The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 98

Happy late Monday early Tuesday everyone! Here’s Episode 98 of The Toke Talking Podcast. This week I go on about Bird scooters, Nightmares, Football and much more. Come have a laugh.


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 97

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 97 Is up NOW! Come listen to me go on about my dislike of cars, I break down this weeks NFL games, I share a creepy story from when I was a kid in a NEW segment for October and much more of the random madness that I bring to the show every week. Have a good one everyone!


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 95

Hello everyone, how goes it? I’ve never used that phase..”How goes it?” but I do like the sound of it. It’s late but I wanted to include NFL talk about tonights Monday Night Game and I had to wait for my guest, friend and new roommate Deion to get home so he can join me on this one. In this weeks episode we go on about Football..A LOT, we reminisce about our time attending Film School at Full Sail, we discuss phone sizes, Dope Pockets and much more of the random madness that I enjoy going on about every week. Have a great week and if you enjoy the show come back to listen every Monday.


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 93

Happy Monday! The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 93 is up NOW! Come listen to me go on about bathroom bar rules, eating out, our individual birthdays being paid holidays at work and much more of the random madness that makes up this show every week. Have a good one and don’t be an asshole.


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 92

It’s Monday and Episode 92 of The Toke Talking Podcast is up and running. Come listen to me go on about enjoying life alone, Ghosting, the awesome game The Packers had against the Steelers and much more random madness. Have an excellent week and don’t be an asshole.


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 91

Episode 91 of The Toke Talking Podcast is up NOW! This week I go on about the NFL Preseason starting up, sleeping naked, why anyone would buy a house in Florida now and much more of my weekly random madness. Come have a listen, hopefully a laugh and if you enjoy the show maybe come back next week. I’d also appreciate any sharing of the show with anyone you think would enjoy it. Spread the laughs. Have a great week everyone.


There’s Always An Asshole…

Happy Tuesday!! I filmed nights all week last week and just couldn’t find the time to write. It wasn’t insane hours type of nights. We started at 1PM everyday and we were done by midnight. Monday was the only day we started at 8 but the other 4 days were all nights starting at 1. However they were all 12 hours or less so that overtly exhausted feeling that one feels after doing 5 14-15 hour days was non existent…at least to me. I got out at midnight on Friday and still felt like I would be able to go get a drink if I wasn’t filming in the middle of nowhere and the bars didn’t start shutting down at 1AM which is about when I got back home. People on the crew though definitely acted the same way they would if they had put in a 60 plus hour week. Which is odd and got me thinking if people are really tired or just so use to saying they are tired that they mindlessly every day go on and on about how tired they are. I do believe that most people just constantly complain about work and being tired because it’s just what most people do at work. Everyone can relate to being tired or unhappy at work and those are easy conversation starters and I think some people just say the shit at times as part of their daily routine. I use to do it too. I remember years ago there was a day when someone asked me how I was and I said “Exhausted”. We spoke for a few minutes after that and as soon as they walked away I though to myself “I’m not exhausted at all. Why’d I say that?”. This is the type of shit that goes on in my head all day long. Welcome. Lets get into this shall we?

It’s been a while since I told a story on here but I got one today! Alright so a few weeks ago I worked on a Non Union show. I haven’t worked on one of these in quite some time as the last 3-4 years of my life have all been taken up by Union TV shows and the occasional regular to big budget movie that’s filming in town. I quickly learned or I should say was reminded that the lower the budget the more unhappy assholes there typically tends to be on the crew. I’m talking about those people who walk around and you know you’ve never seen them smile. They just have RBF from the moment they step out of their car. They say shit like “Do you know how long I’ve been doing this?” a lot and use it as a reason for why they know it all and shall not be questioned. These assholes come in all ages, genders and races too. The unhappiness gets to many in our business and honestly while it’s sad it also pisses me off that most people let these people get away with this nonsense.

Alright so back to what I was saying…This crew that I was working with was actually pretty asshole free given its scale and that’s always a good thing. People that are unhappy assholes on set make everything that much more unpleasant and that is a terrible thing. Because if you are working full-time and in a position that requires you to deal with these assholes you know that you are going to have to do that for the duration of the project and that can at times be enough to make you question all of your career choices. I had only been on this show for 2 days before I met what I’m starting to suspect was the only asshole on that show because everyone else was great. This person is a prop master and while our incident was short it was the perfect example of these unhappy assholes that continue to work in our business because they know someone that’ll hire them. I was actually happy that this happen because as many of you know one of the reasons I started this blog was to discuss people and when they act in these ridiculous ways. People that clearly want to believe that we are curing cancer instead of making a movie.

SO…we were filming at a department store and one of the prop guys showed me where he had put the cast chairs. I always show the cast to their chairs as this is part of my job. I then realized that there was better seating placement for the chairs and asked him if he could move them. Then I thought “Shit, I’m an asshole. Let me just offer to move them.” You know, I wanted to “help”. Why in the Fuck did I think of doing that? I asked him if he wanted me to move them so he could continue working on whatever else he had to do because I mean after all it’s JUST A FUCKING CHAIR…and he said “Sure”. I then pick up the chairs and as I turn the corner The Prop Nazi…I mean Prop Master comes up and says…I’ll write this out in dialog form:

Prop Master: Drop the chairs. Why are you moving the chairs?

Me: I found a better spot for them and asked your assistant if I could help moving them.

Prop Master: Props moves the chairs.

Me: I know and I would not move anything without asking and that’s what I did.

Prop Master: Props moves the chairs. You wouldn’t move a ballast.

At this moment I realized that this person ignored everything I said and like a fucking cyborg repeated “Props moves the chairs.” twice now. I can spot an asshole instantly and my radar went off as soon as this lunatic said “Put down the chairs.” like he was a cop and I was holding a weapon. I walked away immediately and after calming down and gathering my thoughts I went to the UPM to let them know what had happen and that if it happen again I would kindly just go home. I’ve said this multiple times and will continue to as long as I shall live. I don’t need any job where I feel disrespected. There’s too many great and wonderful people to work with to even consider putting up with these assholes for a few hours. Sure he still worked there but I did see the UPM address it right after I brought it up. More people should do that. NO one out there is above anyone. It’s a title given to them by their boss who was given their title by their boss and so on and so forth. Some bosses worked for their position and some were given it. Bottom line, we are all employees of someone and no one has the right to disrespect anyone else and when this type of shit happens it’s your right and responsibility to speak up and if it costs you your job then you speak up even louder.

Shortly after telling the UPM I of course did what I feel most of us do and I IMDBed this special person to see what he had worked on. As soon as I saw the list of people he had worked with his assholeness made so much more sense. Assholes for the most part like to travel in groups and after some light searching on this persons name I found him linked to Joe Ptyka. A notorious commercial director and renowned asshole. Everyone knows he’s an asshole and yet they continue to give him work. Sadly rewarding bad behavior is a specialty in our industry and one we will soon get into here on the site at another time because this post is now over!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I hope you enjoyed the read and if you did feel free to send a like, follow, message…anything really. They track all the traffic that happens on the site so all traffic is good traffic. Have an excellent week everyone and don’t be an asshole.


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 89

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 89 is up NOW! This week I go on about working on the weekend, the banning of straws, I discuss a new entry in my segment titled Cosas que hacen los latinos and much more random madness. Come have a laugh and if you enjoy the show please share it with your family and friends. Have a great week everyone!


Peace Out FaceBook…

Happy FRIDAY! It’s been a while since I wrote on Friday but here I am.  I’ve been evaluating all the social media attached to my website and thought I should scale down a bit because it’s just too much. I shut down both the Twitter accounts because well..Twitter is terrible. I don’t understand why it’s so popular. It’s always been my least favorite. I’ll get into Facebook in a minute. I also have a few changes coming to the Podcast and the Blog.  Changes to my blog will include a broadening of the topics I discuss on here. I had already been doing this occasionally on Fridays but I hate restrictions. Why is Friday so fucking special? So from here on out or till I decide to change things again posts will not be exclusive to the film industry or to a certain day. I’ll let you know in the opening of every post whether it is or is not. This does not mean that I will write about the industry any less I just want the option to do both and felt I owed anyone who has followed and read my posts in the past an explanation for the change. There may also be some new menus on the website popping up soon. I have a couple of new ideas for the Podcast but nothing set in stone yet so I won’t get into that. Point is, you may notice some things changing in the coming weeks or months and I just want to say something so no one is like “Why is everything different?!!”  Alright let’s get into this shall we?

I mentioned above that I did some reassessment of all the social media platforms I use to post my daily online content and decided that I’m done with FaceBook. I mean at least for the time being. I’m still going to keep my profile. I’m not going to attempt to delete the entire year that I existed there but as far as posting anything or looking at other people s post, I think I’m done. I shut down all the pages linked to the Blog and the Podcast. In the last few weeks I’ve been going on there less and less and I’ve realized that I really don’t enjoy it. I’ve had my problems with FB after the first week I used it. Particularly, I’m not a fan of how Facebook lets everyone post anything they want. You can post pictures, videos, links, there’s advertising, peoples poetry, peoples art, News, Fakenews. I know this sounds odd to say but I just find FB to be a little too free. There should be some limits on what people can post. I feel that letting anyone post anything they want leads to an ocean of random shit that I find tiresome to swim through daily. One second you’re watching a funny video or reading a touching post from a family member or friend and the next your reading about a shooting or watching some political propaganda video. Scrolling through the Facebook feed can be a roller coaster of emotions. You laugh, you feel rage, you’re happy, you’re confused…everything. If you scroll through your FB feed you will most likely go through every feeling on the emotion wheel. It makes it hard to focus on what anyone is really trying to say on there. I occasionally see people put up this post about Suicide Prevention and asking everyone to share so that others know that we are listening but are we? In a sea of all the shit you see on your feed are we going to see that person that really needs help when they are hiding behind photos of them smiling and having a good time. Peoples Facebook lives are fucking awesome. You see them post photos of themselves with their significant others with captions like “We were made for each other” and then when you hang out with them all they do is argue. Everyone displays their best selves on social media.  Most the people who I’m friends with on FaceBook don’t allow any of their posts to be shared. Doesn’t that make this social platform in which we’re suppose to “Share” stuff on then useless in one of its benefits? I find this especially odd because most of what everyone does on FB is share other peoples shit but then they post a cool poem or some motivating story and I can’t share it. I need to contact them and ask them to switch it to sharing. If you don’t want something shared then why put it online?

The sharing of news articles/videos, food recipes, inspiring quotes, political and religious propaganda, vacation spots, TMZ videos, music videos, YouTube clips make me fucking insane and I’ll be honest I don’t watch any of them. I love looking at photos and videos of that person who I’m friends with. I love reading stories that they tell from time to time but anything that they link to from another source is seriously a waste of scrolling in my opinion. I like to look at all the stuff that is personal to the person who I’m “friends” with. I don’t want to come to your page to get the fucking news. I go to the news to get the news not to someones personal FB page. I don’t even understand what makes people do this? I’m puzzled by the thought process that I assume happens in this persons head before they decide they need everyone to know this now. Before FB existed I had no idea so many of my family and friends wanted to be journalist. I had no idea so many people in my life had this drive to educate everyone around them with information that they see fit by shoving it in everyones face when they look at your page. Stop sharing all this crap, no one gives a shit…at least I know I don’t. Any educated person goes to the news to look up news not someones FB page. If you feel you read something and want to share it with someone in particular then send to just that one person but why you think the 200-300 people you are “friends” with need or want to know the recipe to Oreo Pie is beyond me. All I’m saying is before you click that share button maybe you should ask yourself “Does anyone really give a shit about this?”

Another strange trend that I see on FB that drives me up the wall is people “liking” ads. I’m not sure if these people actually “Liked” this ad or if FB just chooses to tell me they did by displaying that annoying header above the ad that reads “So and So liked The Home Depot” but either way, it bugs me…A LOT! Especially when its random shit like “Burger King”. I mean really? You like Burger King that much that you are going to waste the split second to click “like” on an ad that pops up on your feed? Why? What do you think that’s going to do? Do you think you’re going to get a free whopper or something? All it’s going to do is add you into a database with all the other idiots that clicked “like” on the ad so they can send you and all of your friends and family more Burger King ads. I just don’t get it. I click hide and I don’t want to see this ad on EVERY SINGLE AD. I don’t care if I use it, like it, worked on it…I don’t want to see ads on my social media. I get enough of that shit on TV. I know ads will never stop but know that if you ever clicked that little fucking thumbs up button on an ad that you are part of the problem of why we will continue to see ads pop up and annoy us on social media because you just cant control the urge to click “like” on the new Tesla ad or the new Baconnator at Wendys.

I doubt this is the last time I will go on about FB and I’m not sure that my new stance on the social media platform will be permanent but for now I will not be on FB in case this is how anyone tries to reach me on there. My Instagram accounts are all that I have running as of right now. Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and make sure to stop by next week for an all NEW episode of The Toke Talking Podcast and some NEW blog posts.




The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 87

The Toke Talking Podcast is up NOW! Come listen to me go on about exercising, food eating contest, people that stand on escalators and much more random madness to start your week off with a laugh. Have an excellent week and if  you enjoy the show feel free to show me some love by following, liking or sharing with a friend.