Experience Over Money…

Happy Tuesday! How was everyones long weekend? I apologize to those that had to work yesterday. I had BBQ all 3 days. Which is one of my favorite food groups….Yes…I consider BBQ a food group in my life. HA! I don’t believe I have ever had anything off a grill that I did not enjoy. Veggies, Fruit, Crab, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Bacon, Pizza…mmmmmm! It’s all simply amazing. I think I may gill some chicken breast today as a mater of fact. I mean I’ve already gone 3 days might as well keep the streak going. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

I realized the other day when a friend of mine hooked me up with a job that I have never written about some of the rules that I set for myself when I began working in this business. These rules that I slowly built on over the years have helped me keep a sane mind about this business. The reason my rules even popped up in my head was because this gig was breaking one of them however it also brought another one of my rules into the same argument so I thought I’d write about it. Shortly after accepting the gig I asked my buddy about the payroll company and he let me know that it takes this company a month to pay out. This was a deal breaker for me. One of my rules is that I don’t work for companies that take more than the customary in every other FUCKING business in this country 2 weeks to pay me. If some of you are wondering how long that rule has been working for me in the 12 years I’ve been in this business I will say that have not worked on show that did not pay me weekly in the last 5 years. WEEKLY! How a company gets away with taking a month to pay its employees is beyond me. However one of my other rules that came into play during this current situation was that I don’t back out of job. Once I agree to work on something I am committed. I don’t jump off shows. Now if a gigantic opportunity arises say I’m working on a 3 day show and I get called for a 3 month show I would first ask if I can miss the 3 days on the 3 month show and if not then I would talk to my boss on the 3 day gig and see what they say. If they say they need me those 3 days then I’m there because like I said, I don’t back out of gigs. If that costs me the 3 month gig then so be it. I’ve been doing this a long time and I now another show will pop up. I won’t sit there and whine about losing the 3 month gig like so many do. It’s work, get the Fuck over it. Some people miss out on jobs and complain like they lost a puppy if they don’t get it. I will say this though, I don’t work for anyone who would advise me not to take that 3 month gig and if I ever did then I would never work for that person again after that because if they are willing to hold me back from a potential better opportunity for myself, in this example the 3 month gig then I don’t want to work for that person. I like working for people who want everyone to succeed not just themselves. I think if more people had rules of their own they wouldn’t have such a sour taste about this industry in their mouth but unfortunately many chase the money in this business before chasing the experience, which is the rule I want to elaborate on.

I don’t chase money. I don’t know why that is such a far-fetched concept to everyone in my life but to date every time I tell this to someone this they look at me like I’m from Mars. I get the allure of money. It fills our life up with nice stuff, vacations, shelter…everything really. One definitely needs money to live which is very unfortunate because there are many that will never have money and millions that die because of it around the world. Money is the root of all evil may be one of the truest sayings ever. I have first hand witnessed people change once they started making better money. I’ve seen good people morph into shallow terrible representations of their formal selves once they stopped having to constantly check on their bank account to see if they can make that impulse buy. It sucks. I don’t like what it does to some people and I think that’s why I have always been reluctant to let money be a driving force in my life, like most do. This is odd for me because money is always one topic that most people can relate to when talking to one another. There’s many sayings like “As long as you’re getting paid” and “I’m just here to collect a check” that I could never relate to. Sure I’ve done it from time to time but over the years I’ve slowly stopped having to rely on jobs that made me feel like I was just there to get paid and instead were jobs that I enjoyed the simple experience of being there. So when I realized years ago that I would rather have a better experience on a gig than worry about the money I was getting paid this made my decision on which shows to take a bit easier. This rule also helped me avoid working with people who I did not enjoy working alongside which I find many people do. There are hundreds if not thousands of people in this business right now working for bosses that they absolutely hate but that continue to hire them and so they feel they can’t say no. FUCK THAT! Say no! I’m just saying there is no amount of money that is going to buy back your sanity if you let this business destroy it.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I appreciate you spending some time here reading some of my madness. I hope you all have a fantastic week and make sure to stop by on Friday for an all NEW “Fuck It Friday” post that may but will probably have nothing to do with the industry as I’m trying to venture out into new territory by blogging about broader topics. Alright everyone be good and till next time…


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 80

What up?! My good friend Alfredo joins me on this weeks Episode of The Toke Talking Podcast. Come listen to us go on about concerts, Skum (The film Alfredo is currently directing), Super heroes, Movies and a couple of TV shows. I apologize for the shitty recording, apparently last weeks phone call interview sounded so good that I felt like I had to Fuck it up this week. I’m still getting the hang of all this new gear. Bare with me everyone. Have a great week.


FaceBook Pet Peeves…

Holy toledo!!! Look at this shit!! I finally got my shit together (for the moment) and managed to write a post on Friday. If you follow the blog often you’d may have noticed my Friday post gradually disappeared over the last few months. I wish I could say that I just haven’t had time to write it but that would be a total fucking lie. I have just been a lazy shit and not written one. I also keep going back and forth on the idea of branching out and writing about all topics instead of just the Film Industry. This too has been something that if you follow the site you may have noticed I’ve written about numerous times. However today I decided that I’m just going to commit. The Friday Post from here on out will not be connected to the Film Industry. I mean it may in some ways but for the most part they will be post just like this one. Random as FUCK!!! They will all be under the F.I.F (Fuck it Friday) submenu till further notice. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

Oh FaceBook, you’re such an odd medium and tool for people. Personally I’m still a newb to all these social media platforms. I’ve only existed in the social realm for a little over 2 years. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for people who have been on these things for 10 plus years. That’s 10 years of your life that you have voluntarily shared with the world. That’s insane. I mean think about the time before FB. There was no platform to share all your experiences and life with all of your family simultaneously. Unfortunately I think I may have missed out on all the fun-loving caring sharing that was going on when this thing first started and that I see all the time on that new FB commercial. I came in once all the negative terrible trolling and bullshit started polluting in it seems. I wish I could say that when I scroll through my feed of family and friends all I see is THEIR photos, videos, personal thoughts, messages, things they created…be it a poem, a song, a painting..you know things that are personal to them and that they want to share with others, but it’s not. All day long all I do is scroll through a sea of stuff they all shared from somewhere else. Everyone just constantly linking shit ALL DAY LONG. Remember back in the day when you would hear some news and immediately jumped on the phone to call everyone you’ve ever known to tell them about it? No you don’t because we didn’t do that. If we heard some news we’d probably call the people we regularly talk to in our day-to-day lives but in no way are we yelling it from the top of the rooftop for everyone you ever met to hear. That’s what I envision people doing when they post all this shit. News Videos clips, Food Recipes, Political Propaganda, Religious Propaganda, Inspirational Quotes…SO. MANY. QUOTES. Who the hell is all this inspiration inspiring? Has anyone ever really read one of these couple of line inspirational post and changed their lives because of it. I’m not trying to shit on the people who write these things. I have definitely found some good ones and shared them but I know some people whose entire feed is like this. And it’s a bit weird to see certain people who I know personally post some of this stuff because I know damn well they don’t believe or practice any of these positive messages they are pedaling. I call people out too and not in the comments section or on FB. I either call or txt them. Here’s a great example. My mother who I love with all my heart and daily thank in my head for my existence the other day shared this post:

I immediately called her shortly after she posted this to address this because she has never ONCE done any of these things. EVER!! The first one is easily the funniest ones because my mom, grandmother (her mom), dad & sister have all on multiple occasions locked the door behind me when I would step outside to get the mail or to walk the dog when I’ve come to visit. Here’s proof:

I told my mom I was just going to walk the dog and then she locked the door and jumped in the shower and I sat here for about 10 minutes. I know some may argue that maybe she was speaking about when she was a kid, maybe she was speaking about those “good ole days” that everyone keeps going on about but that no one can pin point exactly when “the good ole days” were but as I mentioned my grandmother lives with them back home and my mom is a carbon copy of my grandmother. I never understood my moms irrational fear of leaving the door unlocked until my grandmother moved in with us. My sister now is following down the same path. As soon as anyone steps outside she rushes to lock the door because she fears bad people are going to rush in and pillage and plunder. The keys in the ignition thing is just ridiculous in every way. Why in the Fuck would anyone leave the car running to waste gas. I don’t even understand this one moving on. Sleep with your window open. Once again I had to call bullshit on this one as well. I grew up in Miami Florida everyone. No one and I repeat NO ONE opens their windows unless their AC is busted, they don’t have an AC or they live at or near the beach. Miami is hot and humid and just really not window opening weather.

So getting back to my point why do people post shit like this? Is it because they just have developed this mental routine that they need to post something daily..hourly so they just scour all the groups they belong to and other social platforms and share share share. I honestly don’t even think most the people watch, read or listen to the crap they link to. They just want to share it with everyone in case someone else out there cares. The shit is seriously just out of control. Here’s one more hilarious example before I wrap this up. I had a family member a few weeks ago pedaling around this photo:

A picture of non other than muthafuckin’ Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi who she obviously didn’t look at just read the words and hit that share button to show her Jesus pride. I know, I know you may be saying “it’s just an honest mistake” but when one of my other family members tried to correct her and tell her that this was in fact Ewan McGregor she said “NO that’s Jesus, didn’t you read the caption”. SMH.

I was going to attempt to share more than one of my pet peeves in this post but as one can tell that didn’t quite work out because once I start going I can’t stop and now here we are 1000 plus words in which is what I like to keep these to because I know you have things to do. So I’ll definitely be revisiting this topic again soon. However just to wrap this one up let me say that I just wish people on my feed and in general would post more about themselves and stuff that they do or are involved with instead just linking and sharing all this stuff that we all already see or will see at some point because any viral news, videos, pictures or whatever that goes on the internet is always seen by everyone eventually.


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Dress The Part

Happy Tuesday everyone! How are you? Things in my world are alright. I’m still enjoying the freedom of not having a weekly job. I have worked a few days..TWO…here and there but besides that I’ve just been basking in me time. I wake up and go to sleep at all ridiculous hours. I have no set eating schedule and rarely make plans that fill up my entire day. It’s what I hope my life could always be. Unfortunately money is the one factor that always fucks that up because just existing costs money. So I’m sure sometime soon I’ll find a more consistent level of employment…we’ll see. Anyhow, let’s get into this shall we?

I remember when they introduced uniforms at my elementary school. I was NOT happy with that decision. I fucking hated wearing a uniform. At the time I wasn’t thinking about the benefits of school uniforms. It actually wasn’t till I was an adult that I even noticed all the good they can do in a school environment. I’m not going to get into the details here but this is a good topic for the podcast that I will address next Monday. Alfredo will be joining me again for those that listen to the show. Yes, I just plugged my podcast midway through my blog post. It’s my website I do what I want to. HA! Back to the uniforms, I just hated that they were so formal looking. I’ve never been a fan of formal wear and not because I’m a slob. Don’t get me wrong when it’s getting dressed up time, I will happily dress up for the part. I enjoy looking so fresh and so clean clean in a bad ass tux or suit for formal gatherings as much as anyone. However I’m generally not a fan of it all the time because it’s not comfortable. If I have to choose between Sandals and Kicks I will always go with the Sandals. I like shorts and I fucking LOVE t-shirts. I own so many t-shirts that I once worked on a 3 month show where I never wore the same shirt twice. I’ve never counted but just off this little experiment one can gauge that I have at least 90 shirts. I actually had to cut myself off from buying them because I was buying 2-3 shirts a week at one point. The point of all this is that if I had a job that enforced a dress code that required me to be in a button up and slacks all the time I would probably end my life. I remember when I was a kid I had a job at Sears where I had to wear a button shirt, slacks and a fucking tie all the time. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want to just hang myself every time that blasted thing went around my neck.

There is no dress code in the Film Industry and it’s one of my favorite aspects about this crazy world. Sure there are some exceptions like many live shows that require you to wear black so you can just blend into the darkness and not be seen by the crowd but for the most part one can wear anything they want. If there was an over all outfit that I would say most the people I work alongside wear all the time it would probably be a shirt and cargo shorts or pants. I think that is the goto film crew look. That would be followed by shirt and jeans. Then of course there’s everything else that I’ve seen people wear on set over the years. I’ve seen people wear kilts, chaps, dusters, tuxedos, formal dresses, all types of hats. Just all types of clothing options that one would never think they would see in a “working” environment. I’ve seen wardrobe stylist and dressers wear some of the coolest outfits I have ever seen in person on set.

I will say this though, there is definitely a “look” that most people adopt once they get into certain departments that once you’ve been in the business for a while are very easy to identify. For example, there is what I like to call the Producer/Higher Up look. Which entails a nice suit jacket, button shirt and jeans. It’s the, I want to be formal but also look cool at the same time look. Grips, Electrics and Production all usually embrace the Shirt/Cargo look because those pockets come in handy for all the shit we carry. However as far as Production there is some variations amongst them. There is for example those 1st A.Ds that like to dress up. They’ll come to set rocking a button down, long sleeve shirt, jeans and boots like they’re about to hit the bar for the night. This is usually the DP’s look and honestly I think some 1st are just jealous and want to show that they too can dress up. 2nd AD’s usually follow whatever their 1st does and in most instances where I’ve worked with a nice dressing 1st their go to 2nd is like their mini version. Since I work in Production I’ve seen a few PA’s become A.D’s, Camera Assistants, Producers Assistants and I must say I do enjoy watching peoples transformations. I’ve seen many go from they’re comfy cloths to what I call the stuffy look. I enjoy watching people do this because it’s something that I know I could never do. I have never changed my wardrobe for anyone or anything. It’s just not in me. I actually don’t think I could ever work in an environment that would try to control what I wore. I’m not saying there is anyone telling these people they need to change their style. I think some people just feel it’s something they need to do because everyone does it. It’s that dress for that job you want not the job you have way of thinking. That saying doesn’t really work in this business because the higher up you are doesn’t nessesarily  mean that they want to dress up and don’t. I would love to Direct some day and if I was to dress up like a Director one could argue that I already do. Casual as Fuck.


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The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 79

What up?! Shortly after starting this Podcast I dreamed that one day I would be able to host guest over the phone. Well that day is finally here. Episode 79 of The Toke Talking Podcast is up NOW! This week I have a great friend of mine Rob Cohen that I’ve been meaning to get on the show for a while. Come listen to us go on about kids being jerks, the Film Industry, Star Wars, Marvel and a whole lot more. Have a great week everyone!


Hurry Up To Wait….

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The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 78

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It’s Ok If THEY Do It…

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It’s 4 years old but here’s the truck driver video I reference. Look at me finally linking shit I talk about…it’s a New day….Hahahaha!


The Magic Number is 600…

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