Just don’t be a dick…

Happy Thursday everyone! How are you doing? How’s your week gone so far? Mine started out looking good on Monday, we wrapped after only 10 hours of filming. However Tuesday we had a 2PM call and we all thought the rest of the week was fucked. Continue reading “Just don’t be a dick…”

Producer is a..loose term..

Happy Tuesday¬†everyone! Welcome to We’re Not Rolling. How are you? How’s it going on set today? Has crafty put out the snack yet? Sliders? Salad Bar? Continue reading “Producer is a..loose term..”

We’re filming in Vegas!

Happy Thursday everyone! How are ya? How’s this crazy heat treating you out here in L.A? Yesterday it was 101 where we were filming in Van Nuys, it was fucking brutal. Continue reading “We’re filming in Vegas!”

Know your Role…

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday & welcome to We’re Not Rolling. How was everyone’s Monday? Did you make it through without getting pissed off at something or someone at work? Continue reading “Know your Role…”

We had a great shoot in downtown LA…

Said.No one.Ever!! Happy Thursday everyone. Welcome to another post here at We’re Not Rolling, how the hell are you all doing? My work week started yesterday (Wednesday) and ends tomorrow but I still feel like it’s been a regular 5 day week. Continue reading “We had a great shoot in downtown LA…”

Hey Locations can you turn off the city?..

Happy late Tuesday everyone! I failed to write this up last night and post in the morning like I did last week. It went so well last week then this week I’m off of work on Hiatus and it’s like FUCK IT ALL!! Continue reading “Hey Locations can you turn off the city?..”

Are only some movies to be considered “Art”…

Happy Thursday my fellow film crew community and random readers that have normal 9-5 jobs but enjoy reading about the circus we work in. How is everyone? Continue reading “Are only some movies to be considered “Art”…”

Wait what am I working on…

Happy Tuesday! I’m writing to you from the past as I’m attempting to write this Monday night so I can post in the morning. I’m trying out a new technique. SOOO..how was everyone’s 4th of July? Continue reading “Wait what am I working on…”