Happy Halloween!!…

Again because it’s awesome HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! How are you fellow We’re Not Rolling Ghouls, Goblins and Witches? Although sadly I doubt you will see many of those classics anymore. I mean when’s the last time you saw someone at work dress up as a ghoul? Maybe I’ll be a ghoul next year…I’m not sure what that will entail exactly but that makes it all the more entertaining when I think about it. I’ve been wanting to make another costume and this does sound intriguing. I spent part of my weekend watching the Stranger Things Season 2….Season. It’s only 9 episodes, took me 20 hours total with sleep included. That’s why I said “part of my weekend” because I started Friday night and wrapped up Sat afternoon. In my younger days I would have watched that sucker straight through. I thought about going out to celebrate Halloween but I realized that I really wanted to have a party this year and the years that I feel like hosting and don’t I alway just end up not doing much. I know I may sound like a big baby but that’s what getting old is kind of like. The older you get the more you just do what you want. I might go to a haunted house tonight to at least say I did something other than binge watch a TV show but what a show it was! It would not be the worst memory of the holiday. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

Due to the holiday it’s all I currently have on the mind so I thought I would talk about Halloween on set. I will warn you… I know that you may usually come here for my insightful tips and hints in how to make it in hollywood AND my clever wit but this will just be a fun-filled post of some randomness. Now throughout the years I’ve spent a few Halloween’s on set and like many holidays it reminds me a lot about when I was in school. I have spoken a few times on here about how I’m able to draw parallels between the two quite often. You either work on a crew that is all about it and by that I mean the higher-ups, actors…everyone is all about the holiday and aim to get out early that day so that they can enjoy it. Everyone on set will wear costumes, there will be decorations up at crafty and everyone will just have a good day OR you work on a crew that does not give a shit and this is just another work day. No one dresses up and everyone just has a shit mood all day because deep down they really want to celebrate and act silly. Why they let the second one exist is beyond me. I always like to remind everyone that we make entertainment. This is not a job that requires mandatory 12 hour minimums everyday. We like to think it does but we ultimately control that. I relate Halloween on set to school that of the feeling of Halloween’s in school because I remember having classes that were all about the holiday and others that didn’t like it at all. Just like the two types of crews I explained above. When you’re working on the back lot it’s a lot like walking the hallways of school in that you encounter people who are all decked out and other that just think it’s silly and everyone should grow up. Why don’t you grow down? I’ve always loved that saying.

We work with millions of people who have families and I think it’s nice that we try to get everyone out at a reasonable time but personally I feel it at the very minimum be a half day. I remember as a kid how important Halloween was to me and part of what made it awesome was getting ready. I feel it’s really an important boding experience for parents and their kids. We all love the holiday and can you not admit that almost every single one of the shows we work on has a Halloween episode and while they may be crazy they are usually one of the more enjoyable ones to film? I think Halloween reminds most of us of being kids and the crew is always in a good mood when we are filming the “Halloween” episodes. If our industry wasn’t all work first and tried to be a little more humane they would make this day a little better for everyone is all I’m trying to say. We could be like google everyone but an entire industry. I mean that’s what I read anyway, I’ve never worked at google…it may be terrible.

As one can imagine crew people make some amazing costumes. I mean most of us are creative lunatics in this circus so of course we make some sweet get ups. I’ve worn a few costumes on set that have been fun but one of the most creative ones was when the entire production staff dressed up as the cast. I’m sure it’s been done on other shows but it won us a bike on this particular set. They had a crew Halloween contest at lunch. Which I strongly suggest all crews do. It helps the moral. A bike that currently resides in my living room by the way. So far I’ve also been Julius Caesar, Towlie, A Universal Tourist with a Jaws shirt covered in blood and a missing an arm. Let’s have fun folks and look if you don’t like Halloween fine just don’t be an old fart and act like as asshole when people say “Happy Halloween”. I’ve seen this on a few sets. I get that it may not be your thing but no one is asking you to dress up or do anything you don’t want to. Unless you’re wearing a shirt that has a warning that you’re an anti Halloweenite there’s no way for anyone to know so relax and let everyone else enjoy the day. Remember it’s just Film Making.

That’s all I got today folks, thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I hope you all have an excellent night tonight. If you have kids make sure you go out of your way to make it a special experience for them. Give them an even better memory than the one you have of when you were a kid at Halloween. Tomorrow make sure to stop by for another “Wednesday’s at The Corner” post. Happy Halloween everyone!! Side Note: I feel like I said Halloween a lot in this post and it may very well work as a drinking game if you happen to be reading this before going to a party..which would be highly unlikely.


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