First Van Out…

Happy Friday!! It’s actually Tuesday right now and I’m in a van going to the next set when all of a sudden the topic for today hit me. However I won’t be is everyone? How was your week? Tomorrow is our last day of season 3 on the show I’m on and I can’t Fucking wait! Sure it’ll be lame not to have a job come Monday where I can hang with all these awesome people but I’m also ready for some time off. If you know me or read this blog you know I love time off. I actually might talk and write too much. Time off gives me time to work on all my own stuff and just live life. It’s also important to take time off to relax and zero yourself back out. Working all the time can really be hazardous to your health. I don’t have anything to back that up but I’m sure there’s a study someone did somewhere to prove this. Anyhow, let’s get into this shall we?

Alright so the reason I named this post First Van Out is because usually the first van out of either location or parking is the one filled with the most tension. If it’s the first van out of parking most the time it’s full of  impatient or late hair and make up people or Crew that is just starving and antsy to get to the caterer like they haven’t had food in days. If it’s the first van out of location it’s usually filled with A.Ds, Directors, Producers, Writer’s, Talent and other department heads OR as I like to call them “The Adults”. No one ever wants to ride in the car with adults because their usually parents or parents. I avoid riding in the first van as much as I possibly can. I don’t like tension and I don’t like adults too much either. Hahaha! It’s not that the people are terrible it’s just that if you get in the adults van chances are all they are going to do the entire ride is talk about work which is…well…boring. I like what I do but I also don’t want to talk about it all the time.

Now that I established the title and where I’m going with this I just want to rant a little bit about something that I continue to see happening in vans at times that I think should stop or that I just don’t understand and looking for some reasoning behind it. Let’s talk about the drivers who’s van one gets into, the van loads up for 5-10 minutes and just as we’re about to roll out they pull out the PAPER MAP and say some shit like “Alright let’s see where we’re headed!” What in the Fuck? Are you serious? Why would you sit in a van for 5-10 minutes waiting for it to load and not check that out already and even worse why are you pulling out a paper map? This is by far one of van drivers strangest habits, the use of the paper map. Look I understand that old habits die-hard and that some of you just don’t like these “Pesky” phones but seriously your job is to drive people around as efficiently as possible. Why would you think that looking at a piece of paper would be a better option than a machine that guides you. I hear they use to write out the call sheets back in the day, why not ask for a written callsheet to go with your paper map? I’ve had Drivers hand me a map and ask if I wouldn’t mind navigating. At which point I punched the address into my phone and guided them. Listen I’m not trying to tell anyone how to do their jobs I’m just saying you should at least try to do the job to the best of your ability with the best tools available. Put down the paper map and pick up the phone. Everyone I shit you not, I’ve been in a van with a driver that was using the paper map and had a navigating GPS box plugged in and hanging from his front windshield. My favorite is when they use the paper map, get lost and then get angry that the paper map was wrong. I’ve been using my phone to navigate since I got one back in who knows what year, 2007? (Thanks Amy) and to date I can count how many times it’s gotten me lost in one hand. So I think it’s safe to say that the navigation on our phones and GPS guides is better than the memory anyone may have of the streets. I don’t care how long you’ve lived in the area that we are filming at, you’re not a satellite and no matter how hard you try you can’t figure out traffic. There’s google maps, apple maps, my favorite Waze and whole bunch of other ones. Take a little time to check them out and download one.

I can’t let this be so one-sided because I also do realize that drivers have to deal with the crew which given their position has to be one of the toughest jobs in the world. I say this because think about driving around with your friends or family. You always have that one or two people who LOVE to tell you how to drive. Now take those people and multiply it by 2 or 3 depending on how many people are in the van. If you have a full van of 12-13 people (Or 15 really skinny people..I understand it’s called a 15 pass van but we all know that’s unrealistic so let’s stop pointing it out like it should happen every time) you’re going to have at least 3-4 back seat drivers. I won’t go on long about this because I do believe I wrote about it but if you get in a van please just shut up or chat with everyone if you like but whatever you do please don’t try to tell the driver what to do. Don’t give them directions, don’t tell them about your secret routes..just sit there like everyone else and let the driver do their job. If they need help they will ask. They are grown adults. There’s no such thing as Driver Assistants (D.A) so stop trying to be one.

Thanks for reading everyone! As I mentioned above I’ll be getting a little time off coming up and as weird as it sounds when I’m off is usually when I miss days on this blog. So I’m apologizing now in advance if I do but as you all know at times shit happens. I think I’ll be alright though. I believe in myself! Hahaha! Have an awesome weekend everyone. Please make sure to come back on Monday to check out my Toke Talking Podcast and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram & Twitter.


We Made the Monsters…


Happy Tuesday!! How is everybody on this spectacular week? I say spectacular because this is our last week on this gig and then it’s on to Vaca time. How long? Who knows! We shall see. I’m at least planning to take 2 weeks off but I’m really hoping to get a month in. We’ll see what happens. All I know is that I can’t wait. I’ve actually been working back to back now for about 2 years. I’ve had a week or so in between each gig but I need more! This break is long over due. The writer’s strike might also happen so that’ll give me even more time off. YAY!! I’m not cheering for the strike I’m cheering about being off. Hahaha! Let’s get into this, shall we?

“This actor is a nightmare to work with.” “That actress doesn’t like when people look her in the eyes.” “When this actor is approaching just stay out of their way.” We’ve all heard shit like this on set at one point or another. Everyone has that one horror story about an actor or actress flipping out on someone or about something. This happens in all businesses everywhere but because they are under the spotlight their flip outs are made a bigger deal of. If I flip my wig at home at home because someone ate the last slice of pizza, I won’t make the news OR I’d be on the news a lot! First off let me say that I feel the same about actors/actresses flipping out as I do Crew as I do anyone that is in a professional work atmosphere for that matter. I think it’s unprofessional as Fuck…which is worse than just being unprofessional…because well..who wants to be compared to a “Fuck” HA! It’s really something that I feel should never be done or allowed. In a perfect world every time someone flipped out on set or in any place that’s a business they should immediately be sent home. Not fired but they should be excused for the day while they go home and figure out how to adult. I realize I didn’t write “how to be an adult” and that’s because I like to say people should know “how to adult”. Especially in certain situations like work. There is plenty of times and shit to lose your mind on and about outside of work. No should working while they are yelling at the top of their lungs. Plus no one works good angry…unless you’re like football player or boxer…no one should be aloud to work pissed off because not only is it counterproductive but that’s usually when bad shit happens as well. If you read my blog often I think I might actually talk about that quite a lot on here. I’ve never yelled at anyone at work and I’ve never been yelled at and it’s something that I’m quite proud of. Which if you know me..I’m not really the type of person that gives a shit much but I do draw the line at yelling. Outside of work, I yell all the time..I mean I am Cuban but at work I compose myself. Which is no easy feat because again..Cuban but I think if I can do it we all can do it. It’s really fucked up how our business has become ok with people being complete terrible people and everyone just standing by supporting it. I think when we just stand by and watch and say nothing we contribute to the problem and Feed the monster.

If an employee acted the way some actors and actresses have been caught acting on set at times they’d at the very least get a talking to. Let’s take the Christian Bale flip out…Now I’m a fan of the guy but seriously my mans? You lost your shit about a guy walking? I mean shit….I don’t even have anywhere else to go with that. He was just walking..HOWEVER! I will say this, that fucking guy shouldn’t have been walking either. If crew would just sit the Fuck down and shut up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. we yelled “ROLLING!” Shit like that wouldn’t happen and guess what? You might not think so but every time you make a noise because you just couldn’t sit still for 2 minutes and you ruin a take, you just added a few more minutes to the day. Thanks a lot! So in this case, I think both these guys were wrong..the guy whose name I can look up but would it really matter? If you care you can do it yourself alright, don’t be lazy but that guy is dumb for walking while their filming a movie and Christian needs to take an extra breathe and think next time…Should I really go 200% right now over a guy walking? I think anger is good for the soul at times but it needs to be controlled and distributed accordingly. A guy walking in your eye line should register at a 3%-5% anger rise in your gage. Hahahaha! I’m not sure what ended up happening but I bet you no one came to Christian and told him he’s a dip shit for losing his mind and crew members continue to walk around and make noise while we roll.

ANYWHO! So I think that since we build these little wonderful worlds for actors and actresses at times they get lost in that world and we are quick to put all the blame on them when I feel we as a business are partially responsible for their level of maturity and respect. Check it out, if tomorrow you went to work be it whatever position you currently work as and EVERYONE everyday was constantly opening doors for you, bringing you food, getting you coffee, laughing at all your jokes, trying to get you in and out of work as fast as possible, changing the schedule to accommodate your other life responsibilities at some point you might become a little detached from reality as well. I think it can happen to anyone. Then one day that stops happening because maybe your career is slowing down. If anyone had been treated that way for years and then all of a sudden it stops I think anyone would easily flip their shit at times. I’ve brought that up a couple of times to people and I always get a…”I never thought about that.” It’s true and some of us that work in this business don’t even realize that we do this. Take the angriest, unfriendliest person on set and I guarantee that if they have any interaction with the talent it’s all smiles and pleasantries. It’s seriously surreal to watch at times because essentially you are watching a normal person ACT for this actor or actress like they are someone else. I just don’t get it. Be yourself, stop treating them like little, fragile babies and maybe they’ll stop turning into these monsters that everyone fears and talks about. I will honestly say that in 10 plus years I’ve only encountered 4 terrible actors/actresses. I’ve also worked with quite a few that had terrible reputations and who I was given warnings about only to find out the complete opposite. They were amazing people to work with. Someone told me the other day when I was talking about this topic that I haven’t had any bad encounters because of who I am. Well I’ll just say this. I’m not special. I’m not a beautiful and unique snowflake. (You better know that movie reference!) Point is, I do nothing that everyone else can’t do as well. I follow one simple rule in this situation and it’s one that if you don’t know by now it may be too late depending on your age “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” I try very hard to treat everyone equally. I try to make everyone feel as they are as important as everyone else on set because I see that as fair. I would never like to be catered to hand and foot so I try not to support that type of behavior either and you can too. Just give it a try.

Thanks for reading peoples! If you haven’t heard yesterdays podcast yet make sure to check it out here at We’re Not Rolling. I had my buddy Jimmy on this weekend and that usually means that we will have some industry talk in there. Have an awesome week and I’ll talk to you all again on Friday.


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 23

Jimmy once again joins me on the podcast this week so you know it’ll be hilarious, fast paced and full of bickering. Come listen to us ramble about Traffic lights, Jimmy singing Dirty Dancing songs to his grandparents, the starbucks Unicorn not coffee and much more.


I Think He Took His Wallet…


Hello friends, foes, people I know and people I don’t. How are you doing on this fantastic Friday? I hope you get the reference there in the title. If not, we can’t be friends. We had a pretty sweet week. It definitely didn’t look like it was going to be good when we started with a 9AM Crew Call on Monday but we eventually worked our way back to a 8AM yesterday. We wrapped at 530PM and today we have a 10AM call but projected to be done by 9PM. Pretty great right? Shit anytime I get to Friday and the call isn’t noon I’m a happy camper. That means that tonight we will probably…most likely hit a bar after work and get a little fun in before not only the weekend but before we head into our last week on this show. That is fucking bonkers right now because it feels like we just started this one and now just like that POW it’s about to be over. Anyhow, let’s get into this shall we.

Today’s post is a thank you to someone who really just showed their awesomeness this past week. I know I go on often about all the crazy and ridiculous stuff that happens in this business at times. I know some of the shit I write at times might have some of you just saying “THEN JUST QUIT!!” but as I emphasis enough on here, I love working in this business. I just really enjoy pointing out and laughing at its flaws as well. I think it’s important to be able to laugh at not only yourself but all aspects of your life. Laughter is good for a person. I laugh at the good parts and the bad. Now for those of you that have been following the blog for a while you might have at one point or another read “Goldfolds, Useful or Just Cool…” or it’s follow-up “Return of The GoldFold-er…“. Now without getting to deep into it basically what happen was…I was given a goldfold by an A.D. I then used the thing, didn’t find it useful and wrote about it here at We’re Not Rolling. This guy that I won’t name again that supposedly was one of the first creators of the goldfold then wrote me some angry messages and emails about my…blog post…words on a screen…my how should I say, opinion. This is what lead to writing the follow-up post.

This was what lead me to finding Miracle AD Wallet. I could go on about the company but I’ll just let you check it out for yourself. Plus to an extent, I did that in my 2nd post. The reason I bring them up again is because last week I actually got an email from Kyle LeMire . Kyle is the owner and master mind behind the non-profit company and as I learned from googling him thanks to the power of the inter webs, a seasoned vet in the industry himself. Kyle has been credited as a Actor, Production Manager, Producer, Stage Manager, 2nd Assistant Director, 1st Assistant Director and much more. He has credits dating back to 1993. CSI:NY, Leverage (I LOVE THIS SHOW!), Seeking a Friend for the End of the World are just a few of the gigs he worked on.

Alright back to the email. So Kyle I guess read my blog post and sent me an email requesting my address. I thanked him for getting in contact with me and sent him my address. A few days later I received my very own Miracle A.D wallet in the mail.  Now I won’t sit here and say that my opinion on the actual use of these wallets has now changed because I got one from the guy who should rename nameless business competitor. I still feel the same way as I talked about in my post. And besides that’s not the point of this post. I wanted to write this post as an acknowledgement to show how 2 very different people who own similar companies handled the situation of someone online talking about their product. I wanted to write this post to say thank you very much to Kyle LeMire for being one of the great parts of this business that I love so much. Kyle while I’m still not a fan of these wallets I will use yours on set as a conversation starter to send more people to your amazing product. It’s been in my pocket since I got it and I’ve already had quite a few people ask me about it. See the people that like the A.D wallet will always like the A.D wallet. I would never try to change someone’s mind about that. I really love what you’ve done with your company. It’s awesome to see people giving back instead of just taking all the time. Thank you so much again for the gift and I hope to one day meet and/or work with you on something.

Thanks for reading everyone. I know this one was a bit short but I think you can understand due to the content. Make sure to come back this and every Monday to check out The Toke Talking Podcast and no matter what make sure you have an excellent weekend. Make the most of it, I don’t want to hear non of this “It was Short!” shit on Monday. Take care all.


Holiday! Too Cheap To Pay…

That title shall be read/sang to the tune of Madonna’s hit tune “Holiday”. Funny right? You know you laughed a little bit! Whatever don’t judge me I’m just words on a screen. How are you fine people of the blogging world this morning? I’ve recently been noticing that a lot of people at one point or another had a blog. As you all know I just joined the social community about a year ago. You can tell I’m old because I just wrote “the social community”.  Well as I get more people sending me friend request I start looking around at their profile I’ve found multiple people who at one point or another had a blog. Most of them are 2-3 years old and they don’t post on them anymore so at times I feel like I’m last to the blogging game but whatever I keep receiving views so I’m assuming people are reading this somewhere out there. Talking about blogs if you guys love traveling and I know lots of people in our industry do make sure to check out my good friends Blog The Wandering Sole for travel tips, stories, attractions to check out and more. Alright everyone let’s get into this shall we?

Today I wanted to talk about paid holidays. Actually to be more specific I want to talk about P.A’s paid Holidays because I feel at times that we get fucking boned. P.A’s are usually the only non-union people on a union show. Now granted most the shows I work on nowadays will pay the P.As for holidays but most them won’t do it unless someone (A.D) asks them to. I also do recall some shows back in the day where we were not paid. This is a big problem in my eyes because no one should have to ask if the people who make less than everyone else should get compensated for the holiday in which everyone is off and getting paid for. It’s a bit shit too because if its a holiday it means most people won’t be working so you couldn’t even go work somewhere else if you wanted to. The P.A’s make less that the union BG and at times even less than the non-union BG if it’s a long enough day. Which I must admit is a bit strange. I’m not saying that BG shouldn’t make what they do I’m saying that the Production Company should attempt to be fair instead of just following the decades old protocol that states that P.A’s don’t need a decent wage to live because they’re out here “paying dues”. I really hate that saying by the way and I know it’s not a saying I’m just being a sarcastic asshole but you understand what I’m saying. There’s this messed idea that this industry wants to sell you at times that as a P.A you should just be happy enough to be in working on the gig. That you shouldn’t even ask how much you’re making. Are you kidding me? It’s a job everyone. Yeah it’s cool as shit and you can easily even get people to even work for free but just cause you can doesn’t mean you should.

The minimum wage in California is going up to $15 an hour in the next 2-3 years and you would think that with the amount of money that all these studios make they would’ve just already bumped everyone up to $15 an hour but NOOOOO!! They just rather wait until they’re forced into it. I don’t know for sure but if I was to put money on it I would bet that the P.A’s on all the upcoming Marvel and D.C movies are paying their P.A’s about $10-$11 and hour even though they’ve made who knows how much money. It’s just so greedy to me. I’m not a greedy man at all. I’m the type of person that if I have $10 and I’m with a friend that is broke, WE then got $5 a piece. It’s just money folks. You can’t take it with you when you die. I’ve asked this on here multiple times, how much money does a person really need? Everyone, P.A’s on most shows are usually the ones making the least amount of money on a gig. How are these the employees on The Crew that you (Big Production Company) are choosing not to pay on a holiday. Well let me not say choosing because I’m sure the only reason studios pay the rest of the crew on holidays is because the unions make them do it. I just never understood the idea behind it? I mean just adding an additional P.A for the day has to merely be a blip on the budget so why not give them pay for the holiday. I know A.D’s get turned down by producers at time about bringing an additional P.A on to help. Why? I really doubt that our measly $150 a day is going to cause the production to have to shut down because it went over budget.

The other new low going around now is not paying P.A’s overtime. I forgot what major studio it was but I know there was one that was only paying P.A’s based on the hours they worked. Ok hold on let me clear that up for all the non combatants of the industry. Everyone in our circus is typically on minimum guarantee of hours paid. Meaning that if your deal is for a 8 hour guarantee even if you work 5 hours you still make the money for the 8. Makes sense, easy right? SO most P.A’s are usually on a 12 hour guarantee and we almost ALWAYS go over those 12 hours. It’s usually more like 13-14 . Well those 2 fucking hours do add up just so you know but that’s not my point. My point is that I heard there was a studio now just paying P.A’s what they work so if they work 8 hours that’s what they are going to be paid for. NOW again everyone, bottom of the totem pole. Why try to give those people even less money? Is it just me that views this as wrong? I’m just saying, can’t we spread the love a little? Everyone this is not an easy business to work in and to pay anyone $10 or less to do it is crazy. Especially living in L.A, it’s expensive as shit over here! Look I know that I could go and jump into another department and make more money. That’s probably what a lot of you are thinking right now from reading this but honestly that’s not why I’m writing this. I actually am and have been quite content with the money I make. Sure it would be sweet to make a little more so I could take more time off to do my own stuff but then I would also probably be more stressed out if I went into a department that I didn’t want to. I don’t like stress. I mean I know no one does but I really try not to deal with it. I’ve told you all before that I slowly carved a group of people that I love to work with. I wanted to write this in hopes that maybe, just maybe some up and coming producer or someone who is running a production company now might read this and think, Fuck it! Let’s raise everyone to $13, $14 an hour. We can only truly evolve equally if we are offered the same opportunities folks. I know this perfect system is not completely feasible. There is absolutely no way to offer the same exact opportunities to every individual. However money does make the world go round and keeping it all within that 1% of the wealthy in the world is not even giving us a fighting chance. The one thing I constantly say I love about this business is that we are like a giant family. Family is supposed to help lift each other up not keep them down.

Sorry I went a little off the rails there at the end but I’m slightly high, it’s 1:34 in the morning and I might be getting a little delirious. Fellow readers, thank you so much for popping in and checking out yet another installment of We’re Not Rolling. Make sure to check out The Toke Talking Podcast here every Monday and check out all my social media that I’m going to shamelessly plug right here at the end because it’s been a while since I’ve done that Instagram Twitter SoundCloud. Have an excellent week everyone and I’ll talk to you all on Friday!


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 22

Hope you’re having a good Monday. Come listen to me ramble about the Beauty and The Beast movie, the Thor trailer, a very angry co-worker and those pesky rules from the 80’s classic Gremlins. This and a whole lot more laughs is just a click away. Have a good week everyone!


To Drink or Not To Drink


Happy Friday! I know this is extremely late..a day late. It’s been a while since I miss a post and I apologize everyone but I was off yesterday and slept in during the morning. Then I hung out with a friend of mine that came into town for the weekend. How was everyone’s work week? Did you have decent hours or are you once again contemplating leaving this crazy business and getting a normal 9-5 job? I’ve actually become amused at how some of us start to look at normal day-to-day jobs in a different light after working in the industry for a while. I was chatting with an A.D the other day that was talking about possibly just becoming a car salesman. I think he should do it. I’ve always said that you should follow your happiness wherever it takes you. It’s good friday today…that means nothing to me really but I’m sure it does to some people out there. My plan was to write this up Thursday night but then towards the end of the night word spread on set that we were all going to a bar after work for some drinks and shenanigans. This is actually what this entire post is about so let’s get into this shall we?

After work drinks. It’s a tradition that I know most businesses engage in but one that I don’t feel is as common in the film industry. Now it’s not that we don’t do it but I think a lot of people in our business always claim to be too tired to go out after work and with good reason. We do work crazy fucking hours at times. I know those that have family will most likely not come out for after work drinks but if you’re not married and don’t have kids..I mean why not right? Unless you don’t like going to bars or you don’t like the people you work with are all also valid excuses. I think it is good for people who work together to have social gatherings outside of the work place. I feel it makes for better relationships once you get to know someone out of work. Especially since I have found that many people I work with are very different people once they call wrap.

 There’s a lot of people who put on this work front everyday for 12-13 hours. They pretend to be these focused, edgy almost rude person that seem to only care about getting the job done and getting back home. Then you go out with them for drinks and it’s all smiles, jokes and laughter. They seem outgoing and happy and just the total polar opposite of the person that you sat with at lunch that just looked at their food the entire time, didn’t talk to anyone and then just got up and went to take a nap before they called the company back in. I actually find it quite astounding that people can pull off being these 2 different people all the time. I mean I’m not the same exact person that I am in the outside world as I am at work but the differences are not as drastic as some people who I have hung out with. I’ve worked with people that I thought wouldn’t even dare have a drink only to find out outside of work that they not only love drinking but they’re also stoners. Point is you really don’t know someone till you’ve kicked it with them out side of the work atmosphere. I think a lot of us would work better alongside one another if we all shared a drink every now and then.

I’ve had several amazing nights out with crew members over the years. I have to say there really is nothing like it because just like we do when we go out on location we typically tend to take places over and shut them down. It really depends on the size of the group but if you get 15-20 crew members together in a bar and it’s sure to get a bit rowdy. I’m not going to lie at times I do think that we are being that annoying bunch of fucks that just can’t seem to keep it down at the bar but then I realize that we are not hurting anyone and everyone’s just having a good time. People get loud at times and if you go to a bar you should expect it. I’ve had nights out where we had actresses dancing on top of bars and pouring shots in peoples mouths, producers ordering 2 of every appetizer on the menu and smoking bud out of vape pens while we all sat in the middle of a semi full restaurant like it was legal. I’ve never had a night out after work with crew members that was a bad time and I just wish it would happen more. I constantly hear stories about the older days when that was more of the norm. I’ve only been in the game for 10 or so years but apparently back in the days at wrap everyone would drink while they wrapped out and would then go to a bar or something afterward. Apparently for insurance reasons drinking at wrap became frowned upon and so people stopped doing it as often. Granted I understand why it’s a safety hazard but this is my blog and I just want to bitch about it alright? HA! I’m just saying everyone, let’s try and have a little more fun out there. I know we work insane hours at times but if we don’t enjoy life every now and then what the hell are we working for so much?

Thanks for reading everyone! I’m sorry for the day delay on the post but I think you can understand and if you don’t well….I don’t know what to tell you. Please have an excellent long weekend for those of you that were off yesterday. Make sure to come back and check out my Toke Talking Podcast this and every Monday morning. Talk to you all next week!


I’m In Pursuit…


Happy Tuesday everyone! How was your Monday? We had a 2 PM crew call today so I’m still lounging at home and will most likely be late to work. I find that any calletime beyond 9AM is very tough for me to make because I always miscalculate how long it’s going to take me to get there at that time. I do keep track of traffic all day like I do with morning calls. I constantly check my Waze app but for whatever fucking reason if I’m late it’s usually because I had a late call. I’m a morning person. I know you don’t hear that often from many or might even think that I’m making it up but it’s true. I function very well in the AM. I don’t know why I’m wired that way but I think I always have been. I’ve told all of you before I love early calls. I wish my calletime was eternally 630AM. I would be in heaven. HA! Anyhow let’s get into this shall we?

I don’t know when was the last time I told a story on here and I could go back and look but would it really matter? SO this is another tale that takes place back when I started in this business. I worked on a ton of Music Videos when I first got in the circus. I believe last I counted it was something like 50-60 of them to give you a rough estimate. I would work on them 7 days a week. Although most videos would just film for a day I would also pick up all the equipment the day prior and then drop it off the day after filming. I was averaging about 3 days per video. I’m not a teamster. Every music video I worked on was non-union so it was always the PA’s that did all the equipment pickup. This was nice because it gave you 2 other full paid days in which you’re only working 6-8 hours. I remember having days where I’d have all the equipment dropped off by like 11AM after starting at 7AM. That’s a 4 hour for $150-$200. This is where as a P.A you make up all the shitty rates you’ve worked for before. Moving on…

Well I doubt it matters now because it was so long ago and I could mention the name but would that help the story? I don’t think so! Let’s just say this was a music video for an R-n-B artist. Our basecamp/crew parking was right in the middle of hollywood at one of those corner lots that are only gated by chained post. The music video had a scene that was going to feature several dogs scheduled to film after lunch. I forget how many dogs we had that day but I know that the wrangler showed up in a big emptied out 15 Pass Van. It was at least 5-6 dogs, big dogs as well. It’s was one of those “look how tough and cool I am, I own all this and run the streets” type of music videos so the wrangler didn’t bring a van full of teacup Yorkie puppies. The guy showed up right before we broke for lunch, parked his van and walked over to set which was across the street to meet with the director. They met up, started chatting about the shot and the rest of the crew broke for lunch. All was well…or so we thought!

We were about half way through our 45 minute lunch when all of a sudden a transmission came over the radio “Someone just jumped in the dog wranglers van and drove off with the dogs!” We can hear in his hyperventilating voice that he was serious. At times we miss around on the walkie but it’s easy to tell when shit is really going down. It was one of the P.A’s that had not only seen a guy jack the car but then ran to his car and chased the guy out of the lot. The P.A stayed on the walkie giving us directions as to where the van was going as it weaved around traffic in hollywood. As I can remember it did not take long for the police to catch the guy and return the van…I mean it’s Hollywood…it’s always crowded. I was surprised he got out of the lot. We later found out that all he did was cut one of the unbreakable guarding chains to get out but how crazy is that shit? I wish I would’ve recorded the walkie transmission as it was going on because it was like listening to an actual police chase…only this one was happening on channel 1. That is still one of the coolest events that I ever listened to on the walkie.

I love telling this story because not only is it insanely almost to outrageous to have actually happen but because I love that this guys first thought was to chase this guy down. I don’t remember who the guy was. That was many moons and several bowls ago. I really hope that they gave that guy a big promotion or something after that because I won’t lie to you fine people out there, this guy right here would Never. EVER. EEEEVER do that. I would not risk myself for a job. I’m sorry if that sounds selfish or that I’m not committed but honestly I don’t give a shit. Anything could’ve happen in that chase. Let’s say that P.A gets in a wreck. That would be terrible. I’ll never play hero for work. I’ll play hero to save someone that’s in danger at work but for a van full of dogs not so much. I would’ve just jumped on channel 1 said they stole the van gave a description and hoped they caught him. Hahahaha!

Thanks for stopping by once again for a laugh folks! Please fellow readers, friends, if you have a story or something that you would like to share here at We’re Not Rolling send it my way. I’ve mentioned it before and I’m trying to make it more of a routine to bring it up in every post. I always intended for this blog to be a place where we could ALL share stories not just my madness. No one outside of the film industry really knows or understands some of the insanity that occurs at times and I wanted a place where we could share those tales and have them documented. So share share share everyone. Have a great rest of your week. Don’t work to hard it’s only entertainment.


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 21


Episode 21 brings back my best friend and one of my favorite people to ramble with Jimmy Ramirez. I wish I can tell you some of the stuff we went on about but it was so much that I don’t know where to begin. We definitely go on about working in the business and some unhappy people we work with along with some other shit to bring you a laugh during your commute or after taking a nice toke of your own. Come check out the NEW Toke Talking Episode NOW! SoundCloud People Click HERE

What If I Just Didn’t Go…


Happy MuthaFuckin’ Friday! This might just be me but I hear Samuel Jackson’s voice in my head every time I say “Muthafuckin’ or Muthafucker”. I mean now that I mentioned it this might also start happening in your head and what’s great is that when you picture it coming out of Sam’s mouth it’s almost like a pleasant hello. I don’t know why but in my head he really owns those words. HA! How is everyone? Did you have a good week? Is the week ending with a 8-10am call time or are you still in bed reading this at noon and crew call is still 3 hours away? It’s truly crazy. I mean imagine if you worked in say a bank and started the week coming in at 7am and working till 7Pm. Then come Friday you come in at 3Pm and finish up at 3am. That shit would be madness. I think the amount of traffic accidents would increase a bit just because of it. There’s actually an article that if I remember to look up I will share the link on here about crew people getting in accidents driving home late from film sets. Crap this is definitely not shaping up to be an uplifting read. Hahaha…I will try my best to make it funny but this is sort of like my therapy, remember? My somewhat coherent madness on a computer screen reflecting my lifted state of mind after another work day. Anyhow let’s get into this shall we?

Today was a great day at work because our 2nd A.D that I’ve gone on about several times on here came to visit. I hadn’t seen her in a few months and most of the crew hadn’t seen her since last season. It was just amazing to see all the smiles that she brought to everyone all day long. It was like when you saw that favorite cousin or relative for the first since the last family gathering. Family. It really is that tight of a bound that we form during these insane hours at times. Certainly not on all shows. I’m talking about a show that has 2-3 years under its belt that isn’t full of miserable bastards and bastardettes. Everyone gets to know each other really well and the crew almost take on a sort of family structure in itself I think. I always joked that this 2nd A.D was like our set mom. She called everyone and told them at what time to be where. What to bring. She tried her best to accommodate everyone the entire 3 months all 60-70 of us were together filming a show. Sort of like a mom organizing a big family trip, or wedding…some type of event that forces families to gather in one or two houses in town for a few days. That’s what it’s like to work on a set at times and because the 2nd A.D does all the planning, call sheet, call times, scouts..she’s the mom.

However her visit also got me thinking about something that I think not only people in our industry but people in every job ask themselves at times and that is “What if I just didn’t work?”. Ha! No I mean at times I think we all definitely question whether we should continue to work in our line of work. Alright wait let me not give you the wrong impression here, I still want to be a film maker. There is no doubt in my mind that I want to make movies and shows. I’m just not sure that I want to be in the actual studio structured system and it’s something that I constantly struggle to figure out. I’m not saying I would never want to do a studio project if given the chance. I’m just saying I think I’d rather do stuff independently. Sure it might not make might not make anything but I never really wanted money from it. I never got in this business for money and it’s one of the reasons it’s tough for me to figure out what to do right now. I remember watching Kevin Smith say on an interview that he just got into film making because he wanted to make movies with his friends. I like that. I’ve always felt like that. I think the only other position I would like to pursue in this industry right now is that of an assistant to a producer or creator. An actor or actress that produces and directs would be great as well. I want to learn that side of it and see how that works. I get the set stuff. I’ve been doing it for fucking ever now.

Then there’s also a part of me that wants to find some investors (Family & Friends) that want to go in on some type of business venture. I can stop working in the business and focus solely on that other opportunity to turn a profit. Then I can take money from that and invest it in my own projects. I don’t know maybe this is just my insane mind right now. I can wake up tomorrow and have a change of heart. Then there’s also always a part of me that wants to sell everything I have and move to like Hawaii for a year and see what happens. Maybe film that experience and make a movie of it. No that would never work, I’m not a fan of being in front of a camera…or maybe I do at times and I’m just an asshole that won’t admit it. AHHHH! I think I need to sleep. The weekend is just a few hours away and I intend to enjoy this one fully.

Thanks for reading folks. I’m sorry if I offered absolutely zero anything in that post. I’m not even sure it was too funny but I was just feeling impulsive and had to get those thoughts out. I actually had 3 other posts that I started earlier this week and last-minute I decided that I was going to just go with what was on my mind right now and see where it went. That’s why you come here no? For the random insanity at times. I’m just thinking while I type everyone. I hope you all have an excellent weekend. I will be back on Monday with The Toke Talking Podcast and then back to writing a new blog post on Tuesday. Be safe out there and be good to one another.