That’s Not a Thing…

Happy Tuesday! How’s the world treating you lately? It’s currently Sunday in my writing timing world. I was just sitting here in the living room watching reruns of Fear the Walking Dead just ahead of the new season premier and thought hey let me get started on the post that way I’m not typing on Monday at 11PM at night half asleep. Today is actually a pretty busy day for me, I still need to record my Podcast plus Game 2 of the NBA finals and new episodes of American Gods and Jon Oliver are also on my watching schedule today. YAY SUNDAY!!

EDIT: It’s currently Monday..HAHAHAHA! At least most of it is done. 


Alright now that you guys are in tune with my plans for today let’s get into this shall we?

Today I wanted to talk about a job title that my roommate brought up the other day and has mentioned before that apparently is becoming a common term and that I just feel is fucking dumb. So naturally as I do all things that I find funny, dumb, ridiculous and angering I thought I’d go on about it on here. A.D.P.A, it stands for Assistant Director Production Assistant. Now, why in the flying fucking hell in all that is ridiculous is this a term that is being used now? There’s so many problems with this that I truly don’t even know where to start with its dissection. Who comes up with these silly job titles? I will say this, the term does come from someone who often works in the commercial world as oppose to network tv or films. I myself have never heard the title used on anything that I have ever worked on. There’s all types of made up job titles I’ve heard throughout the years but this one is really just…I don’t even know what other words to use to describe it. This is not a real thing, why are we adding more confusion to people’s jobs. I guarantee that’s not going to be a title in any credits anywhere ever….MAYBE a student film or something. A.D.P.A…SMH (That’s the first time I use that anywhere, I didn’t know what it was for a while because I’m old…it means Shaking My Head, if you don’t least I hope it does..HA!)

I guess first I’d like to point out just exactly what the meaning of the term is supposed to be. Basically a A.D.P.A is a P.A that the A.D or A.D’s know or trust enough to call an A.D. There’s usually only 2 reasons they won’t call that person an A.D flat out and that’s usually because it’s a Union gig in which the P.A cannot be hired as a A.D or the project is cheap and doesn’t want to pay another “A.D” so instead they’ll call them a A.D.P.A because the cool title will make it seem less like they’re fucking you over money wise when they’re asking you to do A.D work at a P.A rate. They’ll tell you something like, “you’ll get A.D experience”. You know what else comes with “A.D experience?” A.D stress, A.D sleep deprivation problems from little sleep and A.D back problems from being on your feet all day. The difference, the people labeled and getting paid as A.D’s will have money to take time off to release the stress and get some sleep. They’ll have money to go to the chiropractor for their back. The A.D.P.A will still make as much as the other under paid P.A’s and just have to deal with the problems that came with “gaining experience”. Funny enough the trick works because I’m sure there are idiots right now out there whose ego has been inflated because they now think of themselves as A.D.P.A’s instead of P.A’s.

I honestly can’t even believe that I’m even writing about this but it’s partially why this blog even exist, to discuss dumb shit like this AND I’m well aware that it might seem like I myself am just a complaining P.A from reading this one post but you really need to read more than one to understand that I do love the business, I just like pointing out the fun in it. We work with many very serious and uptight people. Alright that’s my random hidden in a post explanation of my ranting reasons for the month of June. I’m such an idiot sometimes. Ok back to business..P.A’s are part of the Production Staff that is run by the A.D’s. The P.A’s all support the A.D’s SO technically every P.A in the production Department IS an A.D.P.A when you really think about it. There’s nothing wrong with having someone lead the P.A’s, in which case you call them the Key. However I think it’s really fucked up that on a show the A.D’s will clearly display who they prefer to be A.D’s and assist them directly by marking them with a made up title. There’s some A.D’s out there that abuse that title a lot and here they are people giving the title(Power) to some maybe disgruntle under paid employee. Does anyone see the potential problem with that? If there is a Key on the gig can you also have an A.D.P.A?

Am I just being too crazy? Should I not let little things like this get to me? I wish it didn’t. I actually find it easier to handle and not over react to the big stuff but little shit like this just drives me up the wall. Maybe it’s because I myself have never cared to be called anything more than what my job has always been labeled as, a Production Assistant. I get no warm and fuzzy feelings in my tummy when I’m labeled as the Key on a gig. It’s just that everyone, a label, get over it and keep it simple. Stop making up more titles that carry no real meaning, it’s confusing and counter productive.

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The world is currently a crazy place/

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Happy Tuesday! Before we get ahead of ourselves no, I don’t have free stuff to give you. I actually contemplated calling it FREE STUFF HERE..but I held back. I wish I did have free stuff to hand out…hopefully one day either this blog or podcast or something will bring me some money and then I can give out stuff to my 100’s of adoring fans. Hahaha! I’m such a nincompoop. Someone called me that today and it reminded me about how much I love that word. It’s one of those adorably funny insult name words. It’s sort of like “Fool” only slightly more adorable. I remember when “Stupid” use to be funny. Hell, we had a friend whose nickname was “Stupid High”. The name still can be funny in the right circle but call the wrong person “stupid” and you’re in for a long defensive rant on why it’s not ok to call people “stupid”. I feel like lately everyone is so turned around with all this NOT NORMAL SHIT that’s going on, what’s ok to say and what’s not ok to say that we are losing the fun of jokes. I’m strictly talking within a persons group of friends though. I still think you should feel out any group before joking about anything anyone might be touchy about which now days are getting to be a very large list. Times are just a little tense right now. I’m Cuban and while I always found it funny every time I get into a raft of any sort at a water park, pool or beach and most Cubans can see the humor in it like my friends. I am willing to bet right now that there is some Cuban woman losing her shit at a resort because they offered her a raft for the lazy river and she felt she was an insult to her heritage. That was a LONG intro. Reading is fundamental right? I don’t know about reading my shit but still it’s reading…even if it is a terrible use of grammar you can learn from my mistakes and therefore write better that me. I. GOT. YOU! HA! Let’s get into this shall we?

I love free stuff. I’m pretty sure that’s a sentiment I share with most folks which is nice because it makes me feel normal amongst all the other crazy thoughts and feelings that I think I don’t share with the common every day Joe or Jane…Is it Jane? Is the female equivalent of “Average Joe” “Average Jane”? I know it’s John Doe and Jane Doe. What am I talking about? Shit! Alright back to it. One of the perks of working in this business is definitely all the free stuff. I believe I did a post on swag like wrap gifts and shit like that but I’m talking about all the other free stuff. I’m talking about the 9lbs of Nutella that Crafty hands you on the last day because if not it’s going to go bad. I’m talking about the prop beer mugs and the “prop” beer. I’ve seen set pieces like rugs, chairs and tables that were bought for a commercial go to crew people all the time. The caterer at times will wrap up 25 pieces of fried chicken for you to take home after lunch wraps up instead of throwing it out. There really is an amazing amount of free crap that we get working in this industry.

When my roommate and myself were working on Music Videos I remember our kitchen most the time would look like crafty. We would have a 3lbs tub of pretzels and twizzlers all the time. We would aways have 2-3 cases of water and muthafuckin SHASTA! If you don’t know what that is you should google it. We never stole the stuff, it was always just handed over to us at wrap by production companies. They would usually scavenge through it to take what they needed for the office if they had one but other than that most the time it was a free for all. I remember there was a time there that we did not buy trash can liners for like 8-9 months. Believe it or not that all adds up over time. Little things. All about the little things.

Although through time one does learn not to just blindly take free stuff. At least I did. I remember back to year 1,2,3 in this business I wouldn’t hesitate to take anything that was free. I would love wrap time just because I knew I was going to be going home with a bunch of free stuff. I didn’t care how useless it might be. Look at this portrait of a stinger (Extension Cable for those non industry folks)

I got this on a show about a year or so ago and it’s just been sitting in my living room. Why I took it when it was offered? Because it was funny. Why do I still have it? Because it’s printed on a very nice canvas and I feel bad tossing it. Plus maybe there’s like a hard-core 728 loving bastard out there that wants this bad boy for their 728 themed living room. If so hit me up in the comments, email or any of my 100 social media outlets. You need to come pick it up though. Geez look at what this thing has become, a freaking craigslist add. Talking about stingers when we first moved into this place we had came into a slight problem when we had our first pool party, there was no power for the music. Luckily I actually have 300 feet in stingers that I got at a backstage sale. I also have 8 director chairs that I bought for $6 each, 13 folding chairs that I got for free and like 15 layout mats. Hahaha! That gear right now has helped me host about 20-25 parties at my place. I tell you folks it really is like living a dream…

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another weird and wacky post here everyone. I recently just hit 6000 views here at We’re Not Rolling and I sincerely want to say thank you to everyone that’s “Stopped by”. If you have not listened to yesterdays podcast please make sure you do. I had on 2 actor friends and went on and on about not only the film industry but also the music industry..OOOOOOOhh..look at me getting all diverse on my show. HA! Don’t be fooled it’s till me stumbling over my words as I try to formulate a thought while reading my plans for the show that looks like chicken written scratch..that’s worse than chicken scratch by the way. It actually entails strapping a pencil to a chicken and having them try to write for you. However it was a very fun and entertaining episode and I think y’all will enjoy it. Have an excellent week of work and I’ll talk to you all again on Friday.



An Easy Job Made Tougher…

Happy Tuesday! How’s it going? Everyone have a nice weekend? The weather has been fucking insane out here in La La Land..Which I want to say that I enjoyed saying till the blasted Movie came out. Yeah I said “Blasted”. Now it seems like I’m just saying it because of the movie which is bullshit. I haven’t seen that flick but if it doesn’t deal with the insanity that is Los Angeles and all its looney inhabitants then they’re misusing that nick name in my opinion. Is it called La La because they sing? I’m going to continue to ask questions on here till I get some answers and if not hopefully I’ll have answers to them when I read this crazy thing in a few years. Alright enough ramble let’s get into this shall we?

Today’s topic came to me when my roommate referred to a scene in the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie to a real life experience he had on set. This is not a spoiler. However I won’t explain it just in case you’re freaking out. Instead I’ll tell my buddies story and those of you that have seen the film can make the connection. SO, he was on set a couple of weeks ago and someone asked him to get some tape. He decided like many to go to the closest person who had tape and ask for some. Little did he know that this is the film industry and things that at times would seem very simple are made incredibly tough for unforeseen reasons by for a lack of a better term, crazy people. My roommate asked the guy if he could take some tape and then came the questions. What’s it for? Who’s it for? The guy ended up not giving him the tape and instead sending him to someone else who had the same type of tape but for his department. Tape. Fucking. Tape. He wasn’t even asking for a roll, just a piece. Why are there people like this in our circus everyone? How do they continue to work?

I’ve worked with a lot of people who will come up with the toughest way to do a simple task. When I started working a few years ago I would be hesitant to say anything because of the chain of command and all that but after a while I just found it too annoying to deal with. It’s not fun to work harder than we have to because someone who lacks planning skills to achieve an easy task got placed into a position a power. It’s rarely anything big, it’s usually small tiny shit. For example here’s a great one. I always have people come up to me to ask if I’ve seen someone. Now this is a normal question that I get asked often. I’m all about efficiency at work. I feel a lot of us in this business preach this but don’t really follow it. When someone comes to me looking for someone my immediate solution as should be everyone’s is to get on my walkie and ask. This is the fastest way to find this person for you because it maximizes all my resources. Which is everyone that is listening. With their help hopefully I can find this person for you in a matter of seconds if not minutes. HOWEVER what happens way more often than it should is as I go for my mic they will stop me and say..”NO! Don’t ask on the radio.” Alright let’s think about this for a minute here and what this person is REALLY asking me to do by taking this action. They didn’t just come to ask me to HELP them find someone for them they came to ask me TO find someone for them. Which I say..What the Fuck man? Look if you have something personal to say to someone then you go look for them. You don’t ask for assistance. Efficiency.

Here’s a great story of quite a few people making a very predictable and simple situation tougher than it would’ve been. I worked on a Music Video out in Venice Beach and we were filming close to the water. As the day went along and equipment moved all over the place the last place it landed before the crew walked 100 yards away from it to get set up for a sunset shot was a little too close to where the tide was starting coming in. We walkied the crew and told them of the pressing matter to which they responded “It’ll be fine, this shot will be quick.” Well it wasn’t quick and that tide started coming in real fast. So fast in fact that before we knew it there was 5 people with shovels trying to dig a ditch to catch the water before it got to the equipment as 5 other people rushed to move all the equipment while everyone else on the crew continued to work on this sunset shot because kinda only get one. HA! It was literally one of the first times that I felt I was fighting mother nature. Here she was trying to bring in the tide and 5 of us relentlessly digging a moat to try to stop her fury. Hahahaha! That was a very fun sentence to write. This is the type of shit that happens in our business at times. If they would’ve just listened to the warning and moved everything we would’ve avoided this madness. I mean I guess there’s madness everywhere. It’s the people. There always seems to be some dimwit in charge that got the job because of who they know, who they are related to or just has money and bought their position and as the “Employee” I feel we don’t speak up at times. We just follow the madness blindly. I mean hell, it’s happening in the White House right now. Come on we all know it.

Look I know we all like and want to lead but being a good leader also entails using the people around you and their strengths. There’s always going to be a better way to do something, that’s how we evolve. Let’s stop letting our egos get in the way and try to accomplish the task using all our resources instead and stop making more work for ourselves and others. My apologies, I’ve been watching a lot of 80’s cartoons that had those positive messages at the end and I think that’s why I keep wrapping up these things on these strange positive notes. I’m sorry everyone I’m not trying to teach you anything here. If I’ve learned anything it’s that everyone is going to do whatever they want. I just want to bring you something to think about that will hopefully make you laugh the next time you see it happen.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out another entry here at We’re Not Rolling. We hope you enjoyed your stay and hope that you come back to check us out not only today but every TUE and FRI for NEW and funny posts. If you’re really adventurous make sure to pop over on MONDAYS and check out The Toke Talking Podcast. A show I host where I TALK about working in the business amongst many other topics as oppose to writing about it. It’s mixed in there so if you’re film industry talked out don’t worry the podcast has plenty more to offer. Alright people, have a great week and I’ll write to you all again on FRI.


Don’t A.D Me…

Happy Friday! The weekend is but a few hours away now everyone. I can taste it already and it tastes like a beer…pool side. Actually I might…Alright I’m not even going to correct that because the explanation will be better. As I wrote “I might” I decided that I wasn’t going to “might” but “do” instead. I’m off today (Thursday) and as I was going to type I thought, I might just go write this post out there now and decided to do it mid typing because why the Fuck not. This is what vacation is for right? I always feel odd bringing a computer to a place like a pool but now after doing it for the first time I might be writing a lot of my posts out here if I’m off. This is great! Alright let’s get into this shall we?

Today’s post came about because I was thinking about a story that a good friend told me about her husband. I forget the details exactly but they’re not important to the story. Basically what happen was they were home working on something together and my friend that is an A.D (Assistant Director) was treating him like an employee at which point he said “Please stop A.D-ing me!” I love this story because I think every single one of us can relate. I have found myself at times doing shit that I would only do at work. Like shhh-ing people at times when they too loud at party or bar. I mean I think we all do some shhh-ing in our personal lives but when one does it all day at work I can’t help but think of work. I’ve also been on the receiving end of a shhh-ing. Which I must say is a bit odd at times because I usually know when I should be shhh-ing. I’m a professional fucking shhh-er. Although I will say when the shhh-ing has been warranted I accepted it. I didn’t act like a child like some of you fine folks out there on set that will say stuff like “They can’t her me talk over the A.C man.” Yes actually they can because you’re talking and using actual words because talking doesn’t sound anything like the smooth humming noise of an AC. This is ridiculous to use as an excuse and I honestly have never understood it.

The Production department does spend it’s time distributing information and telling everyone where to go and trying to tell everyone what to do so it makes sense that some of that would spill into their everyday life. That however got me thinking, what are other people in other departments like at home. Like do set dressers go into set dressing mode at a party when furniture has to be cleared for the dance floor? Does crafty put out a snack every 3 hours in their respected homes when their not at work for their family and friends? This one is interesting because if they do I want to say that we might have a room available soon and if any crafty people are looking for a place to live we will welcome you with open arms. I think it would be amazing if there was a crafty spread in my kitchen all the time. Sure I’d probably way 1,000 lbs but these are just small correctable problems. I do know that electrics are often asked to take care of any electrical needs in the home. I’ve even heard stories of them being asked to wire friends houses. I guess that would be one of the better departments to be in that relates to the everyday world. We all need power so it’s good to understand it. I mean come the Zombie apocalypse we’re going to need people who know all about power and how to distribute it.

I’ve heard and sort of believe that many wardrobe people have to have a say in their friends and families clothing options often. I mean if you had someone in your immediate family that dressed actors and actresses all day you might want to ask them for their opinion on the outfit one might be wearing that night to the family christmas party. I was actually joking with someone on set the other day about this. I asked her if she would dress her husband and she said “Oh yeah”. Hahaha. Then I joked and asked if he changes his look every couple of months just to keep it interesting. Like for example maybe he could go preppy for 2-3 months then switch it up to a hipster for the summer, maybe have a cowboy month in there just for fun. She laughed but I actually think it would be hilarious to do. I would let my significant other test some looks. I mean that’s their skill so why not.

I will tell you one department that I was misguided in and that was the Transpo department. I thought they would know everything about cars including how to fix them as well. Why some 399 people do know most of them can just tell you 8 million places to go and get it checked out as oppose to being able to fix it. They can tell you where to find a 1933 Cherry Mustard Pinto GS Transmission Fuel Pump Gage accelerator but not why your check engine light is on. I’m almost positive that is not a real car because I know absolutely zero about cars but you get my point. They can find really rare cars and vehicles. I can only imagine how annoying it is to have a family member or friend that is a back seat driver if you work in the transportation department. I mean it’s not enough that you have to go work with a van full of back seat drivers but needing to deal with a husband or wife telling you how to drive when you get home must be murder or is it just the opposite? Have drivers developed a 6 sense that helps them tunes out everyone in the vehicle? Transportation people must also always be everyone’s first go to for road trip drivers huh? I bet most of them bitch about it but deep down they know they want to drive. It’s what they do!

Alright everyone I’m going to wrap this one up for the week. I hope you all have an amazing weekend. Try and not bring your work home with you. Just leave it at home trust me you’ll be better off. Have a great Cinco de Drinko! I have a wrap party sturdy night so my weekend is pretty set. Come back and check out The Toke Talking Podcast this and every Monday and I’ll talk to you all again on Tuesday.



I Hate Commercials…

Hello folks! Happy Tuesday. How are you all doing? It’s 1030PM on Monday night right now. Usually that would mean that I would either be getting very little sleep because I need to write this up OR it would mean that this post will be going up late. However! Neither is true because we wrapped on Friday and this guy right here is on vacation for a little while. I don’t have anything lined up yet but I know something is bound to call. It always does. Unless the writer’s strike happens and then I might be on an extended holiday.

I was here for the last writers strike. Luckily when it happen I just jumped on commercials for a little while and honestly I think that might one of the last times I worked on one. Let’s get into this shall we?

I’m not sure how accurate that assessment might be but I’m pretty sure that is right around the time that I stopped working on commercials. When I moved out here I began my illustrious (Hahaha) career working on Music Videos. I worked on those for a while and eventually maneuvered my way into the commercial world. I actually find it odd how easily my friend and I found ourselves in that world because it seems like it’s tough for some folks to get into the commercial side of the business. I mean just ask all the P.A’s with 600 days in 3rd area hell as they call it. Just in case, I’d like to point out to those that might not work in our business that I’m talking about actual commercials. You know the things that you fast forward through when you’re viewing something that is prerecorded because everyone hates them.

Yep those things need to get filmed believe it or not. I say that because until I moved here that thought had never occurred to me. When I was going to film school in Florida my only intention when I moved out here was to work on Movies and TV Shows. Of course I knew that commercials needed to be filmed I just didn’t think I would ever find myself in that realm. However I did and I worked on them for quite a while. I would work on Music Videos and commercials until I was able to build a big enough cluster of people who I knew in the commercial world and then slowly stopped working on Music Videos. There was actually one year where all I worked on was commercials and I attempted to work one week on and one week off for the entire year. I have to say it was a pretty successful test schedule. There was definitely times here and there where I had to work a few days on my off week but I’d say the plan worked for about 70 percent of the year. I was able to manage this schedule because I was getting paid double what I was making on Music Videos. Music Videos back in the day paid $100 for the day and commercials were paying $200 for the day. Although I enjoyed this schedule I knew it would be tough to accomplish every singe year and I had also started getting into the TV world which I must say I enjoy a lot more than commercials.

I had several reasons for this sentiment like the manual labor aspect of working on a commercials. I won’t sit here and lie telling you all that I’m someone that doesn’t mind hard work because well..I do. I actually mind a fucking lot. Now let me not get ahead of myself here. When I first started in the business I did all the manual labor they asked of me and never bitched about it because I was new. I realize that when you start in any business at the beginning you need to prove yourself to everyone that’s been there before you and that at times means doing the work that no one else wants to do. Most the commercials I worked on back then were non-union. Which means that they will usually just hire P.A’s to fill spots on the crew to save money..because well…greed. At the time I thought nothing of it because I didn’t know any better. Plus I was making more money than I ever had before.

It wasn’t till I worked on my first union TV show that I realized that the P.A’s don’t drive the trucks. The P.A’s don’t just 2nd A.D because they were too cheap to hire a real 2nd. I was introduced to a whole new world and not only new but the world that I had moved here for. I did not move here to work on Music Videos. I did not move here to work on commercials. I moved here to work on Movies and TV and as soon as I had my foot in that part of the business I slowly weened off all my commercial contacts just like I did Music Videos and exclusively just started working on TV. I know a lot of people might see that as a dumb idea because I’m limiting my options for work but I don’t think I am. I still know plenty of people in the commercial world and I know I could get back into it if I needed to. I would love and I’m always down to work on a Film but if you live here in Los Angeles you know that movies filming out here now a days is a rare occurrence. Most movies now go film in other states because they are offered better tax incentives. L.A is now the city of TV shows. It makes total sense that it became that because if you look at it TV now IS like a movie. There’s shows like Game of Thrones and Legion that would easily make the jump to the big screen and no one would be able to tell the difference.

So in conclusion I guess all I wanted to say with this post is that if you don’t like to work on a particular type of gig be it a Music Video, commercial, TV show or Movie you don’t have to. With a little planning and smart decision-making in the type of gigs you take and when, anyone can build a network exclusive to the type of work that they want to be doing. I wouldn’t suggest doing that from the start. I think it’s a good idea to test all the waters when you first get in this circus. However maybe trying to build your network from the start is beneficial to some folks and if you can manage it then more power to you. When I told everyone that I was going to work an entire year taking every other week off NO ONE believed it was possible but I did it.

Thanks for stopping by and reading yet another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I really do appreciate each and every one of you. The website is nearing 6000 views and I that’s all thanks to all of you. Have an amazing week and I’ll be back with a New post on Friday.


First Van Out…

Happy Friday!! It’s actually Tuesday right now and I’m in a van going to the next set when all of a sudden the topic for today hit me. However I won’t be is everyone? How was your week? Tomorrow is our last day of season 3 on the show I’m on and I can’t Fucking wait! Sure it’ll be lame not to have a job come Monday where I can hang with all these awesome people but I’m also ready for some time off. If you know me or read this blog you know I love time off. I actually might talk and write too much. Time off gives me time to work on all my own stuff and just live life. It’s also important to take time off to relax and zero yourself back out. Working all the time can really be hazardous to your health. I don’t have anything to back that up but I’m sure there’s a study someone did somewhere to prove this. Anyhow, let’s get into this shall we?

Alright so the reason I named this post First Van Out is because usually the first van out of either location or parking is the one filled with the most tension. If it’s the first van out of parking most the time it’s full of  impatient or late hair and make up people or Crew that is just starving and antsy to get to the caterer like they haven’t had food in days. If it’s the first van out of location it’s usually filled with A.Ds, Directors, Producers, Writer’s, Talent and other department heads OR as I like to call them “The Adults”. No one ever wants to ride in the car with adults because their usually parents or parents. I avoid riding in the first van as much as I possibly can. I don’t like tension and I don’t like adults too much either. Hahaha! It’s not that the people are terrible it’s just that if you get in the adults van chances are all they are going to do the entire ride is talk about work which is…well…boring. I like what I do but I also don’t want to talk about it all the time.

Now that I established the title and where I’m going with this I just want to rant a little bit about something that I continue to see happening in vans at times that I think should stop or that I just don’t understand and looking for some reasoning behind it. Let’s talk about the drivers who’s van one gets into, the van loads up for 5-10 minutes and just as we’re about to roll out they pull out the PAPER MAP and say some shit like “Alright let’s see where we’re headed!” What in the Fuck? Are you serious? Why would you sit in a van for 5-10 minutes waiting for it to load and not check that out already and even worse why are you pulling out a paper map? This is by far one of van drivers strangest habits, the use of the paper map. Look I understand that old habits die-hard and that some of you just don’t like these “Pesky” phones but seriously your job is to drive people around as efficiently as possible. Why would you think that looking at a piece of paper would be a better option than a machine that guides you. I hear they use to write out the call sheets back in the day, why not ask for a written callsheet to go with your paper map? I’ve had Drivers hand me a map and ask if I wouldn’t mind navigating. At which point I punched the address into my phone and guided them. Listen I’m not trying to tell anyone how to do their jobs I’m just saying you should at least try to do the job to the best of your ability with the best tools available. Put down the paper map and pick up the phone. Everyone I shit you not, I’ve been in a van with a driver that was using the paper map and had a navigating GPS box plugged in and hanging from his front windshield. My favorite is when they use the paper map, get lost and then get angry that the paper map was wrong. I’ve been using my phone to navigate since I got one back in who knows what year, 2007? (Thanks Amy) and to date I can count how many times it’s gotten me lost in one hand. So I think it’s safe to say that the navigation on our phones and GPS guides is better than the memory anyone may have of the streets. I don’t care how long you’ve lived in the area that we are filming at, you’re not a satellite and no matter how hard you try you can’t figure out traffic. There’s google maps, apple maps, my favorite Waze and whole bunch of other ones. Take a little time to check them out and download one.

I can’t let this be so one-sided because I also do realize that drivers have to deal with the crew which given their position has to be one of the toughest jobs in the world. I say this because think about driving around with your friends or family. You always have that one or two people who LOVE to tell you how to drive. Now take those people and multiply it by 2 or 3 depending on how many people are in the van. If you have a full van of 12-13 people (Or 15 really skinny people..I understand it’s called a 15 pass van but we all know that’s unrealistic so let’s stop pointing it out like it should happen every time) you’re going to have at least 3-4 back seat drivers. I won’t go on long about this because I do believe I wrote about it but if you get in a van please just shut up or chat with everyone if you like but whatever you do please don’t try to tell the driver what to do. Don’t give them directions, don’t tell them about your secret routes..just sit there like everyone else and let the driver do their job. If they need help they will ask. They are grown adults. There’s no such thing as Driver Assistants (D.A) so stop trying to be one.

Thanks for reading everyone! As I mentioned above I’ll be getting a little time off coming up and as weird as it sounds when I’m off is usually when I miss days on this blog. So I’m apologizing now in advance if I do but as you all know at times shit happens. I think I’ll be alright though. I believe in myself! Hahaha! Have an awesome weekend everyone. Please make sure to come back on Monday to check out my Toke Talking Podcast and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram & Twitter.


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