I’m Not Doing That…

Friday everyone. It’s finally Friday. Another week of film making in the books that most likely ran about 10 hours over because we’re stubborn and won’t settle for less than 12 hours of work. That’s the normality we choose to continue to embrace. Why? Continue reading “I’m Not Doing That…”

Living The Dream…

Happy FriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiDAY!!! We made it! Another small life repetitive triumph. You know every Friday that I write that on all my social media platforms “Happy Friday” “Cheers to Friday” some corny crap like that before I take a break from it all on the weekend, I think…”People that work on the weekend must really, REALLY hate that phrase. Continue reading “Living The Dream…”

Booked Vs. Hold

Happy Tuesday! How are you? How have you been? Did you start off with a good Monday or one that is already making you count down to Friday? I’m still enjoying the luxury of being unemployed. My days and nights have been filled with poolside lounging, bar hopping, photography sessions and lots and lots of naps. HA! It’s really been mentally relieving to just catch up to life and not have to work about reporting anywhere for work for a while. I can get use to this type of work year, work 9 months and take off 3. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? I’m getting close to accomplishing that this year. Hmmmmm. Let’s get into this shall we?

Alright everyone, so today I wanted to talk about the difference between being placed on hold and actually being booked on a job AND how I try to maintain some sort of loyalty. I thought of this topic because a good friend of mine was telling me that this A.D had gotten upset with him because he had backed out of a job. My first question as is always anytime anyone falls into this particular situation is “Were you booked or on hold?” As one can assume this happens a lot from my stating that I always ask this in response. I ask because for those of you not in the business at times someone will call you and tell you to hold particular days for them because they may have work for you but are waiting to hear if the job is official. Sometimes that doesn’t work out and they release you or other times you get called for something that is certain and wants to BOOK you as oppose to hold you. In many of these cases it’s always safe to say you should take the work that’s guaranteed because well..one needs to make a living. That I can recall I’ve never heard of anyone getting upset with someone backing out of a hold but I can see someone getting upset by it but we do work with quite a few unreasonable egotistical lunatics. I don’t agree with this because we are all freelancers and we all need to understand that guaranteed work will most likely always supersede possible work. It would be selfish for that person to expect you to wait in uncertainty instead of taking a job that’s guaranteed.

Now what I don’t find ok is when someone backs out of a job that you were booked on already and in this situation I can understand someones anger. This is exactly what my friend did. He was booked on a gig and got called for a better gig and jumped off. I wrote a post on here about loyalty in this business and while I feel that most people are only loyal to themselves I still like to believe that there are some people out there that actually have some type of rules that they abide by as to at least try to be loyal in some sense of the word. Look I get it, I know that when one is grinding and one gets booked on a gig for 3 days and then gets a call for a gig that’s 5 days that extra money is very tempting. However I will argue this, if you burn that bridge you might also in turn burn any other bridges that this person would’ve helped you build. SO thinking of how this situation may play out in the future the extra money that you just burned a bridge for would’ve probably easily been made up by another job from this person or someone who they referred you to. Make sense?

When I first started working I remember running into this problem and also hearing about it all the time. I mean if you freelance its bound to happen at some point or another. When I learned about this I decided that I was going to make a rule so that I would never have to deal with this stressful moment. I don’t want people to get agree at me and I don’t want to disappoint anyone that I respect and like working for. So what I decided was that if I booked a job, that was the job I was going to do. If I got a call after I booked that gig that for a gig that ran a few days longer I would try to jump on for the extra days they had but I would otherwise pass on the job. Anytime I tell this to most people their argument is always that I’m losing money but I know that’s not the case. I’ve been doing this for a long time everyone. If you miss out on some days here and there more often than not you will make up those days somewhere else on another gig. I know it’s tough to think that way and it’s scary because one always thinks how about if no work comes at all but come on everyone, we know that’s not the case. Work always comes along. If you’re new in the business you definitely should take all the work you can till you have a good size circle of people who can keep you employed. By no means should you be turning down work when you’re just getting your feet wet. I mean don’t go or do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing but at the beginning it’s key to work with as many people and as many styles of projects be it tv, film commercials..whatever. I’ve worked on work out videos, army recruitment videos, make a wish projects. It’s really a gigantic world out there.

I will be honest till this day I have to meet anyone who has such a rule like this. Everyone I know for the most part will deal with the stressful angry person or burning of the bridge to get out of the job over losing money. I’ve told you all before my feelings about money so maybe that’s why it’s easy for me to say no and abide by this rule. I’ve just never been someone to praise money. It’s great and can make things easy but like I’ve said many a times, I prefer my sanity over money. I will rather work on something where I’m going to learn and enjoy my time there as oppose to somewhere where I’m going to be stressed out the entire time and getting paid twice as much. I don’t know what to tell you, that’s just how I work.

Thanks for reading fellow reader and Hey here’s some awesome news everyone We’re Not Rolling now has its own Facebook Page that you can check out, like and follow HERE. Yep from here on out one can just jump on the new FB page and check out not only my blog post every TUE and FRI but also some exclusive content that I will feature solely on the Page. Have a great week folks and I’ll be back to ramble again with ya’ll on Friday.


You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play…

Happy Tuesday everyone! How are you? How’s life treating you? I started work yesterday after a 2 week hiatus and I must say. I kind of missed it…Ok..maybe I’m full of shit. Continue reading “You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play…”