The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 43

EXTRA EPISODE EXTRAVAGANZA!! There’s nothing special I just wanted to write that, it’s all about getting the reader’s attention they say…I think. Come listen to me talk about the New show Disjointed, James Cameron, people who pretend to care about shit and much more random thoughts that are guaranteed to bring a laugh to your day..well at least I hope I do. If not this podcast may not be for you. Have a good week everyone!


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 42

YO! What up? This week I rambled about toilet paper (Again?), climate change, the Game of Thrones Finale and much more random shit that I’m sure will have you thinking maybe you should just start your own podcast instead of listening to my madness. Come have a laugh and if you want more come back tomorrow for a BONUS EPISODE..SODE..SODE. HA!


Do You Hear What I Hear? No…

Haaappy Friday, Haaaappy Friday! Make sure you sing those, that’s why there’s extra ‘A’s in there. Anyhow, how is everyone on this fine day ┬ábefore the weekend shenanigans and the fight of lifetime..our time…this month…I don’t know. I’ll be honest, I don’t give a shit. I can watch it on tv or I can see the highlights on YouTube. Continue reading “Do You Hear What I Hear? No…”

MEDIC! Non Emergency…

Happy Tuesday everyone! How was your weekend? Do you remember it or is it a distant foggy drunk memory? I actually did get out to a bar this weekend for a few beers. I don’t drink much anymore so a “few” is usually only 2 but they were delicious. Beer, the drink of the gods. HAHAHA! Continue reading “MEDIC! Non Emergency…”

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 41

Another Monday, another Podcast. Alfredo joins me for Episode 41 and it was recorded a week ago so there will be no spoilers BUT we make some very awesome predictions. Come listen to us go on about movies, tv…more movies and more tv. A ton of laughs as usual to get your week started with a smile. Enjoy!


STOP, Don’t Speak…

Happy Friday!! It’s 3:30 in the morning and I just got home from work about an hour ago. We wrapped at 1:53. If you know me you probably would assume that I was hating all of earth but actually, it’s been so long that I honestly did not give a shit. I haven’t had a late shoot like that in a while and I just got back from Vacay. Continue reading “STOP, Don’t Speak…”

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 40

What up?! I know the podcast is late and I apologize, I’m still on Vacay. It’s here NOW! Come have a laugh at my madness as I go off on the weather, cheap Cubans, the NFL bullshit repercussions for players that commit crimes and much more. If I sound a bit more heated than usual on this one I blame the heat it’s very bad for my mental state. Have a great week everyone!


Can I Take Your Order…

I almost started off with Happy Friday, I was ready to start the weekend all over again. That just goes to show you where my heads at. I’m actually about to go on a mini vaca down to Miami for my Abuelas 90th Birthday. 90!! How amazing is that? Continue reading “Can I Take Your Order…”

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 39

Hey! It's late as shit! BUT the Podcast must carry on. Come listen to me go on about G.O.T A LOT!! Major Spoiler alert. I couldn't help myself, that might be one of my favorite episodes. HOLY SHIT BALLS!! I also talk about the NFL, once again not watching any surfing at the surf competition in Huntington and I go on about toothpaste in 3D for a minute there because I'm a bit delirious. Come listen, I'm sure you'll laugh and have a good time. Lou sleep now…