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Hello, welcome to We’re Not Rolling Old and New visitors. How was your weekend? I had both a good and bad weekend. Let’s get to the bad first because well..it always sucks. It was bad because I have lots of family and friends in Florida that stayed there for Irma. This fucking Hurricane gave me the most stressful 10 days I believe I’ve ever had. I was really worried about everyone. I know that climate change is real because I see and feel its effects in the ¬†environment. What these other people think is happening is beyond me. I knew in my gut that this was a bad mother fucker. Then it started tearing up islands and I really stressed out and after 3 days of convincing I got my parents to high tail it out of there. Now that it’s past all is good and everyone I know in Florida is safe. However we have no word from our family in Cuba yet. SO that all sucked but then on Sunday something great happen, the NFL graced our televisions again with the sport that I love so much and that made me happy again…still worried but also happy. It was a confusing emotional weekend alright?! HA! Let’s get into this shall we?

Filming on location is the topic of today’s post. To be more specific I wanted to talk about certain locations that given the right time can be the perfect place to work at. I’ve written about working on location and all the problems that go along with it on here before. However today we are filming at the beach, it’s in the mid 70’s and for lack of a better word, it’s perfect. Today doesn’t even feel like a work day. That’s not always the case because at times we have filmed out here at the beach in December and although it may look nice and warm it’s cold as shit! Especially at night-time. I worked on a show last year where we filmed a college pool party in November up in the valley. It was about 50-60 degrees and more than 70 percent of the 100 BG were in swim suits. The pool was heated but still can you imagine that shit? It’s fucking madness and people actually do that shit all the time.

Anyhow while I’m not really a fan of filming on location because of numerous reasons. For example there’s too many X factors out of our control that we have total control over on stage. The temperature, the noise level (We try!), you have to worry about regular people who don’t work on the crew (Bogies) wandering about. On top of that, everything always seems to take longer on location. Especially if you’re on a show that is studio based. If you work on a show that never goes on location for whatever reason when they do go on location it’s a shit show. I know that sounds ridiculous because one may think, shouldn’t the crew be just as efficient as they are on stage when they do our. The answer is NO!

Another place that I enjoy filming at besides the beach that doesn’t drive me up the wall is at Malls. I know that sounds crazy, especially after I stated that dealing with outside people is a hassle but I do enjoy filming at malls. Which is odd because I never go to malls on my time off. I shop online like normal people, HA. However I do enjoy people watching and I do enjoy walking around and looking at shit, then going home and buying it cheaper online. If we Film at a mall that means I get to do both of these things while I’m getting paid for it. I’m also a fatty and love food and is there anywhere better for a food lover than a mall food court? Full of free samples everywhere you walk, it’s a little piece of heaven.I recently filmed at a small water park and that would’ve been a sweet location if they let us enjoy the water but they didn’t. BASTARDS!! Hahaha. It’s also fun to shoot at theme parks as long as it’s not mid summer because you can ride the rides during lunch. I have a friend that worked on a Six Flags commercial and it was his job to ride with the BG on every ride they filmed that day. Hell FUCK yeah that’s a sweet gig, I’d be down for that.

I really can’t get over today though, it was awesome. There was 10 BG and all we did was sit on the beach and converse. The AD instructed me to stay with them and blend in so I did just that as you can see front the pictures below.

It has me thinking that I need to get myself on a Beach Show so I can have more days like this. I won’t be fooled though, I know that days like this are few and far in between so I will just enjoy this day and write about it so I will always have the memory of the day I got paid to catch some sun and hang with some new peeps at the beach. However I’m over the good day now because we did wrap and hour and a half ago and I’m still waiting for camera to Fucking download the footage. These are the moments where I miss film, SO MUCH!!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. Please feel free to submit your own stories, rants, tips…anything Film Industry related to me so I can feature it here and make sure to check out my weekly Podcast “The Toke Talking Podcast” every Monday and New blog post every Tue and Fri. Have a great week at work everyone and good to one another.


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