We’re Filming on Location…

Happy Tuesday! How was everyone’s Christmas Holiday…or holiday in general if you don’t celebrate Christmas. I think everyone should celebrate Christmas. I mean at least the most important part which I realize more & more every year that it’s just about the kids. That’s it. Continue reading “We’re Filming on Location…”

The Monday Morning Toke Talking Podcast Episode 5

Merry a day late Christmas everyone! I’m in Miami. Would you look at that, I’m even doing these podcasts in other cities now. Hahaha..Here’s Episode 5 where I talk about my traveling down here to Miami Adventure, all things Christmas, THE PACKERS and football along with some colorful words for a certain toy company. Come check it out and have a laugh NOW!

Is This Plate Gluten Free…

Happy FRIDAY!! How is everyone doing today? I apologize for the lateness of the post. As some of you know that follow me here or on Instagram, or Twitter, or my website TheFilmCan.Com (Early Shameless Plug) I just traveled down to hot ass Miami for the holidays and it was a bit of a journey as holiday travel often is. Continue reading “Is This Plate Gluten Free…”

I Heard They Were Fired…

Salutations! I need new greetings, I’m getting tired of “Happy whatever day it is”. How is everyone? Well if you work in the Industry you might already be on Christmas Hiatus like a most of our business EXCEPT for those cheap ass shows that are being douche bags and filming this week since Christmas is on Saturday. Continue reading “I Heard They Were Fired…”

The Monday Morning Toke Talking Podcast Episode 4

Happy Monday and Hiatus/Vacation to those of you that are off already for the holidays. This week listen to me talk about traveling back home, rain in LA, Film Crews obsession with tacos, SPOILERS: for Rogue One and The Walking Dead, plus a bunch of other random shit that I always mix in. Check it out NOW!

Some Type of Chicken, Beef, Rice and a Salad…

Happy Friday! It’s OVER everybody!!! My 2016 work days are done as soon as we wrap today. Sure we won’t wrap till 2AM because we had to start at 4PM to be able to film inside a department store after it closes at 8PM but honestly I don’t give a shit because again..LAST DAY!!! I go on a 3 week Hiatus (Vacation) now and if you know me or read this blog regularly you know that I love time off. I believe this might be the last week for a few folks in our industry. The L.A film world dies down every year around this time for those that don’t work in this circus. It’s another one of my favorite perks. You know that you will always have a few weeks off for Christmas & New Years and that’s just awesome. I go back home to Miami and I’m always surprised at how many of my friends still work on New Years. I don’t think I could ever do that. I think it should be a holiday and if you’re working you should be allowed to be drunk. That might be tough for pilots though…hahaha..I’m a fucking moron..let’s get into this, shall we?

I got into this conversation on set with someone the other day and thought I’d talk about it on here because well..why not? We wrapped extremely early the other day, before lunch to be exact and we got into talking about why people stay to eat lunch when they’re wrapped. Look no offense to the caterers out there but the food is NEVER so good that I’m willing to stay at work longer than I have to. Actually here I got one better, the caterers food is NEVER going to be better than anything in the outside world that you can now go to because you are off early. Now some of you might argue that this food is free and that’s why you stay but seriously you’re so tight on money that you need this $10 meal?

I myself am not a caterer fan in general. So I guess it’s easier for me to be like “Fuck catering”. It’s not because the food is bad. It’s because usually if we have a caterer that means we’re on location and that means that there probably is a bunch of places to eat around that location that I may never have been to. So I use this opportunity to get out and explore new places to eat instead of eating from the caterer. I. Love. Food. I love it and any chance that I get to eat somewhere new I do.

However, I’m not talking about whether the person likes catering or not. I’m perplexed by the fact that we wrap and a person willingly decides that they want to sit down at the caterer and eat. Instead of getting the Fuck out of there, beating traffic and going to eat somewhere better. Certain people decide to stay there, let traffic get worse and get their free meal. WHY? I guess I can attribute a few people who just don’t want to go home because then they need to deal with the family. Which many people at work complain about at times. I get it, family is awesome but at times after working for 14 hours I too would probably dread a screaming baby. Even if it was my baby. Hahaha…that’s such a horrible thing to say. It’s easy for me to say because I don’t have kids. I always want to be in my house but I definitely have worked with some people who purposely stay at work longer so they don’t have to deal with the family. Hey we’re all human alright?

I just can’t do it. Once we wrap, I don’t give a shit about food or anything else other than getting to my car and heading out into the world. They can have a lobster and steak feast and I guarantee if they tell me to go home I won’t even glance at that feast. I don’t know. I also was a caterer for 5 years back in Miami. I didn’t work on film sets. I catered private parties and corporate events and I will tell you this, if you think that people call up caterers and say shit like “I need to feed 100 people, 5 days a week for 3 months..I don’t care how much it costs.” You are dead fucking wrong my friend. Everyone wants it as cheap as they can get it and the cheaper per person the production company wants to pay the cheaper the actual food is going to be. Sure it might sound fancy and look nice but they might’ve bought the cheapest supplies to make it. Caterers are going to be spitting in all my food if they ever read this. Hahaha..I’m not bagging on them. I love the caterers. I get a bacon, egg, cheese,onion and avocado quesadilla every morning and I fucking love it. It actually took me a while to get those ingredients just right. There was a lot of trial and error but I highly recommend it next time you order breakfast. I’m not telling anyone to d anything different. I’m actually a firm believer in everyone doing what they want. I’m just tossing the question out there into the online world as to why a person CHOSES to stay at work just to eat catering. Wouldn’t you rather go to some amazing restaurant and have a meal you’ve never had before along with a beer or a glass of wine instead of Chicken Marsala, rice and a plastic cup of powdered fruit punch? I mean seriously, we all deserve to treat ourselves at times.

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I’ll Wait for the Next One…

Happy Tuesday!! How was your weekend? Your Monday? You know someday I hope to actually get responses back to these random questions and greetings that I put in everything I write online. Continue reading “I’ll Wait for the Next One…”

The Monday Morning Toke Talking Podcast Episode 3

Episode 3 is here and with it comes my first guest Dan Cassell. A friend and co-worker of mine. I had a few different topics to talk about on this one but once we got going it became a film crew, film industry life discussion that just flowed and we went with it. Dan graces us with some great stories of working in the Porn industry, a bum finding a new toilet, his epic meeting with the late and great Moustapha Akkad (Executive Producer of the 1978 Classic Halloween) and much more. Listen to Episode 3 now here or on iTunes and please SUBSCRIBE! Thanks.


The Great Truck Chase…

What’s up everybody? Here we are yet again..another motherfucking FRIDAY!! I don’t know if it’s just me but these last 2 weeks feel like they have fucking blown by. Continue reading “The Great Truck Chase…”

Everyone has a pet peeve…

Happy Tuesday!! Holy shit, what’s up everybody? How was your Monday? We had a 10 hour day yesterday. It was fucking awesome but I also lost an hour driving home in traffic. Continue reading “Everyone has a pet peeve…”