Awesome People And The Shit They Do…

Happy Friday! How is everyone? I had another fantastic week of hanging with my dog and cat. I’m getting a lot of work done on some of my projects which is great. Plus I’ve been learning a bunch of new Adobe programs to work with such as Illustrator and After Effects. YouTube Tutorials can be very handy if you look for the right ones. I will say though I’m considering looking for some day playing days in the weeks coming up. Although I enjoy the time off I think I need a little change of scenery. Some human interaction will do me good, my animals keep looking at me like I’m the guest that over stayed his welcome. What the Fuck? They don’t even pay rent! I have noticed however that cats and dogs sleep a lot. I mean I don’t know what else I thought they did all day when I was gone but holy shit. They put in some serious sleeping hours daily. I’ve joined them for maybe a quarter of them…ok ok..maybe half. ¬†Alright, let’s get into this shall we?

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about some of the amazing side jobs, hobbies, projects and whole other lives in some instances that some of the people I’ve worked with have. I always go on about all the awesome people that make up this business and part of the magic is some of their lives when they leave set. These humans not only create entire worlds for directors and DP’s to shoot tight shots in they do other stuff too! Which in itself is amazing accomplishment when one is working 12-14 hours a day. Did I write about this already? Shit! I’m do far in now let’s just go with it. HA! Back to these folks that work and still manage to maintain a life..They work all day and then somehow with the other 10 or so hours they have left they mange to sleep, eat and handle all the other random but necessities of life plus dedicate time to set hobby. How? I mean I know I myself do it but there’s people out there that really have time consuming hobbies. I know someone who built a house. One of those mobile small homes that now have their own tv show. I’ll have to tell this story soon.

There’s many things I love on this earth and one of them is beer. It’s an acquired taste that took me a while to attain but I fucking love it now. And so one of my favorite hobbies that is becoming more common amongst more people I work with is Beer Brewing. It seems like lately every show that I work will have at least one or two beer brewers. I love beer brewers because they always want folks to taste their beer. Again I myself am a bit of a beer snob so they always offer me a few bottles. Free beer everyone. Yet another one of this industries fabulous attributes. I’ve flirted with the idea of trying to brew beer but I need to hold back on the new taking on of projects for a while and start actually finishing these little jobs I give myself.

I’ve worked with Artist, Photographers, Illustrators and Pilots. Pilots! These guys and gals just head to the airport on their days off and soar through the air. I want to do that too!! I’ve worked with people who specialize in altering cars for drifting purposes (See Fast and Furious Movies) and people who restore classic cars. I haven’t worked in many types of businesses in my life but I really don’t think that any industry has the diversity in shit that people do on their spare time than we do. I mean while our schedule might be insane at times it also does lend itself to give us big chunks of time off at times which isn’t really the case in other fields. I’ve been off for a month now, I don’t have many friends that can say they cane do that. Thanks film business for allowing this time off to explore crazy and new experiences and challenges.

I just worked on a show that was very heavy with musical crew people. It seems like almost everybody at some point or another played some type of instrument in our business. However in this crew there were peeps that were part of a band, group, choir or something in the music world. FUN FACT! I use to rap in high school. I recorded a few songs in a real studio and all. One of the guys I know a few months back actually showed me a few of his music videos that he made with his band back in the days. He told me all the crazy ass stories about performing in bars in clubs all over Los Angeles. Now he’s a teamster. How dope is that? I’ve worked with¬†artist that will perform on the weekends or at times right after work. I’ve gone and watched a few of their shows, it’s incredible. I work with comedians who host or perform shows all over L.A after working 60 hour weeks in Simi Valley. I know someone who runs a farm with live stock and would bring in fresh eggs! Hand knitters (Is that a thing?), 3D Printer enthusiast, coin collectors..the list goes on and on. Just truly special people who have this relentless drive to express themselves in many ways. Valuable, talented and amazing people who make up this business and I just wanted to say that I appreciate you all. I’ll never be able to truly appreciate everything that you all do but know that it is appreciated. How about that another positive post here at WNR. Maybe my days of ranting are over….I highly doubt that but it’s a nice thought.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. Have a great weekend! If you have a friend whose a brewer see if they want to have you come over for a beer tasting day hahaha! Hmmmm..Make sure to come back this and every Monday to check out The Toke Talking Podcast where you can actually watch me stumble to make coherent thoughts as oppose to writing them. Doesn’t that sound entertaining? I sure fucking hope so because I’ve been doing it for a while now. HA! Take care all.


I Think He Took His Wallet…


Hello friends, foes, people I know and people I don’t. How are you doing on this fantastic Friday? I hope you get the reference there in the title. If not, we can’t be friends. We had a pretty sweet week. It definitely didn’t look like it was going to be good when we started with a 9AM Crew Call on Monday but we eventually worked our way back to a 8AM yesterday. We wrapped at 530PM and today we have a 10AM call but projected to be done by 9PM. Pretty great right? Shit anytime I get to Friday and the call isn’t noon I’m a happy camper. That means that tonight we will probably…most likely hit a bar after work and get a little fun in before not only the weekend but before we head into our last week on this show. That is fucking bonkers right now because it feels like we just started this one and now just like that POW it’s about to be over. Anyhow, let’s get into this shall we.

Today’s post is a thank you to someone who really just showed their awesomeness this past week. I know I go on often about all the crazy and ridiculous stuff that happens in this business at times. I know some of the shit I write at times might have some of you just saying “THEN JUST QUIT!!” but as I emphasis enough on here, I love working in this business. I just really enjoy pointing out and laughing at its flaws as well. I think it’s important to be able to laugh at not only yourself but all aspects of your life. Laughter is good for a person. I laugh at the good parts and the bad. Now for those of you that have been following the blog for a while you might have at one point or another read “Goldfolds, Useful or Just Cool…” or it’s follow-up “Return of The GoldFold-er…“. Now without getting to deep into it basically what happen was…I was given a goldfold by an A.D. I then used the thing, didn’t find it useful and wrote about it here at We’re Not Rolling. This guy that I won’t name again that supposedly was one of the first creators of the goldfold then wrote me some angry messages and emails about my…blog post…words on a screen…my how should I say, opinion. This is what lead to writing the follow-up post.

This was what lead me to finding Miracle AD Wallet. I could go on about the company but I’ll just let you check it out for yourself. Plus to an extent, I did that in my 2nd post. The reason I bring them up again is because last week I actually got an email from Kyle LeMire . Kyle is the owner and master mind behind the non-profit company and as I learned from googling him thanks to the power of the inter webs, a seasoned vet in the industry himself. Kyle has been credited as a Actor, Production Manager, Producer, Stage Manager, 2nd Assistant Director, 1st Assistant Director and much more. He has credits dating back to 1993. CSI:NY, Leverage (I LOVE THIS SHOW!), Seeking a Friend for the End of the World are just a few of the gigs he worked on.

Alright back to the email. So Kyle I guess read my blog post and sent me an email requesting my address. I thanked him for getting in contact with me and sent him my address. A few days later I received my very own Miracle A.D wallet in the mail.  Now I won’t sit here and say that my opinion on the actual use of these wallets has now changed because I got one from the guy who should rename nameless business competitor. I still feel the same way as I talked about in my post. And besides that’s not the point of this post. I wanted to write this post as an acknowledgement to show how 2 very different people who own similar companies handled the situation of someone online talking about their product. I wanted to write this post to say thank you very much to Kyle LeMire for being one of the great parts of this business that I love so much. Kyle while I’m still not a fan of these wallets I will use yours on set as a conversation starter to send more people to your amazing product. It’s been in my pocket since I got it and I’ve already had quite a few people ask me about it. See the people that like the A.D wallet will always like the A.D wallet. I would never try to change someone’s mind about that. I really love what you’ve done with your company. It’s awesome to see people giving back instead of just taking all the time. Thank you so much again for the gift and I hope to one day meet and/or work with you on something.

Thanks for reading everyone. I know this one was a bit short but I think you can understand due to the content. Make sure to come back this and every Monday to check out The Toke Talking Podcast and no matter what make sure you have an excellent weekend. Make the most of it, I don’t want to hear non of this “It was Short!” shit on Monday. Take care all.


I Miss Theme Fridays…

Happy Tuesday everyone! How was everyones Super Bowl weekend? How about that game huh? Holy shit, that was an epic!! Continue reading “I Miss Theme Fridays…”