The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 44

It’s Monday and I think you should come get your daily laugh in and listen to an all NEW Episode of The Toke Talking Podcast. This week I go on about our run in with the law at our man-made beach fire birthday party, the recent California heat wave, my problem with team bars and much more. Check it out NOW!


The Monday Morning Toke Talking Podcast Episode 9


Happy Monday! Here we have it Episode 9 of The Toke Talking Podcast. This week I have on my best friend Jimmy. I’ve known this fucking man since 5th grade so this will definitely not be the last time he’s on. Listen to us go on about the NFL Playoffs, GO PACK GO!!, some guy that we chased thru hollywood in production trucks, best picture nominees and whether THE MAN can control us through our iWatches yet along with some other jibber jabber to bring you some laughs. So hit play, subscribe if you feel like listening to some more and enjoy every Monday morning Toke…Talking.

Pictures from the Creepy Hotel Suite I talked about on the Podcast: