Nothing Stressing Me

nothin stressin me today, I see things for what they are

sharp state of mind, you gotta learn from the scars

universal knowledge, from the sun, moon and stars

I live inside of 16 bars, live by effect and cause

always be on point, don’t fall for the false gods

or the false broads and don’t follow the false laws

so much filth in this world, there’s not enough soap for it

I got a dream and a plan and I’ll fuckin go broke for it

and if you ain’t got it but you want it, you gotta hope for it

work for it, sacrifice everything you got for it

do more than the rest, to break outta the chains

no matta what you goin thru, you gotta use that pain

use the hate and the anger, the bullshit and frustration

to spark a fuse into the gut of the nation

and fuck the wicked souls, I see through their scales

karma gonna see you, when the moon is full and pale

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 38

Yes believe it or not I’m still rambling away every Monday morning. Come listen to me go on about the increasing amount of booty shorts in LA lately, the Van’s U.S open of Surfing, peoples comments on Facebook, Shark Week, Tinder and much more. Check it out now and come have a laugh at my madness. Also sorry in advance about the random snacking during this episode I had some Buncha Crunch that I could not put down! HA! #FatBoyProblems


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 22

Hope you’re having a good Monday. Come listen to me ramble about the Beauty and The Beast movie, the Thor trailer, a very angry co-worker and those pesky rules from the 80’s classic Gremlins. This and a whole lot more laughs is just a click away. Have a good week everyone!


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 19

Welcome to another Episode of The Toke Talking Podcast. In Episode 19 I talk about buying a new/used car, missing Ciclavia due to Jelly legs & I read some people’s angry comments on Facebook. Plus I also talk about Iron Fist, The Netflix Dave Chappelle, one of my predictions for next weeks Walking Dead Finale and I go off on the Justice League trailer. Check it out NOW here and on iTunes and Soundcloud.


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 18

Welcome, Episode 18 of The Toke Talking Podcast is up NOW! Come listen to me ramble about neighbors that complain, not being a car person, Iron Fist, Crew Members that need to be baby sat on set and a whole lot more. Please make sure and SUBSCRIBE HERE or on any of the other platforms SoundCloud , iTunes OR if you want to be a super fan Subscribe to all of them 🙃. It helps with the boosting of the show plus I would be very thankful. ENJOY!


Collage and Complaint Letter (I remembered!!)

Sonny Mechanic (Tell him Lou sent you)

(818) 882-1370

19545 Parthenia St

Los Angeles CA 91324-3414

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 16

This week I go on about people doing dumb shit in traffic, movie theater etiquette, why film productions don’t like to share the scheduled daily times and much more including my mini reviews on Logan, Get Out & The Walking Dead. Check it out NOW here, on SoundCloud and iTunes. Please make sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button if you like what you hear.


The Monday Morning Toke Talking Podcast Episode 9


Happy Monday! Here we have it Episode 9 of The Toke Talking Podcast. This week I have on my best friend Jimmy. I’ve known this fucking man since 5th grade so this will definitely not be the last time he’s on. Listen to us go on about the NFL Playoffs, GO PACK GO!!, some guy that we chased thru hollywood in production trucks, best picture nominees and whether THE MAN can control us through our iWatches yet along with some other jibber jabber to bring you some laughs. So hit play, subscribe if you feel like listening to some more and enjoy every Monday morning Toke…Talking.

Pictures from the Creepy Hotel Suite I talked about on the Podcast:


The Monday Morning Toke Talking Podcast Episode 2

Alright, alright, alright…guess the quote! Hahaha..Here it is everyone Episode 2 of The Monday Morning Toke Talking Podcast is now up. I talk about cursing in front of kids, the Westworld pre season finale (Spoiler Alert), Fidel dying and peoples reaction along with what it’s like to grow up in Miami. There’s also a lot of other shit but I can’t give it all away. Check it out now right here. Have a great Monday everyone!