Failing Upwards…

Happy Tuesday! How are you doing? I apologize for not posting on Friday but Mother Nature brought 6 feet of snow to Mammoth Mountain here in sunny California and I had to take a mini trip up to enjoy the fluffy white stuff…I’m talking about snow not cocaine alright. I contemplated writing it once I got back but then sleep, football, the Podcast and everything else happen and I just thought I’d wait. So here we are the second to last week of November and just days away from Thanksgiving. I’m off this week as most shows take the week off in order to celebrate the holiday. I feel they all should be given the week off but hey that’s just me trying to be a kind human being you know. There’s not many of those in this business. They usually are run out or quit the industry. Anyhow let’s get into this shall we?

Failing upwards. I’m not sure who I heard say this but it’s a phrase I’ve held onto ever since I did. Every time someone in this business questions how some one clearly not qualified for their position continues to work I remind them of this saying. As long as you know someone in this business that can give you a job you can have a successful career in this industry no matter how terrible or incompetent one may be at their job. It’s like that other saying (I know we have many sayings) “It’s all about who you know.” There are many total incompetent people in this circus that continue to make more work for all of us all because their buddies with someone in high places that adds to their failing upwards.

A perfect example of this is the new Justice League movie that was just released this weekend. Now before we go any further if you’ve followed the blog for a while you’ll know that I’m not a fan of Zack Snyder. He’s not only the director of this Justice League film but he also sat in the director seat for the terrible Batman Vs Superman, Man of Steel, Sucker Punch (EHHHH), Legends of the Guardians (The movie with the CGI owls…exactly), Watchmen (It was ok), 300 (Fun) and Dawn of the Dead (This one was ok)….not exactly a great list there. Yet he continues to be rewarded with even bigger movies with bigger budgets than the one previous because even though they are garbage and are torn apart by critics they still make the studio money….at least for a while it does. I do believe that eventually people (fans) start to realize and stop paying full price and instead either pirate the film or wait till it becomes available at home through a streaming service like Netflix. Personally I waited till BvS came on HBO before I watched it because I refused to pay for it in the theater.  The studios don’t really want this because they make more money with theater ticket sales. I think the studios usually wait about 2-3 movies too long before noticing though because they are either too stubborn to admit it or tied into some contract with the director but this is a prime example of failing upwards to me.

Zack’s movies if watched back to back show a progression of a dissipating film maker who clearly has bit off more than he can chew. It happens to many film makers. The great thing is that many of them bounce right back once they find their mojo again like M. Night did. He’s back and doing a great job on all his new stuff. Getting back to Zack, I don’t blame the guy, if I was called up and offered a giant movie I too would probably do it. However I would also know to back the Fuck out of it if I felt I was not going to make a great film. I’ve never had a problem admitting when I need help or felt I wasn’t up to a certain task that was presented. Man of Steel was a horrible movie. It is easily one of the worse Superman movies and yet Snyder was then handed BvS. Why? Because Man of Steel made money? What did the studio expect? SO. Fine. Then the studio thinks alright well he did make us money and maybe he just needs another chance…a third chance because you know, thanks to baseball everything seems to be 3 strikes..dumb human trained thinking I tell you. He fucks those 2 movies up and so they award him Justice League because again, Failing Upwards.

This is now one of the lowest grossing DC film and Snyder is on deck to direct the second part of JL. I hope that the studio comes to its senses and finds someone new but I’ll be honest I don’t think they will and I’m not even sure at this point what that would accomplish. As a comic book fan this is a huge disappointment because I don’t want these movies to be as bad as they are. I want them to be as awesome and entertaining as all the Marvel films and shows are but the higher-ups continue to make that very impossible by their bad decisions in who will design and put some structure to this DCEU. Zack is not the man to do and he continues to show that with every film he heads up. I really hate that we’ve come this far into the series because it’s becoming tougher to change this all around and build a cohesive universe like the ones that The Avengers, Guardians of The Galaxy and everything Marvel share. Honestly I’m thinking at this point Warner Brothers may just make the planned movies like Wonder Woman 2, JL 2 and Batman as stand alone flicks and then reintroduce the DCEU with a better plan. If that is what they end up doing they should just follow the Marvel formula. There’s a reason that the two are so divided and in order to evolve we must admit we screwed up at times and learn from those that did it right.   If this all crashes and burns DC needs to acknowledge that they fucked this up, Marvel did it better and then follow their model. Hell maybe even call Kevin Feige for some tips. HA!

Now I know you may be asking “Well how can we stop this failing upwards that in turn brings us (the fans) bad films?” As fans, stop going to watch the shit. Stop assuming that it’s the studios cut that made it a bad film and starting ridiculous petitions online when one can clearly see the directors track record. Look if you’re a Snyder fan, more power to you. Support your guy. I’m not trying to tell anyone who to admire but also don’t be blind to what the masses say especially when they are directing projects that mean a lot to people such as comic book fans. There’s no shame in admitting that you’re not fit for a gig is all I’m saying and together we can all stop this failing upwards…or so I hope.

Thanks for stopping by everyone and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I hope you all have a great week and don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for another “Wednesday at The Corner” post. Be good to one another.



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