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Friday everyone. It’s finally Friday. Another week of film making in the books that most likely ran about 10 hours over because we’re stubborn and won’t settle for less than 12 hours of work. That’s the normality we choose to continue to embrace. Why? Because sadly to most, money is more important to them than their wellbeing. Even though we could work 10 hour days, add some days to the over all schedule and have normal lives we chose not to. I know it would cost the studio a little more but I also know they are doing ok money wise. Sorry, I just can’t help going on about the hours lately. The longer I run this particular rat race the more I want to run a shorter race. You know like most people. Alright enough whining from me! The weekend is approaching, let’s get into this shall we?

The longer one works in this business the longer one learns how to make the job easier for themselves. I think that’s across the board with any task that you repeat daily. We also learn lots and lots of things NOT to do because they are either dumb, dangerous or just a waste of fucking time. I’ve seen, been a part of or heard of many people doing many things that they should never do on film gigs over the years and thought I would share some. You know because I’m all about teaching and shit. That’s a joke. You should never take anything I say as a lesson because this industry is crazy and what worked for me may not work for you. Laughs folks, that’s all I’m here for…well every now and then I get a little serious on here but in the end I just hope to bring you a laugh during your long…too long day.

The first one is one that I see way too often and that is that if you are not a cop, you have no right to direct or do anything with traffic. I see this shit all the time. I’ve seen Transpo, A.D’s, P.A’s and Location people all jump out in the street and hold lanes of traffic. Are you guys out of your fucking minds? Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? I’ll admit when I started in this circus I remember holding traffic on quite a few music videos. I remember on one job in particular the production company even rented those signs that read STOP on one side and DRIVE on the other that you’ll see road workers with. We underestimate traffic because we drive in it everyday but all it takes is one person to get hit by a driver not paying attention and that’s it. I’ll also note that I know a lot of P.A’s at times will be asked to do this and fear that they won’t work again if they say no but trust me your life is more important that working for that person again. They will either understand and respect your decision or won’t in which case you don’t want to work with them anyway, move on.

Next is one of my favorites, people who ask to get them breakfast and then complain about it not being correct. Look unless that food is brought to you by the caterer that made it your only response should be “Thank You”. We are not servers, we are not cooks and contrary to what you may believe, it’s not our fucking job to get your food. Don’t you find that strange? I mean in all seriousness I don’t ¬†understand how a grown adult lives with themselves ordering food when it is within walking distance of where they are located. Is it a problem that stems from their upbringing? Maybe they had parents that did everything for them and that’s why they can’t get their own food now. I do get that at times it is a bit tough to get over to the caterer and I’m by no means saying that one should NEVER ask if someone can get them their food. I’m talking about those people who have others do it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Get your shit together, mange your time and go get your own food like the big boys and girls that you all are.

This next one is one I haven’t seen in a while but I know there’s some over achieving Production Assistants and Assistant Directors ¬†out there still trying to be heroes and trying to silence a crazy or drunk person on the street. I saw this happen quite a few times in downtown L.A. The streets of downtown are filled with all types of people and some of those people are batshit crazy and it’s dumb to walk up on them when they are yelling biblical verses and twitching to try to have them be quiet because the camera is rolling. They have no idea what “Rolling” means and for all you know they don’t even see you. Some of these people have severe mental issues. They can be looking at you but really seeing a zombie. I’ve worked on gigs where homeless people yelling craziness will start to take a shit in the street in front of the crew. I’ve filmed outside or close to several bars and clubs at times and witnessed production peeps trying to keep drunk people quiet. Which is always a bad idea because when you tell someone that’s drunk not to do something, more often than not that’s exactly what they are going to do. These are not people who you will be able to control so be smart and don’t risk your life for this business, it’s just film making.

Thanks for stopping and checking out another post. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I’ll see you all back here Monday for The Toke Talking Podcast, New Blog Post on Tuesday/Friday and don’t miss the latest addition to We’re Not Rolling Wednesday’s At The Corner.

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