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Happy FriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiDAY!!! We made it! Another small life repetitive triumph. You know every Friday that I write that on all my social media platforms “Happy Friday” “Cheers to Friday” some corny crap like that before I take a break from it all on the weekend, I think…”People that work on the weekend must really, REALLY hate that phrase. I mean the over all excitement for friday is a pretty relatable feeling so to be left out of that constantly would get a bit bothersome. I mean it would be annoying as all fucking hell to me, I’d be damning everyones Friday Hahaha! I guess one would grow use it as is all of life’s mundane shit but it’s a thought I have no less that I wanted to share. I also have a solution, stop reading this post now and come back on the day before your off and you replace that Friday with whatever day that may be and you fucking enjoy that day off because you deserve that time off no matter what day it is. Fuck the labels!! Tuesday can be just as fun as Saturday if you know how to have a good time. Let’s get into this shall we?

I made a post and most likely a new album title section (Why doesn’t Instagram do Albums again?) on the WereNotRolling Instagram yesterday that you can check out HERE (Shameless plug, Remember those?!). I mentioned that this happens to be one of my favorite sayings in the business and trust me there is quite the collection. “Hurry Up To Wait” “You’re Only as Good as Your last Day” “You Never Know Who Your Next Boss Can Be”, the list goes on and on. The list is actually so vast that I might start exploring more of them on here now that I’m writing about it because that’s how ideas and shit happens. You start with one thing and build on it till it all makes sense. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you, the creator, the dreamer. See I was just aimlessly writing as I do at times and wrote those sayings out and now I will later on turn them into entertaining hilarious posts on here. Well that was a little side tracked, inspire your inner artist derailment but a short one. Here we are back to it!

I was writing that I love this saying, phrase, words of wisdom because it’s essentially true. When one works in the film industry IT IS sort of dream. Sure it may not be your individual dream but that film, tv show, commercial was all once a vision, a dream in some director/creators head. That’s why I appreciate the much more accurate “Living Someones Dream”. I don’t mean it negatively, I’m as much a fan as making others dreams reality as I am my own someday. I just think it’s a much more precise description of what we do. It does get tougher to only work on other dreams though. I won’t sit here in my living room, with “SnowFall” playing in the background (Awesome Show by the Way) and say I wouldn’t rather direct this show than work on it. The longer that one is just assisting in the dream making and therefore missing out on time on their own dream making can get stressful. Just the other day I was reading a friends/Co-Workers Social Media message and they were truly having a tough time working in this business because the time it takes away from working on ones own projects. We work with artist, writers, painters, musicians, acrobats, teachers all types of people who do amazing, creative things on their own time. When we work 14 hours on someone elses dream it takes time from ours is all I’m saying. It’s really a shame.

This business is full of so many talented people who sadly will only ever only be known by a name buried in the thousands of others as they scroll by on a black screen at the end of a TV Show or Movie. I know that some of those names are happy with that. They work in this business as a way to earn a descent living. There’s also the few people who just ended up in the game by chance. These are rare cases though I feel that the majority of people who populate our business are people who love film making. They went to film school and came out here to make their own movies. They’re what the world would label as film geeks and nerds. They either love it or another way into this dream that we all parade around in is they were brought in by their family. Being that this is an All who you know business” it only makes sense that there are many families in the business. Family takes care of family.

Personally I myself have been struggling with these hours spent working in the business and away from my dreams lately as well. I mean if you’ve followed the blog the last few months I’ve taken this time to work on everything that I have wanted to learn how to do. Dreams and projects that I wanted to accomplish or begin and I know I’m going to eventually have to cut the time spent on them to go work and the thought is killing me. I can’t just stop working, I still need to eat and live. Unfortunately none of these life essentials are free and my own “work” is not making me any money yet but hey the dream is there, brighter than ever and I will be visiting more often…

I’m not sure what the over all message about this post was going to be. I don’t really feel there was one. You know how these things go, I have a chat with MJ, I start typing away and let the words take me where they may. Then I go back and try to make coherent sense of the madness. I honestly just wanted to write something to celebrate all those crew people out there that sacrifice time on their own dreams to make others a reality. You fucking people are the real all-stars and you deserve just as much as everyone else to have your dreams come true. I know that may be easy for me to type and say but one must also believe that there is some truth in some of these types of cheesy, cliché sayings because they obviously worked for someone or we wouldn’t be employed. I wasted a lot of time not creating or exploring my crazy artistic mind because I was so focused on just the one goal of directing. I realize now that was a mistake. I should’ve been creating and making content all the time. I should have been contributing to that dream everyday BUT the good thing is..(Another cheesy line) “It’s never too late.” Now I try to create something new everyday. The creative mind needs exercise so this weekend take one of those millions of dreams that you have, big or small and try to start making that sucker a reality. Tomorrow doesn’t have to be “Just another day” it can be “The first day” I Did not make that up..I read a much better variation of it and forgot where I saw it or how it went and did my best to repeat the message. You get it!

Thank you for stopping by We’re Not Rolling before you venture into the weekend. Two days ago the blog hit 4000 visitors and I want to say thanks to each and every one of you that have stopped by, shared, commented…just showed any support at all. It’s been a fun ride so far and I’m not sure what the future may bring but you can bet your sweet ass I’ll still be posting every Tue and Fri. It’s just routine now…I feel weird not writing. Alright let me stop rambling, be good to each other.


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