Return of the Gold Fold-er…

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday. How is everyone? I’m on Hiatus this week so that’s always pretty awesome. I get to work on all my own stuff which is what we all want to ultimately do, right? Now today’s post is a bit strange because I really don’t have much to say about it because this person already said so much that I’m just going to post what he said and comment on it. When I started this blog I thought maybe at some point someone, somewhere is going to take the shit I talk about too seriously and get all butt hurt. However NEVER did I think that the first person that would lose it would be the genius mind behind the world-changing, revolutionary, never before seen giant leather wallet pen holder complete with clip folder. Alright so if you read the blog weekly you’d know that last week I did a post called ‘Goldfolds, useless or just cool…’. It was an observation about MY THOUGHTS and OPINIONS about the very widely known goldfold-er. I always feel it’s important to look at all sides of a story so please make sure to read that post before reading the rest of this one as it will give you the broader view of the situation. Actually, I just read my post again because this cat seems so upset right now that I thought I had called him a useless turd hugger. Yes I said turd hugger, that’s how serious things are here at We’re Not Rolling. Before we get any further I want to make it cleat that I never once called this guy any names, called his product shit (I said it was useless to ME) or told anyone reading that they should stop buying these things. I wrote what is essentially a +1000 word review of what I think about gold fold-ers but apparently Mr Travis Gold-Rush didn’t think so, he wants to make it sound like I’m ready to start war on his precious over priced paper protectors. In this post however I will still not call this guy any names because what can I say, I’m just a fucking classy mother fucker that way but I will address all the shit you talked because hey..that’s what blogs are for..peoples personal opinions and views.


Yes the guy that’s been making these things for 25 years apparently read my post..(he and the other 10-15 people..most of which are close friends that read this blog)…and really got extremely angry with me. Now I’m not sure if Mr. Gold-Nugget has read any other posts on here to see how this site runs and how I always warn people who are easily offended that this is not the website for you and that I’m just here to bring people a laugh but he was furious and I just thought I’d share some of his comments with you fine people in hopes that I can get into a discussion about this type of behavior. Because it’s always important to point out how respectful a successful? Semi-successful? business owner treats people online who may be old and/or new customers. I didn’t bother to look into just how much you’ve made off these things but not much comes up when you Google your name other than your site and a couple of mentions here and there. Which can explain why you even noticed my tiny site because apparently no one else is paying much attention to you either since you’re down here at the bottom with me. So instead of acting like a normal person and learning a bit more about my site you have to go on a craze comment spree instead. First he went on TheFilmCan.Com (Shameless Plug) Instagram and said this:

I would address these insults but why bother, I don’t care. I’ve already told you guys what my stance is in this business and here we have yet another person that I’ve spoken of many times before that has more of a problem with my position than I do. Why is that? Were you abused as a PA Mr. Goldie? Did some higher up touch your goldfold-er in a bad way? I’m still trying to figure out why exactly he felt the need to use my name…are you trying to out me to the world? Because my name is all over these sites my friend. You’re not putting any info out there that is not known. Plus that’s not how you spell my name but as I can clearly see from your heated running of the mouth you don’t spend much time reading or researching anything before you just get angry and start typing away. “Embrace the Goldfold and perhaps you will find advancement easier.” Apparently once you get one of these $150 genuine leather ripped straight from a cows ass folders you will instantly become more successful. Who would’ve known it was that easy? Next, “Advice from the bottom of the totem pole” is a great Fucking title and one that I will be sure to use very soon, I’ll make sure to dedicate it to you. That’s actually a better idea than an over priced giant leather wallet that they killed a cow for..or a pig…horse? What exactly are theses Fucking things made of? I couldn’t find it on your site. Then he thanked me for the nasty words. You’re welcomed sir and thanks for yours! If you didn’t write all this wonderful stuff I wouldn’t have this great post today.  Lastly, that final sentence would be more effective if you added some punctuations my friend. “Those that can; do. Those that can’t; write about it and criticize”. To which I must say yes, thanks for being totally’re right, I CAN’T figure out how to convince/scam people into thinking they need to shell out $150 dollars for a useless leather wallet that you slaughter animals for when people can go to Miracleadwallet.Com and get one from this awesome, green, non-profit organization for less than half the price ($60). I believe on your site you refer to theses as:

“..other plastic ‘green’ products..” I like that your answer to if your folders are “Eco-Friendly?” Is “Hell Yes” with absolutely no explanation other than leather lasts forever which we know is not the case because it will deteriorate over time and if you get that sucker wet it’s all over. Eventually my obviously educated friend your gold folder will be the one in the landfill not the “..other plastic ‘green’ products..” whose sole purpose is for them to be biodegradable and describe in detail how the process works. It’s a bit more in-depth than “Hell Yes” check it out you might learn something. Next Mr. Gold-er sent this comment to me here at the blog:

Good use of the word drek bud. I’m sure the shows that I’ve worked on will love to hear that you think their shows are shit. Then Mr. Goldfold just couldn’t stop there, apparently he was so full of rage that my post was destroying his giant cow slaughtering over sized wallet making empire that he also emailed me:

Jealousy in this business. Yes I’m aware that there is a lot of jealousy in this industry but you must be joking if you feel I’m jealous of a guy that invented a leather folder. I can honestly say I’m jealous of the guy that invented the toothpick because well that’ know..useful. Moving on “i frankly thought you were some Fellow AD and Guild member…nope. You are some Career lacky/pa that likes to write and has nothing to say but trash.” The most interesting part about this sentence is that he starts out saying that he thought I was a “Fellow AD and Guild member” which means what exactly? If I was a “Fellow AD” your feelings wouldn’t be as hurt? Would you have shown more respect if I was a “Fellow AD”…hahaha..this guy thinks it’s like an exclusive fellowship club. Does calling PAs, “lacky” make you feel like a big man Mr. Gold-member because that would explain why this has affected you so negatively. ADs have great insurance, maybe some psychiatric help will make the words not cause you anymore boo boos to your little heart. Sticks and stones buddy, remember that saying? Then he goes on to call me a Career lacky/pa which for some reason I guess he feels will make me all sad, soft and supple like his animal murdering over hyped wallets. Here is where Mr. Gold-man really starts getting angry. You can always tell how pissed off someone was when they were typing something because they don’t even have time to spell/grammar check their response. Now granted I’m no writer and we all know I’ve definitely fucked up a lot on here but that’s life. I always spell/grammar check and try to get a 2nd pair of eyes on it but sometimes I miss shit. However, word of advice when something angers you that much that you just start typing and can’t even spell correctly you should go back and read what you wrote with a clear head before you hit that send button and look like a total illiterate fool. There was quite a few times gold sounded like Tarzan that I didn’t mention, he started leaving out words like “the” “that” and forgetting to make words plural but I’ll let you find those yourself…here I am displaying my classy mother fuckerness again. As a result of his anger increasing as he typed, he started writing half thought insults like “Internet full of garbage…haha Shocking   Good for you” Is he telling me that I’m responsible for ALL the garbage on the internet? Because that simply can’t be true I mean I know that there’s way more than just my garbage on the internet just like this site GoldExpensiveAnimalDiedForFold-er. “…haha Shocking  Good for you”. Ummmm…I don’t even know what that means but I guess he thinks it’s good for me so let’s just leave that one at that. Then he goes on to question why I would bash his product. Clearly you didn’t read the entire post because I explain exactly why I’m REVIEWING your product. Here’s the post if you want to read it again without all the rage that you had Saturday night. Next he says that he knows a pa has their S (he won’t curse here and say “Shit” but he’s ok with calling pa’s lacky’s…very classy dude) together right off the bat when they have a goldfolds. Holy Fucking shit! Do you mean to tell me that once you see a pa that gave you $150 you know he’s a good employee right off the bat? That’s not you recognizing how good they are that’s called customer appreciation. Do you also think pa’s that bought their goldfold-ers from for $60 without killing an animal and giving money to an entrepreneur inventor like yourself that can’t take any negative criticism as having their S together right off the bat too or not so much because they didn’t pay you for your blood shed skinned paper protector folder?

“GF serves a need.” Yes, again you’re right. A need, to look important as you display the flesh of this animal whose life you took so that your callsheet would stay perfect…well except for the part where you clip it that totally gets Fucking destroyed but hey what can you expect for $150! Nothing but almost the best. Oh what do you know I stand corrected, after I looked on your site I noticed that the new flesh binders come with a magnet instead of a clip. Sooo…are you offering and free exchange of older models with the clip since they wreck all the paper and are clearly defective in that aspect or should people toss those in a land fill and shell out another $150 to get your new improved ones? Let us know where we can send our old gold folders for this amazing exchange program you are offering.

Then he attempts to show off by saying he’s been a DGA member since 89′ with many followers. Yes I know you have followers:


There we go 113 followers. Well done, do you think any of them are “Lacky PA’s”? I mean you are the guy that invented the original AD wallet of course people will follow you. If I invented a mirror that didn’t cast a reflection I too would have many followers because I was the only idiot that thought up this useless product. There’s a potato on Instagram that travels the world and has almost 4 thousand followers..get off the high horse buddy, you’re not a special and unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying matter as your wallets. Plus you’re one of the few people making these 3 fold folders that is still using real leather and hacking up some animals in the process instead of looking for better material. Congrats!! “Sad little person with a less than popular blog.” Sad, not at all. I actually enjoy my life and my career PA-ing and be it as you say “a less than popular blog” you really have your underwear in a bunch about it.

Lastly Mr. T-Gold ends by saying “Bashing gold fold will get you nothing but ill will jr….but I see you’re not exactly setting the world on fire (PA for over 10 years?…really?) so it makes no difference I suppose.” Ok first off, I never claimed to want to set the world on fire. That seems pretty reckless and violent. Sort of like wallets made of real Italian leather. Then he ends it with saying “ makes no difference I suppose” but you sir getting so bent out of shape about what a lacky/pa said on his own personal “silly” blog demonstrates that what I’m saying actually is making a difference to you. Think about that the next time you get sand all in your pee hole about someone’s personal opinion about your product. Plus I never intended on this being a bashing of your product, I didn’t tell anyone not to buy your shit. Actually here’s some quotes from my post:

“The guy that made this thing is a fucking genius because not only is it kind of useless but he also had to make a killing on these things. They run $150 on that website”

“I’m just fucking around everyone. If you like goldfolds then you stick with it. It’s really just about what makes you comfortable so if you like opening that fucking thing every time someone asks you at what time your filming a scene then go for it. I think I’m going to stick to my naked ways and let my papers roam freely in my pocket instead of being draped in fancy leather.”

Do you email shit talk every customer that doesn’t particularly like your product? Or just lacky/pa’s? I actually didn’t even think about the fact that you were killing fucking animals to make these useless things till you started all this shit talking so thank you very much for that. I’ll be sure to point everyone to from now on and I will share all these kind words that you have for lacky/pa’s that don’t like your goldfold-ers of death. And back to your first comment…Yes this is a silly blog, you’re absolutely correct. If you read more of my material you would see that it’s all in good fun. I mean no ill will towards anyone..but this silly little blog just made you act really silly. A little Trump-ish if you will. Take care Mr. Gold, thanks for the laughs and I hope to hear from you again so I can continue to share your inspiring words for every pa out there. Oh and here’s a little ad I made for you. Maybe it’ll bring up sales since I can only imagine no one is really buying your animal purses anymore thanks to smart phones and tablets. Maybe you should make the first AD tablet wallet and try making people think they need those as well. See I’m even offering you ideas here. Best of luck to you mR. golDfold-Er.

Thanks for reading everyone! I’m sorry that this post was mostly just about this man getting a little too sensitive but it’s really the type of people that I talk about here on this website from time to time. One of the reasons I started this blog was to talk about some of the ridiculous shit that happens at times, exactly like this. We work in a business that likes to think it is one of the biggest backers of freedom of speech but apparently if that speech is someone’s personal opinion about someone else’s product that freedom should just go Fuck itself. I know I talked a lot of shit in this post but if you know me like Mr Gold-er clearly doesn’t, you know that’s who I am and why you continue to read my post. I’m not trying to change the world or light it on fire, I’m just trying to bring it a laugh. No plug today, you guys already know the deal. Take care and feel free to chime in on this or let Mr Gold-s know what you think about it. You’ll need to look up the site because I’m not plugging it in again.


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  1. Hahaha too funny, Lou. What a silly topic. I’m totally gonna share this story with any goldfold-using AD’s on the blockbuster I’m working on.

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