The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 20

Happy Monday Morning! Here’s Episode 20 of The Toke Talking Podcast. This week I sit down and ramble with a friend & coworker of mine Joe Carroll. In this episode we go on about The Walking Dead season 6 finale, working out in Nashville on “Nashville”, the new Power Rangers movie a whole lot more. If you work in the Film Industry you’ll definitely enjoy this one. I also talk to Joe about many of his projects past and present and about his book “Sinful Confessions” that you can buy on Amazon HERE. Come have a laugh now, it’ll be entertaining as you sit in traffic to or from work on another Monday Morning.



FRIDAY!! Damn these weeks really seem to be flying as of late. I don’t know if it’s because I’m busier or what but it’s crazy. This week I believe we wrapped by 630 at least 3 times. I got home in time to have a life which is rare in this line of work. Continue reading “Programmed…”

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 15

In this weeks Episode 15 I talk about snowboarding in Mammoth with a group of friends, the Oscars and how much I don’t care about them, fast food in tiny American towns and I share a few stories. Rest In Peace to Mr Bill Paxton who we lost yesterday. Thank you for all you amazing work and our thoughts are with your friends and family. Have an excellent week everyone and thanks for listening. Check it out here at We’re Not Rolling, Soundcloud and iTunes every Monday morning and Please Subscribe!


Actors Are Just People Too…

Happy Friday everybody! Holy shit, time seems to be flying on this other show I just jumped on. We’re already into week 4 of this bad boy. That means we only have 10 more weeks left after this week is over. That’s only 50 “wake-ups”. Continue reading “Actors Are Just People Too…”

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 14

I apologize that the podcast is late but I had a long ass night..friends birthday… waking up now…thinking about going back to bed BUT first here it is, EPISODE 14. This week I have on my long time friend Trino Morgado. I’ve known this cat since before we were legally able to drive everyone. This was definitely a Film Industry heavy talk episode. Particularly if you’re looking to get into the DGA, this episode will definitely make you laugh as we talk about all the inner and outer workings of the guild. We talk about snoozing, woman’s booties (AGAIN! I know I have a addiction OK!) and a few other topics. I had to edit the end for reasons that I explain in the podcast but I also ramble about all the rain in LA, The Lego Batman Movie, John Wick and the Leah Remini Documentary on A&E. Come have a listen to it NOW! Here and on these other formats as well..itunes, Soundcloud.


The Monday Morning Toke Talking Podcast Episode 9


Happy Monday! Here we have it Episode 9 of The Toke Talking Podcast. This week I have on my best friend Jimmy. I’ve known this fucking man since 5th grade so this will definitely not be the last time he’s on. Listen to us go on about the NFL Playoffs, GO PACK GO!!, some guy that we chased thru hollywood in production trucks, best picture nominees and whether THE MAN can control us through our iWatches yet along with some other jibber jabber to bring you some laughs. So hit play, subscribe if you feel like listening to some more and enjoy every Monday morning Toke…Talking.

Pictures from the Creepy Hotel Suite I talked about on the Podcast:


It’s Definately Going To Rain…Maybe…

Happy Fucking Friday Film people! How the hell are you? UPDATED: Sorry to interject here but I just wanted to apologize for the lateness of he post. I wrote it last night and the servers were down this morning when I attempted to post it. Continue reading “It’s Definately Going To Rain…Maybe…”

What Do You Mean We Got Cancelled….

Happy Tuesday! How is everyone? I finally went back to work yesterday and I have to say. I didn’t miss it one bit! Hahaha..I’m joking. Continue reading “What Do You Mean We Got Cancelled….”

Have You Ever Worked With…

Hello everyone! Happy Friday? How was your first week back to work? Well…those of you that went back this week that is. My show doesn’t start filming again till Monday. I have 3 more days of freedom. Hahaha..I can’t complain these 3 weeks off have been awesome. Continue reading “Have You Ever Worked With…”

An inconvenient location…

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to the first Friday post here at We’re Not Rolling. How’s your week going? We had a 930am call today, which for a Friday is pretty great. We shall not have a Fraturday! Continue reading “An inconvenient location…”