The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 80

What up?! My good friend Alfredo joins me on this weeks Episode of The Toke Talking Podcast. Come listen to us go on about concerts, Skum (The film Alfredo is currently directing), Super heroes, Movies and a couple of TV shows. I apologize for the shitty recording, apparently last weeks phone call interview sounded so good that I felt like I had to Fuck it up this week. I’m still getting the hang of all this new gear. Bare with me everyone. Have a great week.


It’s Ok If THEY Do It…

Happy Wednesday! How are you today? I’m currently still on Vaca which means I’ve been out doing stuff. I’ve been enjoying life and as some of you may know that follow the site often, I will always choose life over writing. I can write this post anytime however life is constantly moving and I always try to jump on that train any chance I get. Continue reading “It’s Ok If THEY Do It…”

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 35

What up?! In this weeks cast I ramble about Global Warming, the Toke Talking Podcast being entered in a Music Contest and I test out a few new segments like the one I call “How To Adult”. This and many more laughs to start your week off smiling. Be good to each other.


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 29

Hello. Welcome to another Episode where I go on about random shit like my Netflix list, Hacksaw Ridge, Jersey Mikes and whether I should add “Uhhh” to the title of my podcast since I can’t stop saying it lately. Sorry! I’m going to attach a shock sensor on my next Episode to train myself. Come have a laugh NOW and have a great week folks!


Holiday! Too Cheap To Pay…

That title shall be read/sang to the tune of Madonna’s hit tune “Holiday”. Funny right? You know you laughed a little bit! Whatever don’t judge me I’m just words on a screen. How are you fine people of the blogging world this morning? I’ve recently been noticing that a lot of people at one point or another had a blog. As you all know I just joined the social community about a year ago. You can tell I’m old because I just wrote “the social community”.  Well as I get more people sending me friend request I start looking around at their profile I’ve found multiple people who at one point or another had a blog. Most of them are 2-3 years old and they don’t post on them anymore so at times I feel like I’m last to the blogging game but whatever I keep receiving views so I’m assuming people are reading this somewhere out there. Talking about blogs if you guys love traveling and I know lots of people in our industry do make sure to check out my good friends Blog The Wandering Sole for travel tips, stories, attractions to check out and more. Alright everyone let’s get into this shall we?

Today I wanted to talk about paid holidays. Actually to be more specific I want to talk about P.A’s paid Holidays because I feel at times that we get fucking boned. P.A’s are usually the only non-union people on a union show. Now granted most the shows I work on nowadays will pay the P.As for holidays but most them won’t do it unless someone (A.D) asks them to. I also do recall some shows back in the day where we were not paid. This is a big problem in my eyes because no one should have to ask if the people who make less than everyone else should get compensated for the holiday in which everyone is off and getting paid for. It’s a bit shit too because if its a holiday it means most people won’t be working so you couldn’t even go work somewhere else if you wanted to. The P.A’s make less that the union BG and at times even less than the non-union BG if it’s a long enough day. Which I must admit is a bit strange. I’m not saying that BG shouldn’t make what they do I’m saying that the Production Company should attempt to be fair instead of just following the decades old protocol that states that P.A’s don’t need a decent wage to live because they’re out here “paying dues”. I really hate that saying by the way and I know it’s not a saying I’m just being a sarcastic asshole but you understand what I’m saying. There’s this messed idea that this industry wants to sell you at times that as a P.A you should just be happy enough to be in working on the gig. That you shouldn’t even ask how much you’re making. Are you kidding me? It’s a job everyone. Yeah it’s cool as shit and you can easily even get people to even work for free but just cause you can doesn’t mean you should.

The minimum wage in California is going up to $15 an hour in the next 2-3 years and you would think that with the amount of money that all these studios make they would’ve just already bumped everyone up to $15 an hour but NOOOOO!! They just rather wait until they’re forced into it. I don’t know for sure but if I was to put money on it I would bet that the P.A’s on all the upcoming Marvel and D.C movies are paying their P.A’s about $10-$11 and hour even though they’ve made who knows how much money. It’s just so greedy to me. I’m not a greedy man at all. I’m the type of person that if I have $10 and I’m with a friend that is broke, WE then got $5 a piece. It’s just money folks. You can’t take it with you when you die. I’ve asked this on here multiple times, how much money does a person really need? Everyone, P.A’s on most shows are usually the ones making the least amount of money on a gig. How are these the employees on The Crew that you (Big Production Company) are choosing not to pay on a holiday. Well let me not say choosing because I’m sure the only reason studios pay the rest of the crew on holidays is because the unions make them do it. I just never understood the idea behind it? I mean just adding an additional P.A for the day has to merely be a blip on the budget so why not give them pay for the holiday. I know A.D’s get turned down by producers at time about bringing an additional P.A on to help. Why? I really doubt that our measly $150 a day is going to cause the production to have to shut down because it went over budget.

The other new low going around now is not paying P.A’s overtime. I forgot what major studio it was but I know there was one that was only paying P.A’s based on the hours they worked. Ok hold on let me clear that up for all the non combatants of the industry. Everyone in our circus is typically on minimum guarantee of hours paid. Meaning that if your deal is for a 8 hour guarantee even if you work 5 hours you still make the money for the 8. Makes sense, easy right? SO most P.A’s are usually on a 12 hour guarantee and we almost ALWAYS go over those 12 hours. It’s usually more like 13-14 . Well those 2 fucking hours do add up just so you know but that’s not my point. My point is that I heard there was a studio now just paying P.A’s what they work so if they work 8 hours that’s what they are going to be paid for. NOW again everyone, bottom of the totem pole. Why try to give those people even less money? Is it just me that views this as wrong? I’m just saying, can’t we spread the love a little? Everyone this is not an easy business to work in and to pay anyone $10 or less to do it is crazy. Especially living in L.A, it’s expensive as shit over here! Look I know that I could go and jump into another department and make more money. That’s probably what a lot of you are thinking right now from reading this but honestly that’s not why I’m writing this. I actually am and have been quite content with the money I make. Sure it would be sweet to make a little more so I could take more time off to do my own stuff but then I would also probably be more stressed out if I went into a department that I didn’t want to. I don’t like stress. I mean I know no one does but I really try not to deal with it. I’ve told you all before that I slowly carved a group of people that I love to work with. I wanted to write this in hopes that maybe, just maybe some up and coming producer or someone who is running a production company now might read this and think, Fuck it! Let’s raise everyone to $13, $14 an hour. We can only truly evolve equally if we are offered the same opportunities folks. I know this perfect system is not completely feasible. There is absolutely no way to offer the same exact opportunities to every individual. However money does make the world go round and keeping it all within that 1% of the wealthy in the world is not even giving us a fighting chance. The one thing I constantly say I love about this business is that we are like a giant family. Family is supposed to help lift each other up not keep them down.

Sorry I went a little off the rails there at the end but I’m slightly high, it’s 1:34 in the morning and I might be getting a little delirious. Fellow readers, thank you so much for popping in and checking out yet another installment of We’re Not Rolling. Make sure to check out The Toke Talking Podcast here every Monday and check out all my social media that I’m going to shamelessly plug right here at the end because it’s been a while since I’ve done that Instagram Twitter SoundCloud. Have an excellent week everyone and I’ll talk to you all on Friday!


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 22

Hope you’re having a good Monday. Come listen to me ramble about the Beauty and The Beast movie, the Thor trailer, a very angry co-worker and those pesky rules from the 80’s classic Gremlins. This and a whole lot more laughs is just a click away. Have a good week everyone!


Can Everyone Help Me…

Happy Tuesday folks! How was your weekend? I myself had a nice and quiet one this time around. The most exciting thing I did was attend the 420 Games which was just a bunch of vendors giving out pot themed bags, mints, waters…yes I had a pot water. It was fucking atrocious. There’s a lot of cool stuff to put weed in, water should not be one of those. Just leave water alone everyone. It’s been working fine for centuries all on its own. There’s no need for all these new drops and elixirs to make water better. It was a fun event the only problem I had was that there was no actual smoking or bud present AND we bought $12 tickets online to go and when we got there it was it was free admission. What in the flying Fuck? Anyhow, let’s get into this shall we?

Today I want to rant about something that a good amount of people I work with do that might quite possibly be one of my biggest pet peeves and that is asking more than 1 person for the same thing. I don’t know why this is something people do. I don’t know if it’s exclusive to the Film Industry or if this happens in other lines of work. I don’t know where they learned this and I don’t know why they think it makes anything efficient but if you haven’t heard let me be the first to say that it most definitely doesn’t AT FUCKING ALL! It’s actually just the opposite. It’s a waste of man power. If you ask someone to go get you something then turn around and ask someone else to do the same task you are a nothing but an idiot, an asshole or a combination of the 2…a “assidiot” or “idiothole” if you will. How can a person not realize that by sending 2 people on the same mission you are having one of them work for absolutely nothing when they can be doing something else OR nothing at all for that matter. A.D’s are notorious for doing this and it almost always sends me off the deep end every time. They’ll ask a P.A for something and then turn around and ask another P.A for the same exact thing. Sending 2 bodies instead 1 to accomplish the same task is so easy to avoid yet I see it done all the time. Now some might argue that in the mist of all the insanity at times a person forgets that they had asked the first person and while I understand that I will remind you of something that I think we forget all the time, we’re just making entertainment folks. I know some of you like to pretend that what we do is of some dire importance to the world but it’s not. You work in the film industry to entertain people. There is NEVER a need to rush because rushing is what causes people to make mistakes. The only joy I find in this ridiculous request of sending 2 people on the same mission is that sometimes when they (A.D’s) pull stunts like this at times they will immediately need something else and in turn bone themselves because they just sent their 2 people on the same mission. If you time it just right and keep an eye on the person that sent 2 people out, you can catch their flustered face when they realize what they did. You would think that this would be enough for them to learn their lesson but no, usually people who do this will do it all the time and never see the error in their ways. Either that or they just don’t care.

I think I’ve used that Gif before but I really do love it. Hahahaha…A.D’s however aren’t the only ones guilty of doing this. The rest of the crew is far worse. I can’t even count the amount of times that I have actually seen with my own eyes someone ask a P.A to please get them say a water, they watch the P.A go off to get it and then turn to another P.A and ask for a water as well. I just generally need to know, as a human being, what is wrong with you? Seriously. Is it just a joke to you to waste people’s time or are you really so dense that you don’t understand how incompetent asking 2 people for the same thing is. I know that patience isn’t exactly a common practice in the film industry but maybe you should give it a try sometime. It’ll do wonders for your blood pressure. No one wants to die from stress at work everyone. I personally don’t want to die period but the last place I’d want it to happen is at work from getting stressed out. Please if you catch yourself doing this, STOP IT. The other excuse I get at times from people who I’ve confronted about doing this is that they say that they’ve asked P.A’s before and gotten nothing so they ask multiple people now just to make sure it gets done. Oh that’s just great, so you’re telling me because some P.A on some show forgot to bring you something, now to get back at him you’re going to make every P.A in the business do double the work. How about assessing the situation first and giving the person the benefit of the doubt before assuming they’re useless? Not every show is the same and not every crew person is the same.

Now something that is similar to this that is also very unhelpful and counterproductive and worth mentioning is people who ask someone to do something and then go and do it themselves. Just, why? Why would anyone, anywhere do this? Just don’t ask then or at the very least have a little respect and tell that person not to worry about it. I’ve worked with several A.Ds that ask me to do something and then go and take care it themselves and I’m left there mid way through the task looking like a dick. All it takes to fix simple problems like this is awareness. Just be aware of when and what you’re asking for as oppose to just immediately going for your walkie mic and asking for shit. It’s so bad with some people that they don’t even realize they said anything on the mic at times. Some people are just so use to asking for stuff that they involuntarily constantly have a hold of their mic ready to ask for anything anyone wants. Ultimately these 2 acts of idiocy I feel just adds unnecessary work time to some people and I just want to point it out in hopes that maybe if people become aware of it they can work on it. I don’t want people to to work more than they have to everyone. Don’t we put in enough hours aready without having 2 people do the same job?

Thanks for stopping by on another Tuesday here at We’re Not Rolling and reading some of my madness! Make sure to check out my latest Episode of The Toke Talking Podcast from yesterday. I had on friend and co-worker Joe Carroll and most the episode was Film Industry related. Have a fantastic week, don’t send 2 people to do the same job and I’ll talk to you all again on FRIDAY!


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 19

Welcome to another Episode of The Toke Talking Podcast. In Episode 19 I talk about buying a new/used car, missing Ciclavia due to Jelly legs & I read some people’s angry comments on Facebook. Plus I also talk about Iron Fist, The Netflix Dave Chappelle, one of my predictions for next weeks Walking Dead Finale and I go off on the Justice League trailer. Check it out NOW here and on iTunes and Soundcloud.


The SAME but DifFerEnt…

Tuesday! Party Time! Excellent!…Bill and Ted reference…anyone? Whatever! How are you fine people today? We actually had a 10AM call time today which would inevitably..USUALLY..mean that your week was headed right into a Fraturday of frightening proportions but on some occasions that is not the case. Continue reading “The SAME but DifFerEnt…”

Behind The Crew…

Hello. Welcome. How in the hell are ya? Did your Monday start off on the right foot or are you already dreaming of the weekend? I had a great Monday. We were wrapped by 630 and I was home by 720. Continue reading “Behind The Crew…”