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Hello. Welcome. How in the hell are ya? Did your Monday start off on the right foot or are you already dreaming of the weekend? I had a great Monday. We were wrapped by 630 and I was home by 720. The best past thing about the next 8 days on the schedule is that we are on stage and that might be a pretty regular schedule. 7-6 everyday?!?! In this business I’d take that anytime. Plus we just had the fucking pointless Day Light Savings time and so at 6-7 PM it’s still light out and it almost feels like a normal job. If that even exist out there. I know so few people with normal jobs out here. Hahaha…Alright you scaly wags let’s get into this shall we?

Today I wanted to address the people who¬†work on the behind the scenes segments that no one but film geeks and people who are bored watch on the Blu-rays and old DVDs. I want to talk about them because I really do think that people outside of our business think that the film crew is in charge of that and nothing is further from the truth. In all actuality in the real world, we plan and dress (set up) the places where the behind the scenes will take place. Meaning that we not only create a fake beautiful world for the film or show that we’re working on we also do if for the “Behind the Scenes” people. They don’t just show up and start filming everything going on. The area on stage that one watches the do interviews on is all set up by us for the Behind the Scenes people. I’ve been on shows where they even place fake old equipment in the background that isn’t even used in the modern-day. I always joke that I have never seen a “Real” Behind the Scene doc. Because if a crew just should up and started filming you would capture moments like you know a random grip coming by farting. People talking during a take. P.As drawing charts of background crossings because they think it matters. A.D’s flipping out because they are behind. Props complaining that the BG is not using the drink table. It would be craziness. So instead we make it all pretty and magical for the viewer.

Another thing that I find funny about the Behind the Scenes Crew or BTS is that usually the shooting Crew for whatever reason always seems unconvinced by them being there. A.Ds in particular love to rave about how crazy them (BTS Crew) being there is going to make our day and more often than not it’s no problem at all. Props will bitch when they ask for chairs, Electric and Grip will bitch that they need to light for them…it’s just becomes this pool of complaining from every department. They whine, like these 6-7 people who are coming to do 4 interviews and take some pictures are going to totally derail all our plans and our production is going to spiral into over budget hell. It’s just another one of those instances that I tell you all about that they choose to have the level of stress peak. It’s almost like they want it to be stressful so that they would have something to solve instead of being bored with the same monotonous shit that they deal with day in and day out. I mean it makes sense because A.D’s are suppose to be problem solvers so maybe they purposely stress themselves out to enjoy their job a bit. I actually work with quite a few people who love to stress themselves out when there is absolutely no reason to. I use to work with this producer that I will one day share some tales about that one day, I shit you not..he walked into the office, day 1 and the first things out of his mouth were “The Shit is about to hit the fan!” He credited this feeling of panic to the fact that he now had to pick up 2 dolly instead of one. The APOC ordered a bigger truck and the problem was resolved in about 10 minutes. But this was a perfect example of what I’m saying. That guy would treat every problem that arose like it was going to meant the end of the production.

On the other side of things. I actually once got to work on a Behind the Scenes Crew and it just so happened that I knew more than half of the Shooting Crew that we went to go film. I had just worked on another show with the crew a few months prior. It was strange to be on the other side but it helped us out because everyone was nicer than usual or at least that’s what the Behind the Scenes Crew said. They joked that they should always bring me along so that people wouldn’t always be angry that they were borrowing everything. I also knew the A.Ds and P.As on this so that helped in the coordinating of it all. Sometimes I feel like ADs are a bit stand offish to other ADs when they are on set. Sort of like a dog protecting their environment. that I think about it crews in general are very protected of their area. Have you ever worked on a show and had a production move close and jump on the walkie. The production that was there first pretends like there’s some rule that says the first one on channel one in any given location is the ruler of the channel and everyone that shows up afterwards can Fuck off. We don’t own or run anything my friends. We just make TV and Movies, stop stressing out so much.

Thanks for reading everyone. I haven’t mentioned it in a bit but I had someone comment on some of my grammar on here and I just wanted to apologize. Listen, I’m not a writer. I’ve said that many times. Sometimes my brain goes faster than I can type and I miss a word here and there and I don’t have anyone that proofreads these fucking things like other stuff on the internet so please, bare with me. I’m trying over here alright? Anyhow, have an excellent week at work or anything you got going on and I’ll talk to you all again on Friday.


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