Assisting The Assistant…

Happy Tuesday! How is everyone doing this week so far? I actually started a show last Wednesday and started typing this up as I locked up downstairs. I wrote those first 2 sentences 2 weeks ago. I seriously need to manage my time on this blog better. Luckily the topics never are really outdated so lets carry on. I just wrapped up an 8 day pilot and now I’m unemployed again as we all are once our gigs wrap up. The pilot was a blast. We had a few long days, a night and it was all in the desert but overall a great experience. There was certainly minor changes I would make if I was given control over those problems and did the gig over but I don’t have a time machine or care that much. On to the next one! As the great Jay-Z would say. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

Directors, Producers, Writers Assistants or any other type of personal assistant in which you are in charge of a specific person or persons, this post is exclusively for you….and anyone else that wants to read it but you get what I’m saying. This post may even lend itself to assistants in other fields. When your boss (You know, the person who you’re “assisting”) asks for anything, it is YOUR responsibility to get it. That is why you were hired. At least that what I thought the job always entailed. Am I Right? I mean I can be wrong here and if I am someone please correct me but from my understanding an assistant is there to assist the person with ANYTHING they need. I know nothing about being an assistant because I’ve never been one but I would assume if I was to go into the job blindly I would expect that my job would include assisting this person with anything they needed. I wouldn’t assume that I got to pick and choose what I wanted to do and what I felt like getting someone else to do for my boss. If an assistant is constantly asking others to do something they are being asked for then who is the assistant here? You don’t have an assistant, assistant. Your boss does and that’s you. At times and some individuals may think that they’re above everyone else because they’re assisting some big name person but please allow me to burst that bubble and let you know that you are not. In most people’s eyes you are basically a personal P.A. Sure you may have that big heads ear but in reality no one cares. That should never let you feel entitled to take advantage of others and have others do your job. I think a person should try to stay as humble as possible in this business especially when given these assistant roles. I think some assistants let this title get to their heads and instead of thinking their assisting they start to think that they are more of an extension of the person they are assisting. They seem to think that when they are asked for something that their job is to find someone else to take care of it. Trust me everyone you work with will be a lot more helpful and welcoming if you don’t come in asking and requesting things before so much as an introduction which I see happen often. Assistants assume that because their boss requests something that everyone else must drop what they are doing and that’s just unrealistic. Most people will not be very helpful when an assistant runs up to them demanding things get done because their boss asked them for it. While it may be a big deal to you that you are working for this person and choose to run around like a chicken with its head cut off anytime they ask you for something typically no one else will care that much. Relax, breathe and get yourself in order. There’s no need to get all flustered anytime your asked for something.

Now, I’m not trying to shit on the assistant position. I mean honestly I want an assistant job. I think I would be excellent at it and I think that’s a great way to get to that position. If you want to direct I believe assisting a director is a better route to directing than doing it all on your own and hoping someone sees your work. One crappy aspect of being an assistant though is that the title most times already comes with its own negative feelings and thoughts from others on the crew. This is because assistants in general have given the position a bad rep. Assistants are also most times are viewed as part of the producers and associated with all the other above the line folk which when you are below the line you resent because well…Fuck the MAN right? The studio and producers are always the MAN. So at times crew will have a not so friendly tone towards assistants. Which is bullshit. It’s like the shit attitude and unreasonable harsh feelings that crew people have towards the background. I’ve written about it, check it out here: Why Does Everyone Hate The Background

I’ve worked with great assistants and I’ve worked with terrible ones that honestly I felt went home everyday and cried themselves to sleep because they just couldn’t seem to do anything right. I’ve worked with very smart assistants and ones that I was amazed they remembered to keep breathing to not die. I’ve worked with assistants that never asked for any help whatsoever and others that literally would get off their director chair to ask someone to do the task they were asked for and then return to sitting down next to their boss. A parrot could easily have accomplished the same. I’m not stating that I would never help if they needed assistance but if the person they’re assisting asks for a water then that is their responsibly to get them that water not to look for a someone to get them the water for their boss. I will gladly point them in the direction of the water but it’s on them to get it and take it to their boss. I’m always willing to help you if you need assistance but NEVER and I mean NEVER should you ask someone else to handle a task that your boss asked you, the assistant to do. Unless your busy with something else in which case at least have the decency to tell the person your asking to get this done for you so you don’t look like a lazy shit. If your boss is the one that is telling you to ask someone else to do it then you should take the initiative to say “No, I can take care of it. That’s why you hired me.” I want to make it extremely clear to all the assistants out there that may be reading this. Don’t think for a second that when you try to pull these stunts about getting others to do the work that you’ve been hired for that we all don’t talk to one another and discuss what a piss poor job you are doing. We actually go out of our way to make sure every single person on that shoot knows exactly how useless you are. Granted that probably wouldn’t do much since the person in power is typically who hired you but why be an asshole? We’re all here to help one another so let’s do so instead of trying to pile all the work on any one person or persons.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I know it’s been a slow year. There’s a lot of shit going on in my life and sadly some of that is procrastination and laziness at times but I’m working on it. I appreciate everyone that continues to read these and I hope that I don’t let you down too often. Have a splendid rest of your week and till next time.


FaceBook Pet Peeves…

Holy toledo!!! Look at this shit!! I finally got my shit together (for the moment) and managed to write a post on Friday. If you follow the blog often you’d may have noticed my Friday post gradually disappeared over the last few months. I wish I could say that I just haven’t had time to write it but that would be a total fucking lie. I have just been a lazy shit and not written one. I also keep going back and forth on the idea of branching out and writing about all topics instead of just the Film Industry. This too has been something that if you follow the site you may have noticed I’ve written about numerous times. However today I decided that I’m just going to commit. The Friday Post from here on out will not be connected to the Film Industry. I mean it may in some ways but for the most part they will be post just like this one. Random as FUCK!!! They will all be under the F.I.F (Fuck it Friday) submenu till further notice. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

Oh FaceBook, you’re such an odd medium and tool for people. Personally I’m still a newb to all these social media platforms. I’ve only existed in the social realm for a little over 2 years. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for people who have been on these things for 10 plus years. That’s 10 years of your life that you have voluntarily shared with the world. That’s insane. I mean think about the time before FB. There was no platform to share all your experiences and life with all of your family simultaneously. Unfortunately I think I may have missed out on all the fun-loving caring sharing that was going on when this thing first started and that I see all the time on that new FB commercial. I came in once all the negative terrible trolling and bullshit started polluting in it seems. I wish I could say that when I scroll through my feed of family and friends all I see is THEIR photos, videos, personal thoughts, messages, things they created…be it a poem, a song, a know things that are personal to them and that they want to share with others, but it’s not. All day long all I do is scroll through a sea of stuff they all shared from somewhere else. Everyone just constantly linking shit ALL DAY LONG. Remember back in the day when you would hear some news and immediately jumped on the phone to call everyone you’ve ever known to tell them about it? No you don’t because we didn’t do that. If we heard some news we’d probably call the people we regularly talk to in our day-to-day lives but in no way are we yelling it from the top of the rooftop for everyone you ever met to hear. That’s what I envision people doing when they post all this shit. News Videos clips, Food Recipes, Political Propaganda, Religious Propaganda, Inspirational Quotes…SO. MANY. QUOTES. Who the hell is all this inspiration inspiring? Has anyone ever really read one of these couple of line inspirational post and changed their lives because of it. I’m not trying to shit on the people who write these things. I have definitely found some good ones and shared them but I know some people whose entire feed is like this. And it’s a bit weird to see certain people who I know personally post some of this stuff because I know damn well they don’t believe or practice any of these positive messages they are pedaling. I call people out too and not in the comments section or on FB. I either call or txt them. Here’s a great example. My mother who I love with all my heart and daily thank in my head for my existence the other day shared this post:

I immediately called her shortly after she posted this to address this because she has never ONCE done any of these things. EVER!! The first one is easily the funniest ones because my mom, grandmother (her mom), dad & sister have all on multiple occasions locked the door behind me when I would step outside to get the mail or to walk the dog when I’ve come to visit. Here’s proof:

I told my mom I was just going to walk the dog and then she locked the door and jumped in the shower and I sat here for about 10 minutes. I know some may argue that maybe she was speaking about when she was a kid, maybe she was speaking about those “good ole days” that everyone keeps going on about but that no one can pin point exactly when “the good ole days” were but as I mentioned my grandmother lives with them back home and my mom is a carbon copy of my grandmother. I never understood my moms irrational fear of leaving the door unlocked until my grandmother moved in with us. My sister now is following down the same path. As soon as anyone steps outside she rushes to lock the door because she fears bad people are going to rush in and pillage and plunder. The keys in the ignition thing is just ridiculous in every way. Why in the Fuck would anyone leave the car running to waste gas. I don’t even understand this one moving on. Sleep with your window open. Once again I had to call bullshit on this one as well. I grew up in Miami Florida everyone. No one and I repeat NO ONE opens their windows unless their AC is busted, they don’t have an AC or they live at or near the beach. Miami is hot and humid and just really not window opening weather.

So getting back to my point why do people post shit like this? Is it because they just have developed this mental routine that they need to post something daily..hourly so they just scour all the groups they belong to and other social platforms and share share share. I honestly don’t even think most the people watch, read or listen to the crap they link to. They just want to share it with everyone in case someone else out there cares. The shit is seriously just out of control. Here’s one more hilarious example before I wrap this up. I had a family member a few weeks ago pedaling around this photo:

A picture of non other than muthafuckin’ Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi who she obviously didn’t look at just read the words and hit that share button to show her Jesus pride. I know, I know you may be saying “it’s just an honest mistake” but when one of my other family members tried to correct her and tell her that this was in fact Ewan McGregor she said “NO that’s Jesus, didn’t you read the caption”. SMH.

I was going to attempt to share more than one of my pet peeves in this post but as one can tell that didn’t quite work out because once I start going I can’t stop and now here we are 1000 plus words in which is what I like to keep these to because I know you have things to do. So I’ll definitely be revisiting this topic again soon. However just to wrap this one up let me say that I just wish people on my feed and in general would post more about themselves and stuff that they do or are involved with instead just linking and sharing all this stuff that we all already see or will see at some point because any viral news, videos, pictures or whatever that goes on the internet is always seen by everyone eventually.


Thanks for stopping by and checking out The Fuck It Friday Post here at We’re Not Rolling. I hope you enjoyed the read and I look forward to many more of these random topic posts. Have a fantastic 3 day weekend!


That Was A Good One…

Happy Muthafuckin’ Tuesday EDIT: Thursday folks! Tuesday was actually the last day on the show ‘Casual’ that I was working on. I attempted to post this on Tuesday but I found no time. Monday I got home a bit too late and Tuesday at work I was just soaking up as much of the energy and good vibes from everyone around that I just didn’t want to waste any time typing. Continue reading “That Was A Good One…”

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 61

Yo! Come check out The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 61 NOW! This week I go on about the Playoffs, Eminem, the term “Witch Hunt” and I introduce a new segment called “I don’t do politics…” (Which means I’m definitely going to talk about Shit Hole Trump and politics). Come have a laugh and listen to me ramble for a bit.


Only In The Movies…

Happy Tuesday everyone! How is the week treating you thus far? I was off yesterday and spent most the day decorating for the Christmas holiday. I played loud Christmas music for about 3 hours and started laying the ground work. Continue reading “Only In The Movies…”

Lunchtime Nap Scout…

Happy Muthafuckin Wednesday….that definitely does not work. It doesn’t have the same ring to it as Friday. I thought I’d give it a try. I’m a little a behind this week and I apologize. This post is usually already up but the delay of my  Podcast (The Toke Talking Podcast) along with some needed sleep, derailed everything else. Continue reading “Lunchtime Nap Scout…”

Stuck In This Cave

I been stuck in this cave,

trying to find my way out

see a light at the far end,

but it keeps moving further out

I hear monsters around me,

growling and breathing

the clouds are weeping,

the sins are reaping

the smell of pain and regret,

is overflowing and seeping

into the fabric of the dirt,

my only weapon is the hurt

I use it like a chisel,

scraping against the rocks

trapped from within,

blood filling up in my socks

blisters forming,

been here for a thousand mornings

I’m screaming loud,

outside I hear a crowd

but nobody hears me,

the beast is closing in

its right behind me,

I can feel it’s tongue on my skin

I’m clawing my way out,

fingernails crack and snap

the agony’s unbearable,

but I can never look back

everything is pitch black,

I can feel it’s almost over

but then I look up,

and the lights gettin closer

gotta find what I got left,

and fight through it

when they all say you can’t,

that’s when you gotta fuckin do it

finally I reach the end,

exhausted and almost dead

because this is what it’s like,

getting depression out of your head

Is It A Power Thing…

Happy Tuesday!! How is everyone on this fabulous day? It’s currently Monday in my world and I’m working over at Warner Brothers today in Burbank. It’s a little warm out here for October and I’m not a fan….I actually would love a fan…Hmmm. Tomorrow however I’m working in Simi Valley and I have a 530am calltime. Continue reading “Is It A Power Thing…”

To Drink or Not To Drink


Happy Friday! I know this is extremely late..a day late. It’s been a while since I miss a post and I apologize everyone but I was off yesterday and slept in during the morning. Then I hung out with a friend of mine that came into town for the weekend. How was everyone’s work week? Did you have decent hours or are you once again contemplating leaving this crazy business and getting a normal 9-5 job? I’ve actually become amused at how some of us start to look at normal day-to-day jobs in a different light after working in the industry for a while. I was chatting with an A.D the other day that was talking about possibly just becoming a car salesman. I think he should do it. I’ve always said that you should follow your happiness wherever it takes you. It’s good friday today…that means nothing to me really but I’m sure it does to some people out there. My plan was to write this up Thursday night but then towards the end of the night word spread on set that we were all going to a bar after work for some drinks and shenanigans. This is actually what this entire post is about so let’s get into this shall we?

After work drinks. It’s a tradition that I know most businesses engage in but one that I don’t feel is as common in the film industry. Now it’s not that we don’t do it but I think a lot of people in our business always claim to be too tired to go out after work and with good reason. We do work crazy fucking hours at times. I know those that have family will most likely not come out for after work drinks but if you’re not married and don’t have kids..I mean why not right? Unless you don’t like going to bars or you don’t like the people you work with are all also valid excuses. I think it is good for people who work together to have social gatherings outside of the work place. I feel it makes for better relationships once you get to know someone out of work. Especially since I have found that many people I work with are very different people once they call wrap.

 There’s a lot of people who put on this work front everyday for 12-13 hours. They pretend to be these focused, edgy almost rude person that seem to only care about getting the job done and getting back home. Then you go out with them for drinks and it’s all smiles, jokes and laughter. They seem outgoing and happy and just the total polar opposite of the person that you sat with at lunch that just looked at their food the entire time, didn’t talk to anyone and then just got up and went to take a nap before they called the company back in. I actually find it quite astounding that people can pull off being these 2 different people all the time. I mean I’m not the same exact person that I am in the outside world as I am at work but the differences are not as drastic as some people who I have hung out with. I’ve worked with people that I thought wouldn’t even dare have a drink only to find out outside of work that they not only love drinking but they’re also stoners. Point is you really don’t know someone till you’ve kicked it with them out side of the work atmosphere. I think a lot of us would work better alongside one another if we all shared a drink every now and then.

I’ve had several amazing nights out with crew members over the years. I have to say there really is nothing like it because just like we do when we go out on location we typically tend to take places over and shut them down. It really depends on the size of the group but if you get 15-20 crew members together in a bar and it’s sure to get a bit rowdy. I’m not going to lie at times I do think that we are being that annoying bunch of fucks that just can’t seem to keep it down at the bar but then I realize that we are not hurting anyone and everyone’s just having a good time. People get loud at times and if you go to a bar you should expect it. I’ve had nights out where we had actresses dancing on top of bars and pouring shots in peoples mouths, producers ordering 2 of every appetizer on the menu and smoking bud out of vape pens while we all sat in the middle of a semi full restaurant like it was legal. I’ve never had a night out after work with crew members that was a bad time and I just wish it would happen more. I constantly hear stories about the older days when that was more of the norm. I’ve only been in the game for 10 or so years but apparently back in the days at wrap everyone would drink while they wrapped out and would then go to a bar or something afterward. Apparently for insurance reasons drinking at wrap became frowned upon and so people stopped doing it as often. Granted I understand why it’s a safety hazard but this is my blog and I just want to bitch about it alright? HA! I’m just saying everyone, let’s try and have a little more fun out there. I know we work insane hours at times but if we don’t enjoy life every now and then what the hell are we working for so much?

Thanks for reading everyone! I’m sorry for the day delay on the post but I think you can understand and if you don’t well….I don’t know what to tell you. Please have an excellent long weekend for those of you that were off yesterday. Make sure to come back and check out my Toke Talking Podcast this and every Monday morning. Talk to you all next week!


Fraturdays and Vampires…

WHATUP!!! Happy Friday everyone. Another week of film making magic in the can. That would’ve been a better pun if we still used film cans. I could go back and change it but that would require deleting everything, thinking of a new joke and in turn ruining the raw and rugged style of writing which I can only classify as the words of a lunatic asshole that doesn’t know how to write. Hmmm, New Tag Line for the website? Maybe… I actually never wanted to write. I wouldn’t consider myself a “writer”. Although after writing this thing now for a while I have kind of grown a little love for it. I can see how this could be entertaining for a living. Although the sitting at the desk all day would not be as fun. I can’t sit still for that long. Alright, let’s get into this shall we?

This week my roommates that also work in the industry like almost everyone else I know because this job consumes your life and doesn’t allow as much time to meet normal people were working nights. Yes, 4 days of night filming to be exact. Real quick, for those of you not in the circus at times we need to film certain scenes outside at nighttime and to accomplish this feat means that we shift our work hours. SO, we go to work about noon or 2PM, 4PM and then work our usual 12-13 hours. Which means that we end up getting home sometime in the early ass morning, sleep through the day and then wake up in the afternoon to go to work again. It is really a fucking insane toll on the mind and the more days you do the crazier it gets. My roommates call time today was the time that I wrapped on my show. We wrapped at 730PM. That means that these dudes won’t get home till 8-9 in the morning tomorrow. It’s really a surreal experience that jars your body every single time. It’s not only the sleep switch either. It’s also the times that we eat that Fuck with our bodies. Having dinner at 2-3 in the morning messes with my system every time so a lot of times I just won’t eat anything heavy which also is not good but I feel a little better.

Filming over nights is the reason that I do not understand how people work on shows like True Blood without going completely mad. I love the show. I was a die-hard fan of the entire series. Even towards the end where it got a little out of hand but I was there for the entire ride. However I don’t think I could ever work on a show like that. I can’t function waking up late like that for some reason. I have trouble with call times past 11PM let alone a 7PM call time. Don’t get me wrong I have done the all nighters. I’ve done a Fuck load of them, including that 23 hour music video that I talked about on here called “A Day and Night of Work...”. I remember someone I worked with once told me “You never take anything with Werewolves, Vampires or any monster that only lurks in the dark unless you want to forget what day is like.” Hahahaha. I’m not really a fan of the daytime, I like the nighttime better but I prefer to work in the morning hours.

It is fun though. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I haven’t enjoyed working over night on some craziness before because Fuck yeah I have. I might bitch a lot on here but I always try to remind you all that I do love this business. I don’t think I’d ever want to do anything else. However I am all up for changing the hours a bit to match that of a regular job. But overnight jobs can be fun depending on one important factor, the crew. If you have a fun crew that likes to have a good time then overnights are never that bad because you enjoy each others company. The mix of delirious-ness and exhaustion can get a bit silly at times which brings on the giggles. Who doesn’t like the giggles?

I haven’t done many over nights in the last few years. Many of the shows I work on lately film very quickly and for the most part keep a 7-9am call time all week. Which is perfect. I think we all wish that would be the norm across the board. The most over night action I see now a day is the occasional Fraturday here or there. A Fraturday is the name we use when we know that we are going to be filming late on Friday causing it to slip into Saturday. In case you read this website and have zero idea about what I’m talking about. Is that an Industry term? I never remember hearing it before I got in the business. Anyone else have? There I go again asking questions to which I may never get an answer to. Alright enough ramble for me for today.

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend full of shenanigans and fun. Please make sure to come back Monday Morning and check out The Toke Talking Podcast. It’s not all industry based but I do go on about work at times on there so you should check it out. I can’t write and talk about work all the time or I’d lose my fucking marbles people. Honestly today I almost finally wrote my first “Fuck It Friday” post that I keep saying I’m going to add-on here and never. I keep contemplating getting rid of the Friday industry post and going for a broader range of topics instead. Then I think I should just post them on their own day instead. Hmmmm..What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments. Take care all, talk to you next week!