I Miss Theme Fridays…

Happy Tuesday everyone! How was everyones Super Bowl weekend? How about that game huh? Holy shit, that was an epic!! I love good football games. I remember when I started watching football I always wanted my team to blow out the other team and then I learned that while that is fun, it gets boring after a while. I will take a good fought out to the last-minute game any day. I mean I still want to win but I want it to happen in epic fashion. Sorry, this isn’t where you come to hear me ramble about football. That’s what my podcast is for. Like what I did there? It’s a Shameless hidden plug for my podcast in the form of a comment to statement that I myself made. I know I’m an idiot, let’s get into this shall we?

I told you guys already that I started a new show this last week. Well although I love the show and I’ve been there for 2 seasons already this season is a little different. It’s different in the sense that my department had a few changes. The changes aren’t bad…just…different. Which means there needs to be a bit of a learning period to get in the flow of things with the newbs. But back to the crew peeps that are no longer working with us. First non of the P.A’s are there from any of the prior seasons. One of them moved on and left the circus to go become a beer brewer. Which is awesome. The other one is on a show along with the other 1st that works on the show that I just got on. Now those 2 are expected to join us in a few weeks when their show ends which I’m very excited for. But the tough part of working this season is that our amazing 2nd A.D isn’t back with us. I don’t want to go into details but I will say that the reason she’s not back is not because of anything negative. She didn’t get fired or anything. It’s something that was out of her control. If it was up to her and the company she would be our 2nd again. I’m happy with our current 2nd. The 2nd that we are working with this season is great. I’ve worked with him before. However the 2nd that didn’t come back wasn’t like any other 2nd I’ve ever worked with. Plus we had been together now for about 2 years straight.

This 2nd is one of the most caring people who I have ever worked with. She always stood up for our department, she went over and beyond what the job required them to do everyday…she was just made for this job. I don’t know if this was her calling from day one (I mean who dreams about being an Assistant Director growing up) but man oh man did she own it. 2nd A.D’s have to be very organized & they have to be able to convey a ton of information, filter, organize it & then distribute it to everyone else in an understandable manner. It’s really a mentally challenging job and this amazing person that I’m talking about does it with ease. I know she works her ass off but she makes it look effortless. The best thing about her though was her attitude and her gigantic personality that always shines. She could always bring a smile to anyones face and that is a rare trait to have. Although…Well…I mean you also don’t want to get on her bad side because she also doesn’t take no shit. She knows what she’s doing and won’t be taken advantage of. You need to have a little bit of an edge when you’re an A.D. She has this quality as well and although it sounds a bit intimidating she will never yell or lose her cool. She’s just a special person to be around.

I cold go on and on about this A.D and all the great things she’s done. Both funny and generous but instead I’m going to tell you one of the things that she did on every show that we worked together that I really am missing this season. It just hit me today like a ton of rocks how much I missed her and theme day. Yes, every Friday we had a theme day. You know, like they did in school at times. We would have themes like Skirt Day, Mustache Day, Hawaiian Shirt Day, Tattoo Day, Black Friday. She had an enormous list of all these different themes to do. Now I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking ‘ok well yeah I guess that can be fun but how many people really participated’. Well I won’t lie to you..MANY OF THEM! She would talk everyone into doing it and if that wasn’t enough she would even supply some of the costumes at times. For example, Tattoo day. She gave me money at the end of the day to go and buy a ton of removable tattoos and the next day we’d make the rounds and tattoo the entire crew. On skirt day she would bring this giant bin of all these awesome skirts that she doesn’t use anymore and would start handing them out. Trust me if you work in the Film Industry you really haven’t seen anything till you’ve seen a bunch of Grips and Electrics hanging flags and lights in flower skirts. Acts like these and others like it always brought the moral up and kept everyone in a good mood. This was all her doing. No one asked her to do this. It’s not in her job description. In season 2 we even had people in other departments coming up with their own suggestions for theme Fridays. It truly is one of my favorite parts about working with her and I’m sad that she’s not with us this season so we could have our silly Friday laughs.

There’s certain people who just come into your life that you just vibe with. People that from the first minute you meet you know that you are going to get along and know this person for a long time. You understand them and they understand you. It’s that strange human connection that is unexplainable but I know you all know what I’m talking about. I’ve worked with a lot of great people in the years that I’ve been in this business but she definitely is in a class by herself. She stands out above all the rest and I really hope that we get to work together again because she has been a very important person in my life. I don’t want to be an A.D but if I did, I would model myself after her. She taught me a lot and I consider her not only one of my favorite bosses out here but also a really good friend. I kind of feel like Morgan Freeman in Shawshank when he says “I guess I just miss my Friend.”

Well that was a of a sad post..I’m sorry! I didn’t mean it to be. I just really had to write about this person because all of last week I thought about how different the feel of the show was and today I figured out that it was all her. She was the one that brought that feel to the crew and I miss that…A LOT! I’ve said it before working in this business we build these small families away from your real families. It’s not like a normal 9-5 job where you just build work relationships. Anyhow if your reading this please know that we all aren’t the same without you and I hope that you’ll be able to come back to work soon. Thanks for reading everyone. If you take anything away from this post I would say maybe try having your own theme friday. I know it sounds silly and childish but we make movies for a living everyone. It’s ok to have a little fun and laugh with one another every now and then. Have an excellent weekend and I’ll talk to you all on Friday. See you in a few weeks AMY!!!


I’m sorry about the random Madonna Gifs. They won’t mean anything to you..there’s no hidden messages in them. I put them in for the person that I’m talking about in the post. If you know her then you would also understand the Madonna aspect of it. This post is dedicated to her, I don’t know if she’ll ever read this but I definitely wanted these words to exist  out in the world because really kind-hearted, genuine people like her don’t come around to often so when they do it’s important to share how special they are with everyone you can. I hope we get to work together again soon my friend.

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