Go Fuck Yourself harvey…

Happy Friday!! How was everyone’s week? Did you work? Are you off? Maybe enjoying a nice little hiatus? I worked all week and I have to say it was quite awesome. I worked on 3 different shows this week. It gets so crazy at times that I’m not even sure what the hell I’m on sometimes. I was working on the lot the and someone rolled by in a golf cart that I knew and yelled “What are you on?” and it took me a good minute to figure it out. I was outside and not around anything to remind me about what I was working on. Honestly eventually we work on so many different projects that it just feels like one giant movie that’s just been going on forever and ever and ever and ever. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

I assume from the title that one can already figure out where this post is headed. Before I get into it though let me just say that there will be a lot of cursing in this post. There will be a lot of ranting and probably a fair amount of good old name calling…actually I like to call it name assisting. If you don’t feel comfortable with either go ahead and come back on Tuesday, I’m sure I’ll be in a lighter mood because the weekend will have come and gone. I’ll also probably toss in a “Go Fuck Yourself harvey…” every now and then just to calm myself. I won’t lie, saying it and writing it for some reason makes me happy for that second or two in between the feelings of rage and anger about this issue. Over the course of the last few days we’ve began to untangle the clandestine fucked up world that this disgusting, disturb, unhinged, methodical human being made for himself and it’s really struck a nerve with me as it has with many. I know that to some of you out there I’m just words on a screen but if you’ve followed and read my blog over the course of the last year I think you can clearly see that I really hold the concept of everyone being treated equally very serious. The older I get the more I see that this is truly an important element that I value highly. I can’t stand watching people being mistreated in any form be it verbal, physical or mental and always try to persuade people who are to come forward and say something. I know that’s easier said than done. There’s a ton or possible repercussions but I feel that it’s important people stand up for themselves and that if we know someone who we try to help them find the strength to do so. So this story right now is tearing me apart because I know this is a dark side of this business that has been going on for decades and that there are many out there that know it and have helped cloak it.

I really wish that I could say that this came as a shock to me but it didn’t. I didn’t specifically think shit Fuck harvey but anytime a person in power in accused of crimes like this by multiple woman within days we just know something is up. I know the law and that everyone is innocent till proven guilty but I’m also not a fucking moron that can entertain the idea that multiple woman who had nothing to do with one another got together ┬áin secret and devised an intricate plan that included claiming to be sexually harassed or raped just to get money or to ruin someones career. I can’t speak for everyone but I really doubt that anyone wants to come out to the public with that. That is very personal, traumatizing shit that people wish they could just make go away. They wish they could just forget about it and never have to deal with it. Some poor people spend years trying to make themselves think that it never happen. So if you think for one second that those people want to put that out there in the public eye and risk all the backlash or the simple fact that now everyone will know and it will take that much longer for them to escape it then you have some issues to deal with yourself as a person. They do it because it tears them up inside to continue going on while shit particles like harvey continue to live their lavash lives. I don’t understand how some people can’t see that point of view but sadly common sense is not common..or sense actually according to this article that I just found after I typed that.

I want to believe that now that shit show harvey has been exposed for the sack of Dodo shit that he is that the industry will take a turn for the better. That we will be able to seek out and get rid of all the other 100’s or 1000’s of power-hungry people out there committing the same or worser crime at their studio or company but I just don’t know. While it’s true that this incident has now brought up the discussion and that with each passing day we learn about another person that may have helped cover it up or a person who themselves is now being incriminated I still, just don’t know if things will change for good. Real change takes dedication and time. I feel that this is going to cause some waves, we’ll see some changes here and there but slowly and surely the old ways will return. Then they’ll get caught again and blame growing up in the old days. It’s so fucking stupid! I can’t believe he would even try to use that excuse or that his lawyer would even issue it. I know you get paid to represent him but holy fucking shit how do you sleep at night? I mean is the money really that good that you just don’t care.

I won’t continue with this much longer because I’m sure there’s definitely not a shortage of people out there showing their displeasure with this shit pie but bare with me, I’m almost done. It’s a strange coincidence now that only a few weeks ago I wrote a post about Bryan Singer and his controversial past and accusations. I stated that I was not going to watch the show “The Gifted” because I felt that I was adding to the problem by supporting a company that gives this accused never convicted pedophile a new show. Not only any show either but a show that revolves around young kids that develop mutant powers no less. Doesn’t that sound like total fucking insanity and disregard for attempting to be a decent human being. I get that he’s never been convicted but can you really just turn a blind eye to all the suggested evidence? I’m talking to the multimillion dollar companies that pay him. There is literally millions of talented film makers out there, why must you back the one with such a mysterious and questionable history. Instead of risking the money in the legal turmoil that will follow your company if this person is exposed why not risk that money on a new film maker or hell several of them. Haven’t you ever heard of the phrase never put all your eggs in one basket. The truth will always come out, it’s not if, it’s when. If you don’t know anything about Mr. Singer just google his history, get informed.

Before I say my good byes though I want to speak to any and all women and men that may have been the victim of any type of abuse. I’m truly sorry that you have gone through this. My heart breaks every time I read about another case of abuse and many times I find myself crying and having to stop reading for a while. I hate that there is terrible people like this in the world. People that may well know they have a problem but chose to ignore it instead of seeking help before it materializes into something worse. I know it’s hard, I can’t imagine what any of you have been through but I will say that I will now and always proudly stand beside you when you speak up against people like this. I will proudly speak up for those that I feel are being mistreated when they may not have the voice to do so and I’m proud and inspired everyday by the bravery that all of you have to come out say something.

Thanks for reading everyone. Have a fantastic weekend. Be good to one another.


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