Crafty is the key..

Happy Payday Thursday film people!! Did those pictures just make you hungry? Are you walking to crafty right now to see what they got? You know they got something you want and if they don’t you’ll eventually give into something. Continue reading “Crafty is the key..”

Last stop..Mexico!

Good morning/afternoon and Happy Tuesday everyone! I meant to write yesterday and I just couldn’t get it done. I FAILED!! I keep forgetting that I’m suppose to also be mixing in stories instead of just these damn rants. Plus I also got the website (Shamless plug) which I’m learning is a lot of work in itself. When my buddy and I started it we thought it would be cake but no, turns out running a website is pretty fucking time consuming. So today I thought I’d get back to my original plan and share a story with you all. STORY TIME! Continue reading “Last stop..Mexico!”

They’re like family!

Happy 420 everyone!! I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably reading this thinking”holy shit this guys going to put 2 posts up in one day, he’s finally getting the swing of this blogging thing” or “holy shit this guys going to put up 2 posts up in one day, WHAT THE FUCK?! Continue reading “They’re like family!”

Holding for sound..they just heard a mouse fart

Hello everyone, Happy Wednesday! Two more fun filled work days till the weekend. I’d rather be sleeping but you can’t make any money that way. Continue reading “Holding for sound..they just heard a mouse fart”

Patience is not a Virtue…to A.D’s

What’s up everyone? How’s everyone’s week so far? Is it weird to start blogs with greetings? I mean I’m never going to get an answer back. Whatever..I’m not a professional blogger, if there even is such a thing. Just an asshole that bought a domain name and writes shit down 3 times a week..well I’m trying to anyway. I missed a day last week. Fucking Vegas! Continue reading “Patience is not a Virtue…to A.D’s”

Every department head has their own little bitch, brown noser, ass many names!

What’s up everyone!? Happy Monday! My apologies for not posting on Friday like I said I would. I had a Vegas bachelor party this weekend and that pretty much ate up all my attention and time. Continue reading “Every department head has their own little bitch, brown noser, ass many names!”

Do directors who shoot slow wonder how other directors shoot fast?

Happy Wednesday!! Well after these last 10 wonderful days with this awesome director that was getting us out under 10 hours everyday (8 hours one day) I was left with this puzzling question I asked up above. Continue reading “Do directors who shoot slow wonder how other directors shoot fast?”

You’ll never work in this town again!

Hello everyone! How the hell was everyone’s weekend? I spent mine working on this new website with a friend of mine. The site is called The Film Can and it’s review page for movies & TV shows. Check it out if you have a chance!  Continue reading “You’ll never work in this town again!”

Overtime or a life?

Happy Friday everyone! We’ve had a fantastic week, we wrapped by 6pm everyday this week! Yesterday we wrapped at 3:20, we had a 7am call. WHAT?!? That’s an 8 hour day. Yes, it’s possible people. Continue reading “Overtime or a life?”