We’re not here to make sense..

What up peoples?! It’s Hump Day Wednesday and that means we’re another day closer to the weekend. Continue reading “We’re not here to make sense..”

Story Time Monday!

Good morning/afternoon everyone! Well I thought I would write at least one post over the 3 day weekend but the beer had other plans. Continue reading “Story Time Monday!”

Whispers in the radio

Happy Thursday everyone! Today is the last day of the week for us because we’re off tomorrow. 3 DAY WEEKEND!!! Continue reading “Whispers in the radio”

Fucking Siri!

Good morning!..or afternoon..or whatever the Fuck time it is when you’re reading this. Happy Tuesday everyone! Continue reading “Fucking Siri!”

Failing upwards

“It’s all about who you know”

Happy Monday film people and any other readers out there that have stumbled onto this blog. Are there any non film crew readers out there reading my shit? Continue reading “Failing upwards”

Happy St. Pattys Employee Appreciation Day!

Happy payday all you film industry people or as this 1st AD I worked with calls it, Employee Appreciation Day. Continue reading “Happy St. Pattys Employee Appreciation Day!”

Where are we shooting?



Happy HUMP DAY!!! I don’t know about you but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to read/hear that phrase without thinking about it coming out of a camels mouth. Continue reading “Where are we shooting?”

Put that phone away..

What’s up?! Tuesday is finally here! Said no one ever, who the hell gets excited for Tuesday. The only good thing about Tuesday is that it means Monday is over. Continue reading “Put that phone away..”

Never heard that one before..

Happy Monday everyone!! 4 more days to the weekend! Hahaha, there’s a good joke I’ve said a couple times and never heard before unlike many others. Continue reading “Never heard that one before..”

Get that cone out of the shot!!

Happy Friday everyone! Another week in the books and now here’s the weekend to take away most the money we earned. It’s the circle of life my friends, make money waste money. Continue reading “Get that cone out of the shot!!”