Hey Where’d You Buy Those…

Greetings and Salutations from Tuesday…even though I’m writing this on Monday…Huh? Well, it’s probably sentences like that why people read my blog and then never return. HAHAHA! I’m joking, I think people are coming back. I keep trying to recruit people to share some stuff on here because I fear that some of you may be growing weary of my unpredictable writing style. Can I even call this a style? No one has wanted to add anything though. I’m not sure if they just don’t want to, are scared to, don’t care to or think my blog is full of shit. I know I’m just being cynical but that’s normal. I question everything I do all the time, I think it’s important to know why you chose to do certain things. Alright now seems that we have gotten onto..some sort of foot here…SO..lets jump to the other foot and get into this shall we?

I was having an interesting conversation with someone about working in the Film Industry the other day. They were telling me how nice it was that we no longer had to abide by the fashion pressures that we once had as a teenager in high school. Let me clear that up a bit. Remember back in the day, every kid at one point or another in their adolescence has felt the pressure of having to own the cool new gear/tech, the new shoes, the new brand name of whatever it was, to be in with a certain crowd or person at school. It doesn’t matter if you were trying to impress your Punk Rock friends, your Hip Hop friends…whatever group of people you chose during that time. I think we can all relate to this feeling of having to own something to belong or to feel like a part of a certain band of people. Now I get some of you out there might be saying “I never tried to impress anyone, I was my own person, I wasn’t part of any groups.” Well guess what? You’re just like the other millions that think and say shit like “I never tried to impress anyone, I was my own person, I wasn’t part of any groups.” That was your group! Now you can feel like part of this conversation too!

At first I told him that this was just because we were older. I explained that we were old Fucks now and so we cared less about labels or how others view us. However later that day, the more I thought about that response the more I realized that it was bullshit. I was jumping to conclusions without really thinking about what we were talking about. Plus I credit a lot of shit to my age as of late but this wasn’t one I could chalk up there. In contrary to what I first thought our industry is a lot like high school in this aspect (Amongst many others). We all buy the same gadgets, there’s definitely several brands that one can say would easily be sponsors of our business and one can most the time tell what department (group) someone belongs to by what they are wearing.

When I say gadgets I not only mean phones as these are pretty common now and have become pretty narrow as far as variety. I think most people either fall into a iPhone or Samsung world. Then once again you have the “I never tried to impress anyone, I was my own person, I wasn’t part of any groups.” people who own google phones and other shit like that to be “different”. I’m speaking about gadgets like tactical flashlights that one grip buys then shows off to all his other grip buddies. I mean gadgets like new blow dryers that the hair department insists are the best on the market for fluffing….I’m not even sure that’s a thing but it sounded hilarious in my mind. We all like to buy stuff and share how awesome or not awesome it is with everyone we know. We can’t avoid this very human action and then when we go and buy what was recommended we also like to share the fact that we did with the person that first told us about it. Then we both can celebrate and feel united together as we try to convince others to join our new admiration for this new gadget.

Then there’s the brand names. I’m not sure if these companies know it but New Balance, Pangonia, The North Face, Mac…I’m sure there’s some make-up, hair and wardrobe brands for stuff they use as well. However I’m a guy and I know nothing of this world in order to make any assumptions, so I won’t. These brands are definitely Industry standards. I would say that they should make advertising steered towards our business but I really don’t think we could buy anymore of the stuff you offer. I will say this, any of these brands can easily send someone to any film set to get B-Roll of their gear in action. Now when I say that they are industry standards I don’t mean that someone is going to make you buy them or that you should buy them yourself. It’s your life, buy whatever you like but just like in high school one does get a sort of belonging feel when you do purchase any of them. It instantly becomes something to relate to with other people on set and to get into a conversation about. “Hey where’d you buy those..”

In today’s blog post Lou learned that although he thought the film industry was an adult business where one would no longer care about their looks he was full of shit because we do. This is also not just in this business because I remember when I was a cook that our boss would geek out and show off all his new kitchen gear to all his cooking buddies too. I know it makes us seem like silly, shallow people to put thought in such trivial meaningless shit but we can’t say that we don’t because then we’d be fucking liars. Even worse, liars to ourselves which is always weird but yet I see so many do it. There’s a thought. Thanks for reading everybody! Have a great week at work and make sure to stop by Friday for an all NEW post.


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