Your Care Level is Peaking…

Greetings from Tuesday…I really need some new openings. I’m getting bored with the “Happy (whatever day it is). Continue reading “Your Care Level is Peaking…”

The Monday Morning Toke Talking Podcast Episode 11

Hello & Happy Monday. On this weeks Episode of The Toke Talking Podcast I talk about Snowboarding up in Mammoth for the weekend, I make my Super Bowl 51 prediction while STILL moping about my Packers loss, I review M. Night Shyamalan new film “Split” and much more. Check it out now here at We’re Not Rolling, iTunes and SoundCloud.


The Last Days on a Gig…

Happy Friday!! How is everyone? World’s a bit crazy as of late so it’s actually a question that I’m genuinely asking. Life is pretty great for me right now. I mean it rarely ever is not. I might lose my shit every now and then but for the most part I try to keep it positive. It is a mind state. Continue reading “The Last Days on a Gig…”

Yeah Sure..Don’t Worry We’ll Get That For You…

What’s happening film world and regular 9-5 average Joe and Janes out there reading this blog for…whatever reason..hopefully for the laughs. That’s all I want to do here, is at the very least have you crack a smile at some dumb shit I say…or write I should say because I never really say anything. Continue reading “Yeah Sure..Don’t Worry We’ll Get That For You…”

The Monday Morning Toke Talking Podcast Episode 10

10 Episodes in! Who would’ve thunk it? Happy Monday folks. This week a good friend of mine David joins me on the podcast to talk about working in the film industry, asshole programmers, this popular computer game League of Legends and I try to talk him back into watching The Walking dead again. This and much more in this weeks show. Check it out NOW and have a laugh.


The Burning of the “Bridge”…

Happy Friday!! Another week to scratch off that 2017 calendar. This one sort of flew by I must say. We were on stage all week so that always does make it feel a bit faster as well. Continue reading “The Burning of the “Bridge”…”

The Unhappy Crew Member…

Happy Tuesday! How is everyone? It’s actually Monday while I’m typing this and I’m also typing it at lunch during my lunch period. Continue reading “The Unhappy Crew Member…”

The Monday Morning Toke Talking Podcast Episode 9


Happy Monday! Here we have it Episode 9 of The Toke Talking Podcast. This week I have on my best friend Jimmy. I’ve known this fucking man since 5th grade so this will definitely not be the last time he’s on. Listen to us go on about the NFL Playoffs, GO PACK GO!!, some guy that we chased thru hollywood in production trucks, best picture nominees and whether THE MAN can control us through our iWatches yet along with some other jibber jabber to bring you some laughs. So hit play, subscribe if you feel like listening to some more and enjoy every Monday morning Toke…Talking.

Pictures from the Creepy Hotel Suite I talked about on the Podcast:


It’s Definately Going To Rain…Maybe…

Happy Fucking Friday Film people! How the hell are you? UPDATED: Sorry to interject here but I just wanted to apologize for the lateness of he post. I wrote it last night and the servers were down this morning when I attempted to post it. Continue reading “It’s Definately Going To Rain…Maybe…”

What Do You Mean We Got Cancelled….

Happy Tuesday! How is everyone? I finally went back to work yesterday and I have to say. I didn’t miss it one bit! Hahaha..I’m joking. Continue reading “What Do You Mean We Got Cancelled….”