The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 38

Yes believe it or not I’m still rambling away every Monday morning. Come listen to me go on about the increasing amount of booty shorts in LA lately, the Van’s U.S open of Surfing, peoples comments on Facebook, Shark Week, Tinder and much more. Check it out now and come have a laugh at my madness. Also sorry in advance about the random snacking during this episode I had some Buncha Crunch that I could not put down! HA! #FatBoyProblems


Living The Dream…

Happy FriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiDAY!!! We made it! Another small life repetitive triumph. You know every Friday that I write that on all my social media platforms “Happy Friday” “Cheers to Friday” some corny crap like that before I take a break from it all on the weekend, I think…”People that work on the weekend must really, REALLY hate that phrase. Continue reading “Living The Dream…”

Apply Here for Passive Aggressiveness…

Happy Tuesday! How are you all doing today? I day played yesterday…which is really today…I’m currently sitting with the BG in holding typing this. Which is pretty convenient I must say. It’s been a pretty easy day so far and its suppose to be short so here’s hoping because we did have an 11am call. Continue reading “Apply Here for Passive Aggressiveness…”

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 37

Hello! I have a guest!! Be my guest! Be my guest! You know how the song goes. This week Leah Sargent joins the podcast to talk about her job at Marvel. We also ramble about a whole bunch of other topics and only touch on them lightly before moving on because that’s how I do things around here. You know there’s always a bunch of laughs, come check it out NOW!


Kill Them With Kindness…

Happy Friday!! I wish I could say that I really mean those exclamation marks but I have to say yesterday was a really tough day for me. The lead singer of one of my and I’m sure some of yours favorite band took his life yesterday joining what lately seems like a reoccurring occurrence. Granted death is always in the air but there’s just been so much of it in the spot light lately. Continue reading “Kill Them With Kindness…”

No One Reads the Callsheet…

Happy Tuesday humans!! And any other living organisms that might be able to read this and doing so in hiding from the human race because you’re secretly planning a global take over, you too, Happy Tuesday! How was everyone’s weekend? I didn’t do much. Continue reading “No One Reads the Callsheet…”

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 36

Hello, Happy Monday! This week I go on about the Game of Thrones premiere, War for the Planet of the Apes, why people have pride in places they were born and much more. Come check it out and have a laugh NOW!


It’s NOT a Secret…

Happy Friday film folk, normal folk, un normal folk and anyone else stopping by to check out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I like saying “ at We’re Not Rolling”. It sounds like an awesome place where we just eat crafty, hang out all day having a good time and just never roll. So you know like most shows now a days. HA! Continue reading “It’s NOT a Secret…”

Everyone Has One…

Hello, welcome to We’re Not Rolling everyone! How are you? If you live in L.A it’s been quite hot as of late. I’ve been fortunate enough to not really have to deal with it because I’ve been off. If I get too hot I just go jump in the pool for a little while and cool down. Continue reading “Everyone Has One…”

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 35

What up?! In this weeks cast I ramble about Global Warming, the Toke Talking Podcast being entered in a Music Contest and I test out a few new segments like the one I call “How To Adult”. This and many more laughs to start your week off smiling. Be good to each other.