Only In The Movies…

Happy Tuesday everyone! How is the week treating you thus far? I was off yesterday and spent most the day decorating for the Christmas holiday. I played loud Christmas music for about 3 hours and started laying the ground work. I still have plenty more to do but I had to write this thing,  Monday night football, Mary Jane and hunger all demanded my immediate attention. I’ll have some days this week, the weekend and I may be off all next week, so plenty of time to finish decorating. I’m guessing like most in this business this may be the last week of work for your respected show or film. I know most film industry gigs start shutting down for the holidays. It usually is pretty quiet around here for about 2 weeks. I’m looking forward to it. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

Last week I watched the movie “Rough Night”. It’s not very good but that’s not why I’m writing. If you’ve not watched the film it’s about a bachelorette trip that a group of woman take to Miami, which also happens to be my home town. In the movie shortly after boarding their plane they show an establishing shot of a plane flying over what seems like a replica of the famous Hollywood sign here in Los Angeles that sits on the Hollywood Hills. I’ve also seen this similar sign in the “Bad Boys” movies since they too take place in Miami. My problem with this, THERE IS NO FUCKING SIGN! That sign is a prop that these films have rented out in order to get this shot for their film and I just really don’t understand why. As an aspiring film maker myself I honestly just find it extremely lazy. Miami is an entire city with so many land marks and instead of doing some actual research you choose to just make up a sign like the one they have in Hollywood. I don’t understand the thinking behind it and that’s what drives me insane. As the film maker are you just trying to tell your audience that every city is just like hollywood and has giant sign to represent itself. I can only imagine the amount of tourist that get in Lyfts, Ubers and Taxis and asked them if they could stop by the giant Miami sign near the airport.

I mean I get it, it’s all movie making and imaginative but I just don’t see the sense in shit decisions like this. As a Floridian another misconception that the films has brought my crazy ass state is this thought that it never rains in Miami. I can understand someones misunderstanding when they first visit Miami and experience hourly thunderous downpours interrupted by almost faint inducing heat waves instead of the beautiful days of sunshine that movies have established is the norm in the sunshine state. I mean I don’t blame them, even the nickname “The Sunshine State” is a bit misleading.

I hear people all the time complaining about their cities and countries are being misrepresented in the entertainment business. I would like to think that they do it because it helps the show or film better story wise but I just don’t understand how faking a landmark helps the story. At the very least if they would have had a fight scene at the sign and blown it up but just to use it as an establishing shot is weird ok. I know this may be bothering me more than it should but it does. I guess what bugs me is that I know people do shit like this just because they are lazy. They are lazy and they don’t do the research about it and so they make up shit instead. I’ve worked on quite a few shows out here in LA that are supposed to take place in Miami. In those shows we would often have cars driving around and I always find myself telling the prop department that is in charge of placing fake license plates on the cars that in Florida we don’t have double tags on the vehicles. We only have one tag in the rear of the car and that’s it. Still till this date you’ll watch a show that takes place in Florida but filmed elsewhere and look at the cars driving around you’ll see double plates. Do some research everyone or at the very least just ask someone who lives there is all I’m trying to say. Some of the people I work with get so bent out of shape over the smallest of details but big noticeable crap like this is ok? Consistency everyone, let’s just try and have some consistency.

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I’m Not Doing That…

Friday everyone. It’s finally Friday. Another week of film making in the books that most likely ran about 10 hours over because we’re stubborn and won’t settle for less than 12 hours of work. That’s the normality we choose to continue to embrace. Why? Continue reading “I’m Not Doing That…”

Happy Halloween!!…

Again because it’s awesome HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! How are you fellow We’re Not Rolling Ghouls, Goblins and Witches? Although sadly I doubt you will see many of those classics anymore. I mean when’s the last time you saw someone at work dress up as a ghoul? Continue reading “Happy Halloween!!…”

I Hear Something…

Happy Friday!! Whoop Whoop! The weekend is almost here and I for one can’t wait. It’s surprisingly hot for October out here in La La so I’m going to the beach this weekend. I might as well get another day on the sand while I can get it. I’ve actually been fortunate enough to have had 2 days filming out at the beach this year. It wasn’t like we were filming at the beach in a car or at a location either. We were right on the sand all day for 10-12 hours, it was probably the 2 of the 3 best days I’ve had on set so far. Yesterday was the best day I’ve had because it was the first day of filming on the first show I’m helping Co-Create and Produce. WHAT?! I’ll have more on that later but for now lets get into this shall we?

The other day when we were filming the 1st AD asked to go find out what the racket was that was happening outside of the stage. We were gearing up to start rolling and due to the fact that sound stages are a lot of things but sound proof not being one of them we can hear everything that happens outside if it’s close or loud enough. When we got outside we realized that the noise was a full construction crew that was hard at work building…wait for it…another sound stage. HA! Isn’t it ironic? So here I went on a mission to find the foreman to ask him if his guys could keep it down. Now let me say that as a person that usually has to talk to people about being quiet because we’re filming I can usually guess what people we are going to be able to get cooperation from and those that we won’t. I know very well that any construction going on is seldom going to stop working so we can film our little movie or show. I don’t mean little as in budget either. I mean little in terms of importance to what’s happening in the rest of the world when we are on location. Construction people usually don’t give a shit and just like we do they have a schedule to keep. That building, house or whatever they are constructing has a deadline that they have to meet. I actually find it odd that we even attempt to ask them to be quiet or if they could stop working when we roll camera. I mean really, who do we think we are? They always tell locations to offer them Crafty and or Lunch. That’s always the first way we try to buy off people who are not happy that we are filming in their location. We try to blind them with snacks and food. It’s just funny to me because at times I find that some people we work alongside really do think that our job supersedes every business out there and when we are in your neighborhood its your job to work with us and we need silence. It’s just silly to me. So I knew that as soon as I found the foreman he was going to tell me there was little he could do. Sure enough my assumption was true and he actually said that this was the least amount of noise they make. I shared that information with the 2nd AD and we just worked with it. That’s all we always end up doing yet we always go through the motions of trying to control it. Every now and then we get the construction crew that will work with us when we roll and cut but those are rare.

As I mentioned earlier and this may come to a surprise to anyone that doesn’t work in the business but sound stages really aren’t all that sound proof. They look like they would be but honestly I think at times there’s more silence from the outside world ambiance in my bathroom. I don’t even live in a house, it’s an apartment! I’m sure that there is real sound proof stages out there somewhere but every single one that I have worked on are shit. If you have a conversation leaning up against the wall of the stage people can hear all about your weekend inside just on the other side. I think that the stages at some point were sound proof. However I feel that was years ago when they were first built when the world was a bit quieter than it is now. I mean if you look at the insulation of some of the stages one can see that they haven’t really re-padded the sound proofing walls. It makes total sense that they wouldn’t replace this padding because we all know that film studios are pretty broke. That is me being a sarcastic asshole. Come on everyone step your game up and start spending some money on bringing these stages to the 21st Century. Why in the hell aren’t there any studios making their stages “Smart”? These stages should all come equipped with top of the line Wifi, Sound Proof walls and rooms within the stage, built-in light systems, USB and power sockets everywhere, built-in adjustable light grids hanging from the perms, elevators to the perms. I’m just saying some of the wall padding on these stages I’m sure has been around since the 60’s. The wood is old and worn in almost every stage that I’ve worked on. There’s typically also animals that live in these stages. The featured picture was taken just the other day, hello raccoon friends.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend. Get out and explore the world. I’ll be back next week with an all New Toke Talking Podcast Episode on Monday followed by the Tue post, make sure and check out THE CORNER an all new section here every Wednesday and then closing out the week with the Friday post. Be good to each other folks.


Are They Listening, Do They Care…

Happy Friday! I’m going to be straight up with you now, this will be a rant. I’ll try and keep some comedy in there because honestly laughter will get you through almost anything. I love laughing and as of the last 7-8 years I love to smile too. I know that sounds odd, you might be thinking.. doesn’t everyone smile? Continue reading “Are They Listening, Do They Care…”

Hardly a Nation…

Happy Tuesday!! How is everyone doing? If you read my post on Friday you know that I finally worked on Thur and Friday and I’m working today (Monday) and Tuesday so this was actually a weekend for me. Until this weekend I had been on a permanent weekend since March and I’m happy to say that I will be back on one come Wednesday. At least for 2 weeks then I’ll either day play again somewhere or continue waiting till my next full-time gig comes around in Aug. I really want to go to DisneyLand, I might just do that. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

P.A Nation, a term I’ve always disliked since the first time I heard it. I’ve never been a fan of it because well first we are hardly a “Nation” on set so it just sounds silly to me when I hear it said out loud. As most of you know I mostly work in the TV show world and we usually have 2-3 PAs, if they feel like splurging maybe 4 but that’s really rare. I mean everyone obviously knows that we are the big money makers on set and that’s why some producers put up a fuss at times for another day player. That was sarcasm in case you missed it there. I never understood the not “Okaying” of an extra P.A every time a A.D asks. On most shows we make less than the Background people, I mean do you really think you’re saving anything, just give them the extra hand.

SORRY..Let me hop back on the rails here. We’ll get back to the prior veer off topic in another segment because I do want to explore that further. So as I was saying most shows I work on have 2-3 PAs. As a matter of fact I did several shows where I was the ONLY PA. Yes you read that right, it was just little ole me. It was mostly a stage based show and we did hire 1 additional person when we went out but other than that it was just me. So anytime I hear the phrase “PA Nation” I always think…uhhh, not so much. I think 5-6 people in a department may qualify it as a Nation but even then I just dislike the term. Now before I go any further I will like to point out how ridiculous of a personal topic this is but we all have our little ticks that make us crazy and this is one of mine. Plus, it’s my blog and I blog about whatever I want to, whatever I want to. Yes I did mean that to go along with the melody and that’s why it needed to repeat there. If you don’t get the joke, don’t worry about it..march ahead!

Alright for those of you still with me let me continue…While I had always had a problem with this term before after working on 2 different commercial crews over the last few days I stand corrected. Both of these crews had 10 PLUS PAs on them. WHAT THE HELL?!? That’s craziness! However I also think I might’ve just smoked away the memory of commercials having this many PAs on them because I sure don’t remember there being so many when I was working on these. I can honestly say I remember 4 maybe 5 but holy shit everyone, there was literally a PA in every area on set at all times. You couldn’t throw a stick without hitting one…hahaha!! You know that your department is big when you’ve only heard someones voice all day on the radio and you don’t meet them till after lunch sometime. So in the commercial world I can see how the term does make sense and I think I might be ok with it as of now. Yes believe it of not I too can change to make this world a better place. HA!

I will say this through, I still can’t and won’t ever say it. I know I’m an idiot but it just still sounds weird to me when I say it. I feel like I’m summoning souls getting on the radio and yelling “PA Nation!” I might as well say “PA Nation ASSEMBLE!!” What are we the fucking Avengers? And all for what? To take down a tent, 10 chairs..some small insignificant shit that 1-2 people could’ve handled and now you have 7 people all wanting to lead. I don’t know what bugs me about it so much. I think I just always think of a nation as people who want to be somewhere together and I’ve found that when you do work in big groups like that you actually feel less like a group because there’s just so many and most don’t want to be there. Look I can’t help the small weird shit like this that bugs me, I’m human just like all of you. I know that all of you out there have something that just irks you for some strange reason that makes absolutely zero logical sense. If you don’t think you have any you just don’t know what it is yet. Go figure it out, it will make life a whole lot easier. Trust me. I’ve said it before this blog is also part therapy for. I’m able to write about ridiculousness like this and laugh at myself which is always good for anyone. You should try that too!!

Thanks for stopping by once again and reading another entry here at We’re Not Rolling everyone. If I haven’t said it lately, I appreciate each and every one of you. I’m not saying that because you come to read this blog every week either. I’m appreciative of you if this is your first time and last time reading too. Have a great week at work. If you haven’t checked out Episode 32 of The Toke Talking Podcast make sure you do. I finally had some film industry talk on there since I went back to work. However if podcasts aren’t you’re thing I will hopefully be back Friday with another fun-filled post. Be excellent to one another people!


I Don’t Watch Myself…

Happy Friday! How is everyone? I had another fantastic week of hanging with my dog, cat and working on some of my projects. I actually made my first Cinemagraph this week. If you’re asking yourself what that may be, it’s basically a still image that only has one or two moving components in it. Here’s an example:

Pretty sweet huh? This is my current obsession as of late. I’m considering looking for some day playing days coming up though. I enjoy the time off but I think I need a little change of scenery, nothing crazy just a few days here and there. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m definitely not tired of being off. It’s been about a month and a half and I’m still enjoying every moment of it. I’m not one of those people who gets stir crazy or someone who gets bored with not having the job responsibility. I’m very capable of entertaining myself for months at a time. I know the work will soon strike again though. HA! Alright, let’s get into this shall we?

I’m not sure what made me think about this topic but I did so here we are. It dawned on me the other day that I’ve worked with a few, not many actors/actresses that claim not to ever watch any of their work. Really? Why? Honestly, I don’t know if I believe these people. They have to watch it at least once. I mean if one doesn’t watch themselves how does one know where to improve or what they did right for that matter. While I think that people s critique is important I don’t feel it’s as important as a persons own self-evaluation. Sadly people lie. I think we have all at another point or another had someone in our lives that we’re into something that they clearly were not good at but as a good friend or even a stranger one must encourage not stand in the way of. The saying is true, anyone can really do anything that they want to do. However that does not mean that they will be good at it. I just find it to be so strange to not watch yourself…and I find it even stranger that I’m sure there are people out there that claim this but do indeed watch. I had such a person turn up before. Now I’ve only worked with one thespian that said they did not watch and then recanted and said they do watch themselves but by only when they are by themselves in a dark room hiding away from the world. Hahaha! I mean that I kind of understand. I’ve worked with quite a few actors and actresses that were surprisingly shy when the camera wasn’t on them so I can see them wanting to watch themselves in solitude. I know what you’re thinking, a shy actor? Yep, they’re out there people. I feel some of us forget at times that they are in fact “Acting” when those cameras go on. They’re performing.

I think the ones that claim not to watch themselves and just say that maybe do it involuntarily. You know like when you’re hanging out with someone watching TV, knock out for a second and then have the other person call you out on your snooze and you instantly say some shit like “I didn’t fall asleep! I was resting my eyes.” Does that make sense? It’s just one of those programmed involuntary lies or fib if you will, that we all say at times. I think these people just involuntarily just always say they don’t watch themselves. Or maybe they say it as to not get questions about it? I don’t know. Are there music artist like this? Are there people out there that make music and have never listened to any of it? How would that even work? Are there any artist out there that have never seen one of their paintings? I’m not talking about a person who is blind either alright everyone so don’t get all smart ass-y on me and I’m well aware that’s also not a word but I like it so let’s go with it. I would argue that at times some of them might not watch everything that they do because they’re busy but I just don’t buy the I NEVER watch myself story. It smells fishy to me. How about if you have a weird eye twitch that no one has ever told you about? Wouldn’t you want to know?

Alright, alright…That might be the shortest blog post I have ever written about here at We’re Not Rolling but the topic wasn’t really one of too many avenues. This was just a simple one, go with it. It was just a small strange observation that I made and wanted to put it out in the world in hopes that someone reads it and realizes that maybe they should just watch themselves or admit that they do. Hahaha! AND NOW ON TO THE WEEKEND!!!

Thanks for reading everybody. I’ll be back Monday with an all NEW episode of The Toke Talking Podcast here on the site and if Podcasts aren’t your thing come back on Tuesday for an all New blog post. Have an excellent weekend everyone!


I Got Someone…

Happy Friday friends! How was work? I’ve lost 3 lbs while I’ve been off and I’m not saying it’s because I’m not around crafty all day BUT it might be because I’m not around crafty all the time. I mean I wish there was crafty in my kitchen all the time, that would be so dope. I could go by every 3 hours and see what snack my roommates put out. Hahahaha. Crafty is, in most cases the happiest place on any set I think. If you ever get upset at anyone or anything on set you should always immediately report to crafty for snacks. It tough to stay angry around a bowl of full size candy bars, cocktail wieners and a popcorn machine. Go ahead, try it. Let’s get into this shall we?

Lets talk about references. It’s true what they say, it’s all about who you know in this business. Well..that or you have money to invest in the project itself. In which case you can depending on how much mula you have just go right into producing maybe. I thought this saying was total bullshit but I literally got my first job through a friend WHO moved out here with me. He found the job on worked on it for a few days and when the producer needed someone else he responded with the usual “I got someone”. He hadn’t known the producer before this show so really there was no reason for him to take his suggestion to bring me on but it really is that simple. The longer I worked in the industry the more I learned that this is how it works. So naturally I still till this date try to greet and meet as many people as possible any time I’m in any environment involving this industry. You don’t have to know the boss or the person doing the hiring directly, one just needs to know someone on the gig that knows the person who has that power and that means it can be anyone. Stop being such a sour puss and say hello to that person you see every day but don’t know their name yet.

Now every single person in this business has a plethora of people that they can call if the boss ever needs a extra person (Day Player) for the day and I think that’s a problem..HAHAHA! Hear me out. I’m not saying that referring people is bad I’m saying that some people have too many and refer people that for a lack of a better word, suck at their job. In most cases they don’t do maliciously, they don’t want to continue pushing this person that stinks at their job onto other people but they feel bad. Look it’s rare that a person sucks at their job and is a horrible person personally. These types usually get ran out of the business. Typically a person will be terrible at their job but are truly amazing and awesome people or vice versa. This makes it tough because you want them to work and succeed and while some do there’s always those few that just don’t get it. I know it’s tough to understand that in the grand scheme of things. It’s tough as a person who’s able to learn to understand how another cannot but some just can’t be taught.

This also isn’t something that is exclusive to the Film crew either, I’ll go as far as saying that I believe this way of hiring also applies to actors and actresses in some instances. I work with thespians at times that seem to believe that there is a certain look in Hollywood that all Directors look for and nothing is further from the truth. If you just sit and watch a channel for a few hours you will see that actors come in all shapes and forms. NOW I will say this, there are certain looks that they look for as it pertains to certain role. For example if I was an actor I doubt I would be a casting directors first option for a story about an athletic cuban runner because well..there is nothing about my presence that says I’m a runner. I’m speaking about people who have this false idea that to make it in hollywood as an actor or actress they have to look like models. They are 2 very different worlds…alright maybe not so different but definitely different in that aspect. There certain are directors and hire ups that clearly only work with beautiful drop dead people but I do feel that by no means is there an over all blanket on a certain “look” that hollywood looks for. If you don’t believe me just look at the films and shows that these actors and actresses work on. If you start to dig far enough one will notice that they tend to work with the same director or people who know that director and hang in that circle. Again, it’s all about who you know.

Personally I only have about 10 people who I refer blindly. I have other people whose number I have and can go to if those 10 aren’t available but for the most part I stick to those 10. I know that might sound strange to some but I have good reason. I believe that when I refer a person that person is then a representation of me. I work with many people who I respect highly but whose work ethic I’m not a fan of and I don’t refer those people. Alright I won’t say I don’t refer them because like I said at times my got to 10 are busy so I would refer them but I’ probably just let the person I’m referring them to know about my problems with them. I guess I’m just old school that way. I really do believe that a person’s name should be important to them and I value mine. I don’t want to refer someone who is going to go and make work for other people. I’m a simple man ladies and gents. While many claim to not like any drama I feel very few people practice staying away from it. I’ve become an expert.

Thanks for stopping by and reading another entry here at We’re Not Rolling. Please make sure and have a fantastic weekend. You worked your fucking ass off and deserve that shit! HA! Make sure to pop by on Monday for Episode 30 of The Toke Talking Podcast. It’s a show I host every Monday morning and while it’s not exclusive talk about the film industry like my blog but I do go on about it at times and besides that, who wants to talk about work all the time? Check it out, you might like it.



Name Calling…

Happy Friday! Whoop Whoop! Any big plans for any of you out there? Anyone getting married, going on a safari or climbing Mt Everest? I have nothing that exciting, I do have quite a few birthday celebrations happening that should take up most of my Saturday then I’ll probably just hang out on Sunday. I think I might’ve actually just figured out that I double booked some plans that I need to adjust. CRAP! Enough about me how was your week? Was it an easy one or crazy? I guess a lot of it depends on what your call time was today. If it’s 2 or 3 and you just got in an hour ago then the week might’ve been a bit rough. Those Fraturday’s are just fucking tough no matter what your week was like at times. The shift in time just really messes with the body. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

“I’m not a Grip”, “Do I look like production?”, “We’re Transportation NOT Transpo” I’ve heard them all. Names, job titles, some people are really touchy about it and I just want to write about it happening because I find it amusing and the whole point of this thing ( is to point out and laugh at ridiculousness like this. When people get upset about being called something other than what they are it always reminds me of Doctors on a tv show that will always point out that they are indeed a doctor. I find it amusing because one has to work and actually study for years to become a doctor. There’s test, schooling, more test…it’s a big deal. In the film industry one can become the head of a department just by knowing the producer. They don’t even need to have any knowledge of the job prior to taking it. I’m not saying that no one in our business works their ass off to get into their respected position I’m just saying that we aren’t fucking doctors here. We make movies. I think I say that at least once a week here just as a reminder to everyone. I’ve seen people get more upset about being called a different job title than being called a different name. What kind of sense does that make?

There’s so many easily offended people that we work with and this action  extends to every person in our business. If one calls an Electric a Grip the face expression of disgust that some people give resembles that of mistakenly calling a football player a member of the choir member in high school. Ever call the 2nd A.D the 2nd 2nd or the 1st A.D the 2nd? You would think you offended their mother. The ultimate name call thing though is one that I believe is universal and useful at times. If you ever want to easily upset almost ANY film crew person go up to them and ask them if they are background. Calling crew Background by mistake is sure way to send anyone into a frenzy. Why are some of you so fucking strange? You know who I’m talking to. If you’re reading this and have ever had your blood boil because some mistook your job this is for you. It’s just a name, a title, a label. Unless you are wearing a name tag that properly labels you for everyone to know who you are you should not get upset if someone mistakes you for someone else. Besides that I think people forget that no one really gives a shit who you are or what you do there except for you. I mean we aren’t going to blatantly say that but we all know it. I think most of us feel that way. I mean in all honesty what difference does anyones job title or job responsibilities have to do with me and mine. Unless they have to coincide with one another in the grand scheme of things no one should really give a shit what everyone else does. People should just stick to doing their job and letting everyone else do there’s instead of letting a simple name mistake dampening their day.

I realize that this is a short post but in all truth how much can I go on about this. It was just a thought I had and wanted to go on about it for a tick but I also won’t attempt to fill this up with more jargon about the same topic. With that said I’m going to wrap it up for this week everyone. Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I have plans to have a friend of mine that works in the industry on The Toke Talking Podcast Monday morning so make sure to come back and check that out. Have an excellent weekend. Make sure to do everything that I would and wouldn’t do because it’s your life so why should you live it by my means…I never understood that saying. Take care all.


I Hate Commercials…

Hello folks! Happy Tuesday. How are you all doing? It’s 1030PM on Monday night right now. Usually that would mean that I would either be getting very little sleep because I need to write this up OR it would mean that this post will be going up late. However! Neither is true because we wrapped on Friday and this guy right here is on vacation for a little while. I don’t have anything lined up yet but I know something is bound to call. It always does. Unless the writer’s strike happens and then I might be on an extended holiday.

I was here for the last writers strike. Luckily when it happen I just jumped on commercials for a little while and honestly I think that might one of the last times I worked on one. Let’s get into this shall we?

I’m not sure how accurate that assessment might be but I’m pretty sure that is right around the time that I stopped working on commercials. When I moved out here I began my illustrious (Hahaha) career working on Music Videos. I worked on those for a while and eventually maneuvered my way into the commercial world. I actually find it odd how easily my friend and I found ourselves in that world because it seems like it’s tough for some folks to get into the commercial side of the business. I mean just ask all the P.A’s with 600 days in 3rd area hell as they call it. Just in case, I’d like to point out to those that might not work in our business that I’m talking about actual commercials. You know the things that you fast forward through when you’re viewing something that is prerecorded because everyone hates them.

Yep those things need to get filmed believe it or not. I say that because until I moved here that thought had never occurred to me. When I was going to film school in Florida my only intention when I moved out here was to work on Movies and TV Shows. Of course I knew that commercials needed to be filmed I just didn’t think I would ever find myself in that realm. However I did and I worked on them for quite a while. I would work on Music Videos and commercials until I was able to build a big enough cluster of people who I knew in the commercial world and then slowly stopped working on Music Videos. There was actually one year where all I worked on was commercials and I attempted to work one week on and one week off for the entire year. I have to say it was a pretty successful test schedule. There was definitely times here and there where I had to work a few days on my off week but I’d say the plan worked for about 70 percent of the year. I was able to manage this schedule because I was getting paid double what I was making on Music Videos. Music Videos back in the day paid $100 for the day and commercials were paying $200 for the day. Although I enjoyed this schedule I knew it would be tough to accomplish every singe year and I had also started getting into the TV world which I must say I enjoy a lot more than commercials.

I had several reasons for this sentiment like the manual labor aspect of working on a commercials. I won’t sit here and lie telling you all that I’m someone that doesn’t mind hard work because well..I do. I actually mind a fucking lot. Now let me not get ahead of myself here. When I first started in the business I did all the manual labor they asked of me and never bitched about it because I was new. I realize that when you start in any business at the beginning you need to prove yourself to everyone that’s been there before you and that at times means doing the work that no one else wants to do. Most the commercials I worked on back then were non-union. Which means that they will usually just hire P.A’s to fill spots on the crew to save money..because well…greed. At the time I thought nothing of it because I didn’t know any better. Plus I was making more money than I ever had before.

It wasn’t till I worked on my first union TV show that I realized that the P.A’s don’t drive the trucks. The P.A’s don’t just 2nd A.D because they were too cheap to hire a real 2nd. I was introduced to a whole new world and not only new but the world that I had moved here for. I did not move here to work on Music Videos. I did not move here to work on commercials. I moved here to work on Movies and TV and as soon as I had my foot in that part of the business I slowly weened off all my commercial contacts just like I did Music Videos and exclusively just started working on TV. I know a lot of people might see that as a dumb idea because I’m limiting my options for work but I don’t think I am. I still know plenty of people in the commercial world and I know I could get back into it if I needed to. I would love and I’m always down to work on a Film but if you live here in Los Angeles you know that movies filming out here now a days is a rare occurrence. Most movies now go film in other states because they are offered better tax incentives. L.A is now the city of TV shows. It makes total sense that it became that because if you look at it TV now IS like a movie. There’s shows like Game of Thrones and Legion that would easily make the jump to the big screen and no one would be able to tell the difference.

So in conclusion I guess all I wanted to say with this post is that if you don’t like to work on a particular type of gig be it a Music Video, commercial, TV show or Movie you don’t have to. With a little planning and smart decision-making in the type of gigs you take and when, anyone can build a network exclusive to the type of work that they want to be doing. I wouldn’t suggest doing that from the start. I think it’s a good idea to test all the waters when you first get in this circus. However maybe trying to build your network from the start is beneficial to some folks and if you can manage it then more power to you. When I told everyone that I was going to work an entire year taking every other week off NO ONE believed it was possible but I did it.

Thanks for stopping by and reading yet another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I really do appreciate each and every one of you. The website is nearing 6000 views and I that’s all thanks to all of you. Have an amazing week and I’ll be back with a New post on Friday.