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Hello everybody! Welcome to We’re Not Rolling. I’m your want to be, trying to be…writer. I was wondering the other day does anyone ever come up to you and declare you a writer? Do you just declare yourself one? Or is it only official once you get paid for your stuff? Fuck if I know. HA! I never thought I’d write a blog twice a week. It wasn’t in my life plans but the option presented itself and I decided why not give it a try. So now here I am, a year and a half later and this crazy thing just keeps going. However I do feel that I want to finally start offering up a little more on here. A while back I tossed around the idea of having a section here called “The We’re Not Rolling F.I.F”. You should pronounce that (F.I.F) how Dave Chappelle does when he says he’s pleading the Fifth. If you don’t know the reference, don’t be lazy, look up the skit. That’s what the internet is for…well one of the things it’s for anyway. F.I.F is an acronym for Fuck It Friday. The idea behind the posts in this section is that I would AT TIMES have a post on Friday that had nothing to do with the Film Industry but rather some other…whatever topic. I wanted to do this for a couple of reasons. One I have other shit that I want to talk about. Two it’ll open up the site to a larger crowd and three I think it’ll be fun. I’ll try my best to make them funny as I always do but some topics are tough to make light of. However I will try! Today is the day. Let me welcome you to the first We’re Not Rolling F.I.F post. Let’s get into this shall we?

Social Media, is it good? Is it bad? Is it making us less connected? More connected? I’m new to the social media world. My online footprint is only a little over a year old now. I enjoy many aspects of it but also see many of its faults. I believe that everything that can bring us together is ultimately a great thing but only time will tell what social medias long-term effects will be on us all. Now for those of you that follow any of my Instagram, FB pages or groups, any of the Twitter feeds (My least used, I’m just not a fan), my blogs, any of it you will notice that there is an overall tone to all of my work. That is to promote positivity. I try to do that through a couple of different ways but mostly I try to do it by bringing everyone a laugh or at least a smile every day. I consider myself a happy person that wants nothing but good for everyone. Sure I may lose my shit from time to time and there was a period there in my life where I wasn’t the avid promoter of positive vibes that I’m currently trying to be but everyday I try to get a little bit better at it. I don’t want to be the angry person I use to be and so I work at it everyday.

Now back to my social media, I try to take a little pride in what I post and only try to offer up my own work or helpful content on all of them. I carefully think about what I’m posting, what I’m trying to say with it and what effect it may have. That’s just how I felt I should treat social media when I decided to be a part of it. Well as some of you may know I was born and raised in Florida and still lots of family there. Over the last few days they have been waiting and watching to see where Hurricane Irma is headed. Since I learned of the Hurricane I had been advocating for my parents and sister to head north out of the hurricane’s arrival in Miami. They like many in Miami wanted to wait till it was officially said. Fine. I get that. There’s also several people who work whose jobs made them come in right up to today Thursday so I know some of them had to wait to clear out. Oh and real quick before I move on, those of you Business owners that are having people come in on Friday to work on my behalf You can go Fuck yourself. I wish you no harm or ill will because again, I’m trying to be a better person BUT know that I would love nothing more that to stand right in front of you and say “Go Fuck yourself!” You’re a terrible human being and I sincerely hope that you find your heart before you die. Doing good is always going to make you feel better than fattening your pockets, you should give it a try.

Alright back to it, earlier today CNN posted an overhead map of Hurricane Andrew alongside Hurricane Irma to give everyone some perspective in the magnitude of this hurricane in comparison to the ’92 storm. It’s about 3 times the size for those of you that may have not seen it. I felt that chilling image was important to share with everyone because some of us including myself at times believe with our eyes. Some of us need to actually see something before we act. So I posted this image along with a message describing my concerns and good thoughts for everyone in Florida. A good friend of mine was one of the first to comment and made a joke referencing Star Wars. It was funny and in good light of the situation which he then followed with more helpful info about airlines offering deals out of Miami. I love laughing and always believe in spreading laughter. A few other people chimed in with helpful insight or appreciation for the post and then something happen that made me instantly delete and disconnect with someone across all my social platforms. Someone thought that my post was a good place to claim that what I was trying to spread was fake news. They did it with a bunch of emojis to try to cover up the ignorant shit they were implying but I instantly deleted it and as I said blocked and deleted this person. While this may be a free country, I own my social media (Or at least what goes on it). My social media outlets are my domain, my world and they will not be used to promote your made up, crazy bullshit. If it makes you feel good to pretend that this hurricane is fake because in reality you’re just scared like a child without their mommy then promote that shit on your social outlets. Stay the Fuck off my shit. I will not respond because honestly I don’t have the time and I don’t want to change your mind or views on anything. It’s a free country and you may believe whatever you want just don’t try to feed it through my social avenues.

Well that was a bit bleak….Hahahaha! I’m sorry if that sounded harsh but as I’ve said the best thing about having a blog is that it serves as a getaway for my mind. It’s a place where I can go and just write out my thoughts and feelings in hopes of not only making sense of them but also sharing them with others. Respect other people’s social spaces and think twice before you try to use it as a place to spread your shit is all I’m saying. One would not just run into someones house yelling fucking nonsense so don’t do it on people’s social media. If they welcome it, fine but never just assume because you might come across a mother fucker like me that is just not taking it. Thank you for reading and checking out the first ever F.I.F post here at We’re Not Rolling. That was a lot of fun and I will be doing it again. Have an excellent weekend every be good to one another and to everyone in Florida, Stay Strong, Be Safe and Be Smart. All of my thought are with you all that are riding out the storm. Sending you all the positive vibes I can that will hopefully just make that fucker u turn back into the sea.



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