to send you into the weekend laughing and feeling good. I wish this wasn’t something that I had to write about but I can’t just sit here and say nothing about all the sexual harassment allegations that have been popping up in this business lately. I can’t sit here and not use the platform that I’ve made for myself that speaks about this industry and not express my thoughts about it so I am. First off let me say that personally I am disgusted with every single one of these pieces of shit. I’ll try to control they juvenile name calling but those of you that have read my material for a while now know that’s not exactly my forte. This is my website, my blog where I share my personal feelings and thoughts about certain topics. Those feelings and thoughts aren’t always sunshines and fucking rainbows because unfortunately there are people like this bag of dicks and the bag just continues to grow everyday. Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, Jeremy Piven, Brett Ratner, Roy Price, Andy Signore, James Toback. There are more names as well but these are the big ones in the news and in our industry. This is happening in all industries across the board and more scumbags are popping up everyday. I hope it doesn’t stop till we get every one of these sad men. I know there is no way to get rid of asshats like this forever but we can sure as hell do away with this safe space that they have created for themselves where they lurked like the scum, vile characters that they create and/or portray in their films. They hid in plain sight and preyed on all these victims for years, protected by their band of enablers. Which I will point out I feel have not come out as they should. Some have come out but there has to be hundreds of people out there that worked for these tiny dicks that knew all about their crimes or their tendencies. Everyone that works in this business knows that the more money and power someone has, the more assistants and people they have around kissing their ass. These peoples soul purpose is to know everything about them and to accommodate their every wish. They have assistants that take care of their kids, pick up their laundry, go to the bank for them, they know their passwords, key codes to get into their homes to pick up shit they forgot… people with power typically have tons of people working for them doing all types of very personal shit. Are you really about to tell me that these people did not know anything? How about the family? I understand that it’s tough to toss your family out into the fire but these are people that need help and you are NOT HELPING. Your family pride could be causing terrible harm to hundreds of people out there.

Now let me shift focus to Spacey for a second. I recently wrote a post on here about Bryan Singer and his bullshit disturbing accusations. His fucked up twisted past with young men, boys. The timing was actually quite odd because I believe it was only a few days before Weinstein got caught. Every day that another person is brought to the floor to answer for their crimes I hope that it’s Singer. See Singer just like Spacey are in a different realm than the other men I mentioned above because they aren’t going after woman. These men are pedophiles that have been accused of sexual misconduct with minors. I’ve written about how if you work in this business you eventually overhear stories about everyone just like many industries. There’s tales of every big name actor, actress, director, producer and everyone else that makes the big money. People like to talk and word in this industry gets around quick. If you’re a terrible person that treats people like shit, everyone in town will know that shortly after your first couple of weeks on the show/film. The ones that go around about Spacey and Singer are always ones that always tend to point out that they like young boys. I think we should start trying to figure out where these stories originated from and start asking for some of these people to step forward and share what they know. I will once again refer to you to watch the documentary “An Open Secret” on YouTube when you get a chance. It’s a very well made doc and explains this terrible world that does exist within our business. This is a whole other Hollywood secret that I hope comes to light soon. While sexual harassment of anyone is wrong in every sense I find the people doing this to kids repulsive. Adults know what’s happening when this type of crime occurs but kids don’t. They’re innocent and gullible. While this is traumatizing to anyone I just can’t even imagine the damage it does to such a young mind. It just makes me fucking furious and I want those guilty to pay for their crimes and jump on the hot seat just like all these other sad fucks.

These last few weeks have been such a roller coaster of emotions for me. I’ve been angry as all hell at all these fucking losers and then torn up but also proud and happy of all these woman and men that have come forward with their stories. That is not easy everyone and if you think it is then you have some problems of your own to deal with. Beginning with the fact that anytime you say something is easy that you have NEVER experienced already disqualifies you from having any type of valid info in what the victims should do because only a dumb Fuck argues a side of an argument in which you have no history or expertise in.  I’ll also say this to anyone out there that may be entertaining this insane idea that any of these people may be lying about these crimes committed against them. If you were raped, sexually assaulted or anything that these people have gone through would you come out the next day, tell the world and pretty much change your life forever. I particularly want to ask this of men. If you’re a man that was raped by an actor or producer while working on the crew would you go to work the next day and report him. Would you go home that night and tell your family what happen to you? Because I’m going to be honest, I think I only know a handful of men that in my life that would ever say anything. I think most guys would make up some lame ass reason that they need to leave the show and then just bottle the shit up. I think that telling anyone about such a horrid incident would be the toughest thing anyone would ever disclose to anyone. The thought alone is scary as Fuck so I don’t understand why anyone would think this was an easy thing to do or why they even feel it’s right to question a victim which is claiming such a crime occurred. It’s tough for some people to talk about sex in general let alone tell everyone they work with and in their life that some shit Fuck forced their way or touched them inappropriately.

I’ve recently been having my own moral conflicts about working in this business for reasons like this and a few others but this particularly is really making it tough to come to work in an industry that supports this type of garbage. However I’m here now and all I can do is speak up and take a stand alongside all these amazing people that have suffered this awful shit at the hands of these fucking shitheads. I will not let men disgrace women and talk about them as objects if I overhear them because this is the only way we can make real change. Those friends and family members that you have in your life that objectify woman and constantly aim to cause a divided between men and women are the base of the problem. We need to talk to these people in our lives and help them see the error in their ways. We need to teach our kids better than we were taught. The lessons that our parents and their parents before them were instilling in us obviously were flawed and we need to update them so that the next generation doesn’t follow in our ways. We need to stand up for all those that can’t. We need to stand together and call these predators out by name and drive them out of this business so that we can move forward from this. I sincerely hope that this is the beginning of true equality between Woman and Men because only then can we evolve as a people.

Thanks for reading. I hope you all a fantastic weekend and please be good to each other.




King Universe

“King Universe”

walkin The Long Walk approaching The Dark Tower

Desperation sets in when you face your final hour

Low Men with Insomnia and Children born to the Corn

all remain in The Black House during the Century’s worse Storm

Rose Madder is torn between love and hate

Misery loves company in the form of Kathy Bates

overlook The Overlook and get blinded by The Shining

on the shores of Duma Key is where you might find me

Just After the Sun sets I ponder on my regrets

but the ocean lets me forget all the sins I’ve swept

under the velvet carpet is The Arrowhead Project

walkin through The Mist entering a Sematary for Pets

looking for Church while hearing the dead speak

the eyes of Pennywise only terrorize the weak

so we must remain strong and play Gerald’s Game

step into my Dark Half and experience my pain

Dreamcatcher rings hang off the windows pane

catching Nightmares and Dreamscapes

nothing ever seems straight but Everything’s Eventual

holding a Bag of Bones and the odor is sensual

the pain is fifth dimensional inside The Dead Zone

memories deconstruct and then nothing is ever known

Stuck in this everyday prison,

Life in Shawshank is brutal

Ravenous appetite,

I bite down on rappers like Cujo

Sip from a human stew,

I’ve been around since before the wind blew

Born in Salems Lot in 1922 and I’m really three hundred and two

I met Christine in Derry,

She tasted like peaches and strawberrys

She had a friend named Carrie,

But she was a little scary

The Gunslinger roams from land to land

passin on my gift when we do a hand to hand

livin on the run like Ted, I’m a solitary man

wise beyond my years and ready to take a Stand.

Happy Halloween!!…

Again because it’s awesome HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! How are you fellow We’re Not Rolling Ghouls, Goblins and Witches? Although sadly I doubt you will see many of those classics anymore. I mean when’s the last time you saw someone at work dress up as a ghoul? Maybe I’ll be a ghoul next year…I’m not sure what that will entail exactly but that makes it all the more entertaining when I think about it. I’ve been wanting to make another costume and this does sound intriguing. I spent part of my weekend watching the Stranger Things Season 2….Season. It’s only 9 episodes, took me 20 hours total with sleep included. That’s why I said “part of my weekend” because I started Friday night and wrapped up Sat afternoon. In my younger days I would have watched that sucker straight through. I thought about going out to celebrate Halloween but I realized that I really wanted to have a party this year and the years that I feel like hosting and don’t I alway just end up not doing much. I know I may sound like a big baby but that’s what getting old is kind of like. The older you get the more you just do what you want. I might go to a haunted house tonight to at least say I did something other than binge watch a TV show but what a show it was! It would not be the worst memory of the holiday. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

Due to the holiday it’s all I currently have on the mind so I thought I would talk about Halloween on set. I will warn you… I know that you may usually come here for my insightful tips and hints in how to make it in hollywood AND my clever wit but this will just be a fun-filled post of some randomness. Now throughout the years I’ve spent a few Halloween’s on set and like many holidays it reminds me a lot about when I was in school. I have spoken a few times on here about how I’m able to draw parallels between the two quite often. You either work on a crew that is all about it and by that I mean the higher-ups, actors…everyone is all about the holiday and aim to get out early that day so that they can enjoy it. Everyone on set will wear costumes, there will be decorations up at crafty and everyone will just have a good day OR you work on a crew that does not give a shit and this is just another work day. No one dresses up and everyone just has a shit mood all day because deep down they really want to celebrate and act silly. Why they let the second one exist is beyond me. I always like to remind everyone that we make entertainment. This is not a job that requires mandatory 12 hour minimums everyday. We like to think it does but we ultimately control that. I relate Halloween on set to school that of the feeling of Halloween’s in school because I remember having classes that were all about the holiday and others that didn’t like it at all. Just like the two types of crews I explained above. When you’re working on the back lot it’s a lot like walking the hallways of school in that you encounter people who are all decked out and other that just think it’s silly and everyone should grow up. Why don’t you grow down? I’ve always loved that saying.

We work with millions of people who have families and I think it’s nice that we try to get everyone out at a reasonable time but personally I feel it at the very minimum be a half day. I remember as a kid how important Halloween was to me and part of what made it awesome was getting ready. I feel it’s really an important boding experience for parents and their kids. We all love the holiday and can you not admit that almost every single one of the shows we work on has a Halloween episode and while they may be crazy they are usually one of the more enjoyable ones to film? I think Halloween reminds most of us of being kids and the crew is always in a good mood when we are filming the “Halloween” episodes. If our industry wasn’t all work first and tried to be a little more humane they would make this day a little better for everyone is all I’m trying to say. We could be like google everyone but an entire industry. I mean that’s what I read anyway, I’ve never worked at google…it may be terrible.

As one can imagine crew people make some amazing costumes. I mean most of us are creative lunatics in this circus so of course we make some sweet get ups. I’ve worn a few costumes on set that have been fun but one of the most creative ones was when the entire production staff dressed up as the cast. I’m sure it’s been done on other shows but it won us a bike on this particular set. They had a crew Halloween contest at lunch. Which I strongly suggest all crews do. It helps the moral. A bike that currently resides in my living room by the way. So far I’ve also been Julius Caesar, Towlie, A Universal Tourist with a Jaws shirt covered in blood and a missing an arm. Let’s have fun folks and look if you don’t like Halloween fine just don’t be an old fart and act like as asshole when people say “Happy Halloween”. I’ve seen this on a few sets. I get that it may not be your thing but no one is asking you to dress up or do anything you don’t want to. Unless you’re wearing a shirt that has a warning that you’re an anti Halloweenite there’s no way for anyone to know so relax and let everyone else enjoy the day. Remember it’s just Film Making.

That’s all I got today folks, thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I hope you all have an excellent night tonight. If you have kids make sure you go out of your way to make it a special experience for them. Give them an even better memory than the one you have of when you were a kid at Halloween. Tomorrow make sure to stop by for another “Wednesday’s at The Corner” post. Happy Halloween everyone!! Side Note: I feel like I said Halloween a lot in this post and it may very well work as a drinking game if you happen to be reading this before going to a party..which would be highly unlikely.