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Happy Tuesday! I know this post is extremely late today but yesterday was ¬†Memorial Day, we had a BBQ and this guy right here might’ve had one to many drinks. It was an awesome time. Lots of food, lots of great people and I didn’t wake up with a hangover which is always a plus. I contemplated writing this thing up last night before I went to bed but it would’ve probably been a fucking unreadable disaster. At least my normal post are just disasters but they’re always redable..welll almost always. Hahaha! I don’t drink and drive and I thought I should not drink and write either. Enough rambling let’s get into this shall we?

Alright so this week I came to the realization that no matter where equipment lands or where I’m standing on set, it and I will ALWAYS be in someone’s way. The Grips and Electrics will always bitch about the hair and make up chairs being in the way. Props will bitch that the set box is in the way. The A.Ds will bitch that all the equipment is in the way or the shot. Bitch, bitch, bitch. Holy fucking hell. Don’t all of you get tired of the same complaints? I get getting all bent out of shape over it once…maybe even twice but are you seriously ok with bitching about chairs or the same thing being in the way throughout your career? Fuck being a millionaire, if I had a quarter for every time I heard someone get their panties in a bunch about set chairs being in the way I would be a billionaire. Look as far as the chairs, I don’t know what to tell you. As long as I’ve been doing this for whatever reason most hair and make up people either can’t see walking lanes or they just don’t give a shit. Don’t get offended Hair and Make up people, I’m not saying they all do it. Some of them always find the perfect place to sit that is not in the way. The part I enjoy most about this is that no one will tell them that their chairs might be in the way there when they see it happening. What most crew people will do is let it happen then start making passive aggressive comments about it till they find someone in production to ask to ask them to move the chairs. Doesn’t this sound like a lot of work and stress that one could save themselves if they just would’ve initially said something to the extent of “Hey, just to give you a heads up there’s going to be equipment landing there.” It sounds easy but most crew people won’t they’d rather work themselves up and then find someone else to deal with it. SO. STRANGE.

Every time we move locations or stages no matter what it is guaranteed that someone will be inconvenienced by something or someone who is in the spot that they want to be occupying. It gets so ridiculous at times that departments actually tape out the floor area that they want to be in prior to us moving. I’ve at times compared film crews to just a bunch of kids running around with expensive toys and is there really anything more childish that marking your territory? I mean if it’s a short gig like a commercial or something I get it but working on a show or film 5 days a week you would think that we could just use our words. One would think that we could all act like sensible human beings and not throw a hissy fit because video village set up where the grip equipment usually goes. One fact I enjoy laughing about is that this is one of our job requirements that we all get paid for. The sets are always changing as we film different scenes and we always need to move. It would be great if life on set were consistent but it’s not shit changes ALL THE TIME in this business and people like to act like it doesn’t. They like to pretend that the plan we set out to accomplish every day is set in stone and that there should never be any deviation.

I work in production as most of you know and as is the case with many production departments we have a set kit that we take to set everyday. I always try to find the most random nowhere near set place to put this thing because I have this ongoing joke that no matter where I place it someone is going to want it moved. On the last show I was on I was messing around and in jest mentioned that I bet if we left the kit in the AD office where it always lives someone will want it out of there and sure enough that happen. The 2nd 2nd A.D complained that it was in their way. I wonder what these folks that are so perturbed by stuff in way are like at home. I mean when their kids leave toys in their way do they just go and bitch to their significant other about it and ask them to ask the kid to move it or do they act like an adult and ask the kid to move it or move it themselves. There’s a thought everyone, why not just move it yourself. I understand the whole rule of not moving people’s stuff but I think it’s better than raising your blood level over it. I just don’t want any of you out there to suffer a stroke complaining because a wardrobe rack was where you wanted to put your camera cart. We’re all adults and we can all talk to one another without being dip shits.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I’d also like to send a special thanks to everyone that listens to The Toke Talking Podcast every Monday. I just reached 1000 downloads and I wanted to express my gratitude. Have a great week at work and again sorry for the lateness of the post but beer happens. Hahaha!


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 28

Happy Memorial Day Monday! This week I got on about American Gods, Pockets, my new-found love for Kate Bolduan, parties at neighbors places and much more. I found myself stumbling over my words a lot on this one, plus I said some ridiculous nonsense like Beef patties instead of Beef Buns HA! apologies, I probably shouldn’t have taken that last rip prior to recording but it’s already episode 28 if you’ve understood me this far you’ll be fine. Come have a laugh NOW!


No Pictures Please…

Happy Friday!! Although it’s really Wednesday. Yeah you read that right, responsible good ole Lou here is writing this thing 2 days ahead of my deadline. Ok, I can’t lie the only reason this is even happening is because I’m at the DMV waiting for my number to be called. YAY! In all actuality I don’t have any DMV horror stories. I know people complain about the wait constantly but there is literally a wait line monitor online that you can look up, at least there is here at the DMV’s in L.A county. It might be 10-15 minutes off but other than that it’s always worked for me OR just make an appointment which is what I usually do. Anyhow, you didn’t come here to listen to me go on about the DMV so let’s get into this shall we?

Everyone loves taking pictures myself included if you can’t tell from any of my social media platforms. I have 13,000 pictures alone on this phone that I’m writing this on. At home I have hard drives and boxes full of even more pictures. Yes you read that right, I own “boxes” full of actual pictures that I printed. Remember when we use to actually print these things everyone? I do miss dropping off rolls of film to get them developed in an hour. I’m not a person that likes to wait but this was one of those fun waiting times. I was always excited to pick up my pictures to see how they came out. On set however this isn’t always a welcomed practice or so it may seem. I’m not saying that one should take photos while on set all willy nilly. There is definitely rules to abide by especially when taking pictures on set and if you’re thinking about posting pictures anywhere that’s a whole separate conversation that I won’t get into on this post.

I want to talk about this assumption that most Crew people have that taking pictures with the talent is somehow unprofessional. Why? Is it also unprofessional to take pictures with coworkers at any other type of business? I know there are actors/actresses that don’t like to take pictures and usually production warns us about these selected “special” individuals but besides them I really don’t think there is anything wrong with it. I’ve actually asked quite a few thespians if they minded taking pictures and if they found it unprofessional to date not one has said it was any type of bother to them and I haven’t been told not to take pictures with them by anyone. Sure they could be lying to me because I’m putting them on the spot but like one actor told me “It’s part of the job”. I don’t take pictures with every single actor/actress I work with but I have definitely taken photos with people who I was a big fan of. I’ve worked with a few people who sent my geek meter sky rocketing and I just had to memorialize the moment. If I hadn’t I know I would regret it.

I work with a good friend who was working on a commercial where someone was fired for taking a picture with talent. FIRED! What in the flying Fuck?! Are you serious right now? Someone lost their job because they took a photo with someone they admire. I’m sure this has happen a lot during the history of our business and I just need to ask, was it really that serious? The tough part about situations like this are that ¬†we never really know who did the firing. Was it the actor or actress that asked for them to be fired or was it some over achieving assistant or producer that wanted to display their “Authoritay!”?

Typically I tend to go with the latter. I don’t have any hardcore proof but I just know that it’s commonly the people around the talent that will make shit like this happen. I think actors/actresses just get the blame put on them because they know that no one will question it in those cases. No one is ever going to go up to the talent to ask if they wanted someone fired because of the fear that if it is true then they too might get fired. It’s a nice little pocket of protection that these assistants and producers have made for themselves. Again I have no proof to back this up I just have a gut feeling after many years of observations and witnessing some firings, not because of pictures but because of similar reasons that dealt with the talent. I think this because most talent that I have worked with over the last few years that I HAVE been warned about their attitude or told things like just stay out of their way, they’re complicated…have been false. I actually found out that they were great people and that it was just the personnel around them that were the ones making up these silly rules causing everyone to walk on egg shells all the time. Although I’m also aware that some of these assistants and producers might be getting told or treated different by the talent behind closed doors. What I mean by that is that maybe while I may find the talent to be nice, in reality they are horrible people who are just hiding it from the open world and only show their true selves to that producer or assistant therefore making them look like the monster in our eyes. I know this also happens but all one can do is assess their particular situation and make a call on who they believe. I’ve worked with way more complicated people AROUND the talent than the talent themselves.

I’m sincerely asking is there anyone out there that asked someone to take a picture with them and they said flat-out just said “No”? I just find that to be so insane and I’ve never seen anyone actually say it. I’m sure it’s happen I just want to listen to the story. I want to know exactly what they said. I can only think of one instance in my life where there was a famous person and we were told not to take pictures of them. That time was when I was about 11-12 years old and we were at a hotel where Mike Tyson walked in. I find it fascinating that another human would actually oppose taking a photo with someone else. It literally takes about 10 seconds. In this particular instance I understand Mr. Tyson not wanting to take 60 pictures with fans that just surprisingly turned up somewhere but if you’re a crew member hanging at crafty talking to the person and ask for a picture I think that’s alright. HOWEVER if you’re new to the business don’t take this as a helpful hint everyone. While I try to offer some light into the inner workings of our business at times I cannot change them. There will always be craziness in our industry and there is a chance you might be fired for asking for that picture. I guess in the end it comes down to this simple thought, is the person really worth the picture? I will say this, the “Risky” pictures I have taken with people who I was warned about have definitely been worth my job because I look up to them that much. When I’m an old man who can’t walk anymore I’m going to cherish that picture a lot more than I’m going to care about the job that it cost me. Jobs will come and go but important, memorable moments can’t be relived but they can be captured.

Thanks for stopping by and scoping out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I’ll be back on Monday with an all NEW episode of The Toke Talking Podcast, a show I host here on the website. It’s not exclusively based on the film industry but since it’s part of my life I don go on about it on times and usually have guessed with me that also work in the business. Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll write to you all again on Tuesday!



Happy Tuesday! Before we get ahead of ourselves no, I don’t have free stuff to give you. I actually contemplated calling it FREE STUFF HERE..but I held back. I wish I did have free stuff to hand out…hopefully one day either this blog or podcast or something will bring me some money and then I can give out stuff to my 100’s of adoring fans. Hahaha! I’m such a nincompoop. Someone called me that today and it reminded me about how much I love that word. It’s one of those adorably funny insult name words. It’s sort of like “Fool” only slightly more adorable. I remember when “Stupid” use to be funny. Hell, we had a friend whose nickname was “Stupid High”. The name still can be funny in the right circle but call the wrong person “stupid” and you’re in for a long defensive rant on why it’s not ok to call people “stupid”. I feel like lately everyone is so turned around with all this NOT NORMAL SHIT that’s going on, what’s ok to say and what’s not ok to say that we are losing the fun of jokes. I’m strictly talking within a persons group of friends though. I still think you should feel out any group before joking about anything anyone might be touchy about which now days are getting to be a very large list. Times are just a little tense right now. I’m Cuban and while I always found it funny every time I get into a raft of any sort at a water park, pool or beach and most Cubans can see the humor in it like my friends. I am willing to bet right now that there is some Cuban woman losing her shit at a resort because they offered her a raft for the lazy river and she felt she was an insult to her heritage. That was a LONG intro. Reading is fundamental right? I don’t know about reading my shit but still it’s reading…even if it is a terrible use of grammar you can learn from my mistakes and therefore write better that me. I. GOT. YOU! HA! Let’s get into this shall we?

I love free stuff. I’m pretty sure that’s a sentiment I share with most folks which is nice because it makes me feel normal amongst all the other crazy thoughts and feelings that I think I don’t share with the common every day Joe or Jane…Is it Jane? Is the female equivalent of “Average Joe” “Average Jane”? I know it’s John Doe and Jane Doe. What am I talking about? Shit! Alright back to it. One of the perks of working in this business is definitely all the free stuff. I believe I did a post on swag like wrap gifts and shit like that but I’m talking about all the other free stuff. I’m talking about the 9lbs of Nutella that Crafty hands you on the last day because if not it’s going to go bad. I’m talking about the prop beer mugs and the “prop” beer. I’ve seen set pieces like rugs, chairs and tables that were bought for a commercial go to crew people all the time. The caterer at times will wrap up 25 pieces of fried chicken for you to take home after lunch wraps up instead of throwing it out. There really is an amazing amount of free crap that we get working in this industry.

When my roommate and myself were working on Music Videos I remember our kitchen most the time would look like crafty. We would have a 3lbs tub of pretzels and twizzlers all the time. We would aways have 2-3 cases of water and muthafuckin SHASTA! If you don’t know what that is you should google it. We never stole the stuff, it was always just handed over to us at wrap by production companies. They would usually scavenge through it to take what they needed for the office if they had one but other than that most the time it was a free for all. I remember there was a time there that we did not buy trash can liners for like 8-9 months. Believe it or not that all adds up over time. Little things. All about the little things.

Although through time one does learn not to just blindly take free stuff. At least I did. I remember back to year 1,2,3 in this business I wouldn’t hesitate to take anything that was free. I would love wrap time just because I knew I was going to be going home with a bunch of free stuff. I didn’t care how useless it might be. Look at this portrait of a stinger (Extension Cable for those non industry folks)

I got this on a show about a year or so ago and it’s just been sitting in my living room. Why I took it when it was offered? Because it was funny. Why do I still have it? Because it’s printed on a very nice canvas and I feel bad tossing it. Plus maybe there’s like a hard-core 728 loving bastard out there that wants this bad boy for their 728 themed living room. If so hit me up in the comments, email or any of my 100 social media outlets. You need to come pick it up though. Geez look at what this thing has become, a freaking craigslist add. Talking about stingers when we first moved into this place we had came into a slight problem when we had our first pool party, there was no power for the music. Luckily I actually have 300 feet in stingers that I got at a backstage sale. I also have 8 director chairs that I bought for $6 each, 13 folding chairs that I got for free and like 15 layout mats. Hahaha! That gear right now has helped me host about 20-25 parties at my place. I tell you folks it really is like living a dream…

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another weird and wacky post here everyone. I recently just hit 6000 views here at We’re Not Rolling and I sincerely want to say thank you to everyone that’s “Stopped by”. If you have not listened to yesterdays podcast please make sure you do. I had on 2 actor friends and went on and on about not only the film industry but also the music industry..OOOOOOOhh..look at me getting all diverse on my show. HA! Don’t be fooled it’s till me stumbling over my words as I try to formulate a thought while reading my plans for the show that looks like chicken written scratch..that’s worse than chicken scratch by the way. It actually entails strapping a pencil to a chicken and having them try to write for you. However it was a very fun and entertaining episode and I think y’all will enjoy it. Have an excellent week of work and I’ll talk to you all again on Friday.



The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 27

Stop understanding and start overstanding and come have a laugh. Check out Episode 27 of The Toke Talking Podcast NOW. I got guests! Plural! This week I had the pleasure of having not only my first 3 person show but also my first musical episode! Sami Kassa & Gwaii Thyword join me on this one to talk about Music, the Film Industry, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Life and much more. You don’t want to miss this one everyone. Make sure to check out Samvod and Gwaii’s Music, Art, Work and Life across any or all of their social media (Links at the bottom). Thanks for coming on gentlemen. Have a good week folks.


Sami Kassa (Samvod)

Gwaii Thyword

Name Calling…

Happy Friday! Whoop Whoop! Any big plans for any of you out there? Anyone getting married, going on a safari or climbing Mt Everest? I have nothing that exciting, I do have quite a few birthday celebrations happening that should take up most of my Saturday then I’ll probably just hang out on Sunday. I think I might’ve actually just figured out that I double booked some plans that I need to adjust. CRAP! Enough about me how was your week? Was it an easy one or crazy? I guess a lot of it depends on what your call time was today. If it’s 2 or 3 and you just got in an hour ago then the week might’ve been a bit rough. Those Fraturday’s are just fucking tough no matter what your week was like at times. The shift in time just really messes with the body. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

“I’m not a Grip”, “Do I look like production?”, “We’re Transportation NOT Transpo” I’ve heard them all. Names, job titles, some people are really touchy about it and I just want to write about it happening because I find it amusing and the whole point of this thing ( is to point out and laugh at ridiculousness like this. When people get upset about being called something other than what they are it always reminds me of Doctors on a tv show that will always point out that they are indeed a doctor. I find it amusing because one has to work and actually study for years to become a doctor. There’s test, schooling, more test…it’s a big deal. In the film industry one can become the head of a department just by knowing the producer. They don’t even need to have any knowledge of the job prior to taking it. I’m not saying that no one in our business works their ass off to get into their respected position I’m just saying that we aren’t fucking doctors here. We make movies. I think I say that at least once a week here just as a reminder to everyone. I’ve seen people get more upset about being called a different job title than being called a different name. What kind of sense does that make?

There’s so many easily offended people that we work with and this action  extends to every person in our business. If one calls an Electric a Grip the face expression of disgust that some people give resembles that of mistakenly calling a football player a member of the choir member in high school. Ever call the 2nd A.D the 2nd 2nd or the 1st A.D the 2nd? You would think you offended their mother. The ultimate name call thing though is one that I believe is universal and useful at times. If you ever want to easily upset almost ANY film crew person go up to them and ask them if they are background. Calling crew Background by mistake is sure way to send anyone into a frenzy. Why are some of you so fucking strange? You know who I’m talking to. If you’re reading this and have ever had your blood boil because some mistook your job this is for you. It’s just a name, a title, a label. Unless you are wearing a name tag that properly labels you for everyone to know who you are you should not get upset if someone mistakes you for someone else. Besides that I think people forget that no one really gives a shit who you are or what you do there except for you. I mean we aren’t going to blatantly say that but we all know it. I think most of us feel that way. I mean in all honesty what difference does anyones job title or job responsibilities have to do with me and mine. Unless they have to coincide with one another in the grand scheme of things no one should really give a shit what everyone else does. People should just stick to doing their job and letting everyone else do there’s instead of letting a simple name mistake dampening their day.

I realize that this is a short post but in all truth how much can I go on about this. It was just a thought I had and wanted to go on about it for a tick but I also won’t attempt to fill this up with more jargon about the same topic. With that said I’m going to wrap it up for this week everyone. Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I have plans to have a friend of mine that works in the industry on The Toke Talking Podcast Monday morning so make sure to come back and check that out. Have an excellent weekend. Make sure to do everything that I would and wouldn’t do because it’s your life so why should you live it by my means…I never understood that saying. Take care all.


An Easy Job Made Tougher…

Happy Tuesday! How’s it going? Everyone have a nice weekend? The weather has been fucking insane out here in La La Land..Which I want to say that I enjoyed saying till the blasted Movie came out. Yeah I said “Blasted”. Now it seems like I’m just saying it because of the movie which is bullshit. I haven’t seen that flick but if it doesn’t deal with the insanity that is Los Angeles and all its looney inhabitants then they’re misusing that nick name in my opinion. Is it called La La because they sing? I’m going to continue to ask questions on here till I get some answers and if not hopefully I’ll have answers to them when I read this crazy thing in a few years. Alright enough ramble let’s get into this shall we?

Today’s topic came to me when my roommate referred to a scene in the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie to a real life experience he had on set. This is not a spoiler. However I won’t explain it just in case you’re freaking out. Instead I’ll tell my buddies story and those of you that have seen the film can make the connection. SO, he was on set a couple of weeks ago and someone asked him to get some tape. He decided like many to go to the closest person who had tape and ask for some. Little did he know that this is the film industry and things that at times would seem very simple are made incredibly tough for unforeseen reasons by for a lack of a better term, crazy people. My roommate asked the guy if he could take some tape and then came the questions. What’s it for? Who’s it for? The guy ended up not giving him the tape and instead sending him to someone else who had the same type of tape but for his department. Tape. Fucking. Tape. He wasn’t even asking for a roll, just a piece. Why are there people like this in our circus everyone? How do they continue to work?

I’ve worked with a lot of people who will come up with the toughest way to do a simple task. When I started working a few years ago I would be hesitant to say anything because of the chain of command and all that but after a while I just found it too annoying to deal with. It’s not fun to work harder than we have to because someone who lacks planning skills to achieve an easy task got placed into a position a power. It’s rarely anything big, it’s usually small tiny shit. For example here’s a great one. I always have people come up to me to ask if I’ve seen someone. Now this is a normal question that I get asked often. I’m all about efficiency at work. I feel a lot of us in this business preach this but don’t really follow it. When someone comes to me looking for someone my immediate solution as should be everyone’s is to get on my walkie and ask. This is the fastest way to find this person for you because it maximizes all my resources. Which is everyone that is listening. With their help hopefully I can find this person for you in a matter of seconds if not minutes. HOWEVER what happens way more often than it should is as I go for my mic they will stop me and say..”NO! Don’t ask on the radio.” Alright let’s think about this for a minute here and what this person is REALLY asking me to do by taking this action. They didn’t just come to ask me to HELP them find someone for them they came to ask me TO find someone for them. Which I say..What the Fuck man? Look if you have something personal to say to someone then you go look for them. You don’t ask for assistance. Efficiency.

Here’s a great story of quite a few people making a very predictable and simple situation tougher than it would’ve been. I worked on a Music Video out in Venice Beach and we were filming close to the water. As the day went along and equipment moved all over the place the last place it landed before the crew walked 100 yards away from it to get set up for a sunset shot was a little too close to where the tide was starting coming in. We walkied the crew and told them of the pressing matter to which they responded “It’ll be fine, this shot will be quick.” Well it wasn’t quick and that tide started coming in real fast. So fast in fact that before we knew it there was 5 people with shovels trying to dig a ditch to catch the water before it got to the equipment as 5 other people rushed to move all the equipment while everyone else on the crew continued to work on this sunset shot because kinda only get one. HA! It was literally one of the first times that I felt I was fighting mother nature. Here she was trying to bring in the tide and 5 of us relentlessly digging a moat to try to stop her fury. Hahahaha! That was a very fun sentence to write. This is the type of shit that happens in our business at times. If they would’ve just listened to the warning and moved everything we would’ve avoided this madness. I mean I guess there’s madness everywhere. It’s the people. There always seems to be some dimwit in charge that got the job because of who they know, who they are related to or just has money and bought their position and as the “Employee” I feel we don’t speak up at times. We just follow the madness blindly. I mean hell, it’s happening in the White House right now. Come on we all know it.

Look I know we all like and want to lead but being a good leader also entails using the people around you and their strengths. There’s always going to be a better way to do something, that’s how we evolve. Let’s stop letting our egos get in the way and try to accomplish the task using all our resources instead and stop making more work for ourselves and others. My apologies, I’ve been watching a lot of 80’s cartoons that had those positive messages at the end and I think that’s why I keep wrapping up these things on these strange positive notes. I’m sorry everyone I’m not trying to teach you anything here. If I’ve learned anything it’s that everyone is going to do whatever they want. I just want to bring you something to think about that will hopefully make you laugh the next time you see it happen.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out another entry here at We’re Not Rolling. We hope you enjoyed your stay and hope that you come back to check us out not only today but every TUE and FRI for NEW and funny posts. If you’re really adventurous make sure to pop over on MONDAYS and check out The Toke Talking Podcast. A show I host where I TALK about working in the business amongst many other topics as oppose to writing about it. It’s mixed in there so if you’re film industry talked out don’t worry the podcast has plenty more to offer. Alright people, have a great week and I’ll write to you all again on FRI.


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 26

In this weeks Episode I rant about sports reporters, pooping in single stall bars, not wanting kids and whole lot more. There’s not any Film Industry talk in this apologies..don’t worry you’ll survive. Come have a laugh NOW and if you like it, come back and check out the podcast next Monday…AAAND then if you like that one, maybe refer it to a friend and help the madness get out everyone. Let the self promoting BEGIN…HA! Thanks to everyone that’s been listening, liking, following and all that jazz and Welcome to any NEW listeners out there. Have a great Week folks!


Just When I Thought I Was Out…

Happy Friday!! How was your week? Are you glad it’s almost over? I’m actually typing this up at 3AM L.A time TODAY (Friday). I’m usually a little better at making my Thur deadline for an early Friday morning post but every now and then I have real life situations or activities that interfere with that said deadline. Yesterday I had the awesome opportunity to go and finally check out The Dudes Brewery in Torrance where a good friend of mine has been working now for a year or so after leaving the Film Industry. Yeah believe it or not everyone there is actually people who get out of this crazy world we all work in and successfully made the jump to a totally different profession. That’s what today’s post is all about so let’s get into this shall we?

I think at some point or another everyone that works in this business has contemplated just calling it quits and trying out a different line of work. I believe the same can be said for anyone working anywhere really. I was a cook for 5 years prior to going to film school and getting into this business. I had a lot of great times but I remember by the end of those 5 years coming to the conclusion that I never wanted to work in another kitchen again. I’ve always said that no matter how much you enjoy or love doing anything, if you do it enough you’re bound to grow tired of it eventually. That includes stuff that one my do recreationally as well. I love snowboarding but if I did it everyday it might lose its appeal. Repetition in general can cause boredom and unfortunately our business is no different. A lot of people who don’t work in the industry have this misconception that everyday on set there’s a new adventure awaiting us all as we stumble onto stage as all type of ridiculous hours. I’m not saying I haven’t lived through some great adventures on set because well…if I had not I doubt I would be writing this blog…it’s kind of the point. I’m just stating that it’s not always as fun as they make it look on those Behind The Scenes Blu-ray extras.

I’ve actually known of quite a few people who have left the business and gone on to bigger and better things. Funny enough a lot of those people have gravitated towards the alcohol business. As I said above I have a friend that I use to work with that finally called it quits last year and got himself a job at a brewery. He always loved beer and brewing and after I forgot how many years in the business he decided to give into his true passion…or maybe his next passion. Who’s to say he might not get tired of beer as well and find something else to pursue. I think that’s how a lot of us work. We need to keep learning and progressing and that means developing new interests and therefor forming new passions. His last day was also quite epic as he won a very large 5 dollar day bucket. The day and timing couldn’t have been better written if it was in one of the shows or movies we work on.

I also have 2 other ex fellow crew peeps, one of which opened his own bar and another one that actually opened his own brewery. “A Simple Bar” and “Lincoln Beer Company” respectively. If you guys live or are visiting L.A you should definitely check out both. I do find it amusing that all three of these guys went into the booze business. I always joke that this business drives people to drink and here these guys actually got into making and distributing alcoholic beverages. Now that I think about it there is actually quite a few brewers that I work with or at least people who consider themselves brewers. It’s certainly an interesting field that I can see how one can become involved with. I mean who doesn’t like drinking? Besides those that don’t of course, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with you…I’m just saying you’re not like the rest of us and we shall judge you every time you don’t drink. Hahahaha! I’m totally messing around everyone, I myself must say have drastically pulled back my drinking the last couple of years.

I think it’s the hours that make people find a different profession after working the film industry for a while. I know I’ve written about it quite a bit on here from time to time. It is just a lot to ask of a person when one actually breaks down the hours. I believe that most businesses work on an 8-10 hour work day for everyone. Let’s just say 10 for argument sake, if you work 5 days a week that’s 50 hours a week. There’s only 120 hours in a 5 day span and we work minimums of 12 hour days. That means that this business can soak up 60 plus hours our lives per week. Once you account for driving time into that I think one can see how someone can grow tired of this industry after just a few years. I think it’s just too much to ask at times. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked on the shows I have over the last 2-3 years that for the most part kept it to 12 hour days but that’s really a rare case. Most shows go well over their planned 12 hours everyday.

I can’t say that I too one day won’t follow along with all these free birds that have made it out of the business. I really do love working in the industry but like I’ve said before I love life a lot more. I got into this business because I believed that I wanted to be part of the hollywood system. I thought that I would like to work in the studios as a director and just go around town directing different episodes of all these shows like many directors in this town do. The longer I’m in the game though the less I believe that is what I want. I’m a very stubborn person at times and I think the mass amount of cooks in the kitchen that surround a weekly director on a TV show would make me bananas. While I understand that film making is a collaboration of several peoples work I also think people should try to stick to their so-called job on a set at times. I feel that writers, producers, show runners, network execs will at times step on the directors toe’s since they are usually only there to direct that one episode. While I understand that the higher-ups on shows at times have a better understanding of how the show should run as oppose to the visiting director I just find at times the director is more of a voice for them than actually working independently on his vision of it. I’m just an observer at this point and this assessment can be wrong but I know from what I’ve seen at times that directing tv shows for the networks might not be a goal of mine. I’m not saying I wouldn’t give it a try if given the opportunity. I’m just saying from the outskirts it doesn’t look like my cup of tea. I’d rather fund or try to find funding for something I’d like to direct myself instead of directing someone else’s vision with them watching and co-directing over my shoulder. Just direct then…why not? I’ve worked with several writers that really should just direct the episode but instead sit at village basically directing through the “Director”. Is it because it’s tough to make that change? I’m asking anyone out there that may know. I’m not in the writing world but is that a tough sell for writer’s? This business has a nag for labeling you with a certain job title that is tough at times to break away from because change is scary…HA! As an example I know several 1st A.D’s that want to direct and have shared stories of how they have to keep mentioning it to the network and higher-ups to take a chance and let you direct an episode. They told me they do extensive interviews and meetings. I get it, it’s a business. However I would love to know if writer’s too face this challenge if they would elect to direct an episode or is it easier for them if anyone out there knows and would like to share their knowledge in the comments.

That’s it, That’s the post for today everyone. Thanks for once again stopping by to check out the madness. I just wanted to share some success stories with all of you in case you had a rough week and are once again contemplating maybe just not going in on Monday…or ever! I know it’s scary to think about a career change the longer a person has dedicated to said job but that fear should not control you folks. It’s never too late to try something different so if you have a calling I say go for it! So motivational today huh? Look at me being all positive…HA! That’s because I’m on vacay. We’ll see if that positivity remains intact when I start working again. Have a great weekend and make sure to come back on Monday to listen to a NEW episode of The Toke Talking Podcast.



Do You Not Like Fun…

Happy Tuesday! What up everyone? Today begins week 2 of my Vacation and I’ll be honest..I miss work….HAHAHAHA!! That is a total lie. I do miss the people but I don’t miss waking up at 5AM to walk my dog that’s half asleep. Stumble down the street for 10 minutes just begging him to poop so I can get going before I miss my 612AM Calltime. Yes, if you don’t work in the industry I did just say I start work at 612. I might actually do a post getting into that because it still fascinates me how many people I work with that don’t understand how to calculate military time for their time cards. I wonder how many other industries use this. Anyone know of any? Let me know in the comments. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

This weekend we had our Wrap Party for Season 3 of the show I just worked on. Last Friday, the last day of the show as I was saying my goodbyes I kept asking people if they we’re going to the wrap party so I could save the hugs and longer goodbyes till then. Goodbyes are much better with booze involved. While most the people either said “Yes” they were going or just flat-out “No” because of personal reasons there was and always is those few people who will say shit like “I don’t do wrap parties”, “That’s not really my scene” or “I’m not going to a party just to go kiss everyone’s ass all night.” I find these people so interesting because I really don’t understand any of these reasons. I don’t understand them because they are all bullshit. “I don’t do wrap parties”, Why? Do you also not do fun? I don’t get it. What is there to do that’s different from any other social gathering at a bar? You go and have a few drinks with the people who you worked alongside that last few months. If you’ve ever gone to a party ever in your life and had any type of “Fun” this is the same exact thing. “That’s not really my scene” Woah! I’m sorry you fancy bastard what exactly is your scene please share. Again it’s a bar or at times a restaurant, a mansion, a bowling alley a Karaoke spot…I’ve been to a lot of wrap parties. HA! As far as going and kissing everyone’s ass, if by kissing you mean you need to engage in actual human conversation with people then Yes, you do need to at least try to do that. Or not, you can also just sit at the bar and sip some drinks by yourself and give the occasional nod to people as they walk by. However no one is telling you to kiss anyones ass. Besides that I’m guessing that this ass that people speak of is that of “The Man” or “The Producer” in our world and I have news for you…the higher-ups are usually the first ones to leave a party and for the most part they smoze with the other higher-ups. It’s just like being on set you departmental crew folks that dare not attempt to cross the lines, people for the most part just stick to their department circles only that there is fun, music and booze involved.

Now if you had a miserable time and hated everyone you worked with then yeah, maybe you shouldn’t go to the party. This however might mean you have deeper issues than just not wanting to attend a party because it’s pretty insane to say that you honestly hated all 60-70 people you worked with. If you’re a recovering alcoholic is another valid reason for not going to have a good time. I talked about this on my podcast yesterday but another thing I don’t understand is that crew people are always complaining about not making enough money. Now I know this is not the same as having cash in your pocket BUT the higher ups are usually the ones that pay for the party so why not take advantage of that? You can go and have however many drinks you want to have and not spend a dime. If you go out on weekend you would be spending that money so why not consider this a trade? Listen I’m just saying some of you out there I feel have a very big misconception of wrap parties and I just want to try to clear things up here. I don’t want you to continue your career missing out on what could be potentially be “Fun”. It’s ok to have it every now and then my friends. It’s therapeutic and good for the body and mind. We all need to let loose and enjoy life every now and then.

That said, we had an awesome time at the wrap party this weekend. The bar had dozens of board games and ours was Jenga for the night. This piece was not only my favorite but also a great life lesson. The only sad part about wrap parties is that they might be the last time you see someone for a while. A lot of times people move on to another show when the next season comes around or in some cases the show gets cancelled all together. This really is an amazing group of people and I’m happy to have been with them for 3 years now. I hope to see them all again next season and wish them all the best. Thanks to the Cast & Crew of Casual for being awesome!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out yet another entry here at We’re Not Rolling. The website is now nearing 6000 views and I sincerely cannot say thank you enough to everyone that has and continues to visit every week. I’ve mentioned it before but please feel free to send in your own stories, rants or stories of great people you’ve worked with. I also started a FaceBook Group called Tales From The Set where I will be sharing some of my stories from here on the site along with some other tales that I plan to only share on the group page. Have an amazing week at work or an amazing week off if you’re not working and I’ll talk to all of you on Friday.