That’s LUNCH…

Happy Tuesday everyone! How are you doing? Surprisingly so I’m typing this at work on Monday just like I use to do all the time when I started this blog a little over a year and half ago. I really should do this every time I work during post days so I’m not rushing home to write the up every night but I say I’m going to do a lot of things that I never do. Continue reading “That’s LUNCH…”

I’m Not Doing That…

Friday everyone. It’s finally Friday. Another week of film making in the books that most likely ran about 10 hours over because we’re stubborn and won’t settle for less than 12 hours of work. That’s the normality we choose to continue to embrace. Why? Continue reading “I’m Not Doing That…”

Working In The Elements…

Happy Friday! How is everyone on this fine day? I’m fucking pumped that it’s Friday because I worked all week. I know you may just be like “So?” but I haven’t been working 5 days a week lately and when I do I realize that I don’t miss it and that it’s not how I want the rest of my life to go. I’m not a fan of routine for too long and I think I’ve grown tired of the “Usual” 5 day work week. Continue reading “Working In The Elements…”

I Hear Something…

Happy Friday!! Whoop Whoop! The weekend is almost here and I for one can’t wait. It’s surprisingly hot for October out here in La La so I’m going to the beach this weekend. I might as well get another day on the sand while I can get it. I’ve actually been fortunate enough to have had 2 days filming out at the beach this year. It wasn’t like we were filming at the beach in a car or at a location either. We were right on the sand all day for 10-12 hours, it was probably the 2 of the 3 best days I’ve had on set so far. Yesterday was the best day I’ve had because it was the first day of filming on the first show I’m helping Co-Create and Produce. WHAT?! I’ll have more on that later but for now lets get into this shall we?

The other day when we were filming the 1st AD asked to go find out what the racket was that was happening outside of the stage. We were gearing up to start rolling and due to the fact that sound stages are a lot of things but sound proof not being one of them we can hear everything that happens outside if it’s close or loud enough. When we got outside we realized that the noise was a full construction crew that was hard at work building…wait for it…another sound stage. HA! Isn’t it ironic? So here I went on a mission to find the foreman to ask him if his guys could keep it down. Now let me say that as a person that usually has to talk to people about being quiet because we’re filming I can usually guess what people we are going to be able to get cooperation from and those that we won’t. I know very well that any construction going on is seldom going to stop working so we can film our little movie or show. I don’t mean little as in budget either. I mean little in terms of importance to what’s happening in the rest of the world when we are on location. Construction people usually don’t give a shit and just like we do they have a schedule to keep. That building, house or whatever they are constructing has a deadline that they have to meet. I actually find it odd that we even attempt to ask them to be quiet or if they could stop working when we roll camera. I mean really, who do we think we are? They always tell locations to offer them Crafty and or Lunch. That’s always the first way we try to buy off people who are not happy that we are filming in their location. We try to blind them with snacks and food. It’s just funny to me because at times I find that some people we work alongside really do think that our job supersedes every business out there and when we are in your neighborhood its your job to work with us and we need silence. It’s just silly to me. So I knew that as soon as I found the foreman he was going to tell me there was little he could do. Sure enough my assumption was true and he actually said that this was the least amount of noise they make. I shared that information with the 2nd AD and we just worked with it. That’s all we always end up doing yet we always go through the motions of trying to control it. Every now and then we get the construction crew that will work with us when we roll and cut but those are rare.

As I mentioned earlier and this may come to a surprise to anyone that doesn’t work in the business but sound stages really aren’t all that sound proof. They look like they would be but honestly I think at times there’s more silence from the outside world ambiance in my bathroom. I don’t even live in a house, it’s an apartment! I’m sure that there is real sound proof stages out there somewhere but every single one that I have worked on are shit. If you have a conversation leaning up against the wall of the stage people can hear all about your weekend inside just on the other side. I think that the stages at some point were sound proof. However I feel that was years ago when they were first built when the world was a bit quieter than it is now. I mean if you look at the insulation of some of the stages one can see that they haven’t really re-padded the sound proofing walls. It makes total sense that they wouldn’t replace this padding because we all know that film studios are pretty broke. That is me being a sarcastic asshole. Come on everyone step your game up and start spending some money on bringing these stages to the 21st Century. Why in the hell aren’t there any studios making their stages “Smart”? These stages should all come equipped with top of the line Wifi, Sound Proof walls and rooms within the stage, built-in light systems, USB and power sockets everywhere, built-in adjustable light grids hanging from the perms, elevators to the perms. I’m just saying some of the wall padding on these stages I’m sure has been around since the 60’s. The wood is old and worn in almost every stage that I’ve worked on. There’s typically also animals that live in these stages. The featured picture was taken just the other day, hello raccoon friends.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend. Get out and explore the world. I’ll be back next week with an all New Toke Talking Podcast Episode on Monday followed by the Tue post, make sure and check out THE CORNER an all new section here every Wednesday and then closing out the week with the Friday post. Be good to each other folks.


Lock It Up…

Happy Tuesday! Yes that’s right, Tuesday. I know things were a little crazy last week and due to some unforeseen circumstances I was forced to adjust the day I put out last weeks Tuesday post but all is back to normal…well as normal as can be. Continue reading “Lock It Up…”

I’m Part of The Crew…

Happy Muthafucking Friday everyone! How in the hell is everyone doing? How was your week? Personally with the exception of Sunday nights insanity and Monday’s aftershock it was an excellent week. I worked a few days, had a day off in the middle, the Packers whooped ass and the weekend is but a few hours away. Continue reading “I’m Part of The Crew…”

Right Place, Right Time….

Hello, welcome to We’re Not Rolling Old and New visitors. How was your weekend? I had both a good and bad weekend. Let’s get to the bad first because always sucks. It was bad because I have lots of family and friends in Florida that stayed there for Irma. This fucking Hurricane gave me the most stressful 10 days I believe I’ve ever had. I was really worried about everyone. Continue reading “Right Place, Right Time….”

MEDIC! Non Emergency…

Happy Tuesday everyone! How was your weekend? Do you remember it or is it a distant foggy drunk memory? I actually did get out to a bar this weekend for a few beers. I don’t drink much anymore so a “few” is usually only 2 but they were delicious. Beer, the drink of the gods. HAHAHA! Well it looks like my summer vacay is about to come to an end. I work all this week and plan to start working at least 4 days a week from here till December when the town goes dark for the holidays. That is unless I get on a gig at which point I’ll be working 5 days a week. I’ve never tried to maintain a 4 day work week and being that I’m not committed to a show yet I thought this would be the perfect time to try it. I like the concept of it because it’s almost an even split between days off and working. We’ll see how it works out and I’ll keep you all posted because I know it sounds super interesting right? HA! Let’s get into this shall we?

Alright off the bat let me bring all those that may not have the luxury (Hahaha) of working in our beloved industry up to speed. On every set…mostly every set (I’m looking at you Non Union world) there is always a Medic. This person is who we go to if there’s an emergency like someone falling off of something OR for something as small as paper cut from a Call Sheet. They are trained medical professionals that keep us safe and healthy on set. Pretty great right? They come equipped with band aids, all the over counter drugs you can think of and a great attitude. I’ve not worked with an angry Medic yet. I guess that says something about the profession and about just helping people in general.

So the reason I wanted to talk about Medics is because I had a story to share with you all today. I know, please try to contain your excitement. So a few years back I was on a show where this Grip that was in a scissor lift came down, made his way to the office and started going on about being dehydrated. We immediately called the Medic who rushed to the office to help this dude out. As the Medic checked all his vitals and we got him some water he started to cool down. The guy then told the medic that he started feeling dizzy and dehydrated. He also said that he had some discomfort in his chest. When the Medic heard this he told the guy that he should go to the hospital. The guy as many people do became a bit apprehensive and clearly did not want to go to the emergency room. The Medic though was very persistent and eventually talked him into it. He explained that anytime there’s any chest pain one should go check it out. That makes sense, there’s a lot of important organs in that area.

Now when anyone from set is sent to the hospital they usually send someone from production with them just in case they need anything and let’s be honest, who wants to go to the hospital alone? I’m not sure why but during my time in this business I’ve accompanied many people who have been sent to the hospital from set. Is that strange that I’m always the hospital side kick? Hmmm…Moving on! So this guy and I jump in a van and head over to the closest hospital. We get there about five minutes later, get this dude all checked in and I hang in the waiting room. Thirty-Forty minutes later the nurse comes out and tells me that I can go back to talk to him. I go in the room and he looks great. He’s up and talking and he tells me that he was good. I didn’t want to ask too much because well, I’m just a co-worker. He told me his wife was on the way and that I should head back to set. I really wish I could’ve just gone home and called it a day at that point but I went back to set. I jumped in the van and put in my usual request of going to Vegas with the driver but as is always the case he just laughed and drove us back to set.

The moment that I jump out of the Van one of the other Grips comes up and asks me how long ago I had left the hospital. I tell him about 10 minutes ago and what he told me next was till this day one of those shocking surreal moments where everything just stops. He tells me that the guy had a minor heart attack, died and then resuscitated. I was shocked but relieved to find out that he was ok now and in stable condition but I must’ve literally missed this heart attack by mere minutes. I don’t know what I would’ve done. I mean honestly he was in the best place to have a heart attack, the hospital and I doubt I would’ve done anything to help his not having it but after that day I promised myself that I would never leave anyone at the hospital alone again. I’ll never forget that day.

I also learned that day that NO ONE should ever be stubborn about your health. I use to be a very stubborn person and always insisting that I was ok. However we must let that go and think clearly in these types of situations. Especially when anyone with any type of medical background makes a suggestion. I’ve seen many people get hurt on set and just try to shake it off. It’s never been anything serious but this particular situation was a perfect example of how something small can turn out to be something bigger. This guy just thought that he was dehydrated and when we finally got word about what happen we found out that he had blood clot that had clogged one of his arteries and shut down his heart. The doctor said that if he had not been at the hospital he would’ve died on set. That’s some pretty terrifying shit everyone. Look I love this business but this is definitely not the place I want to die. I would rather pass away in my sleep or surrounded by family and friends not surrounded by Sky Lights and C-Stands.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. This may have just been another story here but I really do hope that some of you out there read this and try to think twice about your health and well-being before the pay check. I feel that a lot of people I work with put way more than they should into this business and it’ll catch up to you eventually if you don’t take care of yourselves. I just want you all to be safe out there, I’m just a concerned fellow crew guy. Have a great week and don’t forget to stop by on Friday for an all new post.


Living The Dream…

Happy FriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiDAY!!! We made it! Another small life repetitive triumph. You know every Friday that I write that on all my social media platforms “Happy Friday” “Cheers to Friday” some corny crap like that before I take a break from it all on the weekend, I think…”People that work on the weekend must really, REALLY hate that phrase. Continue reading “Living The Dream…”

Just Checking On My Check…

Happy Friday! How are you all? Guess who’s back to the grind, the rat race, the ole 9-5 (Only we would be more like 9-9) This guy! Well…at least for 4 days, I’m working today (Thursday), tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday. I think I might have┬áset a record with this last break. I was off for a whopping of 83 days!! How fucking sweet is that? And you know what? I did not miss work or become bored at all!! I’ve said it before that I’m able to keep myself entertained and busy more than most people. I’m sure people who just read how long I was off probably thought “I would be SOOO bored!!”NOT THIS GUY! I’m seriously going to aim to do that every year from here on out to be honest. So far 2017 is shaping out to be one of the best work years I’ve ever had. I don’t mean that I’ve been non stop busy, I mean that I like the way it’s been scheduled, it’s been just right. Alright enough jargon, let’s get into this shall we?

As has been the case the last few weeks I keep getting ideas for my post from conversations that I’ve had in meeting with friends who ARE working since I had not been. However today I was able to muster a bunch of new ideas for post and I can only imagine that more will come to me over the next few days. Although I will say after being off for that length of a run I sort of feel disconnected from the business right now being here today. I mean I haven’t forgotten anything like that, I just have a slight disconnected feeling. HMMMM.. I started writing this post on Tue so this is not from my new stock of ideas that I shall unleash over the next few weeks. Alright SO, someone I know was talking about a paycheck that they were still waiting for. He mentioned that it was now going on 3 weeks since they had worked the gig. 3 WEEKS?! I’m sorry, no, what I meant was WHAT IN THE FLYING FUCKING FUCK, 3 WEEKS?! I’m going to be straight forward before I go any further and say that if you’re the person in charge of paying the crew be it a producer, studio exec, PM, PC…whatever the title, if it takes you more than 2 weeks to pay out people who worked for you, you’re a piece of shit in my book. Sorry if that sounds harsh but I can’t sugar coat it. I feel how I feel and if the person in charge should aim everyone paid in a timely fashion. Which as is usually customary in many businesses is 2 weeks. IF that person knows that they are going to take longer than that to pay out then I feel it would be good to let everyone know that. This would be the only way to defend against this ridiculous business practice that I think happens way too much in my opinion. At least once you’re warned about it then the responsibility falls on you on whether you want or can even afford to work on the gig. Hell 3 weeks might be too long to wait if one is living check to check. I’m guessing they don’t warn people because then they figure that it’ll be tough to find people to work on the job but I think just the opposite. There’s always someone willing to take the job. I have people come up to me all the time when we’re on location that offer to work for free just to get in. These folks would happily come work for your late paying ass. Hahaha!!

Luckily I haven’t had to deal with this in quite some time and even when I did it was not an insane amount of time. I’ve predominantly only worked on Union shows and they all pay weekly, on Thursday…or as I refer to it ‘Employee Appreciation Day’. Weekly paid people don’t Fuck around. I’ve been on sets where checks got head up till Friday because of a computer glitch and people were losing their shit. Thinking back though I think the longest I ever waited for a check was 2 and a half weeks. I’m pretty sure that after the 3 weeks mark I would show up at the production company and not left till I got paid. I’m not a money driven person but when I do a job for someone I expect to get paid. I’m also not someone who lives in fear of someone or some company harnessing this made up power of being able to make sure someone no longer works in this town. I will show up at their office no matter who they are and demand my money and I will gladly like to see someone try to stop me from working in this town. I’ve had someone tell me before that they did not want to call to follow-up on a check because they didn’t want to seem like a nuisance. I don’t share any type of feelings like this. 2 weeks are the most I give someone to pay me before I lose my shit. Then I will gladly and proudly turn into the biggest nuisance of that persons/companies life.

I mean honestly the thing is that the type of person that I am is one that if a company takes 3 weeks to pay me I would never work for them again. I can literally be starving after not working for months and if this company called me for work after I had written them off, I still would not work for them. I know very well that they are just going to turn around and hire someone else and I will still be starving but at the end of it all I will feel better about myself because I actually stood for something that I believe in. I’m attempting to make a statement that would hopefully cause change. I would think that after enough people stop working for people like this they would start to wonder why that is and hopefully one day realize “Oh it’s because I’m a terrible person and paying people 3 weeks after I make them work for me” and then hopefully they change their ways. I know that the likelihood of this happening is slim to none but shit, I feel I need to start somewhere right? I’m also well aware that this person may also NEVER get it because like I stated before one can always find someone to take the job no matter how terrible it may seem.

The one other situation in this realm that I never have had happen to me is a company not paying at all. I’ve had several people I’ve worked with who did a job and then ended up getting stiffed on the paycheck. Some took legal measures which is something I would definitely do if it came down to it. The others just chalked it up to a loss and kept trucking ahead. Let me just say that if you’re able to do this you’re a way better person than I am because I would never EVER chalk it up to a loss. I remember one person in particular told me that it was out of their hands because they had worked on the show in another city. To which I replied I would in all seriousness get on a plane, go get my money, ask them to compensate me for the flight and then if they refused take them to court. HA!! I don’t work for free.

Ok enough about this nonsense already. I think I’ve ranted enough about this topic. Pay your employees in a timely fashion everyone that’s it. It’s not that hard. Thanks for popping in and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. Have an excellent weekend and make sure to stop by Monday morning for The Toke Talking Podcast to start your week off with a laugh.