Only In The Movies…

Happy Tuesday everyone! How is the week treating you thus far? I was off yesterday and spent most the day decorating for the Christmas holiday. I played loud Christmas music for about 3 hours and started laying the ground work. I still have plenty more to do but I had to write this thing,  Monday night football, Mary Jane and hunger all demanded my immediate attention. I’ll have some days this week, the weekend and I may be off all next week, so plenty of time to finish decorating. I’m guessing like most in this business this may be the last week of work for your respected show or film. I know most film industry gigs start shutting down for the holidays. It usually is pretty quiet around here for about 2 weeks. I’m looking forward to it. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

Last week I watched the movie “Rough Night”. It’s not very good but that’s not why I’m writing. If you’ve not watched the film it’s about a bachelorette trip that a group of woman take to Miami, which also happens to be my home town. In the movie shortly after boarding their plane they show an establishing shot of a plane flying over what seems like a replica of the famous Hollywood sign here in Los Angeles that sits on the Hollywood Hills. I’ve also seen this similar sign in the “Bad Boys” movies since they too take place in Miami. My problem with this, THERE IS NO FUCKING SIGN! That sign is a prop that these films have rented out in order to get this shot for their film and I just really don’t understand why. As an aspiring film maker myself I honestly just find it extremely lazy. Miami is an entire city with so many land marks and instead of doing some actual research you choose to just make up a sign like the one they have in Hollywood. I don’t understand the thinking behind it and that’s what drives me insane. As the film maker are you just trying to tell your audience that every city is just like hollywood and has giant sign to represent itself. I can only imagine the amount of tourist that get in Lyfts, Ubers and Taxis and asked them if they could stop by the giant Miami sign near the airport.

I mean I get it, it’s all movie making and imaginative but I just don’t see the sense in shit decisions like this. As a Floridian another misconception that the films has brought my crazy ass state is this thought that it never rains in Miami. I can understand someones misunderstanding when they first visit Miami and experience hourly thunderous downpours interrupted by almost faint inducing heat waves instead of the beautiful days of sunshine that movies have established is the norm in the sunshine state. I mean I don’t blame them, even the nickname “The Sunshine State” is a bit misleading.

I hear people all the time complaining about their cities and countries are being misrepresented in the entertainment business. I would like to think that they do it because it helps the show or film better story wise but I just don’t understand how faking a landmark helps the story. At the very least if they would have had a fight scene at the sign and blown it up but just to use it as an establishing shot is weird ok. I know this may be bothering me more than it should but it does. I guess what bugs me is that I know people do shit like this just because they are lazy. They are lazy and they don’t do the research about it and so they make up shit instead. I’ve worked on quite a few shows out here in LA that are supposed to take place in Miami. In those shows we would often have cars driving around and I always find myself telling the prop department that is in charge of placing fake license plates on the cars that in Florida we don’t have double tags on the vehicles. We only have one tag in the rear of the car and that’s it. Still till this date you’ll watch a show that takes place in Florida but filmed elsewhere and look at the cars driving around you’ll see double plates. Do some research everyone or at the very least just ask someone who lives there is all I’m trying to say. Some of the people I work with get so bent out of shape over the smallest of details but big noticeable crap like this is ok? Consistency everyone, let’s just try and have some consistency.

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Little Boxes…

Happy Tuesday friends old and new. How are you? Did you have a good weekend? I watched Thor: Ragnorok, AMAZING! I went to a wrap party. It was ok, food was great but my plus one vanished for a while so a bit lame. I did get a fare amount of sleep which is always nice. Did you rest up for another fun filled week of film making? Continue reading “Little Boxes…”

Do You Hear What I Hear? No…

Haaappy Friday, Haaaappy Friday! Make sure you sing those, that’s why there’s extra ‘A’s in there. Anyhow, how is everyone on this fine day  before the weekend shenanigans and the fight of lifetime..our time…this month…I don’t know. I’ll be honest, I don’t give a shit. I can watch it on tv or I can see the highlights on YouTube. Continue reading “Do You Hear What I Hear? No…”

MEDIC! Non Emergency…

Happy Tuesday everyone! How was your weekend? Do you remember it or is it a distant foggy drunk memory? I actually did get out to a bar this weekend for a few beers. I don’t drink much anymore so a “few” is usually only 2 but they were delicious. Beer, the drink of the gods. HAHAHA! Well it looks like my summer vacay is about to come to an end. I work all this week and plan to start working at least 4 days a week from here till December when the town goes dark for the holidays. That is unless I get on a gig at which point I’ll be working 5 days a week. I’ve never tried to maintain a 4 day work week and being that I’m not committed to a show yet I thought this would be the perfect time to try it. I like the concept of it because it’s almost an even split between days off and working. We’ll see how it works out and I’ll keep you all posted because I know it sounds super interesting right? HA! Let’s get into this shall we?

Alright off the bat let me bring all those that may not have the luxury (Hahaha) of working in our beloved industry up to speed. On every set…mostly every set (I’m looking at you Non Union world) there is always a Medic. This person is who we go to if there’s an emergency like someone falling off of something OR for something as small as paper cut from a Call Sheet. They are trained medical professionals that keep us safe and healthy on set. Pretty great right? They come equipped with band aids, all the over counter drugs you can think of and a great attitude. I’ve not worked with an angry Medic yet. I guess that says something about the profession and about just helping people in general.

So the reason I wanted to talk about Medics is because I had a story to share with you all today. I know, please try to contain your excitement. So a few years back I was on a show where this Grip that was in a scissor lift came down, made his way to the office and started going on about being dehydrated. We immediately called the Medic who rushed to the office to help this dude out. As the Medic checked all his vitals and we got him some water he started to cool down. The guy then told the medic that he started feeling dizzy and dehydrated. He also said that he had some discomfort in his chest. When the Medic heard this he told the guy that he should go to the hospital. The guy as many people do became a bit apprehensive and clearly did not want to go to the emergency room. The Medic though was very persistent and eventually talked him into it. He explained that anytime there’s any chest pain one should go check it out. That makes sense, there’s a lot of important organs in that area.

Now when anyone from set is sent to the hospital they usually send someone from production with them just in case they need anything and let’s be honest, who wants to go to the hospital alone? I’m not sure why but during my time in this business I’ve accompanied many people who have been sent to the hospital from set. Is that strange that I’m always the hospital side kick? Hmmm…Moving on! So this guy and I jump in a van and head over to the closest hospital. We get there about five minutes later, get this dude all checked in and I hang in the waiting room. Thirty-Forty minutes later the nurse comes out and tells me that I can go back to talk to him. I go in the room and he looks great. He’s up and talking and he tells me that he was good. I didn’t want to ask too much because well, I’m just a co-worker. He told me his wife was on the way and that I should head back to set. I really wish I could’ve just gone home and called it a day at that point but I went back to set. I jumped in the van and put in my usual request of going to Vegas with the driver but as is always the case he just laughed and drove us back to set.

The moment that I jump out of the Van one of the other Grips comes up and asks me how long ago I had left the hospital. I tell him about 10 minutes ago and what he told me next was till this day one of those shocking surreal moments where everything just stops. He tells me that the guy had a minor heart attack, died and then resuscitated. I was shocked but relieved to find out that he was ok now and in stable condition but I must’ve literally missed this heart attack by mere minutes. I don’t know what I would’ve done. I mean honestly he was in the best place to have a heart attack, the hospital and I doubt I would’ve done anything to help his not having it but after that day I promised myself that I would never leave anyone at the hospital alone again. I’ll never forget that day.

I also learned that day that NO ONE should ever be stubborn about your health. I use to be a very stubborn person and always insisting that I was ok. However we must let that go and think clearly in these types of situations. Especially when anyone with any type of medical background makes a suggestion. I’ve seen many people get hurt on set and just try to shake it off. It’s never been anything serious but this particular situation was a perfect example of how something small can turn out to be something bigger. This guy just thought that he was dehydrated and when we finally got word about what happen we found out that he had blood clot that had clogged one of his arteries and shut down his heart. The doctor said that if he had not been at the hospital he would’ve died on set. That’s some pretty terrifying shit everyone. Look I love this business but this is definitely not the place I want to die. I would rather pass away in my sleep or surrounded by family and friends not surrounded by Sky Lights and C-Stands.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. This may have just been another story here but I really do hope that some of you out there read this and try to think twice about your health and well-being before the pay check. I feel that a lot of people I work with put way more than they should into this business and it’ll catch up to you eventually if you don’t take care of yourselves. I just want you all to be safe out there, I’m just a concerned fellow crew guy. Have a great week and don’t forget to stop by on Friday for an all new post.


Kill Them With Kindness…

Happy Friday!! I wish I could say that I really mean those exclamation marks but I have to say yesterday was a really tough day for me. The lead singer of one of my and I’m sure some of yours favorite band took his life yesterday joining what lately seems like a reoccurring occurrence. Granted death is always in the air but there’s just been so much of it in the spot light lately. So many of my heroes, idols…people I grew up with that made very impactful meaning in my life growing up are dying. Martin Landau, Nelson Ellis, Adam West, Stephen Furst, Michael Bond, Gregg Allman, Charlie Murphy, Don Rickles, Chuck Berry, Bill Paxton, Mary Tyler Moore. I missed some on that list but thats just this year everyone. Chester Benningtons death comes not only months after his friend and lead singer of another amazing band I grew up with Chris Cornells death but also on his birthday. We lost the great mind of Mr George Romero just 5 days ago as well. It was a tough week and it’s been a really tough year in this retrospect to be honest. I’m sorry if this is one of the saddest openings I’ve had on here. I thought about leaving this till the end but that just did not feel right. These people were amazing and deserve to be remembered first always. Thank you so much for all your amazing creative genius that made the world just that much better. We will miss you all and never forget all you did. My thoughts are with all the family, friends and families of everyone lost so far not only this year but ever really. Death sucks! Let’s get into this, shall we?

While I’ve never been on the receiving end of any yelling I have encountered miserable crew people and that’s the topic of today’s post. I’m talking about Guys and Gals that have either been in the game too long, should have never gotten in to begin with OR are just unhappy people. Look I want to tell you that the world is sunshine, fairies, cheeseburgers and pizza but it’s not. There’s definitely people that we share this fine slowly heating up globe with that just want to roam its vast lands and seas trying to pull off their best impression of the unhappy emoji face or the pissed off one. There’s nothing anyone can do about it. You can’t fix these people because this is how they have chosen to live their lives. Deciding to act like an asshole your entire life does not just happen that shit is a life choice. Most of them aren’t even ashamed of it. They proudly wear their disgust for life openly. Hahahah!

However! There’s always a however…I have worked with a few people who put this asshole front at work and then out of work they’re freaking the life of the party. Outgoing, socially engaging and just great, fun people to hang out with. Funny enough I think I might be slightly opposite in that I do get a lot angrier in regular life than at work. Very seldom does any anger from the dark side corrupt my work hours. I know, weird huh? I’ve told you guys before, it has to do with the “The giving a shit Factor”. A study that I believe would be a breakthrough in the medical field if scientist could just bring themselves to actually “Giving a Shit” to conduct the study but then that would also kind of disprove the theory right? What? Moving on!

Then there’s also the type of people who put up the asshole front..let’s call it the asshole wall. There’s certain people who put up the asshole wall only towards certain people. Which is extremely weird because it makes it so selective. It’s like they put up this asshole wall but theirs has a door and only some people can come in and be cool with them. Very high school state of mind when you think about it. Now lastly there are just the ones that are just terrible people. Their rude, um-engaging, stand offish..I haven’t worked with many like this but I did work with a dolly grip that was just total bag of dicks. He was the perfect example of someone who I know that was miserable for no reason at all. Well look I won’t be totally one-sided because I don’t know about his life but still there’s never a need to be rude to strangers. He was only chatty (I use that term loosely) with the Key Grip (DUH! The Boss). I think of everybody that I have encountered that’s falls into this category this guy was the most unhappy fuck. I don’t know if it’s wrong or right of me but I find people like this fascinating because I want to see just how long they can keep up that mean mug. I would go out of my way to say good morning or some type of corny shit like that to this guy every day. He would just nod as I said “Good Morning!” or “Happy Friday!” With a big smile on my face.

Eventually I worked him into actually saying “What’s Up?” when I would greet him. I would also do random shit like bring him water while he was in the middle of set in front of everyone which would force him to say “Thank you” because well…it’s tough to be a total dirt bag when someone does some random act of kindness. This guy never once treated me wrong or threw any of his anger waves my way but he was seriously made of stone. I’m not sure what happen in this Dudes life that made him “..such a Sour Puss!” I’ll give you imaginary cool points if you know what movie that’s quoted from. This guy however did not make it through the entire show. He got into a loud argument with one of the location guys, threw around a couple of curses and that was it. Cursing in the work place unless you’re some hire up is always a no no. Why we hold them to a different standard is beyond me. I thought we all have been fighting for equality in the workplace but I guess that stops at how some of us act depending on our title in this industry. WHAT?? Let’s stop there before this turns into a long one.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out another post here at We’re Not Rolling. Please feel free to send in your own tales, rants, tips..anything film industry related so I can share them here on the site. Lastly back to what I was talking about in the opening, don’t worry I’ll try not to bum you out again. Instead I want to do the opposite and say that go find a smile, a laugh, a minute of pure joy this weekend. Whether that be a sunset, a kids laugh (sounds weird), a cheeseburger, spending the day with your pet or telling someone you haven’t spoken to in a while that you love them go out there and do it. I know it sounds cheesy as Fuck but take advantage of every moment of your life. I started this post prior to yesterdays tragedy and so I wasn’t sure how the opening would mix in. I knew I had no option because I knew I wanted to talk about it because this is truly a form of therapy for me. When was writing the opening and then got into the tale of the guy and the topic of the post I realized that it did tie together. Everything ties together because we are all one. Non of our time here is guaranteed so don’t spend it being miserable try to find some happiness. Have an amazing weekend everyone and remember to be good to one another.


No One Reads the Callsheet…

Happy Tuesday humans!! And any other living organisms that might be able to read this and doing so in hiding from the human race because you’re secretly planning a global take over, you too, Happy Tuesday! How was everyone’s weekend? I didn’t do much. Actually with the exception of my Friday adventure to Redondo in search of Pictures moments and Cinemagraph inspirations I stayed home the rest of the time. I worked on some of my projects and Sunday was the Game of Thrones Premiere which was just fantastic. So overall still an excellent weekend. I seldom have terrible weekends, I always try to enjoy myself. Alright let’s get into this shall we?!

Although you’ll hear this phrase (title) often I don’t think it’s only the call sheet that Crew doesn’t read, I just don’t think people enjoy reading shit from work period. I mean when I think about it, I never really thoroughly read anything in any job that I’ve ever had. I’ll skim through it and get an understanding of what it entails but other than that..

Six words that will live on forever after this came out. Hahaha! Now I’m not an idiot, I don’t go through my life not reading anything at work. I actually learned that lesson in school when they passed out that surprise timed test that clearly states in the instructions at the top that all one must do on test is to fill in your name and everyone blew past the instructions and started doing the test. Remember that? Well I was one of the ones that read it first and didn’t start the test…or maybe I did..I forget but point is, this was a life lesson early on. So while I may not read jargon if it’s some legal document or something of actual importance I definitely read and digest all of it. However now getting back to the Call sheet, this paper is one of these non important papers that I’m speaking about and that’s why I think no one reads it or cares to. I know that as a 2nd AD that spends 10-13 hours all day talking to every department and trying to type up every little detail that’s a bit of a shit thought but you need to understand that the call sheet is not for everyone. Those that do need to read it, read it and use the information but again it’s not for everyone. Should they know how to read one, sure but some people just don’t and don’t care to learn. So instead they will ask dumb fucking questions all day instead of just reading it. People are also fucking lazy everyone. I mean I know I’m definitely guilty of this. I can be a lazy bastard sometimes but the laziness that it takes to say “I don’t want to read this. Can you just tell me?” when the information is right in your hand or could be if you just asked for a Call sheet is really an extraordinary accomplishment in all that has been lazy throughout the years. I think the greatest of the lazies would agree that this is JUST. ANOTHER. LEVEL!

You know what’s great? Is that I enjoy watching A.D’s and P.A’s get all up in arms when someone asked them something and they respond “Did you read the call sheet?” with a snarky tone. I get a kick because I don’t ever respond this way. Honestly I don’t give a shit, if you ask me for info I will not only tell you but also hand you a call sheet and show you everything else as well. I got nothing else to do..HAHAHA. But getting back to these people who get so bothered by these questions I think that little smugness that some production people give off at times tends to rub people the wrong way and then after that they do it purposely just to get under their skin for a laugh. I know that the A.D staff (NOT ALL) are usually very serious on set. I’ve mentioned it several times on here that I find them to be like the parents of the set. They are in charge of maintaining order on set and keeping that camera rolling. As some of you may know from reading my blog although that sounds like an easy enough task it’s not. Because if the Production department are the parents then they’re obviously going to need kids, i.e. the crew. All the other departments love to mess around and play pranks on each other. They give each other shit all day and treat each other pretty much how you would a good friend or a family member. The A.D staff is supposed to set the tone which obviously cannot be mayhem and since most are always so serious it’s easy to mess with them for a laugh. Asking one of these no funny bone at all production people for information that’s on the call sheet is one of the easiest pranks to play. So this is another reason why I think some people “Claim” not to read it but know exactly what’s on there.

I do read the call sheet eventually the day of but I will probably never ever read one thoroughly the day before work because I can guarantee that my job is going to be the absolute same. I know that’s not the case for every department. I know that costumes has different outfits for the actors in every scene. I know the Grips and Electrics have to light every time we move that camera. Hell I know that crafty is going to continuously surprise me with new snacks but one thing that I doubt will ever change as long as I’m a P.A is what I will do throughout the day and that’s why I find it useless to read the call sheet before I get to work. I get that information is power but this is literally just temporary info that I don’t want clogging up my head longer than it has to. I go to work, I read the call sheet, I tell people who ask me what it says and as soon as I get in my car and drive off I smoke that information right out the window with my misses M.J. I might give the CS a glance the night before just to try to figure out how long the days going to be but other than that there’s just nothing there for me.

Thank you for visiting me here at We’re Not Rolling. Where we’re NEVER rolling. I’m such an idiot sometimes but as long as it makes someone out there laugh I will keep writing it. I will like to point out that the “someone” may very well only be me but I can’t help if I make myself laugh. I think this is something that everyone should be able to do. Alright let me stop here before I go off on another one. Have an excellent week at work everyone! I’ll see you back here on Friday for a new post. Be good to each other.


Everyone Has One…

Hello, welcome to We’re Not Rolling everyone! How are you? If you live in L.A it’s been quite hot as of late. I’ve been fortunate enough to not really have to deal with it because I’ve been off. If I get too hot I just go jump in the pool for a little while and cool down. However I can’t imagine having to film in places like Santa Clarita right now….ACTUALLY…I have a very good impression of what it must be like because I have filmed out there around this time. Although with the planets constant cooking every year I can only imagine that in the next 10 years places like this will be unfilm-able (Is that a word?). I mean seriously, who the Fuck is going to go and film in 120-130 degree weather. That’s actually an interesting topic..I must make a note. Let’s get into this shall we?!

In today’s post I wanted to talk about geeking out over certain actors, athletes, performers basically anyone that’s in the spotlight. Now before I get into the people who I’ve geeked out over because yes I have lost my shit (Mentally) at times. I want to address all these coworkers that claim not to geek out over famous people. Look when I say “Geek out” I don’t mean that you can’t compose yourself and therefore drool every time that person is around. I believe…or at least want to believe that everyone in this world looks up to someone in this world. I don’t mean your parents either, I mean someone famous. So with that way of thinking I believe that everyone has someone who if they were to meet in person they would feel honored, nervous, happy, know…I think you would definitely remember that day and it would be special. That’s what I mean by “Geek out”.

I will say this though the longer one works in the business the more one starts thinking this way that no one could make them feel like that. I’m definitely guilty of this as the years go on but then I’ll work with someone of whom I’m a fan and I get that feeling in my gut all over again. It’s awesome! I will also say that when I first started out in the business I might’ve fooled myself into this feeling a few times. I remember thinking it was great to meet a certain person but then when I met the first person that I can say was my first real geek out moment I noticed the difference immediately. Now funny enough the first person that made me go “Ga-Ga” wasn’t someone who I worked with on set. I actually wasn’t in the business yet so the first time I met him it was at a screening of his film that was due a few months after that. This film was Serenity and the first person that made me lose my shit was Mr. Joss Whedon. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that knows me as he is one of my top 5 favorite directors. I’ve been a Joss fan since I first found his genius on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Since that show I have followed his career so closely that it might’ve at one point seemed stalker-ish. Anyhow so we’re at the screening, it ends and he’s outside, just to corner talking to some people and shaking hands with everyone that knew he was there. I immediately got into the line I saw forming and knew instantly exactly what I was going to say. I remember being a bit nervous and I just kept watching the line get shorter and shorter as I got closer and closer to meeting one of my life long heroes. Finally it was my turn, I stepped up, I shook his hand smiling and said “I loved the movie, it made me want to do the dance of joy.”(If you’re a Buffy/Angel fan you’ll get this, if not don’t worry about it) He laughed at the reference and said “Thank you” AAAANNDD I fainted…No…I didn’t. I wish crazy shit like that would happen to me at times. That would be such a great story. I’m not someone who gets embarrassed so I would enjoy telling that tale all the muthafucking time.

Flash forward to a few years after this amazing memory and I get a phone call to come day play on a pilot for a New TV show. I think cool, yeah I’ll come out and play for the day. That night when I get my call sheet I look at the title and I don’t recognize the name of the show at all. So I turn it around to see who I’m working with and right there in the Director column I read Joss Whedon. I had just signed on to come work on Agents of Shield and as a way to keep the name secret it had an alternate show name. Crazy how the world works at times. When we first met it I was no where in the same realm as this man and now here we were about to be working on the same show. We had lunch within a table of each other! HA! I know it was only for a day but I will tell you this, to date I think it’s one of my best days on set. I was in heaven watching this master work. However the best and most amazing moment came later that day when Joss came over to me as he was walking by, looked me in the eye and said “I love that shirt, Joss.” I said “Thanks YOU’RE MY HERO MAN!!” No Hahahaha..I said “Thanks, my names Lou.” I wish I could say that we hit it off right there, became besties and have hung out on many occasions after that but he just carried on after that exchange. I know, you might be wondering what the shirt said and funny enough it’s one of my favorites. It’s a Back to the Future shirt that reads “I’m Your Density…”. Yes, I still have the shirt, I still wear it (I didn’t frame it…not yet anyway) and I’m always reminded of that day because of it. Thanks for the memory Joss AKA Numfar!! Hahaha! Like he would read my little ole blog. There’s always hope right?

I just had to add that in there. I love this scene so much. The best part, that’s actually Joss doing the dance. Also I apologize for the over use of the word “geek” in this post. HA!

Thanks for stopping by and spending some time here at We’re Not Rolling. Please remember that I’m open to share YOUR stories on here as well. Just get in contact with me and we can make arrangements. It’s just for fun, just for a laugh and maybe you teach someone something, who knows? Have a great week, hopefully you’ll be back here on Friday for another entry and if you can’t wait till then please check my older post in the archives or if you’re tired of reading check out my podcast The Toke Talking Podcast, right here on the same site. Be good to one another.




The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 35

What up?! In this weeks cast I ramble about Global Warming, the Toke Talking Podcast being entered in a Music Contest and I test out a few new segments like the one I call “How To Adult”. This and many more laughs to start your week off smiling. Be good to each other.


That Time We…

Happy Friday!! Welcome to We’re Not Rolling, I’m your host Bob Barker. No, that’s not true. Here’s a funny story about Bob Barker though. When I moved here from Sunny/Rainy Florida to Sunny/Never Rainy (Till this year) California we drove across country and stopped at both, big known cities like Vegas and some less known random ass cities. Well when we were looking on the map to get here…yes were still in map times then…we came across a city named Truth or Consequences. They call it “T or O” for short…I don’t know why because I would love to tell people “I’m from Truth or Consequences.” Do you know what a great conversation starter that would always be? It sounds so bad ass. Anyhow the city is in New Mexico and was originally named ‘Hot Springs’ but then changed its name when Ralph Edwards the host of the quiz radio show ‘Truth or Consequences’ announced they would air their 10th anniversary from the first city to change their name to that of the shows. Hot Springs had that honor. So long story longer, Bob Barker was also a host on that show and this entire town has Bob Barker stuff EVERYWHERE!! Pretty cool if you like that type of stuff. Alright, let’s get into this shall we?

I haven’t told a story here in a while and this one popped up when I was thinking so here we are. Now for those of you that have been reading the blog for a while you may know that I had the absolute pleasure of working on the taken to soon from us Muppets TV show that ABC attempted to deliver to the world. You can read more about my time there on this post as well “What Do You Mean We Got Cancelled” if you’d like. We got to make 17 awesome episodes that to date I still consider one of the most creative jobs I’ve been a part of. I’ve worked on a ton of different shit but it truly was magic to see these Muppets actually come to life in front of me. Alright let me stop geeking out because it’s all I can do anytime I think of working on this because it was just amazing. So much fun and so many great memories.

So many memories in fact that here is yet another one. The show was mainly all filmed on stage or on the lot. We did not venture out often but when we did you can bet your ass that we caused a ruckus because well, it’s the fucking MUPPETS. Who doesn’t know and love the Muppets? I mean you just have to be a terrible person. Moving on, I forget the day because well…that was a while ago but when I read the callsheet it said that we were going to be filming a scene with Fozzie driving. I thought, cool we’re probably going to drive up and down the back lot or some small side street somewhere. However when I looked at the location it read the 101. Hahaha! Alright for those of you that don’t live in L.A, the 101 is one of our major Freeways/Highways. Needless to say I was excited as a pig in shit to watch this get filmed because who the hell wouldn’t?

We got all our shit together, everyone loaded up and we headed out of the studio. Now as some of you that work in the business would assume we had the car on a process trailer. Which for the non combatants can best be described as a platform in which you load the car on and then pull with truck. The platform has 3 additional feet of flooring around the car so the crew can move around, light and place the camera to film the scene.

Pretty cool huh? This is not my picture, I just googled process trailer. Don’t sue me photo owner. HA! Back to the tale… As we are pulling out of the lot the best transmission request came across the radio. “Hey everyone if we can avoid people in other cars taking pictures let’s try to let them know.” HAHAHAHA! I just thought, there was about to be a parade of 4 police officers, 3 vans and a truck pulling a platform with 10-15 people on it with lights and cameras everywhere and oh yeah FOZZIE THE BEAR DRIVING A OPEN TOP CAR ON THE FREEWAY. If I was driving by I would probably pull over to take pictures and then run after the parade let alone was I going to be able to signal to other drivers from my van not to take pictures. I know that the request was said with a not serious at all tone but I just wanted to share that because it was hilarious. Honestly I could be running away from the police in a car chase and if I saw Fozzie driving I would stop to take a picture. It was just as amazing to be a part of as one can imagine and it’s one of my fondest memories of not only that show but my time in this business . When you’re around it all the time you become numb to the magic but then there are always instances like this that make you feel like a kid again and remind you why you work in this crazy business.

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Such a Waste…

Hello, hello! Welcome to We’re Not Rolling readers of old and new. How you be? How’s life? Wife, Husband, kids, pets, family, friends? I hope all is well and that life is treating you…fair..we’ll go with fair. Life is a balance of good and bad so I think one should always aim for it just to be fair. Well that just felt like I was about to start a seminar of some sort right? Weird. I don’t know everyone, I just let my fingers start typing as my brain projects these thoughts and I try to get them all written down before my mind is on to the next thing. I’ve actually found myself stopping alongside the road much more often lately because my mind comes up with some crazy idea for the Podcast or Blog that I need to jot down before it vanishes into the deep, smoked-filled, dark wrinkles of my cerebellum. Alright let’s get into this shall we?

Today when I went to Burger King for what has become my routine breakfast spot the last week or so because of the BK coupon sheet I got in the mail. I know some of you fast food haters out there right now may be making yourselves feel sick thinking about BK but I think it’s delicious. This is not a habit that I will continue because I know I can’t eat BK breakfast everyday without gaining 800 pounds. Anyhow today when I went in there the guy asked me what I had planned for the day to which I responded “Nothing, I’m on vacation.” He then asked me how long and I said something along the lines of I’m not sure. We talked a bit more and he started telling me about a few commercials that had filmed at his restaurant. He was amazed at how many people and how long the process took for such little turnout. A good observation that I feel most people not in the industry don’t ever consider till they see a production in full shooting mode and a good topic that I will revisit. Before I left he told me that he was really amazed at all the food that was wasted on the show. He went on to tell me that everyday he would see tons of food from the caterer just tossed out. I wanted to continue the colloquy but he had a customer, my food was getting cold and I liked the topic so much that I thought I’d write about it.

I remember asking caterers before about the wasting of food because you would think with all the hungry people in the streets that we could put this food to better use and one of the responses I got was that it was a legal thing. I’m not sure if this is true but it’s a story I’ve heard from a few people on set and it’s that a catering company was sued for giving out leftovers after a film shoot and getting the homeless person sick. I can see this being an issue but seriously is this the only thing holding everyone back? If it is can’t we maybe figure out a way to do it so the catering company won’t be held accountable. I’m just saying there has to be something we can do because it really is a ridiculous amount of food at times. I’ve worked on shows where we wrapped before lunch and watched 10-20 people go through a lunch line that was intended for 100. That’s 80 people who one show could have fed and instead it all just gets tossed in garbage bins. This is not shit food either, these are 15 dollar plates of food just going right into the trash. Chicken Marsala, Tri Tip, Cookie pie…all right in the trash. It’s a fucking tragedy I tell you. It’s truly heart breaking to have that image in your mind when you drive home, stop at the corner 7-11 and see a mother with her 2 kids hiding alongside the Redbox machine asking for food.

I’ve actually on many instances taken home boxes of food that I intended to munch on later or the next day only to give it away at the first stop light where I see a someone asking for some help. We waste an incredible amount of food in our business and it’s just another one of those things that I don’t understand why. I’m not sure if there is but if there’s any companies or individuals that maybe offer to pick up food that’s getting tossed like this and then delivering it to shelters but maybe there should be. Does anyone out there know of any service of this type and if so why don’t more studios use it. I mean in all honesty I feel that all the big studios like Fox and Universal should have their own type of delivery service that goes around all the shows and collects the food they are intending on tossing and then taking it to a shelter somewhere. I’m actually going to find out about this next time I work at a studio. I mean am I missing something? Is there a legal reason that something like this would not be allowed. I’m just saying together we can all make this world a little better. Our industry loves to pride itself on being innovative and world-changing but we I feel we drop the ball on a lot of simple shit like this and don’t get me started on all the paper we waste…oh wait I already wrote about that wasteful aspect of our business as well. HA!

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