The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 14

I apologize that the podcast is late but I had a long ass night..friends birthday… waking up now…thinking about going back to bed BUT first here it is, EPISODE 14. This week I have on my long time friend Trino Morgado. I’ve known this cat since before we were legally able to drive everyone. This was definitely a Film Industry heavy talk episode. Particularly if you’re looking to get into the DGA, this episode will definitely make you laugh as we talk about all the inner and outer workings of the guild. We talk about snoozing, woman’s booties (AGAIN! I know I have a addiction OK!) and a few other topics. I had to edit the end for reasons that I explain in the podcast but I also ramble about all the rain in LA, The Lego Batman Movie, John Wick and the Leah Remini Documentary on A&E. Come have a listen to it NOW! Here and on these other formats as well..itunes, Soundcloud.


The Monday Morning Toke Talking Podcast Episode 9


Happy Monday! Here we have it Episode 9 of The Toke Talking Podcast. This week I have on my best friend Jimmy. I’ve known this fucking man since 5th grade so this will definitely not be the last time he’s on. Listen to us go on about the NFL Playoffs, GO PACK GO!!, some guy that we chased thru hollywood in production trucks, best picture nominees and whether THE MAN can control us through our iWatches yet along with some other jibber jabber to bring you some laughs. So hit play, subscribe if you feel like listening to some more and enjoy every Monday morning Toke…Talking.

Pictures from the Creepy Hotel Suite I talked about on the Podcast:


The Monday Morning Toke Talking Podcast Episode 8


Here it is, this week on Toke Talking I have a long time, awesome friend of mine Amanda on the show. Listen to us talk about the slave driving muffin shop where we met, your dickhead boss letting you work sick, kids being assholes, wether or not there’s such a thing as a hat girl or a porn girl in your friendship circle and a whole lot of other shit. Everyone, I’m not going to lie, I said Fuck on this episode so much that I think I might have a problem. I’m not even joking, it’s off the rails. I ‘ll look to correct that throughout the next few episodes because it’s JUST. TOO. MUCH.


The Monday Morning Toke Talking Podcast Episode 7

Happy New Year!! Here it is, the first podcast of 2017! Come have a few laughs and listen to me ramble about Uber holiday prices, Cuban people being scam artists, drinking in Miami when I was a kid and much much more NOW!


The Monday Morning Toke Talking Podcast Episode 6

I know it’s not Monday but I had some space left on my account and decided to do an extra early New Years Eve episode prior to Monday. On Episode 6, I talk with my long time homie and Co-Owner and creator of TheFilmCan.Com. Come listen to us ramble about movie reviews, relationships now a days, the shit we lead our kids to believe when they’re growing like Santa Claus & what exactly do woman in Miami eat that give them such massively extraordinary booties. Enjoy!


The Monday Morning Toke Talking Podcast Episode 5

Merry a day late Christmas everyone! I’m in Miami. Would you look at that, I’m even doing these podcasts in other cities now. Hahaha..Here’s Episode 5 where I talk about my traveling down here to Miami Adventure, all things Christmas, THE PACKERS and football along with some colorful words for a certain toy company. Come check it out and have a laugh NOW!

The Monday Morning Toke Talking Podcast Episode 2

Alright, alright, alright…guess the quote! Hahaha..Here it is everyone Episode 2 of The Monday Morning Toke Talking Podcast is now up. I talk about cursing in front of kids, the Westworld pre season finale (Spoiler Alert), Fidel dying and peoples reaction along with what it’s like to grow up in Miami. There’s also a lot of other shit but I can’t give it all away. Check it out now right here. Have a great Monday everyone!