Kill Them With Kindness…

Happy Friday!! I wish I could say that I really mean those exclamation marks but I have to say yesterday was a really tough day for me. The lead singer of one of my and I’m sure some of yours favorite band took his life yesterday joining what lately seems like a reoccurring occurrence. Granted death is always in the air but there’s just been so much of it in the spot light lately. So many of my heroes, idols…people I grew up with that made very impactful meaning in my life growing up are dying. Martin Landau, Nelson Ellis, Adam West, Stephen Furst, Michael Bond, Gregg Allman, Charlie Murphy, Don Rickles, Chuck Berry, Bill Paxton, Mary Tyler Moore. I missed some on that list but thats just this year everyone. Chester Benningtons death comes not only months after his friend and lead singer of another amazing band I grew up with Chris Cornells death but also on his birthday. We lost the great mind of Mr George Romero just 5 days ago as well. It was a tough week and it’s been a really tough year in this retrospect to be honest. I’m sorry if this is one of the saddest openings I’ve had on here. I thought about leaving this till the end but that just did not feel right. These people were amazing and deserve to be remembered first always. Thank you so much for all your amazing creative genius that made the world just that much better. We will miss you all and never forget all you did. My thoughts are with all the family, friends and families of everyone lost so far not only this year but ever really. Death sucks! Let’s get into this, shall we?

While I’ve never been on the receiving end of any yelling I have encountered miserable crew people and that’s the topic of today’s post. I’m talking about Guys and Gals that have either been in the game too long, should have never gotten in to begin with OR are just unhappy people. Look I want to tell you that the world is sunshine, fairies, cheeseburgers and pizza but it’s not. There’s definitely people that we share this fine slowly heating up globe with that just want to roam its vast lands and seas trying to pull off their best impression of the unhappy emoji face or the pissed off one. There’s nothing anyone can do about it. You can’t fix these people because this is how they have chosen to live their lives. Deciding to act like an asshole your entire life does not just happen that shit is a life choice. Most of them aren’t even ashamed of it. They proudly wear their disgust for life openly. Hahahah!

However! There’s always a however…I have worked with a few people who put this asshole front at work and then out of work they’re freaking the life of the party. Outgoing, socially engaging and just great, fun people to hang out with. Funny enough I think I might be slightly opposite in that I do get a lot angrier in regular life than at work. Very seldom does any anger from the dark side corrupt my work hours. I know, weird huh? I’ve told you guys before, it has to do with the “The giving a shit Factor”. A study that I believe would be a breakthrough in the medical field if scientist could just bring themselves to actually “Giving a Shit” to conduct the study but then that would also kind of disprove the theory right? What? Moving on!

Then there’s also the type of people who put up the asshole front..let’s call it the asshole wall. There’s certain people who put up the asshole wall only towards certain people. Which is extremely weird because it makes it so selective. It’s like they put up this asshole wall but theirs has a door and only some people can come in and be cool with them. Very high school state of mind when you think about it. Now lastly there are just the ones that are just terrible people. Their rude, um-engaging, stand offish..I haven’t worked with many like this but I did work with a dolly grip that was just total bag of dicks. He was the perfect example of someone who I know that was miserable for no reason at all. Well look I won’t be totally one-sided because I don’t know about his life but still there’s never a need to be rude to strangers. He was only chatty (I use that term loosely) with the Key Grip (DUH! The Boss). I think of everybody that I have encountered that’s falls into this category this guy was the most unhappy fuck. I don’t know if it’s wrong or right of me but I find people like this fascinating because I want to see just how long they can keep up that mean mug. I would go out of my way to say good morning or some type of corny shit like that to this guy every day. He would just nod as I said “Good Morning!” or “Happy Friday!” With a big smile on my face.

Eventually I worked him into actually saying “What’s Up?” when I would greet him. I would also do random shit like bring him water while he was in the middle of set in front of everyone which would force him to say “Thank you” because well…it’s tough to be a total dirt bag when someone does some random act of kindness. This guy never once treated me wrong or threw any of his anger waves my way but he was seriously made of stone. I’m not sure what happen in this Dudes life that made him “..such a Sour Puss!” I’ll give you imaginary cool points if you know what movie that’s quoted from. This guy however did not make it through the entire show. He got into a loud argument with one of the location guys, threw around a couple of curses and that was it. Cursing in the work place unless you’re some hire up is always a no no. Why we hold them to a different standard is beyond me. I thought we all have been fighting for equality in the workplace but I guess that stops at how some of us act depending on our title in this industry. WHAT?? Let’s stop there before this turns into a long one.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. Please feel free to send in your own tales, rants, tips..anything film industry related so I can share them here on the site. Lastly back to what I was talking about in the opening, don’t worry I’ll try not to bum you out again. Instead I want to do the opposite and say that go find a smile, a laugh, a minute of pure joy this weekend. Whether that be a sunset, a kids laugh (sounds weird), a cheeseburger, spending the day with your pet or telling someone you haven’t spoken to in a while that you love them go out there and do it. I know it sounds cheesy as Fuck but take advantage of every moment of your life. I started this post prior to yesterdays tragedy and so I wasn’t sure how the opening would mix in. I knew I had no option because I knew I wanted to talk about it because this is truly a form of therapy for me. When was writing the opening and then got into the tale of the guy and the topic of the post I realized that it did tie together. Everything ties together because we are all one. Non of our time here is guaranteed so don’t spend it being miserable try to find some happiness. Have an amazing weekend everyone and remember to be good to one another.


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