Little Boxes…

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Happy Halloween!!…

Again because it’s awesome HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! How are you fellow We’re Not Rolling Ghouls, Goblins and Witches? Although sadly I doubt you will see many of those classics anymore. I mean when’s the last time you saw someone at work dress up as a ghoul? Continue reading “Happy Halloween!!…”

MEDIC! Non Emergency…

Happy Tuesday everyone! How was your weekend? Do you remember it or is it a distant foggy drunk memory? I actually did get out to a bar this weekend for a few beers. I don’t drink much anymore so a “few” is usually only 2 but they were delicious. Beer, the drink of the gods. HAHAHA! Continue reading “MEDIC! Non Emergency…”

They Call It Per Diem, I Call It Free Money…

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Everyone Has One…

Hello, welcome to We’re Not Rolling everyone! How are you? If you live in L.A it’s been quite hot as of late. I’ve been fortunate enough to not really have to deal with it because I’ve been off. If I get too hot I just go jump in the pool for a little while and cool down. Continue reading “Everyone Has One…”

That Time We…

Happy Friday!! Welcome to We’re Not Rolling, I’m your host Bob Barker. No, that’s not true. Here’s a funny story about Bob Barker though. When I moved here from Sunny/Rainy Florida to Sunny/Never Rainy (Till this year) California we drove across country and stopped at both, big known cities like Vegas and some less known random ass cities. Well when we were looking on the map to get here…yes were still in map times then…we came across a city named Truth or Consequences. They call it “T or O” for short…I don’t know why because I would love to tell people “I’m from Truth or Consequences.” Do you know what a great conversation starter that would always be? It sounds so bad ass. Anyhow the city is in New Mexico and was originally named ‘Hot Springs’ but then changed its name when Ralph Edwards the host of the quiz radio show ‘Truth or Consequences’ announced they would air their 10th anniversary from the first city to change their name to that of the shows. Hot Springs had that honor. So long story longer, Bob Barker was also a host on that show and this entire town has Bob Barker stuff EVERYWHERE!! Pretty cool if you like that type of stuff. Alright, let’s get into this shall we?

I haven’t told a story here in a while and this one popped up when I was thinking so here we are. Now for those of you that have been reading the blog for a while you may know that I had the absolute pleasure of working on the taken to soon from us Muppets TV show that ABC attempted to deliver to the world. You can read more about my time there on this post as well “What Do You Mean We Got Cancelled” if you’d like. We got to make 17 awesome episodes that to date I still consider one of the most creative jobs I’ve been a part of. I’ve worked on a ton of different shit but it truly was magic to see these Muppets actually come to life in front of me. Alright let me stop geeking out because it’s all I can do anytime I think of working on this because it was just amazing. So much fun and so many great memories.

So many memories in fact that here is yet another one. The show was mainly all filmed on stage or on the lot. We did not venture out often but when we did you can bet your ass that we caused a ruckus because well, it’s the fucking MUPPETS. Who doesn’t know and love the Muppets? I mean you just have to be a terrible person. Moving on, I forget the day because well…that was a while ago but when I read the callsheet it said that we were going to be filming a scene with Fozzie driving. I thought, cool we’re probably going to drive up and down the back lot or some small side street somewhere. However when I looked at the location it read the 101. Hahaha! Alright for those of you that don’t live in L.A, the 101 is one of our major Freeways/Highways. Needless to say I was excited as a pig in shit to watch this get filmed because who the hell wouldn’t?

We got all our shit together, everyone loaded up and we headed out of the studio. Now as some of you that work in the business would assume we had the car on a process trailer. Which for the non combatants can best be described as a platform in which you load the car on and then pull with truck. The platform has 3 additional feet of flooring around the car so the crew can move around, light and place the camera to film the scene.

Pretty cool huh? This is not my picture, I just googled process trailer. Don’t sue me photo owner. HA! Back to the tale… As we are pulling out of the lot the best transmission request came across the radio. “Hey everyone if we can avoid people in other cars taking pictures let’s try to let them know.” HAHAHAHA! I just thought, there was about to be a parade of 4 police officers, 3 vans and a truck pulling a platform with 10-15 people on it with lights and cameras everywhere and oh yeah FOZZIE THE BEAR DRIVING A OPEN TOP CAR ON THE FREEWAY. If I was driving by I would probably pull over to take pictures and then run after the parade let alone was I going to be able to signal to other drivers from my van not to take pictures. I know that the request was said with a not serious at all tone but I just wanted to share that because it was hilarious. Honestly I could be running away from the police in a car chase and if I saw Fozzie driving I would stop to take a picture. It was just as amazing to be a part of as one can imagine and it’s one of my fondest memories of not only that show but my time in this business . When you’re around it all the time you become numb to the magic but then there are always instances like this that make you feel like a kid again and remind you why you work in this crazy business.

That’s it folks! Another week in the books here at We’re Not Rolling. Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out another post here. Make sure to come back and listen to The Toke Talking Podcast on Monday or listen to past episodes all right here on the site. If podcast aren’t your thing then I’ll have a NEW post up here Tuesday. Have an excellent weekend and be good to one another.


That Time I Died…

Hello and welcome to We’re Not Rolling. If you’re new here your visit comes complete with a posts some good, some great, some bad (I’m sure), some sad but the one constant I try to maintain is to keep you (The Reader) laughing. I think it’s a crazy business (Film Industry) and needed a place to share the madness and so this blog was born. Those of you that are reoccurring visitors here, thanks for coming back! How was everyone’s weekend? Loud and Crazy or Quiet and Peaceful? I’m a fan of both and try to get a healthy dose of each every weekend. Although I must say there hasn’t been much crazy lately. I can’t control the ‘loud’ part, I’m always loud, I’m Cuban. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

As you know is the routine here I always try to come up with a funny, witty title. You know sort of like the news does ALTHOUGH I really feel they should not. I don’t think news outlets or newspapers should try to come up with clever titles when the matter is serious because I think it fucks with some people. Whatever, I’m not going to get into that here point is I have never died in real life but I did play a dead guy on camera and that’s the story I’m here to share. I might have shared some stories from my time on the show ‘The Bridge’ for FX on here but honestly I don’t remember. This was the only show that I was there from the pilot till Season 2 when they got cancelled. Not only that but I was also 1 of 4 crew member wise (Not including above the line folks) that made it from the pilot to the actual crew on Season 1 so that was pretty cool too. I know that may sound strange to people out there that might not work in this world. One would think that the crew that works on the pilot would automatically work on the show as well but most the time this is not the case because the time in between when the Pilot is filmed in relation to the beginning of Season 1 at times is months even years in between and people who worked on the pilot can’t just hang around waiting. The reason I bring this up is because I think it’s the reason I was considered to be the dead guy.

I built a really good relationship with the Producers and Creators on this show after being together so long and I actually popped up on the show 2 other times as well. Definitely didn’t get as much Camera time as my car, that sucker was in that show a bunch of times. Hahaha! I’m not an Actor and if it was anything where I was going to have to speak I probably would’ve passed but I was all game when they asked me if I wanted to play a dead person. The scene took place in an underground cave in Mexico in a hidden chamber sort of place. We weren’t in Mexico obviously, this was all built on a sound stage. In the scene one of the lead actors sneaks in and discovers 3 bodies at a table that seem to have been involved in either a poker game gone wrong or some type of Russian Roulette. I was playing Body 1!

As you can see from the pictures, I was laid out on the table, brain spattered everywhere with a golden gun still in my hand. The actor would come in and take the gun out of my hand and continue on his way.

This was so fucking cool to do. I loved every fucking minute of it. I’ve always been a fan of FX makeup and it was awesome to see them apply all that stuff on me. I loved it so much that I actually kept it on for most the day and went around every where playing dead as you can tell from the second set of photos. I contemplated going home like that and playing dead in my living room when my roommate came home but I thought I might give her a heart attack so I decided against it. I’m still torn about that decision just because it also would’ve been very, very funny and you know damn well I would’ve recorded it. Hahaha!

The question I get all the time is if I was nervous and I can honestly say I really wasn’t…I mean I was playing dead on a table. Who hasn’t played dead before? I will however say that I was worried about breathing too much. I think if I was nervous I probably would’ve shook or something. I know the first time we did it I was definitely breathing too much because I had no reference to the timing of when the camera would land on me so I fucked it up. After the first take I knew exactly what the actors actions and the cameras were so I was able to time my slow breathing when the camera was on me. Damn! Now in hindsight, I’m so happy I wrote this story because it just reminded me about how much fun that was. As I said before I’m not an actor and never dreamt of being one but you can’t help but geek out a little when you see yourself on television. I’ve been put in a couple of scenes on a couple shows while I’ve been working in the business but this was by far the most personal. I mean as you can tell from the pictures the camera got right in my face and that was the shot they used. A lot of times you do these little cameos and they get scrapped in the editing room but this one made it in and I will forever be thankful for the memory.

Thanks for popping by and reading another post here at We’re Not Rolling ladies and gents. I appreciate all of you! Please make sure to Subscribe and if you have any Stories, Rants, Tips or anything Film Industry related that you would like to share on here please let me know in the comments or email me directly. Have a great week and I’ll be back to ramble again on Friday.


An Easy Job Made Tougher…

Happy Tuesday! How’s it going? Everyone have a nice weekend? The weather has been fucking insane out here in La La Land..Which I want to say that I enjoyed saying till the blasted Movie came out. Yeah I said “Blasted”. Now it seems like I’m just saying it because of the movie which is bullshit. I haven’t seen that flick but if it doesn’t deal with the insanity that is Los Angeles and all its looney inhabitants then they’re misusing that nick name in my opinion. Is it called La La because they sing? I’m going to continue to ask questions on here till I get some answers and if not hopefully I’ll have answers to them when I read this crazy thing in a few years. Alright enough ramble let’s get into this shall we?

Today’s topic came to me when my roommate referred to a scene in the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie to a real life experience he had on set. This is not a spoiler. However I won’t explain it just in case you’re freaking out. Instead I’ll tell my buddies story and those of you that have seen the film can make the connection. SO, he was on set a couple of weeks ago and someone asked him to get some tape. He decided like many to go to the closest person who had tape and ask for some. Little did he know that this is the film industry and things that at times would seem very simple are made incredibly tough for unforeseen reasons by for a lack of a better term, crazy people. My roommate asked the guy if he could take some tape and then came the questions. What’s it for? Who’s it for? The guy ended up not giving him the tape and instead sending him to someone else who had the same type of tape but for his department. Tape. Fucking. Tape. He wasn’t even asking for a roll, just a piece. Why are there people like this in our circus everyone? How do they continue to work?

I’ve worked with a lot of people who will come up with the toughest way to do a simple task. When I started working a few years ago I would be hesitant to say anything because of the chain of command and all that but after a while I just found it too annoying to deal with. It’s not fun to work harder than we have to because someone who lacks planning skills to achieve an easy task got placed into a position a power. It’s rarely anything big, it’s usually small tiny shit. For example here’s a great one. I always have people come up to me to ask if I’ve seen someone. Now this is a normal question that I get asked often. I’m all about efficiency at work. I feel a lot of us in this business preach this but don’t really follow it. When someone comes to me looking for someone my immediate solution as should be everyone’s is to get on my walkie and ask. This is the fastest way to find this person for you because it maximizes all my resources. Which is everyone that is listening. With their help hopefully I can find this person for you in a matter of seconds if not minutes. HOWEVER what happens way more often than it should is as I go for my mic they will stop me and say..”NO! Don’t ask on the radio.” Alright let’s think about this for a minute here and what this person is REALLY asking me to do by taking this action. They didn’t just come to ask me to HELP them find someone for them they came to ask me TO find someone for them. Which I say..What the Fuck man? Look if you have something personal to say to someone then you go look for them. You don’t ask for assistance. Efficiency.

Here’s a great story of quite a few people making a very predictable and simple situation tougher than it would’ve been. I worked on a Music Video out in Venice Beach and we were filming close to the water. As the day went along and equipment moved all over the place the last place it landed before the crew walked 100 yards away from it to get set up for a sunset shot was a little too close to where the tide was starting coming in. We walkied the crew and told them of the pressing matter to which they responded “It’ll be fine, this shot will be quick.” Well it wasn’t quick and that tide started coming in real fast. So fast in fact that before we knew it there was 5 people with shovels trying to dig a ditch to catch the water before it got to the equipment as 5 other people rushed to move all the equipment while everyone else on the crew continued to work on this sunset shot because kinda only get one. HA! It was literally one of the first times that I felt I was fighting mother nature. Here she was trying to bring in the tide and 5 of us relentlessly digging a moat to try to stop her fury. Hahahaha! That was a very fun sentence to write. This is the type of shit that happens in our business at times. If they would’ve just listened to the warning and moved everything we would’ve avoided this madness. I mean I guess there’s madness everywhere. It’s the people. There always seems to be some dimwit in charge that got the job because of who they know, who they are related to or just has money and bought their position and as the “Employee” I feel we don’t speak up at times. We just follow the madness blindly. I mean hell, it’s happening in the White House right now. Come on we all know it.

Look I know we all like and want to lead but being a good leader also entails using the people around you and their strengths. There’s always going to be a better way to do something, that’s how we evolve. Let’s stop letting our egos get in the way and try to accomplish the task using all our resources instead and stop making more work for ourselves and others. My apologies, I’ve been watching a lot of 80’s cartoons that had those positive messages at the end and I think that’s why I keep wrapping up these things on these strange positive notes. I’m sorry everyone I’m not trying to teach you anything here. If I’ve learned anything it’s that everyone is going to do whatever they want. I just want to bring you something to think about that will hopefully make you laugh the next time you see it happen.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out another entry here at We’re Not Rolling. We hope you enjoyed your stay and hope that you come back to check us out not only today but every TUE and FRI for NEW and funny posts. If you’re really adventurous make sure to pop over on MONDAYS and check out The Toke Talking Podcast. A show I host where I TALK about working in the business amongst many other topics as oppose to writing about it. It’s mixed in there so if you’re film industry talked out don’t worry the podcast has plenty more to offer. Alright people, have a great week and I’ll write to you all again on FRI.


Just When I Thought I Was Out…

Happy Friday!! How was your week? Are you glad it’s almost over? I’m actually typing this up at 3AM L.A time TODAY (Friday). I’m usually a little better at making my Thur deadline for an early Friday morning post but every now and then I have real life situations or activities that interfere with that said deadline. Yesterday I had the awesome opportunity to go and finally check out The Dudes Brewery in Torrance where a good friend of mine has been working now for a year or so after leaving the Film Industry. Yeah believe it or not everyone there is actually people who get out of this crazy world we all work in and successfully made the jump to a totally different profession. That’s what today’s post is all about so let’s get into this shall we?

I think at some point or another everyone that works in this business has contemplated just calling it quits and trying out a different line of work. I believe the same can be said for anyone working anywhere really. I was a cook for 5 years prior to going to film school and getting into this business. I had a lot of great times but I remember by the end of those 5 years coming to the conclusion that I never wanted to work in another kitchen again. I’ve always said that no matter how much you enjoy or love doing anything, if you do it enough you’re bound to grow tired of it eventually. That includes stuff that one my do recreationally as well. I love snowboarding but if I did it everyday it might lose its appeal. Repetition in general can cause boredom and unfortunately our business is no different. A lot of people who don’t work in the industry have this misconception that everyday on set there’s a new adventure awaiting us all as we stumble onto stage as all type of ridiculous hours. I’m not saying I haven’t lived through some great adventures on set because well…if I had not I doubt I would be writing this blog…it’s kind of the point. I’m just stating that it’s not always as fun as they make it look on those Behind The Scenes Blu-ray extras.

I’ve actually known of quite a few people who have left the business and gone on to bigger and better things. Funny enough a lot of those people have gravitated towards the alcohol business. As I said above I have a friend that I use to work with that finally called it quits last year and got himself a job at a brewery. He always loved beer and brewing and after I forgot how many years in the business he decided to give into his true passion…or maybe his next passion. Who’s to say he might not get tired of beer as well and find something else to pursue. I think that’s how a lot of us work. We need to keep learning and progressing and that means developing new interests and therefor forming new passions. His last day was also quite epic as he won a very large 5 dollar day bucket. The day and timing couldn’t have been better written if it was in one of the shows or movies we work on.

I also have 2 other ex fellow crew peeps, one of which opened his own bar and another one that actually opened his own brewery. “A Simple Bar” and “Lincoln Beer Company” respectively. If you guys live or are visiting L.A you should definitely check out both. I do find it amusing that all three of these guys went into the booze business. I always joke that this business drives people to drink and here these guys actually got into making and distributing alcoholic beverages. Now that I think about it there is actually quite a few brewers that I work with or at least people who consider themselves brewers. It’s certainly an interesting field that I can see how one can become involved with. I mean who doesn’t like drinking? Besides those that don’t of course, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with you…I’m just saying you’re not like the rest of us and we shall judge you every time you don’t drink. Hahahaha! I’m totally messing around everyone, I myself must say have drastically pulled back my drinking the last couple of years.

I think it’s the hours that make people find a different profession after working the film industry for a while. I know I’ve written about it quite a bit on here from time to time. It is just a lot to ask of a person when one actually breaks down the hours. I believe that most businesses work on an 8-10 hour work day for everyone. Let’s just say 10 for argument sake, if you work 5 days a week that’s 50 hours a week. There’s only 120 hours in a 5 day span and we work minimums of 12 hour days. That means that this business can soak up 60 plus hours our lives per week. Once you account for driving time into that I think one can see how someone can grow tired of this industry after just a few years. I think it’s just too much to ask at times. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked on the shows I have over the last 2-3 years that for the most part kept it to 12 hour days but that’s really a rare case. Most shows go well over their planned 12 hours everyday.

I can’t say that I too one day won’t follow along with all these free birds that have made it out of the business. I really do love working in the industry but like I’ve said before I love life a lot more. I got into this business because I believed that I wanted to be part of the hollywood system. I thought that I would like to work in the studios as a director and just go around town directing different episodes of all these shows like many directors in this town do. The longer I’m in the game though the less I believe that is what I want. I’m a very stubborn person at times and I think the mass amount of cooks in the kitchen that surround a weekly director on a TV show would make me bananas. While I understand that film making is a collaboration of several peoples work I also think people should try to stick to their so-called job on a set at times. I feel that writers, producers, show runners, network execs will at times step on the directors toe’s since they are usually only there to direct that one episode. While I understand that the higher-ups on shows at times have a better understanding of how the show should run as oppose to the visiting director I just find at times the director is more of a voice for them than actually working independently on his vision of it. I’m just an observer at this point and this assessment can be wrong but I know from what I’ve seen at times that directing tv shows for the networks might not be a goal of mine. I’m not saying I wouldn’t give it a try if given the opportunity. I’m just saying from the outskirts it doesn’t look like my cup of tea. I’d rather fund or try to find funding for something I’d like to direct myself instead of directing someone else’s vision with them watching and co-directing over my shoulder. Just direct then…why not? I’ve worked with several writers that really should just direct the episode but instead sit at village basically directing through the “Director”. Is it because it’s tough to make that change? I’m asking anyone out there that may know. I’m not in the writing world but is that a tough sell for writer’s? This business has a nag for labeling you with a certain job title that is tough at times to break away from because change is scary…HA! As an example I know several 1st A.D’s that want to direct and have shared stories of how they have to keep mentioning it to the network and higher-ups to take a chance and let you direct an episode. They told me they do extensive interviews and meetings. I get it, it’s a business. However I would love to know if writer’s too face this challenge if they would elect to direct an episode or is it easier for them if anyone out there knows and would like to share their knowledge in the comments.

That’s it, That’s the post for today everyone. Thanks for once again stopping by to check out the madness. I just wanted to share some success stories with all of you in case you had a rough week and are once again contemplating maybe just not going in on Monday…or ever! I know it’s scary to think about a career change the longer a person has dedicated to said job but that fear should not control you folks. It’s never too late to try something different so if you have a calling I say go for it! So motivational today huh? Look at me being all positive…HA! That’s because I’m on vacay. We’ll see if that positivity remains intact when I start working again. Have a great weekend and make sure to come back on Monday to listen to a NEW episode of The Toke Talking Podcast.



I’m In Pursuit…


Happy Tuesday everyone! How was your Monday? We had a 2 PM crew call today so I’m still lounging at home and will most likely be late to work. I find that any calletime beyond 9AM is very tough for me to make because I always miscalculate how long it’s going to take me to get there at that time. I do keep track of traffic all day like I do with morning calls. I constantly check my Waze app but for whatever fucking reason if I’m late it’s usually because I had a late call. I’m a morning person. I know you don’t hear that often from many or might even think that I’m making it up but it’s true. I function very well in the AM. I don’t know why I’m wired that way but I think I always have been. I’ve told all of you before I love early calls. I wish my calletime was eternally 630AM. I would be in heaven. HA! Anyhow let’s get into this shall we?

I don’t know when was the last time I told a story on here and I could go back and look but would it really matter? SO this is another tale that takes place back when I started in this business. I worked on a ton of Music Videos when I first got in the circus. I believe last I counted it was something like 50-60 of them to give you a rough estimate. I would work on them 7 days a week. Although most videos would just film for a day I would also pick up all the equipment the day prior and then drop it off the day after filming. I was averaging about 3 days per video. I’m not a teamster. Every music video I worked on was non-union so it was always the PA’s that did all the equipment pickup. This was nice because it gave you 2 other full paid days in which you’re only working 6-8 hours. I remember having days where I’d have all the equipment dropped off by like 11AM after starting at 7AM. That’s a 4 hour for $150-$200. This is where as a P.A you make up all the shitty rates you’ve worked for before. Moving on…

Well I doubt it matters now because it was so long ago and I could mention the name but would that help the story? I don’t think so! Let’s just say this was a music video for an R-n-B artist. Our basecamp/crew parking was right in the middle of hollywood at one of those corner lots that are only gated by chained post. The music video had a scene that was going to feature several dogs scheduled to film after lunch. I forget how many dogs we had that day but I know that the wrangler showed up in a big emptied out 15 Pass Van. It was at least 5-6 dogs, big dogs as well. It’s was one of those “look how tough and cool I am, I own all this and run the streets” type of music videos so the wrangler didn’t bring a van full of teacup Yorkie puppies. The guy showed up right before we broke for lunch, parked his van and walked over to set which was across the street to meet with the director. They met up, started chatting about the shot and the rest of the crew broke for lunch. All was well…or so we thought!

We were about half way through our 45 minute lunch when all of a sudden a transmission came over the radio “Someone just jumped in the dog wranglers van and drove off with the dogs!” We can hear in his hyperventilating voice that he was serious. At times we miss around on the walkie but it’s easy to tell when shit is really going down. It was one of the P.A’s that had not only seen a guy jack the car but then ran to his car and chased the guy out of the lot. The P.A stayed on the walkie giving us directions as to where the van was going as it weaved around traffic in hollywood. As I can remember it did not take long for the police to catch the guy and return the van…I mean it’s Hollywood…it’s always crowded. I was surprised he got out of the lot. We later found out that all he did was cut one of the unbreakable guarding chains to get out but how crazy is that shit? I wish I would’ve recorded the walkie transmission as it was going on because it was like listening to an actual police chase…only this one was happening on channel 1. That is still one of the coolest events that I ever listened to on the walkie.

I love telling this story because not only is it insanely almost to outrageous to have actually happen but because I love that this guys first thought was to chase this guy down. I don’t remember who the guy was. That was many moons and several bowls ago. I really hope that they gave that guy a big promotion or something after that because I won’t lie to you fine people out there, this guy right here would Never. EVER. EEEEVER do that. I would not risk myself for a job. I’m sorry if that sounds selfish or that I’m not committed but honestly I don’t give a shit. Anything could’ve happen in that chase. Let’s say that P.A gets in a wreck. That would be terrible. I’ll never play hero for work. I’ll play hero to save someone that’s in danger at work but for a van full of dogs not so much. I would’ve just jumped on channel 1 said they stole the van gave a description and hoped they caught him. Hahahaha!

Thanks for stopping by once again for a laugh folks! Please fellow readers, friends, if you have a story or something that you would like to share here at We’re Not Rolling send it my way. I’ve mentioned it before and I’m trying to make it more of a routine to bring it up in every post. I always intended for this blog to be a place where we could ALL share stories not just my madness. No one outside of the film industry really knows or understands some of the insanity that occurs at times and I wanted a place where we could share those tales and have them documented. So share share share everyone. Have a great rest of your week. Don’t work to hard it’s only entertainment.