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Happy Tuesday!! I know I’ve been missing in the blogging action but honestly I just haven’t felt compelled to write about anything. The reason I started this thing was to explore some of the craziness in our industry and since I haven’t really been working all that much I think my momentum for writing has slowed down. However I’m trying to change that and get back to writing because I do miss it. I start a new gig tomorrow (Tuesday) so I’m sure I will in no time have some new fresh material to go on about. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

Today as I was making breakfast I asked my roommate about the job he had worked on last night. He got home past midnight and I had already gone to bed so I was just curios what it was. I don’t typically bring up work unless the person I’m talking to does because 12 hours a day is enough time to dedicate to work so why talk about it as well. However anytime something takes all night to film something I want to know what it was so I can make my own assessment of whether all that time was actually needed or if it was just exaggerated. As I assumed he told me the show was a mess and went over schedule. It was a commercial for a well-known brand. What got me all worked up and in the mood to write this post was that he told me that they had everyone on the crew greek out and brand names they had on the clothes they were wearing because it would upset the client. Which for those of you not in the industry means that for example if your working on a Nike commercial they ask you to place tape on your reebok shirt. I know. Fucking stupid but it happens. Now as is normally the case with anything this ridiculous I immediately felt compelled to rant about because it’s a perfect example of some of the dumb shit this industry does and continues to do. We can all acknowledge that this is dumb childish behavior but continue to support it because….I don’t know. I wish I knew but I honestly just don’t understand.

If a person that is representing a brand name cannot stand the site of another brand name tag on the cloth someone else is wearing then that person probably shouldn’t have that job because if that is not irrationally unnatural behavior that needs professional help, I don’t know what is. This person should not have this job. They should be doing therapy for this issue of brand names burning their retinas. I did however tell my roommate that I don’t always buy into these dumb rules without questioning where they originated from. While I’m sure that some of these outlandish request we get at times like not looking a particular person in the eye or mentioning some of their past work may have come from the person themselves I have found that sometimes these stupid request come from some third-party. Like an over achieving manager, an assistant directly connected to the person or at times it can also come from another source with no direct connection to the person but that feels compelled to set up these dumb rules as a way to comfort the person. For example I’ve been on jobs wear the coordinator of the show will make up this stuff because they assume everyone is going to be bothering the person. Which is bullshit because everyone that works in this business knows how to act and how to be professional. They don’t need to be told lies like “This person doesn’t like for you to look them in the eye”. This too is a serious issue that should be treated. If a person cannot stand to be looked in the eyes then a film set probably should not be the field that they work in. I mean there’s literally people all over the place anywhere you go in your day-to-day life let alone on a stage where there’s about 60 of us all pied in there. I’d like to know how this person interacts in the real world. Do they hire someone to constantly walk in front of them and when a stranger in passing casts their gaze upon their master they immediately yell “DON’T LOOK AT THEIR EYES!!” I’m not saying this is not a thing because I definitely have heard and witnessed crazier things in this business but still we need to realize that this is not helpful to anyone and extremely irrational to ask of anyone. I just think we need to talk about this stuff in the open more and maybe that will help us see the error in our ways and pop off some sort of change.

Thanks for stopping by and to those that are returning after these last few dry weeks of writing a special thank you. I think I may have gotten my groove back and this post did feel great writing up so hopefully I can keep them coming. Have a great rest of your week and I’ll be back Friday with an all NEW post.




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