The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 38

Yes believe it or not I’m still rambling away every Monday morning. Come listen to me go on about the increasing amount of booty shorts in LA lately, the Van’s U.S open of Surfing, peoples comments on Facebook, Shark Week, Tinder and much more. Check it out now and come have a laugh at my madness. Also sorry in advance about the random snacking during this episode I had some Buncha Crunch that I could not put down! HA! #FatBoyProblems


Living The Dream…

Happy FriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiDAY!!! We made it! Another small life repetitive triumph. You know every Friday that I write that on all my social media platforms “Happy Friday” “Cheers to Friday” some corny crap like that before I take a break from it all on the weekend, I think…”People that work on the weekend must really, REALLY hate that phrase. Continue reading “Living The Dream…”

Apply Here for Passive Aggressiveness…

Happy Tuesday! How are you all doing today? I day played yesterday…which is really today…I’m currently sitting with the BG in holding typing this. Which is pretty convenient I must say. It’s been a pretty easy day so far and its suppose to be short so here’s hoping because we did have an 11am call. If you haven’t listened to yesterday’s Toke Talking Podcast make sure to check it out. I have a good friend on there that works at Marvel and gives us a few cool stories. Alright enough jibber jabber let’s get into this shall we?

First I’d like to clear up that was not the end of the Jibbering and Jabbering because that is really what I do best. HA! Moving on! I had originally written this out and then thought…why not just make the meme so WALA! Feel free to spread it amongst the internet. I know it’s an old one but do these things (memes) really age? Hmmmm. Passive aggressiveness, a condition that although I’m guilty of committing myself I try with all of my will to never do it at work because well…IT’S WORK! I don’t get upset at work or when I do, it last about 2 minutes before I realize that I’m at work and how ridiculous it is to get upset. If I was a surgeon, a cop, a judge…someone whose job has a direct impact on others lives then I can understand being stressed out. However making a TV show or a Movie…not as stressful. I know, I know…producers and some of you others out there are probably bent out of shape over that comment because they’ll claim that I will never understand the pressure of producing a movie and worrying if it’s going to do well. To which I reply this, I can guarantee that I would still give as much a shit as I do right now. Because one thing I can guarantee for Fucking certain is that my personal stress level is not going to help the movie do better. Laying in bed stressed out and taking my anger out on others is not going to help the movie do better. A long time ago I figured out how silly it was to get stressed out or angry over matters that you have absolute zero control over. I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t know this already but it’s a lesson that when I learned I never let it go. This is a good one too..

However getting back to the levels of Passive Aggression in this industry. Some of you out there seriously should wear a GoPro chest harness all day so when you get home you can review the footage and see first hand what a whack job some of you are. I thought of writing about this because there is no way in the world that anyone can go on any set and not overhear or observe at least one passive aggressive move. Today, at the TOP OF THE MORNING! Everyone is just hanging out at breakfast and this one special crew member gets there, eats and then just hangs out. I see him walking around while other crew members are all loading into vans. Well what happens next, the last van leaves for set and the van that we’re using to transport the BG to base camp (Which is not near set) gets back. I jump in the van with the BG and guess who comes strolling up to get in a van and wants to go to set, it’s crew member guy that was just hanging out watching all the vans leave till he was ready to leave to grace the set with his presence. He wants to go to set and so the driver tells him “There will be a van that goes to set coming shortly. This van is just for the BG for base camp.” Then this very amazing human being in response vomits this garbage collection of words ¬†“Oh really, the BG is more important than the crew. Ok cool.” and shuts the door. Dude really? First let me make it absolutely clear that not ONE of you out there are any important than anyone else. I get that they write your name next to a title and you feel that gives you some type of super power that makes you better and more important than other people but NEWFLASH “You are not special. You’re not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else. We’re all part of the same compost heap. We’re all singing, all dancing crap of the world.”-Chuck Palahniuk

If you don’t like something don’t be a fucking child and say you don’t like it and then don’t do it. It’s really that fucking simple. However don’t do it and then act like a ass while you do it spewing your anger through in every sentence you utter. It’s not other peoples problems that you aren’t man or woman enough to say how you really feel. So instead you hide your true feeling in little annoying responses and I really think some of you should seek help for. It’s not cool to be a dick to people covertly like that. We work a lot of hours and I understand that at times we do get a bit heated and shit gets said. I’m not talking about those, one and a while moments, I’m talking about people that do it all the time. I’m talking about people that have this reputation. People whose middle name should actually be Passive Aggressive. Hahaha! Lighten folks, it’s just Film Making.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out another post here on the ole We’re Not Rolling. I truly appreciate all of you, even if you don’t read my blog you too are appreciated. Have an excellent week everyone. Make sure to stop by and check the Friday post for one last laugh before the weekend. Be good to one another and next time your head starts to boil and you feel a smart ass comment about to come out of your mouth STOP and think about pizza, cheeseburgers, puppies, chocolate…basically anything that makes you happy. Hopefully the thought will bring some awareness to what really matters in life, hint…it’s not your job.


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 37

Hello! I have a guest!! Be my guest! Be my guest! You know how the song goes. This week Leah Sargent joins the podcast to talk about her job at Marvel. We also ramble about a whole bunch of other topics and only touch on them lightly before moving on because that’s how I do things around here. You know there’s always a bunch of laughs, come check it out NOW!


Kill Them With Kindness…

Happy Friday!! I wish I could say that I really mean those exclamation marks but I have to say yesterday was a really tough day for me. The lead singer of one of my and I’m sure some of yours favorite band took his life yesterday joining what lately seems like a reoccurring occurrence. Granted death is always in the air but there’s just been so much of it in the spot light lately. So many of my heroes, idols…people I grew up with that made very impactful meaning in my life growing up are dying. Martin Landau, Nelson Ellis, Adam West, Stephen Furst, Michael Bond, Gregg Allman, Charlie Murphy, Don Rickles, Chuck Berry, Bill Paxton, Mary Tyler Moore. I missed some on that list but thats just this year everyone. Chester Benningtons death comes not only months after his friend and lead singer of another amazing band I grew up with Chris Cornells death but also on his birthday. We lost the great mind of Mr George Romero just 5 days ago as well. It was a tough week and it’s been a really tough year in this retrospect to be honest. I’m sorry if this is one of the saddest openings I’ve had on here. I thought about leaving this till the end but that just did not feel right. These people were amazing and deserve to be remembered first always. Thank you so much for all your amazing creative genius that made the world just that much better. We will miss you all and never forget all you did. My thoughts are with all the family, friends and families of everyone lost so far not only this year but ever really. Death sucks! Let’s get into this, shall we?

While I’ve never been on the receiving end of any yelling I have encountered miserable crew people and that’s the topic of today’s post. I’m talking about Guys and Gals that have either been in the game too long, should have never gotten in to begin with OR are just unhappy people. Look I want to tell you that the world is sunshine, fairies, cheeseburgers and pizza but it’s not. There’s definitely people that we share this fine slowly heating up globe with that just want to roam its vast lands and seas trying to pull off their best impression of the unhappy emoji face or the pissed off one. There’s nothing anyone can do about it. You can’t fix these people because this is how they have chosen to live their lives. Deciding to act like an asshole your entire life does not just happen that shit is a life choice. Most of them aren’t even ashamed of it. They proudly wear their disgust for life openly. Hahahah!

However! There’s always a however…I have worked with a few people who put this asshole front at work and then out of work they’re freaking the life of the party. Outgoing, socially engaging and just great, fun people to hang out with. Funny enough I think I might be slightly opposite in that I do get a lot angrier in regular life than at work. Very seldom does any anger from the dark side corrupt my work hours. I know, weird huh? I’ve told you guys before, it has to do with the “The giving a shit Factor”. A study that I believe would be a breakthrough in the medical field if scientist could just bring themselves to actually “Giving a Shit” to conduct the study but then that would also kind of disprove the theory right? What? Moving on!

Then there’s also the type of people who put up the asshole front..let’s call it the asshole wall. There’s certain people who put up the asshole wall only towards certain people. Which is extremely weird because it makes it so selective. It’s like they put up this asshole wall but theirs has a door and only some people can come in and be cool with them. Very high school state of mind when you think about it. Now lastly there are just the ones that are just terrible people. Their rude, um-engaging, stand offish..I haven’t worked with many like this but I did work with a dolly grip that was just total bag of dicks. He was the perfect example of someone who I know that was miserable for no reason at all. Well look I won’t be totally one-sided because I don’t know about his life but still there’s never a need to be rude to strangers. He was only chatty (I use that term loosely) with the Key Grip (DUH! The Boss). I think of everybody that I have encountered that’s falls into this category¬†this guy was the most unhappy fuck. I don’t know if it’s wrong or right of me but I find people like this fascinating because I want to see just how long they can keep up that mean mug. I would go out of my way to say good morning or some type of corny shit like that to this guy every day. He would just nod as I said “Good Morning!” or “Happy Friday!” With a big smile on my face.

Eventually I worked him into actually saying “What’s Up?” when I would greet him. I would also do random shit like bring him water while he was in the middle of set in front of everyone which would force him to say “Thank you” because well…it’s tough to be a total dirt bag when someone does some random act of kindness. This guy never once treated me wrong or threw any of his anger waves my way but he was seriously made of stone. I’m not sure what happen in this Dudes life that made him “..such a Sour Puss!” I’ll give you imaginary cool points if you know what movie that’s quoted from. This guy however did not make it through the entire show. He got into a loud argument with one of the location guys, threw around a couple of curses and that was it. Cursing in the work place unless you’re some hire up is always a no no. Why we hold them to a different standard is beyond me. I thought we all have been fighting for equality in the workplace but I guess that stops at how some of us act depending on our title in this industry. WHAT?? Let’s stop there before this turns into a long one.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. Please feel free to send in your own tales, rants, tips..anything film industry related so I can share them here on the site. Lastly back to what I was talking about in the opening, don’t worry I’ll try not to bum you out again. Instead I want to do the opposite and say that go find a smile, a laugh, a minute of pure joy this weekend. Whether that be a sunset, a kids laugh (sounds weird), a cheeseburger, spending the day with your pet or telling someone you haven’t spoken to in a while that you love them go out there and do it. I know it sounds cheesy as Fuck but take advantage of every moment of your life. I started this post prior to yesterdays tragedy and so I wasn’t sure how the opening would mix in. I knew I had no option because I knew I wanted to talk about it because this is truly a form of therapy for me. When was writing the opening and then got into the tale of the guy and the topic of the post I realized that it did tie together. Everything ties together because we are all one. Non of our time here is guaranteed so don’t spend it being miserable try to find some happiness. Have an amazing weekend everyone and remember to be good to one another.


No One Reads the Callsheet…

Happy Tuesday humans!! And any other living organisms that might be able to read this and doing so in hiding from the human race because you’re secretly planning a global take over, you too, Happy Tuesday! How was everyone’s weekend? I didn’t do much. Actually with the exception of my Friday adventure to Redondo in search of Pictures moments and Cinemagraph inspirations I stayed home the rest of the time. I worked on some of my projects and Sunday was the Game of Thrones Premiere which was just fantastic. So overall still an excellent weekend. I seldom have terrible weekends, I always try to enjoy myself. Alright let’s get into this shall we?!

Although you’ll hear this phrase (title) often I don’t think it’s only the call sheet that Crew doesn’t read, I just don’t think people enjoy reading shit from work period. I mean when I think about it, I never really thoroughly read anything in any job that I’ve ever had. I’ll skim through it and get an understanding of what it entails but other than that..

Six words that will live on forever after this came out. Hahaha! Now I’m not an idiot, I don’t go through my life not reading anything at work. I actually learned that lesson in school when they passed out that surprise timed test that clearly states in the instructions at the top that all one must do on test is to fill in your name and everyone blew past the instructions and started doing the test. Remember that? Well I was one of the ones that read it first and didn’t start the test…or maybe I did..I forget but point is, this was a life lesson early on. So while I may not read jargon if it’s some legal document or something of actual importance I definitely read and digest all of it. However now getting back to the Call sheet, this paper is one of these non important papers that I’m speaking about and that’s why I think no one reads it or cares to. I know that as a 2nd AD that spends 10-13 hours all day talking to every department and trying to type up every little detail that’s a bit of a shit thought but you need to understand that the call sheet is not for everyone. Those that do need to read it, read it and use the information but again it’s not for everyone. Should they know how to read one, sure but some people just don’t and don’t care to learn. So instead they will ask dumb fucking questions all day instead of just reading it. People are also fucking lazy everyone. I mean I know I’m definitely guilty of this. I can be a lazy bastard sometimes but the laziness that it takes to say “I don’t want to read this. Can you just tell me?” when the information is right in your hand or could be if you just asked for a Call sheet is really an extraordinary accomplishment in all that has been lazy throughout the years. I think the greatest of the lazies would agree that this is JUST. ANOTHER. LEVEL!

You know what’s great? Is that I enjoy watching A.D’s and P.A’s get all up in arms when someone asked them something and they respond “Did you read the call sheet?” with a snarky tone. I get a kick because I don’t ever respond this way. Honestly I don’t give a shit, if you ask me for info I will not only tell you but also hand you a call sheet and show you everything else as well. I got nothing else to do..HAHAHA. But getting back to these people who get so bothered by these questions I think that little smugness that some production people give off at times tends to rub people the wrong way and then after that they do it purposely just to get under their skin for a laugh. I know that the A.D staff (NOT ALL) are usually very serious on set. I’ve mentioned it several times on here that I find them to be like the parents of the set. They are in charge of maintaining order on set and keeping that camera rolling. As some of you may know from reading my blog although that sounds like an easy enough task it’s not. Because if the Production department are the parents then they’re obviously going to need kids, i.e. the crew. All the other departments love to mess around and play pranks on each other. They give each other shit all day and treat each other pretty much how you would a good friend or a family member. The A.D staff is supposed to set the tone which obviously cannot be mayhem and since most are always so serious it’s easy to mess with them for a laugh. Asking one of these no funny bone at all production people for information that’s on the call sheet is one of the easiest pranks to play. So this is another reason why I think some people “Claim” not to read it but know exactly what’s on there.

I do read the call sheet eventually the day of but I will probably never ever read one thoroughly the day before work because I can guarantee that my job is going to be the absolute same. I know that’s not the case for every department. I know that costumes has different outfits for the actors in every scene. I know the Grips and Electrics have to light every time we move that camera. Hell I know that crafty is going to continuously surprise me with new snacks but one thing that I doubt will ever change as long as I’m a P.A is what I will do throughout the day and that’s why I find it useless to read the call sheet before I get to work. I get that information is power but this is literally just temporary info that I don’t want clogging up my head longer than it has to. I go to work, I read the call sheet, I tell people who ask me what it says and as soon as I get in my car and drive off I smoke that information right out the window with my misses M.J. I might give the CS a glance the night before just to try to figure out how long the days going to be but other than that there’s just nothing there for me.

Thank you for visiting me here at We’re Not Rolling. Where we’re NEVER rolling. I’m such an idiot sometimes but as long as it makes someone out there laugh I will keep writing it. I will like to point out that the “someone” may very well only be me but I can’t help if I make myself laugh. I think this is something that everyone should be able to do. Alright let me stop here before I go off on another one. Have an excellent week at work everyone! I’ll see you back here on Friday for a new post. Be good to each other.


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 36

Hello, Happy Monday! This week I go on about the Game of Thrones premiere, War for the Planet of the Apes, why people have pride in places they were born and much more. Come check it out and have a laugh NOW!


It’s NOT a Secret…

Happy Friday film folk, normal folk, un normal folk and anyone else stopping by to check out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I like saying “ at We’re Not Rolling”. It sounds like an awesome place where we just eat crafty, hang out all day having a good time and just never roll. So you know like most shows now a days. HA! I have to tell you it was very tough not to write about this shit company from which I’m still waiting to get paid. Today makes it two and half weeks…if that check is not here by Saturday I might have a very entertaining story to tell on Tuesday. I’m not going to write about it now because one I just wrote about checks and two the rage is bubbling right now so short of me just cursing up a storm and repeating how FUCKED up I think it is any time a company that has fruit, cookie platters, Hummus and all this other shit being pasted out on set for 3 days every hour on the hour but then take 3 weeks to pay everyone. YOUR PRIORITIES ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE AND YOU’RE A TERRIBLE PERSON, INSIDE AND OUT. Alright enough pointing at the obvious…Hollywood is filled with greedy, cheap assholes…let’s get into this shall we?

While I may not want to go off about this company I’m still going to go off because well…I think their the more entertaining post to write. That’s why I’m here, to sit back and enjoy. Today I wanted to go on about all these secret shows that not only want to be kept secret from the outside world because of possible plot leaking but also keep shit secret from the crew. If you run one of these shows and you are reading this, does that first statement make it a little more apparent how ridiculous it is to keep it secret from the people who you need to help you film it? I’m asking because maybe if it is written you can see it a bit more clearly. Keeping information about the project from the crew is probably one of the most counter productive things that we do and don’t get me wrong, we do a lot! I think egos are the biggest contributors to counter production to be honest but egos are a tale for another time.

Look I get it, you’re producing “Fast & The Furious 13: No Blimping around” and you don’t want the word to get out to the media that in this one they will be racing blimps. However it is not helpful to the person that has to scout for locations if you tell them vague shit to keep it secret from them as well like “We’ll be filming outside.” I’m sure there are crew people who have leaked shit before but has anyone ever heard about it happening and did it totally ruin the movie or show? Because I’ve never heard of such thing. Crew, gets it. They know that if you leak pictures of the Millennium Falcon while you’re working on it not only are they going to get fired but probably sued. And let us say that something did get leaked. How would one even know that the leaking hurt the outcome? Sure you can base it on estimates but those are still estimates. Anyhow let me not veer off here, point is if you’re going to film something with your crew I think the secrecy vail should be lifted a bit more for them. I’ve heard multiple complaints of people who work on these type of shows of how tough it makes some of the normal day-to-day functions that go on during a production. I could imagine it would cause some problems if the people working on the project weren’t given all the information of what they were trying to accomplish.

I actually once got a call from someone to come work on something out in Atlanta. Now I’m not an idiot and I’ve been in the business for a while so one tends to know what’s filming where. When he called me he left me a message with his name and told me he was working on a massive show in Atlanta for 7 months. I instantly thought “THE WALKING DEAD”! I looked up his name and he had worked on the show so I just assumed. When I called him the next day, he gave me the break down of the show further but still left out the name. So I asked and he told me he could not say. I then told him I could not take the job without knowing what I was going to work on. He understood and thanked me for my time and we went our separate ways. This is a perfect example of secrecy being a problem in terms of it being related to the crew. I love what I do but I’m not about to pick up my entire life and move to Atlanta to work on The Hot Chick 4. I appreciate the work but I’d rather work on something that I know I’m going to learn something on. Given one learns something everyday as long as you’re looking but I just feel my time will be better spent on a show like The Walking Dead which is the type of film/show making I’d love to do as oppose to The Hot Chick 4. Some might say that I’m ungrateful but I see it as I’m giving someone else an opportunity that might want it more. I’m not a selfish person, we can all work on stuff we enjoyed if we all shared more..that last statement might be bullshit but it’s nice to think know, the job sharing thing. We don’t share, everyone is just all about their money and everyone else second. At least it seems most people feel this way. It’s sad.

Then there’s also another problem that occurred to me the other day with this classifying of information. Let’s say that someone you don’t want to work with is on a project and you don’t find out till day 1 because no one would tell you the name and you couldn’t do any research. Let’s take it a step further, this is a very fucked up business where at times people are harassed and treated unfairly by others. How wrong is it that because of all this hush-hush someone is forced to a face to face with someone they had a prior serious problem with. I’m not saying that we should not keep things secret from the general public, hell I myself HATE spoilers but we need to draw some lines here. We need to draw lines and decide who needs to be in the “know” and the crew needs to be on the same side with the Director/Creator/Producer not with boogies.

Thanks for spending a few minutes of another Friday here at We’re Not Rolling with me everyone. I wish you all a great and fun-filled weekend. Get drunk, high, party, hike..whatever you’re into and just enjoy every minute of it. I’ll be back here Monday with an all NEW Episode of The Toke Talking Podcast followed by Tuesday with an all NEW blog post. Be good to one another.


Everyone Has One…

Hello, welcome to We’re Not Rolling everyone! How are you? If you live in L.A it’s been quite hot as of late. I’ve been fortunate enough to not really have to deal with it because I’ve been off. If I get too hot I just go jump in the pool for a little while and cool down. However I can’t imagine having to film in places like Santa Clarita right now….ACTUALLY…I have a very good impression of what it must be like because I have filmed out there around this time. Although with the planets constant cooking every year I can only imagine that in the next 10 years places like this will be unfilm-able (Is that a word?). I mean seriously, who the Fuck is going to go and film in 120-130 degree weather. That’s actually an interesting topic..I must make a note. Let’s get into this shall we?!

In today’s post I wanted to talk about geeking out over certain actors, athletes, performers basically anyone that’s in the spotlight. Now before I get into the people who I’ve geeked out over because yes I have lost my shit (Mentally) at times. I want to address all these coworkers that claim not to geek out over famous people. Look when I say “Geek out” I don’t mean that you can’t compose yourself and therefore drool every time that person is around. I believe…or at least want to believe that everyone in this world looks up to someone in this world. I don’t mean your parents either, I mean someone famous. So with that way of thinking I believe that everyone has someone who if they were to meet in person they would feel honored, nervous, happy, know…I think you would definitely remember that day and it would be special. That’s what I mean by “Geek out”.

I will say this though the longer one works in the business the more one starts thinking this way that no one could make them feel like that. I’m definitely guilty of this as the years go on but then I’ll work with someone of whom I’m a fan and I get that feeling in my gut all over again. It’s awesome! I will also say that when I first started out in the business I might’ve fooled myself into this feeling a few times. I remember thinking it was great to meet a certain person but then when I met the first person that I can say was my first real geek out moment I noticed the difference immediately. Now funny enough the first person that made me go “Ga-Ga” wasn’t someone who I worked with on set. I actually wasn’t in the business yet so the first time I met him it was at a screening of his film that was due a few months after that. This film was Serenity and the first person that made me lose my shit was Mr. Joss Whedon. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that knows me as he is one of my top 5 favorite directors. I’ve been a Joss fan since I first found his genius on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Since that show I have followed his career so closely that it might’ve at one point seemed stalker-ish. Anyhow so we’re at the screening, it ends and he’s outside, just to corner talking to some people and shaking hands with everyone that knew he was there. I immediately got into the line I saw forming and knew instantly exactly what I was going to say. I remember being a bit nervous and I just kept watching the line get shorter and shorter as I got closer and closer to meeting one of my life long heroes. Finally it was my turn, I stepped up, I shook his hand smiling and said “I loved the movie, it made me want to do the dance of joy.”(If you’re a Buffy/Angel fan you’ll get this, if not don’t worry about it) He laughed at the reference and said “Thank you” AAAANNDD I fainted…No…I didn’t. I wish crazy shit like that would happen to me at times. That would be such a great story. I’m not someone who gets embarrassed so I would enjoy telling that tale all the muthafucking time.

Flash forward to a few years after this amazing memory and I get a phone call to come day play on a pilot for a New TV show. I think cool, yeah I’ll come out and play for the day. That night when I get my call sheet I look at the title and I don’t recognize the name of the show at all. So I turn it around to see who I’m working with and right there in the Director column I read Joss Whedon. I had just signed on to come work on Agents of Shield and as a way to keep the name secret it had an alternate show name. Crazy how the world works at times. When we first met it I was no where in the same realm as this man and now here we were about to be working on the same show. We had lunch within a table of each other! HA! I know it was only for a day but I will tell you this, to date I think it’s one of my best days on set. I was in heaven watching this master work. However the best and most amazing moment came later that day when Joss came over to me as he was walking by, looked me in the eye and said “I love that shirt, Joss.” I said “Thanks YOU’RE MY HERO MAN!!” No Hahahaha..I said “Thanks, my names Lou.” I wish I could say that we hit it off right there, became besties and have hung out on many occasions after that but he just carried on after that exchange. I know, you might be wondering what the shirt said and funny enough it’s one of my favorites. It’s a Back to the Future shirt that reads “I’m Your Density…”. Yes, I still have the shirt, I still wear it (I didn’t frame it…not yet anyway) and I’m always reminded of that day because of it. Thanks for the memory Joss AKA Numfar!! Hahaha! Like he would read my little ole blog. There’s always hope right?

I just had to add that in there. I love this scene so much. The best part, that’s actually Joss doing the dance. Also I apologize for the over use of the word “geek” in this post. HA!

Thanks for stopping by and spending some time here at We’re Not Rolling. Please remember that I’m open to share YOUR stories on here as well. Just get in contact with me and we can make arrangements. It’s just for fun, just for a laugh and maybe you teach someone something, who knows? Have a great week, hopefully you’ll be back here on Friday for another entry and if you can’t wait till then please check my older post in the archives or if you’re tired of reading check out my podcast The Toke Talking Podcast, right here on the same site. Be good to one another.




The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 35

What up?! In this weeks cast I ramble about Global Warming, the Toke Talking Podcast being entered in a Music Contest and I test out a few new segments like the one I call “How To Adult”. This and many more laughs to start your week off smiling. Be good to each other.