Hurry Up To Wait….

Happy Tuesday!! I hope you had a great weekend. Hell! I hope you’re still on your weekend. If it were up to me I would rather know that you are reading this on vacation somewhere or just at home enjoying some time off instead of at work grinding. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy and love my job however work will always be work and work sucks. I mean at least to me it does. I do feel at times that I am all alone in that sentiment because people in general love money and so that means that they usually love work. Some people like to say that they are tired of work but I don’t really believe them. Every time someone at work starts getting all excited about the overtime money they are going to be making because they know we will be working 14-15 hour days I simply just can’t relate. I don’t want overtime. I don’t care how much money it is. I in all honesty just want to do my 12 hours….which is still a bit too much…ideally I’d like to work 10 hours a day and then go the Fuck home or to have dinner maybe some drinks. I don’t like when I’m working so many hours that all I want to do is go home and go to bed. I have yet to meet anyone that feels this way. Everyone that I have worked with so far welcomes these abusive hours with open…exhausted arms. My favorite part is when they welcome the hours on Monday and then midweek start complaining about how they are tired because they are not getting enough sleep. Oy Vey! Alright let’s get into this shall we?

I’ve worked a total of 2, yes I said 2 days since I wrapped Season 4 of Casual 3 weeks ago and I must say both these days were a prime examples of this saying that I titled the post after. “Hurry Up To Wait” is a very commonly used line/saying in this industry because we do it ALL THE FUCKING TIME. I had never heard it before I worked behind the scenes…hahaha. That’s also a strange saying because I never use it. I never say I work behind the scenes so it sounds odd but let me not get derailed here, one saying at a time. FOCUS! Honestly speaking the amount of time that is spent by most of the crew doing absolutely nothing because we are waiting for them to get the shot is pretty amazing to me at times. I was a cook for 5 years and worked in retail for a while before that and never saw the level of nothing doing that I have witnessed in the years I’ve been in this business. Sure there’s probably some dumb, time-wasting, not important at all task that you can do instead of not doing nothing to pass the time. For example a grip can start polishing the C-Stands (I’ve seen this happening), there’s always something to clean or organize if you work in production but as far as there being essential tasks for everyone on set to continuously be busy and working is not at all the reality of what it’s like. We spend a lot of time waiting around chatting, looking at our phones and iPads. I often joke that if Amazon had any statistics on what industry shops most from them I think it would be the Film Industry. I can not recall a day on set where I did not see at least one person shopping on Amazon on set.

Now if you did not work in this business you might assume that this was a problem and a waste of money but most times the man/woman power is indeed required. What I mean by that is that while at times it may seem that certain departments have more people than they need because if one takes a stroll through the outskirts of the sets you might see several people just hanging out not necessarily “working” all the time. However I guarantee at one point in the day they are indeed going to have to use ALL of their department and that is why they are all there. That’s not really relevant to this post I just wanted to point that out.

Let’s get back to my awesome, extremely easy, doing nothing days that I was telling you about. So last week I worked on a promo shoot with 9 different puppies on 8 different sets. There was no AD just a producer running the show. Which I must say often goes a lot smoother. We began filming at 7AM and wrapped at 530PM. In those 10 and a half hours I had a half hour lunch, I went on a run to Film Tools, a runs to Ralphs, set up and broke down 3 tables and 20 chairs, helped the crafty guy empty his car and swept the office when we wrapped. That’s 5 tasks in 10 hours. Which means that if divided equally my run to starbucks could’ve taken me 2 hours if I wanted to. So case and point, I did A LOT of waiting. My gig yesterday was even crazier than that in terms of not doing anything. Yesterday I met the Coordinator at Sir Reel (Rental Place) at 530. We both left our cars and got into two trucks and drove those to set in Downtown. We then unloaded 10 tables and 30 chairs, set up 3 pop up tents and 6 director chairs, we had someone drive us back to our cars, had a half hour lunch and then wrapped at 600PM. In 12 hours I did about 3-4 things and the rest of the time I spent sitting down scrolling through Instagram, walking through some of the streets close to set to take pictures of all the street art and just watching everyone else get ready for the shoot that was taking place today. I’m not even working on the actual gig, I just drove the truck there and unloaded that stuff. I will say that I never…EVER thought that I would make money doing some of the shit I do at times. I know to some the waiting is mind numbing but I welcome the downtime. It gives me time to do some of the things that I would be able to take care of if I worked a normal 8 hour day. I can pay bills, shop online, write posts, photoshop. I never complain about “Hurrying up to wait”.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. If you haven’t heard this weeks Episode of The Toke Talking Podcast make sure to check that out. I hope you have a fantastic week and come back soon to check out some of my other posts of the past.


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