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I almost started off with Happy Friday, I was ready to start the weekend all over again. That just goes to show you where my heads at. I’m actually about to go on a mini vaca down to Miami for my Abuelas 90th Birthday. 90!! How amazing is that? My Abuela is also one of those people who always tries to find the good in situations and is continually happy. I admire her immensely because of this. I’m still working on the looking for the good in ALL situations part but I have definitely honed in on the just trying to live a happy life. I’m still learning but I will always try to follow in her ways. Alright I can go on about Abuela forever let’s get into this shall we?

The surveillance headset. I’m sure I might be one of the few people who actually enjoy the surveillance headset. Honestly when I first wore them it reminded me of shows like 24. There was a time there that I use to run the mic down a long sleeve shirt or attach it to a rubber band on my wrist so I could go for the mic like Jack Bauer did. Geek Example below:

It also feels like you’re Spider-Man only it doesn’t shoot webs. ALTHOUGH we work in a very creative business, so if anyone manages to make a prototype surveillance headset/Web(Silly String) shooter let me know. I’d be happy to help and market those bad boys. I know those reasons for being a fan of the surveillance headset (SUVHS) might sound childish but you all know very well I’m a fan of movie/tv show/comic and everything else in that realm. What else would you expect? I mean it’s essentially like having a phone on all the time, so yeah I can see how it can get annoying.

Most people hate that blasted thing but I think everyone can agree that nothing is worse than forgetting the SUVHS because if we don’t have a back-up we know we’re going to have to rock the BK headset. If you don’t work in the business this may all seem very odd and probably not at all interesting but the BK headset is short for Burger King Headset. Example below:

I don’t like the BK headset but I’m not as extreme as some people about it. Story TIME! There was once this person I worked with whose SUVHS crapped out in the middle of the day. They did not have a spare and when we offered them a BK headset they replied “No, I’ve never worn one of those during my career and I’m not going to start today.” First, it’s always funny to listen to a another crew person refer to our job as a career. I mean I know it is but it just sounds so professional for a place where everyone is wearing cargo shorts and funny t-shirts. This person though was serious and they did the entire day playing the turn the volume up and down game all day. They missed calls and from the looks of it they were a bit stressed out by it but we can’t tell them what to do. If you don’t want to wear it don’t wear it. I mean it just seemed strange because they were making it sound like they didn’t want to do it because it would damage their image, like they were above wearing a BK headset. These are the moments that I need to remind myself that these are grown boys and girls that I work with, almost adults!

I’ve had to sport the BK at times but after you’ve been in the game for a while one starts to collect old broken headsets. So when one craps out or you forget your number 1 and 2 you can always go to your trusty boneyard of old SUVHS and maybe piece together a functioning one for the day. I’ve done this on multiple occasions. I really do over react and hate myself for a good 10-15 minutes when I realize that I’ve forgotten it though. There’s been times that I drive 10 minutes from the house and remember then have to kick myself in the ass for the remainder of the drive. I always feel like I’m abandoning my trusty old friend, how will I communicate? It’s just frustrating because I don’t have many tools that I need too work so when I forget that one I fail like an asshole.

I remember when I started working back in the day I would work a lot with my roommate/best friend who I grew up and moved out here with. He was also my drinking homie on the weekends and at times we’d lose each other in the bar and I would go for my mic to try and call him. HA! Speaking of which the number of times that I’ve walked into a bar after work with a walkie, a battery or my headset on a few years back was ridiculous. I would just forget I had it on me. I don’t have many of those habits anymore because I’ve slowly weened off them. I’m a 2 walkie type of person so I never use the mic nowadays. I actually find it more of a nuisance now to use the mic if that makes any type of rational sense. I’ve also mentioned that I’m a fan of having 2 mics because then I can listen to if my transmission goes through. It’s also nice because you can tell when people are trying to use the ole “It didn’t transmit” excuse since you most likely would have indeed heard the transmission not in one but 2 walkies. I love that excuse because we all clearly know the other person is lying and we all do it all the time. I try to be honest at times but some people are bothered by the honesty on the radio. Weird. Why can’t we all just have fun and enjoy our job?

Thank you for visiting We’re Not Rolling everyone. I’m going to be honest with you all I’m going out-of-town and we all know that usually means my posts get a little screwy on times OR they don’t happen at all because Life comes before anything and everything, even this blog believe it or not! Have a great rest of your week and if all goes well I’ll be back here Friday with something new if not check back Tuesday.



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