I’m Part of The Crew…

Happy Muthafucking Friday everyone! How in the hell is everyone doing? How was your week? Personally with the exception of Sunday nights insanity and Monday’s aftershock it was an excellent week. I worked a few days, had a day off in the middle, the Packers whooped ass and the weekend is but a few hours away. I was originally going to discuss my crazy weekend story on here but I already posted the story thus far on Facebook so why repeat information? Life is pretty crazy everyone but it’s important to learn what you can from the situation and carry on. Dwelling will only drown you from further developing and advancing your mind to become a better person. That’s some deep shit right there!…Maybe..let’s get into this shall we?

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been day playing on a bunch of new shows. The department family that I was rolling with has sort of separated and so I’ve been working alongside a slew of new people. Our breakup wasn’t a negative one just the nature of how teams in this business work out at times. People get on other shows, move, quit, get a promotion or many other reasons. During these last couple of weeks there’s been some great, really helpful, smart, funny people and some terrible, I don’t see them making it long people. I’m particularly speaking about the production department and other Production Assistants or Assistant Directors. It’s not the easiest department to work in because you need to be able to speak and convey information to everyone. Which is a mission in itself because of the hundreds of different attitudes that make up this business. The Production department is rare in that aspect that they have to deal with everyone. Sure essentially all departments at some point or another with cross paths but production is constantly in everyones shit. HA! Alright so on to the focus of this post. In working with all these new people I’ve had several entertaining conversations. I’ve also overheard some hilarious shit that I thought was pretty much out of practice in the production department but some still seem to believe or use it. SO as is always the case I made a list that I now will share with you and follow each by shitting all over it and explaining why it’s bullshit.

“You can’t ask for more money.” Um, yes you fucking can and yes you fucking should. Listen I’m not telling you to go out there and demand $40 an hour but if you feel that you deserve more than is being offered then you should feel comfortable bringing it up. If you do not feel comfortable bringing it up then I suggest you go work for an employer which offers a more welcoming environment for such a discussion. I’ve worked with tons of Producers who I respect and respect me in which I’ve had this talk with. I was speaking to someone who felt that asking for more money would get you “Blacklisted”. Look if someone is going to “attempt” to black list you for asking for more money then that’s not someone you want to work for.

As a Production Assistant you don’t ever go out and try to control traffic. EVER! I was on a show a few weeks ago where a car pulled into an area that we had coned off and a P.A immediately ran over there, past the cop to tell them to move. Fuck that! Look I’m not a paranoid person but I know at times at work we assume everyone around us knows that we are filming. We forget that life is carrying on around us and there is no telling what or who that person is that pulled into that spot. It can be someone having a bad day and here you come to tell them to move their car. Have you seen how people over react to parking enforcers? I’m not taking that risk, that’s why we pay the cops.

Fire-watch, I think I’ve spoken about this before on here but let’s go at it again because obviously people are still doing this dumb shit. Fire-watch is where they ask a P.A to eat lunch early so they can come back and watch the equipment. I’ve only seen this only happens on Non union shows because they are just too fucking cheap to get a real security guard. It always makes me laugh because I don’t quite understand what anyone thought I personally would ever do in this position. If I was doing fire-watch and someone came to take all the equipment does the production really think I’m going to stand in the way. Do they assume I’m going to risk my life and give a “Red-Alert, Red-Alert! Robbery In Progress” yell on the walkie before the thief shoots me in the face for a C-Stand. Listen I’ll be honest, if I was on fire-watch and someone came up on me just to rob me I’d offer them the keys to any truck they wanted. Fuck THAT! I’m not dying for your movie or show.

Lastly there was this sweet soul that I saw waiting at the lunch table when we broke for lunch a few weeks ago. I saw them just watching the line go by and so I approached them and asked “Are you not eating?” They replied “Don’t we have to let the crew through first?” “YES!” I said, “You’re part of the crew” as is everyone here that is making this film or show. A lot of us get lost in titles and departments and we forget that we’re all in this fucking thing together. We’re all part of the crew and when it’s lunch time it’s lunch time for everyone. One should never feel that they are being prioritized to eat. This is not a third world country and the last thing anyone is ever out of on set is food. AND if you work for a producer or production company as a P.A that tells you that you need to wait till the crew goes through you tell them you are crew, you eat and never work for that dip shit again.

Thanks for stopping by We’re Not Rolling on the way to your weekend. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. I hope you have a splendid weekend full of fun and shenanigans…even if that fun is sleeping in late and being lazy. Fun can be had in many ways, in many forms and this weekend I hope you can find some.


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