Jack of All Trades Part 2..

Hello again! Happy employee appreciation day (payday) film folk. Alright on Tue I left you guys early because I had to run and do some other things. Continue reading “Jack of All Trades Part 2..”


Jack of all Trades..

Hello hello everyone! How in the hell are you all today? It’s been a good week so far..well I should say a good 2 weeks. I’m currently in the last week of my vaca and then I start a new gig sometime next week and I’ll be waking up at all types of ridiculous hours. Continue reading “Jack of all Trades..”

A day..and night at work..

One of the few pictures taken at the shoot
Good afternoon¬†everyone! Happy Tuesday! I know I know, I only wrote one post last week..sorry about that. Continue reading “A day..and night at work..”

The day after..

Happy Thursday! Holy shit, I’ve done a horrible job of writing this week but in my defense it was our last week of work and I just didn’t have time. I’m on vaca now so I got nothing but time to write now. I’m sure some of you might even feel like I need to stop writing so much over the next few weeks.¬† Continue reading “The day after..”

He said/She said we’re getting picked up…

Happy Muthafuckin Friday! How the hell is everyone? This is our last Friday of the show I’m on as it all ends next Wednesday. WOOHOOO!! Vacation time is but 3 days away. I love the last few days on a show, everyone is happy and just going through the motions. We finally see the light at the end of the long, long…long tunnel. Continue reading “He said/She said we’re getting picked up…”

Safety first…but no vests

Happy Monday everyone! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was pretty great I hit the beach, I hit a few bars and I went to watch Captain America: Civil War. Yes it was fucking fantastic and if you’re a Marvel fan I highly suggest you go watch it this weekend. I had a smile on my face for the entire 2Hr and 27Min. Continue reading “Safety first…but no vests”