It’s Ok If THEY Do It…

Happy Wednesday! How are you today? I’m currently still on Vaca which means I’ve been out doing stuff. I’ve been enjoying life and as some of you may know that follow the site often, I will always choose life over writing. I can write this post anytime however life is constantly moving and I always try to jump on that train any chance I get. I do work tomorrow and I’m currently looking for something different to do in this business while also still working in production in the meantime. I don’t plan on taking anything full-time though unless it’s a new position. I finally sent my book to DGA yesterday. I expect to hear back from them in a few weeks. I’m a little stressed about it getting there but then I remind myself that I literally have never had a package not get somewhere so I realize that my worries are based in pure crap. I’m sure it’ll be fine. So that’s exciting and will also open some new opportunities for me. I went for a 3 mile hike yesterday, took a bunch of wonderful pictures of the scenery and just enjoyed nature for a little while. I think I may do the same thing today. It’s starting to warm up out here in sunny LA and that means there will be an abundance of activities to attend. Alright enough about my time off, let’s get into this shall we?

It’s come to my attention recently that people on crews hold actresses/actors and other higher-ups to different standards depending on their body of work, amount of time they’ve been doing it or their reputation. For example, on multiple accounts I’ve heard people say something along the lines of “He hasn’t been in anything anyone knows to be making demands” or “She’s acting like a diva and this is only her first show”. I don’t understand this way of thinking because the way it’s worded sounds like these people aren’t allowed to act like this now but if they were or when they become more famous this type of behavior WOULD be tolerated? Some might argue no but I have also witnessed this as well. I’ve worked with very big names and seen them demand or act like an asshole and people around them excuse their behavior to others by saying shit like “They’ve been doing this a long time, they’re allowed to act that way” or “That’s just the way they are.”. What the Fuck? How is that right way to address this? No one should be held above anyone. Acting like an asshole shouldn’t be tolerated from no one in a professional setting like work. Just because someone has been doing something for a specific amount of time does not justify them acting any different in that position than they did when they first began and if they have always been an asshole then maybe don’t employ them to begin with. Wouldn’t that be great?

This is just another one of those strange lines of thinking in this industry that I often find myself at odds with. There are multiple stories of highly paid directors, producers and actors/actresses that make the work environment very stressful. People that continually take advantage of the title given to them and which we allow to continue acting the way they do because all of us have just chosen to accept this behavior from these select people because “that’s just how they are”. Why the Fuck do we do this? Why do we continue to support people like this? I’m asking rhetorically because I’m not an idiot, I know the answer. It’s money. Ultimately if someone is making the company money…A LOT of money. Those that are in charge of them and everyone around will turn a blind eye to their shit. Money and a persons status as far as popularity should not be factors that any of us take into considerations when judging how a person should act in their given title. An actor/actress that has been in 19 number 1 movies should not be allowed to have a shit fit about not having water in their trailer anymore than an actor/actress that is acting in their first film doing the same. They should be treated the same. I think personally we all should do better at calling out people like this. I know we won’t because the majority of us fear that calling out a boss or anyone in a higher position than ourselves could cost us our job but then could we at least come to agreement that we shouldn’t complain about something one person does if we are going to accept it from another person. I’m just saying let’s have some consistency with our complaints. If something one person does bothers us so much that we need to share¬†our frustration with others then we should do it every time anyone does the same thing not just the people we feel have the right to act that way.

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