The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 44

It’s Monday and I think you should come get your daily laugh in and listen to an all NEW Episode of The Toke Talking Podcast. This week I go on about our run in with the law at our man-made beach fire birthday party, the recent California heat wave, my problem with team bars and much more. Check it out NOW!


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 36

Hello, Happy Monday! This week I go on about the Game of Thrones premiere, War for the Planet of the Apes, why people have pride in places they were born and much more. Come check it out and have a laugh NOW!


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 26

In this weeks Episode I rant about sports reporters, pooping in single stall bars, not wanting kids and whole lot more. There’s not any Film Industry talk in this apologies..don’t worry you’ll survive. Come have a laugh NOW and if you like it, come back and check out the podcast next Monday…AAAND then if you like that one, maybe refer it to a friend and help the madness get out everyone. Let the self promoting BEGIN…HA! Thanks to everyone that’s been listening, liking, following and all that jazz and Welcome to any NEW listeners out there. Have a great Week folks!


The Toke Talking Episode 24

Hello! I know the podcast is late and I apologize. I will explain in the Episode. This Monday I go on about getting sick, people who are in controlling relationships, the NFL draft, new shows I’m watching that include Dear White People, The Handmaid’s Tale & The Man in the High Castle along with a whole lot more. Come check it out and have a laugh NOW!


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 19

Welcome to another Episode of The Toke Talking Podcast. In Episode 19 I talk about buying a new/used car, missing Ciclavia due to Jelly legs & I read some people’s angry comments on Facebook. Plus I also talk about Iron Fist, The Netflix Dave Chappelle, one of my predictions for next weeks Walking Dead Finale and I go off on the Justice League trailer. Check it out NOW here and on iTunes and Soundcloud.


The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 18

Welcome, Episode 18 of The Toke Talking Podcast is up NOW! Come listen to me ramble about neighbors that complain, not being a car person, Iron Fist, Crew Members that need to be baby sat on set and a whole lot more. Please make sure and SUBSCRIBE HERE or on any of the other platforms SoundCloud , iTunes OR if you want to be a super fan Subscribe to all of them 🙃. It helps with the boosting of the show plus I would be very thankful. ENJOY!


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FRIDAY!! Damn these weeks really seem to be flying as of late. I don’t know if it’s because I’m busier or what but it’s crazy. This week I believe we wrapped by 630 at least 3 times. I got home in time to have a life which is rare in this line of work. Continue reading “Programmed…”

How Long Are We Going Today…

Happy Friday fuckers! Is that too much? Or have I now bitched enough to all of you that you read that as a term of endearment? When you read my jargon now is it like you’re listening to a close friend on set that although you just met you feel very connected to by the end of the season because you spend so much time together? Continue reading “How Long Are We Going Today…”

The Toke Talking Podcast Episode 14

I apologize that the podcast is late but I had a long ass night..friends birthday… waking up now…thinking about going back to bed BUT first here it is, EPISODE 14. This week I have on my long time friend Trino Morgado. I’ve known this cat since before we were legally able to drive everyone. This was definitely a Film Industry heavy talk episode. Particularly if you’re looking to get into the DGA, this episode will definitely make you laugh as we talk about all the inner and outer workings of the guild. We talk about snoozing, woman’s booties (AGAIN! I know I have a addiction OK!) and a few other topics. I had to edit the end for reasons that I explain in the podcast but I also ramble about all the rain in LA, The Lego Batman Movie, John Wick and the Leah Remini Documentary on A&E. Come have a listen to it NOW! Here and on these other formats as well..itunes, Soundcloud.


What’s My Call Time…


Happy Tuesday and welcome to another post here at We’re Not Rolling. How was your weekend? I had a rather busy two days. I watched some movies (The Batman Lego Movie & John Wick 2..both great!), I went to the Angel City Brewery in Downtown (Beer, great!) and helped my buddy move from the Valley. All of which were quite enjoyable, including the move. It had to be the easiest, fastest and most efficient moving I’ve ever helped with. I’m actually jealous as shit that I could never have a move that went so smoothly because of all the shit I own. I own enough crap for 2..maybe even 3 people. Every time I move it takes all day and then some. Plus I need to have a full staff of movers..Hahaha. I started helping my friend move at 1030 AM and by 4 the truck was already being returned to U-Haul. We were having dinner and a beer by 530, it was pretty impressive. I didn’t even break a sweat the entire time we moved. What the Fuck? I really need to sell or toss out some of the stuff I have. I want to have a simple, crap free life too..Hmmm..I’ll think about it..Let’s get into this shall we?

Call time, for those of you not in the business a call time is basically the equivalent of opening time at a store. Everyday we have a call time for the crew and that is the time when we will begin filming our day. However everyone also has an individual call time for when they are expected to be on set. Think about it as the in time that it says on your schedule at your respected job. Now in all other types of jobs that I have worked in..retail, cooking, office jobs…it’s always up to the employee to know at what time they are supposed to be at work. I mean my bosses at the time would mention to me that the schedule was out but ultimately it was on me to know my schedule. They didn’t call me, text me or have to hunt me down to let me know at what time I needed to be at work. This is normal, right? This is how I imagined work life would always be and how I thought it was everywhere. I thought people were responsible for maintaining THEIR own job. Which I always thought it entailed, knowing when the Fuck you need to be there amongst other things.

Then I moved to L.A, started working in the film industry and realized very quick that apparently in this business it’s someone else’s job to let you know when to be at work not for you to find out on your own because Fuck being an adult right? The 2nd A.D is in charge of making sure they talk to everyone or at least the heads of all the departments and to make sure they know at what time they need to be at work. Now this would almost be an alright job task with the exception that if the 2nd A.D misses someone and they show up late or early to work then that persons lateness or earliness falls on the 2nd A.D. Ok, WHAT IN THE FLYING FUCK?! Why is this a thing? How in the shit did someone’s job become another’s responsibility. Is that not just strange? I mean really, who made this decision? I need to do some research and back track it’s origin because I find it very unfair. It could also be something that just happen on a show and then was carried over as well. That happens in our business at times. For example, maybe this 2nd A.D on a show way back when forgot to call someone and give them the call time and the next day that producer or higher up got angry, blamed the 2nd. Then went on to do that on another show and blamed another 2nd A.D. Meanwhile all his people who are working with him are watching him act this way and start thinking “Well it must be the 2nd A.Ds responsibility to make sure everyone knows what time they work” and before you know it BOOM the whole industry just added another responsibility which I doubt is in anyones contract to the 2nd A.D title. On the other hand I also know that A.Ds like to stress themselves out at times for no fucking reason and maybe their the ones that bestowed the job task upon themselves. Whatever the case may be in the grand scheme of it all the idea that someone else is responsible for letting another person know when to be at work is ridiculous. I get it if the person is a day player and not part of the crew but if you work everyday I think it should be on you to know when to be at work. I’ve worked with2nd A.Ds that couldn’t sleep all night because a crew member didn’t call them back to confirm their call time. HUH? I just think that’s total madness. How can a person stress out so much about someone else being late to their job? Unless you referred that person

I was on a show not to long ago where we had some camera guys come in early because they prior to wrap the day before. The call pushed, they didn’t check their email and then wanted to be act all pissed off and blaming everyone else because they came in early and no one told them. How fucking old are we people? You have access to the same technology that we all do. Why wouldn’t you check your email? When I work one of the last things I do, 10-20 minutes before bed is I look at my call sheet and double-check my time. Then I double-check all my alarms. Everything else I do in a mad dashing race in the morning BUT at the very least I am responsible enough to check at what time I need to be at MY job. I just don’t think enough people get fired to be honest. I’m not only talking about this industry either. I’m talking about everywhere. I think if more people were fired, jobs would be appreciated a lot more. Hahahaha. I’m such an idiot.

Alright, enough rambling for today. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the weekly madness here at We’re Not Rolling. I’ve actually started to notice a small constant couple of reoccurring views every Tuesday and Friday and I really want to say how much I appreciate that people are reading this thing. I haven’t mentioned it in a while but I would love to start a section where people share their own stories on here so Please, send me your stories, rants, observations…anything that is related to working in this crazy business that you would like to share. You can stay anonymous or I will happily credit you for the post. Have an excellent week and I’ll talk to you all on Friday!