The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 76

It’s Monday. The day of the week that gets the shittiest rep of the bunch because for some it begins the work week but if you work on the weekend or don’t work at all, Monday is just another day. However Monday means that I have a NEW Podcast up. Come listen to Episode 76 of The Toke Talking Podcast NOW. In this collection of random thoughts I discuss Avengers: Infinity War…A LOT..spoilers between the 12 minute mark till the 22 minute mark to be specific. I talk about haters, I introduce a new segment I call “Criticizing Critics” and a few other reviews including a short one on Justice League. Have a great week and if you enjoy the madness don’t forget to share, follow or subscribe.



Those That Do, Should Not Teach…

Happy Tuesday everyone! How was your weekend? This guy here is on vaca for at least this week and enjoying every moment of it. I’ve gone swimming 3 day in a roll and been rather productive in the creating aspect of my life. Which nowadays is a lot of Plotagraphs, Photoshops, Cinemagraphs, Podcasts, Blogs…I think I want to try to paint something. Continue reading “Those That Do, Should Not Teach…”

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 75

Yo!! Episode 75 of The Toke Talking Podcast is up NOW! Come listen to me go on about wrap parties, 420, Super Hero movies, a new segment called shit latin people do and I try and figure out another one of relationships fucked up wonders. This and much more of the same random madness I bring every week to this show. Have a great week everyone!


That Was A Good One…

Happy Muthafuckin’ Tuesday EDIT: Thursday folks! Tuesday was actually the last day on the show ‘Casual’ that I was working on. I attempted to post this on Tuesday but I found no time. Monday I got home a bit too late and Tuesday at work I was just soaking up as much of the energy and good vibes from everyone around that I just didn’t want to waste any time typing. Continue reading “That Was A Good One…”

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 74

Hey! Happy Monday you fine people. Come listen to go on about the paper towel handing, cigarette peddling, breath meant keepers that guilt you into dollars at bars, The Walking Dead (Major Spoilers but I give you a warning), what I learned about Cochella this weekend and much more. I hope you have a great week and if you enjoy the madness don’t forget to follow, like and share it with your friends and family.


Politically Hired…

Happy Wednesday! Or late Tuesday…depends when I post this damn thing. I didn’t record my podcast till late last night and I definitely could not stay up to write this post as well or I would’ve been a tired mess this morning. I know I got a different excuse every week for my tardiness but hey these things take time and some planning. I wish this was my job! Continue reading “Politically Hired…”

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 73

Hey! The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 73 is up NOW! This week I go on about my shitty week, relationships, The Quiet Place, The Walking Dead and much more madness from my life. Come have a laugh and enjoy my nonsense please share and subscribe so I can continue to bring you a laugh. Have a great week everyone!



Happy Tuesday!! How was your 3 day weekend?…Well if you had a 3 day weekend. Do lots of places close on good Friday? I don’t remember. I could just google that but honestly I really don’t give a shit to know. Why take up space in the old noggin with such trivial crap. I had a fantastic weekend. Probably one of the best weekends I’ve had in quite a few years. It was one of those that I’ll never forget for several reasons. Continue reading “Useless…”

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 72

Yo! Happy Monday! Come check out Episode 72 of The Toke Talking Podcast now. This week I go on about Alexa and Google home spying on us, easter, my hotel experience and mini Vaca adventure. Plus much more of my usual babble like this weeks episode of The Walking Dead (Spoiler). Come have a laugh and if you enjoy the madness don’t forget to subscribe.