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Happy Friday fuckers! Is that too much? Or have I now bitched enough to all of you that you read that as a term of endearment? When you read my jargon now is it like you’re listening to a close friend on set that although you just met you feel very connected to by the end of the season because you spend so much time together? I mean honestly I call all my closets friends “Fuckers” so you should all fell loved…hahaha! How was everyone’s week? I had a pretty fucking amazing one I must say. We had a 7am call all week-long and were wrapped by 6-630 everyday! Yesterday we wrapped at 4. That happens about as often as catching a unicorn and I want to talk about why. So let’s get into this shall we?

12 hours. That’s the average time that one is expected to work on a hollywood film set nowadays. That’s NOT accounting for people with early call times or the amount of time it takes to wrap at the end of the night. 12 hours is just the actual time that we are rolling camera and that the actors/actresses are on the clock. Once you add early calls and wrap time the average crew person goes to work for 14-15 hours a day. I actually read an article (Read HERE)the other day on it and it inspired me to talk about it again because I really do think something should be done about it. The article was talking about all these traffic accidents that have been credited to crew employees crashing their cars driving home from set after a grueling 13 plus hour day. That’s a long muthafucking time to work everyone. I’ve been doing it now for years so it feels sort of normal to me but make no mistake, in the back of my head I know that This. Is. Not.

I don’t feel that anyone in any line of work should be required or aloud to work for more than 10 hours a day. There’s actually studies that they did out in Harvard a few years back where they performed controlled experiments on 100 people work production over several hours and found that people were pretty fucking useless after 10 hours. Ok, that’s total bullshit. I made all that up just for a laugh. Listen, your shouldn’t be coming here to learn any hard facts like that anyway. I’m just some asshole with a website that’s trying to make you laugh a few times during your no need to be this long workday. Back to what I was saying…The whole Harvard thing was made up but I do actually believe in the part where I said I don’t feel anyone should work more than 10 hours anywhere. Personally I think that people for the most part are quite useless after 10 hours. That’s almost half a day already everyone. I always claim that I’m going to try to figure out where that whole 12 hour day plan came from but I never look it up. I would love to find the dip shit that thought that was a good idea. Actually I want to say I did look it up and I believe it had to do something with the day light hours..whatever the Fuck it is…I just think it needs a looking at and a slight adjustment.

What’s surprising though is how many people continue to follow this way of working even though there are shows out there that have clearly learned that they can do shorter hours. Well…it’s not really that surprising…they work the long hours because it’s cheaper to pay overtime on everyone than the other option which is to add more days to the filming schedule. Adding more days to the schedule means adding more days of rental on the equipment, stages, locations, the caterer and I can only imagine a few other lines in the budget. I get it. They want to donit as cheap as possible but can we have a little humanity? For those of you that don’t work in the business. Our business can easily choose to change its ways and make 10 hours the new normal and adding more working days to the schedule therefore keeping everyone a little safer when driving home at night and also giving us a bit more rest for you know..our own well-being but NOOOOO!!! Money! Money! Money! It’s just like any other business everyone. It’s all about the money. It’s actually quite sad as well because our industry makes so much money that the loss they take by adding more days will probably not even be noticed but still, GREED!!

I will say this though I have been hearing of many other shows now that are filming within reasonable hours but honestly I don’t think that’s enough. I’ve been fortunate enough to work on rather regular hour filming shows ijbthe last 3 or so years but I know many people that work insane hours. The article I read said that they thought maybe it was time that the unions got involved and I agree. All these reports of accidents happening to crew members after driving home should not be a regular occurrence. That’s pretty insane everyone. We claim to be very safe on set but I think that we forget that our line of work goes well beyond the time that we spend rolling that camera. There are many hours of work that take a tow on our bodies at times before we even ever bring in the actors/actresses to perform. There’s painters, construction people and art department crews that work through the night at times to get a set ready. It’s one thing to show heart and grind it out at times but there is a plethora of shows out there right now that work their crews so hard that there should really be a law against it. Over the holidays I heard of quite a few BIG BUDGET shows…that’s right…not little shows that need to make the most of their time but shows with all this money that we’re working their crews right up until Christmas Eve. I’m sorry but that just seems so fuxkinh wrong and really upsets me because I love our business but I hate aspects like this about it. Another part of the article that bugged me was that some of the crew people that they interviewed wanted to keep their identity a secret because of fear of losing work. Meaning they thought if someone they worked for read the article and realized that this poor person felt it was wrong to work 14 hours a day then they would never get work from that employer. How fucked is that? Well I will say this everyone knows who I am on here. All you have to do is follow any of the social media and I will say without one ounce of shame that I feel the film industry demands too much of a person and should be regulated to some extent. If we were saving lives, if we were creating tools to better the earth, if we were designing cures to diseases then fine…work us around the clock but that’s not the case people. We make TV and Movies and bring entertainment to the world. No one should be falling asleep at traffic lights because they just worked 15 hours. We claim to care about our industry and everyone in it, maybe we should start showing it more.

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