That Was A Good One…

Happy Muthafuckin’ Tuesday EDIT: Thursday folks! Tuesday was actually the last day on the show ‘Casual’ that I was working on. I attempted to post this on Tuesday but I found no time. Monday I got home a bit too late and Tuesday at work I was just soaking up as much of the energy and good vibes from everyone around that I just didn’t want to waste any time typing. I thought I might be able to post this up after work but that time slot went to some after work drinks with the crew. It was sort of like a pre wrap party. Which I will say at times is better than the actual wrap party because its a bit more personal. At wrap parties there’s like a thousand people, it’s loud, we have our guest to introduce, there’s food being passed around…there’s just a lot of shit going on. So I find that those after work random escapades at times are a much better time and often some of the fondest memories one could have working on a film crew.

With that said I’m super excited to be off but also a bit sad. I love being off of work because it gives me time to work on all my own material which is the ultimate goal right? However this last day was really…REALLY bitter-sweet. It was bitter sweet because it was not only the last day of this season but it was officially the last day of the show that I’m proud to have called home for 4 seasons over a 4 year span. This crew was by far one of the most wonderful bunch of people thrown together to make a tv show that I have ever been a part of. I have so many stories of my time here and I plan to share some of them on here now that the show has ended. Working on shows like this is a perfect example of what I always envisioned it would be like to work in the film industry. Sure we had a few crazy days here and there and there was definitely a few stressful moments but overall and in comparison to other shows that I’ve worked on this one certainly will always stand out because the excellent memories and moments that I had by far out weighed any of the negative times. If you work in this business you know very well that more often than not this is not the case. Personally I feel there is a lot more shows in which people don’t have this great experience that I’m talking about but instead have a terrible time. They work long grueling hours. They work for bosses that treat them like shit. The crew doesn’t get along. There’s a dictator type producer or nightmare actor/actress that makes the work environment volatile. There’s all types of recipes for disaster in this business. This is not Google. Hahahaha! I’ve never worked at Google but it does look fun. I feel the film industry can go either way when you get in it. There’s going to be great jobs and shit jobs and one just hopes to have more of the great ones. Sadly though I have found that there are certain people who fall into certain crews that are continually working on crappy shows.

Luckily for myself I have fallen into a great group of people that work on amazing shows like this one. This crew in particular and please note that when I say crew I mean the cast as well..I just recently acknowledged how odd it is when we separate those. We always say the cast and crew…at times we also single out the producers…I know I do it all the time as well and I’m just now noticing and want to point out that from here on out when I say the “Crew” I mean EVERYONE. I spent 4 seasons with these fantastic people. We worked side by side over a course of 4 years from 3-4 months straight and I’m sincerely going to miss so many of their smiles, jokes, laughs, stories and just spending time with so many of them that are like family now. The sad part is that once the show is over these new family members sort of become like distant relatives that you only see on special occasions like birthdays. We do come across each other on other sets at times but it’s nothing like seeing them every day for several months on end. That bond is one of my favorite aspects about this business. I was basking in that thought all day Tuesday as I walked around all the stages and watched everyone take in every last moment. Every set and stage that we filmed in that day was the last time that we would all be together in that particular set up and it was all very emotional to be honest. Every single thing I did that day I would think to myself “Well this is the last time I’ll have a Yorks Peppermint Patty at Crafty”, “This is my last quesadilla”, “This is the last time I’ll see this outdated iPhone randomly placed in this bowl in Alex’s kitchen as set dressing”. It’s interesting how these inanimate objects that we don’t own or really have any sentimental attachment to other than we’ve seen that piece of set dressing in the living room for years grow on us. At least that’s how I felt. I looked at this random art painting made of rubber bands that I’ve glanced at for 4 years and now saw it on a set dressing cart about to go back to the rental house to decorate someone elses fake home or art gallery one some other show and it made me a bit sad. Hahahaha! I know it sounds silly as shit but trust me it happens.

This season though I learned something that I think I had forgotten and that was that I absolutely love the people in this industry. Well..some of the people..there’s definitely some rotten apples in this bunch but they keep it interesting. If you read the blog often you know that I have been contemplating making….not so much a career change but looking for something that took up less of my time. I was entertaining the idea of doing something different all together but after these 2 months I don’t think I would be happy without the people who I have come to know over the 10 plus years I’ve been in this business. So I think I’m going to day play for a while and try to find a different role in this industry instead. I talked to a couple of people on the show and hopefully something comes from it.

Alright I’m going to wrap this thing up because it’s getting a bit long. I’m not quite sure what I’m trying to say with this post or what I’m even going to categorize it as but thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I honestly just wanted to talk about the awesome show I got to work on so that when I read this in 10-20 years all the memories could just come rushing back. If you were a part of this wonderful film family and are reading this please know that I already miss you and want to thank you for all the memories. Let’s not be distant relatives.



The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 74

Hey! Happy Monday you fine people. Come listen to go on about the paper towel handing, cigarette peddling, breath meant keepers that guilt you into dollars at bars, The Walking Dead (Major Spoilers but I give you a warning), what I learned about Cochella this weekend and much more. I hope you have a great week and if you enjoy the madness don’t forget to follow, like and share it with your friends and family.


Politically Hired…

Happy Wednesday! Or late Tuesday…depends when I post this damn thing. I didn’t record my podcast till late last night and I definitely could not stay up to write this post as well or I would’ve been a tired mess this morning. I know I got a different excuse every week for my tardiness but hey these things take time and some planning. I wish this was my job! I’d write posts all day. Anyhow, this job wraps up in 5 days so hopefully I will find some more time to write these up. I always think I’m going to stock up on posts during my time off so that I always have a post ready to go but then I get a break from work and all I want to do is live life outside of the Fucking studio I’m constantly at. Sure they’re different studios but after you’ve been in one for several months, they’re all the same. Anyhow let’s get into this shall we?

Today I want to talk about what we call political hires. I may or may not have written about this before but regardless I have some shit to say and so here we are. If you don’t know what a political hire is let me explain. It’s a person that is not qualified for the position they are in and only get hired because of someone they know. I don’t know if this is a common used term in other industries but I know I only became familiar with it when I started working in this industry. Now more often than not I feel we make these people seem like the absolute worse and that’s not at all correct. Some people basically sound like they want to throw up when they even utter the words “Political Hire” and that’s not fair. Personally over the years I’ve worked with several very good political hires. I’ve worked with people who were very humble and happy to be given the opportunity and went above and beyond what was expected of them. They came blindly into a position and by the end had a very good understanding of what that job required. Most the time that was their last job in the business because it can be a lot for someone not aware of the process but they do stick it out for the run of the show. Which is all one can ask. I would defintely say I’ve worked with more good than I have bad. However the bad…the bad are typically just fucking awful. At the very least it’s a mix of awful traits though so you don’t always get the same type of person. This keeps it entertaining and educational…hey working 13 hours a day one learns to look for the good in everything. Typically when one thinks of someone who gets hired because of someone they know we usually think about the snotty asshole portrayed in movies. You know the guy that knows he’s in with the person in charge and is basically untouchable..un-fire-able…(I doubt that’s a word but I like it). They are clearly terrible at their job but don’t give a shit because again..untouchable. These type of people are very rare and I can honestly say I’ve never worked with one. Cocky, yeah but never to the level that we see in films. These asshole characters may just be a little exaggerated for the audience. I would say that of the bad politicals  I’ve worked with my major complaints were A. They were plain idiots or B. They were plain lazy. These two are horrible traits because all they do is make more work for everyone else. If I had to choose I would go with the idiot characteristic because then at least it’s still a body that can work. They can do simple tasks but when you have a plain lazy political hire on your hands it’s basically like not having anyone at all. That sucks because if the job required 3-4 people to do it and one is constantly just coasting through the job not working those other people need to work that much harder. They can’t really complain because this is someone’s referral. No one is going to tell a producer or cast member that their nephew or cousin is worthless.

I know political hires are going to happen and that’s fine but all that I ask is that the people bringing these folks in take a little responsibility for their decisions. If you bring someone in and you know they are fucking up don’t just turn a blind eye, let them know. If you’re in a position of power you know very well that if you bring in someone to work no one is going to be totally honest with you and tell you they’re bad. That is on you to take a gander at what their doing and make sure they are being helpful. I know this is a far-fetched idea because I doubt anyone will read this and think “Let me listen to this random asshole and his blog and change the way I’ve been living my life” but as is the case I just write this thing to put the thoughts out there in the world. Everyone is and will always do whatever they want.

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The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 73

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Happy Tuesday!! How was your 3 day weekend?…Well if you had a 3 day weekend. Do lots of places close on good Friday? I don’t remember. I could just google that but honestly I really don’t give a shit to know. Why take up space in the old noggin with such trivial crap. I had a fantastic weekend. Probably one of the best weekends I’ve had in quite a few years. It was one of those that I’ll never forget for several reasons. I would continue to go on about that but that’s not what this blog is about. However one of the best parts was that I sort of disconnected from the world Thur night about 10PM and didn’t reenter the social world till about 4PM Sunday. It was fucking sweet. Don’t get me wrong I love my phone and know damn well that I have an addiction to that blasted thing BUT when I have weekends like this I remember that I can disconnect and that there is a lot more important shit in this world and I don’t feel like such a phone fiend. Anyhow, I hope you all had a great weekend..let’s get into this shall we?

Today I want to talk about people in this business that are just plain Fucking useless. Sorry if that’s a bit blunt. I can only imagine that everyone in the world can relate to this topic. One would think that these unhelpful people would get fired but in this business as long as you don’t upset the untouchables like Actresses, Actors, Producers, Executives, Directors and other ridiculously paid people, a person that is absolutely useless can slip right under everyone’s radar and make a living. For example, take my department, Production. I’ve worked with numerous production assistants that are as useless as a bag of old dicks but they put up a good show for their bosses (A.Ds, Producers) and have them think that they are good at their job when in deed they are just Fucking off. It’s exceptionally easy at times for PAs to fake their worth because while our bosses are constantly running the set they rarely have a chance to see what we are doing first hand or check our work to make sure it’s getting done. Instead they assume we are doing our job because we are constantly saying “Copy” to requests on the radio. Now if it’s something like “Bring in first team” and someone copies and doesn’t follow through then the ADs will definitely find out. However when someone requests say a timecard to be given to someone and someone one on the radio says copy. There is no way for sure that AD will know if it happen for sure or who really did it. Sure they can follow-up and some AD’s do but most the time they just assume it’s getting done. The person that copied can easily ignore the request knowing damn well someone else that heard the transmission and is already aware of this persons laziness will end up getting the timecard. They’ll cover for them because no one really wants to piss off the A.D’s or their bosses in general. It’s especially troublesome when one works with bosses that like to speak to everyone as a group as a way of not signaling out anyone in particular because the fucking off of that employee will usually continue. The thing about this business is that there is so much going on at the top that it demands most the attention and focus. So others not really around all the important stuff and just on the outskirts doing the day-to-day tasks and following the daily routines at times skip out on those responsibilities and let it fall on someone else’s plate because at the end of the day we all just want to get in, shoot out the day and get the Fuck back home. Sadly in this business at times that means just get back home with enough time to get the required 7 hours of sleep..IF THAT!! because we can’t seem to figure out how in the Fuck to film a TV show or movie within regular normal working hours. Sorry, you all know that 12 hour thing is really getting to me. It truly does bug me more and more every day. Alright getting back to what I was saying, the task eventually gets handled by another person and the bosses never even know that the person that was supposed to take care of it did not do it because it was taken care of. It’s on the other people in the department to bring this type of behavior up to the bosses and say something but most the time people won’t. Often people will say shit like “I don’t throw people under the bus”. It reminds me of school when the kids that did all the bad shit would tell you “Not to snitch” or “No one likes a snitch” and then they’d do some dumb crap in  class and everyone would get in trouble because no one wanted to snitch. Do you know how ridiculous that line of thinking is? Same thing at work. If someone is faking that their working and really just pawing off their responsibilities on to someone else then eventually they are just causing more work for everyone. People that are useless need to called out in my opinion and dealt with because if not what happens is that they just stay in this business jumping from set t set just making everything that much tougher on people around them. I doubt that things will change over night because there’s useless people at all levels in this business at this point and they are constantly hiring other useless people both related and not to take their place but at least if we talk about it maybe things can begin to change and people stop hiring these folks.

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The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 72

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How many Salts in your Coffee?…

Happy Tuesday!! How is everyone doing? I know, I suck. I missed out on all of last week. I did not post a single thing besides my podcast. In my defense we had a pretty late schedule and long days all week. Longer than usual on this particular show which was strange.  I had to make a choice between sleeping and writing these posts. I guess from my absence one can assume I chose sleeping. 9 times out of 10 I will choose sleeping. I enjoy writing these posts but I refuse to be tired in the sake of them getting written. I did however begin 2 different posts on Tue and Fri so those should be on here in the coming weeks once I finish them as they are already half way done. However today I thought up a new topic so let’s get into this shall we?

“Next time they ask you to get them a coffee or anything, just make it wrong…maybe add some salt to it or forget something.” This was the advice given to me by one of the coolest ADs I ever worked for one day years ago when they overheard a hair department employee that was just sitting in their chair ask me for a latte. I laughed at his suggestion at the moment and made the coffee correctly that day but I did not forget their lesson and knew I would use this amazing piece of wisdom later on because not only did it sound genius but they reassured me that they had done it multiple times with great results. They told me that when they had started out as a P.A when they were given food or drink orders from people who they felt could very well go get the stuff themselves but chose to be lazy instead they would purposely do something wrong. If it was a personally ordered coffee with say milk and 3 sugars they’d forget the milk. If it was a scramble with mushrooms, onions and bacon on the side, they’d forget the bacon. They told me that it would usually take 2-3 wrong orders before the person just stopped asking and started getting it themselves but that the technique had never failed them. You know what? They were absolutely correct! I tried this a few months down the line and it worked like a charm.

Now let me be straightforward here and let you know that I don’t believe that there is anyone on any crew anywhere that is never in a position to go get their own snacks or beverage because I know for a fact that all these people have to go to the bathroom at some point hence they have to leave set. People will try very hard to defend against this way of thinking. Especially people in departments like Camera that continuously claim “We can’t get away.” If you can leave set to poop then you can go make a Fucking latte. That funny enough will probably be the cause of your needing to poop again later on. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind getting someone stuff. I definitely know that while everyone does have a moment to get away from time to time they may miss their window to go get say the daily snack that is put out every 3 hours. However if you’re just asking for a coffee or some fucking gum from crafty I’ve been in this business for a while so I know how to tell the difference between someone who is really not free to get away and needs some assistance and just the person that doesn’t want to go and is just asking to be lazy. Also, now that I’m thinking about it I actually will say that there is indeed a position in this industry in which a person can’t go get their own snacks and beverages for long stints of time. There is one position that people are put in where they need constant snack support. I would never want to do this task on a show because I think I would one, probably pass out because I get extremely sleepy when I’m alone and sitting (I’m old) and two I have to go to the bathroom regularly. The position I’m talking about is the unlucky person that has to go up in cranes to man lights for a couple of hours. These people are Fucking soldiers! Because not only do they go up in these cranes and hang out up there in all types of crap weather and terrible conditions with just snacks and themselves to get them through the time. They also have to take a bottle or can with them so they can pee. Can you imagine going to a 30 dollar an hour job and then having to pee in a bottle? As they say “Living the Dream.”  One would think we would have devised a better way to do this but no. I have no idea what they do if they need to go 10-2 and quite honestly I don’t want to know. However besides these unfortunate people personally I feel everyone has a few minutes here and there to get whatever they want without the assistance of someone else. Bottom line is don’t be a lazy turd, if you have time to go get whatever it is you want don’t try to get some else to do it for you. Move your ass!

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The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 71

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The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 70

Hey! Episode 70 of The Toke Talking Podcast is up NOW! This week I go on about the hours we work in the film industry, people discussing shit in the comments section of social media, Saint Paddys Day and a whole bunch of other stuff that popped in my head. I was a bit delirious as I did this show because I’ve been up for 19 hours so come listen to the madness and have a laugh.


Trainee Pledges…

Happy Muthafuckin’ FRI-DAY!! I hope you had a great week at life and at work but mostly life. Life should always come before work I always say. I know it sounds tough because need money to live that life but it’s really more of a way of thinking. I feel that most people put their job above everything else mentally and I think that kind of fucks with your priorities in life. If you take a shot for every time I just wrote “life” you’re probably drunk. ANYHOW, film folk you’ll be happy to know that today will not be a “Fuck It Friday” post. I will indeed be talking about a film industry related topic. So if that’s what you were hoping for today, you’re in luck! Alright let’s get into this shall we?

DGA Trainees. Let me explain to anyone out there not in the business. DGA Trainees are people in training to join the DGA. The DGA stands for the Directors Guild of America. Now I know that may sound like they going to be Directors as this is also the Union that Directors like Steven Spielberg and James Cameron are a part of however, DGA Trainees are training to be Assistant Directors. I won’t go into detail of what exactly an Assistant Director does because there are millions of places to look that type of shit up but let’s just say, it’s not really “Directing” as we all think about it when we hear the word. There are 2 ways to get into the DGA. There’s the long way that requires you to work 600 days as a P.A and then put together these gigantic binders of proof that you worked those days. Why can’t we do this in some type of online form already? I mean it’s 2018 and here we are claiming to be green and killing trees to make binders of paper. Then you need to send it off to New York because even though there’s an office here they…I don’t know to be honest. I have no idea why they just cant accept them here where one would assume most people would want to. Or there’s the Training Program route that is about half the time I believe.

The reason I’m writing this post is that because I think that at times A.D’s (Assistant Directors) treat the trainees like pledges in a fraternity or sorority. That is the type of vibe I get from this A.D to Trainee dynamic at times and I just had to talk about it. I use to work a lot of non-union shows and the way some of those NU (Non Union) A.D’s treat the P.A’s is how the Union A.D’s treat the Trainees. It’s really a bizarre relationship at times. I’ve also worked with A.D’s that had this way of thinking that because they had a tough and shitty time as a Trainee that others should be dealt the same treatment as a way to “Toughen up”. I’ve heard stories of Trainees being verbally abused by being called names or being made to feel inferior to their superiors. I feel at times A.D’s will make the trainees do pointless tasks like pledges do when they’re trying to get into the fraternity/sorority. It can’t just be me that notices this. I think if you asked most they would see the similarities. I’m not saying this happens on every show either. There is definitely a ton of A.D’s out there that do fantastic jobs training these people and do try to give them a better experience than they had prior but I just don’t understand why all of them aren’t like this. I mean I do, it’s because some people just suck. But just from a trying to be a good person stand point, if you had a bad experience doing something because those in charge made it tough for you why would you want to replicate that experience for someone else? Why would you purposely make it as tough for them as it was for you instead of the opposite?

I wanted to write about this because quite honestly I don’t think anyone has. I mean as a Trainee I’m not even certain what ramifications they would face if they had a blog like this and the DGA found out because at times Trainees seem so terrified of their Teachers and the DGA gods that you would think it was some type of cult. Look, I understand being proud of whatever group you are a part of but when that title starts making you an asshole towards people not in your group then it’s a problem. Sadly it’s one of the problems with most types of organized groups. Besides the ego boost it gives some folks that are handed a title there’s also the few that think they are also supposed to also change themselves as to fit some type of persona that the position is known for. In this case A.D’s (Assistant Directors) are generally known for being a no joke by the book perfectionist. I’m being nice with that description as I’m sure many crew members have much more colorful words to describe the position. I often refer to them (A.D’s) as the parents on a film crew. I’m not talking shit about any of these fine people because as the ones in charge of everyone’s safety on set they do need to have some sort of leadership quality and can’t be messing around like most people do on set. Anytime a set gets rowdy, it’s up to the A.D’s and the Production staff to regain control. So one can understand how others may see A.D’s as assholes. The problem is many don’t have this leadership quality or lack social skills and instead of coming off as a leader they just seem like pushy assholes. They’re request to get stuff done sounds more like commands and that immediately would irritate most people. No one likes to feel like they are beneath anyone else and I feel at times Trainees get this type of treatment from the people training them. I know I would definitely say something to A.D’s if I was a Trainee and they made me feel this way because well…I honestly don’t give a shit about titles. Especially when I know that person is using that title as leverage against me. I would quit the training program before I’m disrespected by my bosses just like I would in my position as a P.A now if I was done the same. There is no place at work for disrespecting people and that is something that I will always believe in and stand for.

Oooo I got all proud there at the end with my “believe in and stand for” comment. My apologies if this post didn’t really make you laugh much. I try to keep it funny and light most times but as you know at times these fingers get going as my mind rambles and I just go with it. I try to capture as many of my real and genuine thoughts as I can and then I go back and try to make it all make sense. Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I appreciate you all and I hope you have a fantastic Saint Patty’s Day weekend!! Yes it’s tomorrow in case you forget so go get all your green gear ready.