Lock It Up…

Happy Tuesday! Yes that’s right, Tuesday. I know things were a little crazy last week and due to some unforeseen circumstances I was forced to adjust the day I put out last weeks Tuesday post but all is back to normal…well as normal as can be. This may happen again because there just is no stopping life ladies and gents but for now we will return to our regular scheduled program. New posts every Tue and Fri. Alright so, how was everyone’s Monday? I was working at a golf course all day. I miss golfing. I use to golf a lot when I was younger but slowly gave it up as I got older. Which is weird because usually that works in reverse. I’m actually here on the green right now sitting at a lock up as I type this thing.

See. Here’s my P.O.V right now, not bad huh? That fucking pond is NASTY! How often do golf course clean those fucking things out? I mean all the ducks that must poop in these things as well. Chances are that I won’t finish this till post till I get home tonight but at least I started. Alright enough golf digest and wasting time, let’s get into this shall we?

Lock ups are the topic of today’s post. Why you may ask? Well because I was locking up today as you can see and I also realized that’s what I do with a lot of my fucking time at work. Yes that’s right among all the other glamorous tasks of my job I also get to stand somewhere and to tell people WHEN they can go somewhere else. We’re sort of like glorified security guards. Which is odd because we literally have security guards on most sets. Funny enough they (Security) get a chair but some want production to stand all day. However a lot of my job is telling people this information. Sometimes they can’t even go into the area that they want to be in at all. Most the times they need to be quiet while they go where they need go and this is always the toughest part of locking up. It’s the toughest because like I’ve mentioned on here before, people don’t like to be quiet. I know that if you don’t work in the industry that all sounds like nonsense and honestly, it kind of is….at times. While most lock ups do serve a real purpose there is a few at times that are total bullshit. At times someone will be placed at a lock up that everyone knows is useless but we do it just in case. However silly it may be it is a task that we have in the film world. “Locking up” also means that you keep everybody informed that you’re filming wherever you may be. I know exciting huh? I will say that through the years I’ve locked up on many street corners, alleys, malls, airports, restaurants, schools all through Los Angeles…the list goes on and on. In a few years I could probably put together my own Hollywood Tour of all the places I’ve locked up on shows and films in L.A. I’m actually contemplating making this a Facebook discussion. What places have you locked up? What did you do there? I’d like to see how many people have locked up the same spot and what stories they may have.

I’ve had awesome lock ups in a ventilated area with a chair and I’ve had terrible ones where it’s 100 degrees with not so much as a rock on the side of the road to sit on. The temperature never bugs me as much as the sitting part. I can keep myself cool or warm but the only way to keep my legs and feet fresh is to sit. I’ve had lock ups in stinky piss filled alleys and I’ve had ones right next to craft service. Which is never a good idea because you can just eat your boredom away. I’ve been in lock ups before where I totally lost track of not only time but what in the Fuck was going on all together. I know most of you out there know what I’m talking about. I’ve had lock ups where I wasn’t in walkie range and I had to take a van to get there. I was there for about 2-3 hours. That is serious chilling time if it is not a busy lock up which this one was not. I’d say the entire 2 hours I got up 2-3 times to tell someone something. I love these types of lock ups that are away from everyone because you can do all types of shit. You can read, take pictures, if you have service you can surf the web….I don’t know if that’s a term anymore but I’m going with it. I’m constantly creating online content so this alone time is always welcomed on my end. Someone once told me that someone made a short movie while at a lock up. I’ve tried to look it up but haven’t found anything. If any of you out there know of such a short, send it my way. There was another time where we were doing driving shots and the 1st AD wanted me to lay in the back seat of the car that the actors were driving. This was a splinter unit we did on a show so I was laying down back there for a few hours on and off. They were just doing exterior shots of the car driving so I was never in any danger of being seen. This was a sweet gig because I took several naps throughout the filming of the scene. Sleeping and getting paid, the perks of the job…

Thanks for stopping and checking out another post here at Were Not Rolling everyone. Please if you have any stories, rants, tips or anything that you’d like to talk about here on the site please feel free to send it my way. Have a great week at work and I’ll be back with an all new post on Friday.



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