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Happy Friday everyone! How are you on this after Thanksgiving Food Coma Friday? Did you roll out of bed yet because I sure have not and  don’t plan to till about noon. I’m still in bed as I type away next to my snoring dog Munchie Bear…yes, his last name is Bear. I lied to myself and said I was going to write this up before bed and then passed out before I even flipped open the computer. I didn’t pass out because of all the food I ate but just because I woke up early to get it all ready. I’m not really of fan of too may of the thanksgiving entrée, I mean my favorite part what the was the white sheet cake that I bought that looked like a mini turkey. I do however enjoy cooking it for friends and family but the prep always takes its tow my old ass. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

Todays post came to me as I was watching a movie the other day. In the film…like many films…there was an actor playing a role that I pointed out to my roommate was the same role they always play in every film that they’ve been a part of. That got us into a deeper discussion about not only actors/actresses that fall into this category and why but also about talent that just plays themselves and whether that is “acting” or not and one of the biggest misconceptions about actors/actresses and their profession that we had before and after we got into the film industry. It was an interesting conversation that I thought I would explore it in more detail on here.

First let’s  talk about these people who get type casted. They aren’t the same exact character in every film, there is always some minor differences in background story, career, life status and other subtle changes like that. However when you step back and look at the character as a whole from film to film, it’s the same person. Now I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this. I think some even welcome the opportunity and ride it out well into retirement. Some can’t help it because as an Actress/Actor one of their jobs is to take direction from the director or creator about who this character is that they are inhabiting. There’s always those people who just fit certain roles and these creators want those perfect fits in their films as well at times and I feel that’s another reason some of these talented people get stuck playing the same role over and over. Sure they can say no to the role and look for something different but bills also need to be paid and if that’s all that’s calling sometimes you got to do what you got to do I guess. A perfect example of this is the role of head of a police department. This is always a character that’s angry, cursing at everyone and clearly has an attitude problem that boarders the line of harassment at the workplace every time he addresses the officers in which he’s in charge of. Right off the top of my head I can think of several actors who have played this role multiple times over a various films. I’m sure you also can come up with about 2-3 people instantly right off the type of your head. If not think about the role of action cop hero in the big city. That’s another good example but on a more main role angle. The action hero role is another role that seems to be constantly being taken by the same 4-5 guys in hollywood.

Then our conversation shifted to actors/actresses that we had worked with which who in person were very much like the characters they portrayed on camera and whether or not that should be considered “Acting”. I haven’t worked with many thespians like this but there definitely has been a few over the years and it is a puzzling question because honestly, I just don’t know. If you get hired to act like yourself on camera but with a different name and history is that “Acting”.  I mean I guess it may be a little bit because you have this alternate world you now exist in and to interact with that you wouldn’t usually in your day-to-day but still…I just don’t know. It’s a very thin line is all I’m saying and a conversation that I may want to have with an actor/actress on my podcast at some point. That everyone was a shameless plug right smack in the middle of my blog. Moving ON! HA!

This lead us to an even more in-depth conversation about what we even thought acting meant and some of the strange shit we found out that actors/actresses do on set to…well..act. We went on about quite a few topics but one that seem to blow our minds were “sides”. Now for those of you that don’t work in the business we have these miniature scripts that we distribute every day that just contains the script pages for the day. These are called “sides”. I had never heard about these things before I actually worked on my first set and if they mentioned it in film school I forgot that lesson. Which is totally possible, there’s a lot of pot smoking that goes on in film school because supposedly it makes you more creative or something. However when I first learned about sides I thought they were just used by the actor/actresses as something to rehearse all day. I thought that they (Talent) memorized all their lines and if they needed a line they would just ask the Script supervisor. I DID NOT think that they just had these things constantly to remind them of their lines. I’m not saying it ruined the film making illusion for me but I instantly started thinking about many people I knew back in the day that showed interest in acting but felt they could never do it because they had shit memories. Well I’m here to tell any of you forgetful aspiring actors and actresses out there to go for it because if you can’t remember your lines you will have a cheat cheat all along so go out there and follow your dreams.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling everyone. I appreciate and I’m thankful that you spend time with me here every week. Have an excellent weekend and make sure to start your week off here again next Monday with The Toke Talking Podcast followed by all of the weeks entertaining posts. Be good to one another and go have an adventure.


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