Happy Tuesday everyone! How are you? How was your weekend? I had a rather uneventful one myself. It rained almost all weekend and that was reason enough for me to stay dry and indoors. I did go out for a few hours on Sat to help a friend with a photo shoot for a clothing line he’s releasing but other than that I spent a lot of quality time with my dog, my cat, my bed and my couch…I might’ve also visited the fridge a couple times…alright maybe a lot of times. Anyhow let’s get into this shall we?!

Today I want to talk about people who step on other people’s transmissions because it’s seriously Fucking annoying and honestly I don’t understand why anyone thinks it’s ok. If you don’t work in the business when we are talking on the radio and someone tries to simultaneously say something we call it “Stepage”. It’s easily one of my biggest pet peeves in the industry because it’s totally avoidable. When someone is talking on the radio and you immediately go for your mic to talk or to answer that question you know damn well that you are going to step on them. Not only that but you do know that the first couple of words you say are total shit right? Why do you do this knowing the nuisance it is to everyone listening. It just causes so many other problems. For example if someone is asking you a yes or no question and you respond to them with a one word answer while they are finishing their sentence they may never hear it. Which means that once they are done speaking now they are going to have to ask you to please repeat what you said because your answer was not clear. Then this constant repeating at times will agitate the person stepping on people to give them answers and will begin a cycle of walkie transmission problems because you simply don’t understand that you have to let someone finish talking before hitting your button. I don’t give a flying Fuck who it is doing the stepping..1st AD, Producer…they need to calm the Fuck down and let people finish their transmission before they speak or they’re going to have a bad time. Willingly stepping on someone who is talking is the equivalent of yelling barely comprehensible jargon over someone that’s already speaking. I understand that at times you may have something that is of more urgency than what is being said but you must know by now that you will probably need to repeat yourself and if you know that then why do it? I just really don’t understand how a person can hear someone talking and then pretty much say “Fuck what you’re saying, listen to me!” And press their walkie button and start talking. One of my favorite “Fuck what you’re saying” moments is when the person speaking is giving out helpful information that requires more than a standard 5 words or less rule for transmissions and then someone chimes in with another transmission that is just as long and we all just have to sit there and listen to a bunch of radio white noise mixed in with some comprehensible words and then have to try to decider what was said. It’s really a simple rule to follow. If you hear someone talking on the radio show the respect we should all show each other and let them finish. The funny thing about the stoppage though is that the only 2 people who don’t hear the white noise are the 2 people arguing. It’s only annoying to everyone else.

Personally I don’t even understand why stepage is still a thing. I would’ve thought with all the advancements in tech that our equipment has gone through that someone would’ve already made a walkie in which one can’t transmit if someone else is speaking. I hope someone who makes these blasted things is reading this and gets going on this being a reality. I mean how hard would that be to make? It seriously makes me insane and I listen to people do it ALL. THE. TIME.

I’ve mentioned it before that I feel everyone should carry 2 walkies for a week or so just so they can really get an idea of what they sound like and their walkie etiquette. I think when you listen to yourself for a few days you get a better understanding of how to properly use a radio. See what happens is that people think they automatically have good walkie skills because they’ve “Been doing it forever”. Let me tell you right now that someone can do something everyday of their life and still do it wrong. Just because you do something for a set amount of time doesn’t mean you’re good at it. Look at bad drivers. We all have that one friend that is a terrible driver and have been driving all their lives. Some people just suck at stuff but it’s their responsibility to acknowledge that and try to make it better. Ok, I’m done! HA!

That’s it, that’s all I got for today’s post. I know it was a bit shorter than usual but the rants usually tend to be a bit shorter as I can only go off on something for so many words before it’s a boring read. This is something that just recently happen on a few shows I had been working on and I just had to write about it. I hope you all have a fantastic week and make sure to stop by on Friday for an all NEW post.


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