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Happy Friday friends! How was work? I’ve lost 3 lbs while I’ve been off and I’m not saying it’s because I’m not around crafty all day BUT it might be because I’m not around crafty all the time. I mean I wish there was crafty in my kitchen all the time, that would be so dope. I could go by every 3 hours and see what snack my roommates put out. Hahahaha. Crafty is, in most cases the happiest place on any set I think. If you ever get upset at anyone or anything on set you should always immediately report to crafty for snacks. It tough to stay angry around a bowl of full size candy bars, cocktail wieners and a popcorn machine. Go ahead, try it. Let’s get into this shall we?

Lets talk about references. It’s true what they say, it’s all about who you know in this business. Well..that or you have money to invest in the project itself. In which case you can depending on how much mula you have just go right into producing maybe. I thought this saying was total bullshit but I literally got my first job through a friend WHO moved out here with me. He found the job on Mandy.com worked on it for a few days and when the producer needed someone else he responded with the usual “I got someone”. He hadn’t known the producer before this show so really there was no reason for him to take his suggestion to bring me on but it really is that simple. The longer I worked in the industry the more I learned that this is how it works. So naturally I still till this date try to greet and meet as many people as possible any time I’m in any environment involving this industry. You don’t have to know the boss or the person doing the hiring directly, one just needs to know someone on the gig that knows the person who has that power and that means it can be anyone. Stop being such a sour puss and say hello to that person you see every day but don’t know their name yet.

Now every single person in this business has a plethora of people that they can call if the boss ever needs a extra person (Day Player) for the day and I think that’s a problem..HAHAHA! Hear me out. I’m not saying that referring people is bad I’m saying that some people have too many and refer people that for a lack of a better word, suck at their job. In most cases they don’t do maliciously, they don’t want to continue pushing this person that stinks at their job onto other people but they feel bad. Look it’s rare that a person sucks at their job and is a horrible person personally. These types usually get ran out of the business. Typically a person will be terrible at their job but are truly amazing and awesome people or vice versa. This makes it tough because you want them to work and succeed and while some do there’s always those few that just don’t get it. I know it’s tough to understand that in the grand scheme of things. It’s tough as a person who’s able to learn to understand how another cannot but some just can’t be taught.

This also isn’t something that is exclusive to the Film crew either, I’ll go as far as saying that I believe this way of hiring also applies to actors and actresses in some instances. I work with thespians at times that seem to believe that there is a certain look in Hollywood that all Directors look for and nothing is further from the truth. If you just sit and watch a channel for a few hours you will see that actors come in all shapes and forms. NOW I will say this, there are certain looks that they look for as it pertains to certain role. For example if I was an actor I doubt I would be a casting directors first option for a story about an athletic cuban runner because well..there is nothing about my presence that says I’m a runner. I’m speaking about people who have this false idea that to make it in hollywood as an actor or actress they have to look like models. They are 2 very different worlds…alright maybe not so different but definitely different in that aspect. There certain are directors and hire ups that clearly only work with beautiful drop dead people but I do feel that by no means is there an over all blanket on a certain “look” that hollywood looks for. If you don’t believe me just look at the films and shows that these actors and actresses work on. If you start to dig far enough one will notice that they tend to work with the same director or people who know that director and hang in that circle. Again, it’s all about who you know.

Personally I only have about 10 people who I refer blindly. I have other people whose number I have and can go to if those 10 aren’t available but for the most part I stick to those 10. I know that might sound strange to some but I have good reason. I believe that when I refer a person that person is then a representation of me. I work with many people who I respect highly but whose work ethic I’m not a fan of and I don’t refer those people. Alright I won’t say I don’t refer them because like I said at times my got to 10 are busy so I would refer them but I’ probably just let the person I’m referring them to know about my problems with them. I guess I’m just old school that way. I really do believe that a person’s name should be important to them and I value mine. I don’t want to refer someone who is going to go and make work for other people. I’m a simple man ladies and gents. While many claim to not like any drama I feel very few people practice staying away from it. I’ve become an expert.

Thanks for stopping by and reading another entry here at We’re Not Rolling. Please make sure and have a fantastic weekend. You worked your fucking ass off and deserve that shit! HA! Make sure to pop by on Monday for Episode 30 of The Toke Talking Podcast. It’s a show I host every Monday morning and while it’s not exclusive talk about the film industry like my blog but I do go on about it at times and besides that, who wants to talk about work all the time? Check it out, you might like it.



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